Steve Javors writes May 31, 2007 for XBiz.com:

ALTADENA, Calif. — Paul F. Little, aka Max Hardcore, has been indicted on federal obscenity charges. The Justice Department charged Little with numerous counts of obscenity.

The charges originate out of Florida, but Hardcore turned himself into authorities in California, NBC 4 in New York reported. The case is based in Florida because Little’s production company, Max World Entertainment, mailed DVDs there.

The Smoking Gun broke this story:

MAY 31--If federal prosecutors get their way, Uncle Sam will one day own the web site pissedonpornstars.com. That's because Paul Little--described as a "Hollywood director and producer" in a Department of Justice press release--has been indicted on federal obscenity counts. The 50-year-old Little, who uses the handle "Max Hardcore," was named in a ten-count indictment charging him with transporting obscene matter via mail and computer. A copy of the indictment, which was filed in Tampa, Florida and unsealed yesterday, can be found below. As described in the DOJ release, Little (pictured right) is a "nationally-known director, producer, and star of films featuring acts such as anal penetration, urination, insertion of an entire hand into a vagina or anus, vomiting, and severe violence" towards female performers. The government seeks forfeiture of Little's web sites, maxhardcore.com, catalinaxx.com, and pissedonpornstars.com, and several films referred to in the indictment. (7 pages)

AVN reports: "Hardcore will be releasing a statement through his attorney Jeffrey Douglas later this afternoon."

Here's Max's Altadena home that the feds want to confiscate.

Bill Margold told me March 7, 2006: "Max Hardcore is his own worst enemy. He wants to be eliminated under duress. He's a true tragedy waiting to happen."

"Most of the time I had a good relationship with Max until he suddenly realized I was trying to clean the industry up from within and he doesn't want to be part of the trash thrown out. We've got to censor ourselves from within. It's commonsense censorship. We've got to get rid of stuff that offends society. Eventually society will retaliate against us."

In 1999, I interviewed Allison Kilgore.

Luke: "You say in the Kramski tape that Max Hardcore wanted to urinate in your mouth."

Allison: "I did want to leave the industry... I was tired of the BS. You show up to a set assuming you're doing something, and the next thing you know, they want you to do ten million other things. Max Hardcore wanted to pee in my mouth. And I wouldn't let him. So he got a big plastic bag full of water and put yellow food coloring in it, and had a little tube that run right under his penis to make it look like he was peeing on me... Then he fakes his cum scenes. He cums, but because he does not cum that much, he uses White Rain to make fake cum."

I've run into Max many times over the years. Without provocation, he'll often step into me and hurl a long stream of vile and violent threats.

A screening of Deep Throat Feb. 24, 2005 was no exception:

Shortly after 10PM, the crowd files into the theater. Bill Margold makes an appeal for Fred Salaff. Bill says we've only raised $600 to get him out of Panama.

Bill says Deep Throat was a real movie unlike most of what is made today.

Max Hardcore aka Paul Little, who oscillates between charming and bullying all night, starts yelling at Margold that he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Bill is unfazed by the abuse. He mentions Max's drinking problem. "Next we'll be raising money to get you out of jail."

Max: "I'll get myself out of jail. F--- you, Bill."

Bill: "You could if you had a dick big enough."

Bill walks up the aisle to his seat. "What a happy bunch of children."

Earlier in the evening, Bill said, "So many people destroy themselves. I can't keep them all alive."

The biggest applause of the night comes during a scene where Dolly Sharp is receiving anal in the doggie position and another guy is eating her out. When the butt banger falls out, it appears for a second that the guy on the bottom has a dick in his face.

The movie has numerous funny moments and crowd whoops and hollers. One guy yells out at Linda doing deepthroat, "She loves it!"

At the conclusion of the 61-minute movie, a Ray Pistol-produced documentary begins but most of the crowd files out to the free champagne and refreshments in the lobby.

Layla Rivera asks me to take a shot of her with Max's girlfriend Catalina.

Layla Rivera , Catalina, Max Hardcore

Max yells at me that not only am I not allowed to write about him or photograph him, I'm not allowed to photograph anyone he is with.

Max says he will f--- me up if I write about him. One word. One picture. I'm finished.

Max gets right up in my face and chews me up.

It reminds me of the first time I met Max. It was at the FOXE Awards at the Mayan Theater on Hollywood Blvd in February 1997. After I tried to interview his girlfriend of the time Barbie (?), Max stalked up and cursed me out at length. Then he stalked to the bar and cursed out the help when they didn't have his favorite kind of beer.

Thursday night, after Max tires of me, he buddies up with AVN's Mark Kernes.

Catalina comes over and says that she tried to talk to Max to be reasonable with me. It was all good publicity but nothing she could say would make any difference in Max's attitude.

Max has hated me since 1998...

From my May 18, 2003 archive:

Luke: "What's your worst experience in the industry?"

Lainey Baron: "Max Hardcore. He lied to me to get me there. He called me up and said, 'Come do a 30-minute screen test. I'll pay you $300.' So I went up there to do a 30-minute screen test. It ended up being a four-hour straight anal and I still got $300."

Joey: "It was April 2001. It was my first shoot ever to be on."

Lainey: "I'd only worked with Ed Powers. That's when I found out Max wasn't a good guy. I didn't know. I hadn't even watched porn."

Joey: "We didn't know what Max Hardcore was like. We were told by another model, 'Max is cool.'

"I felt so sorry for her."

Lainey: "I smiled through the whole thing."

Joey: "There was a towel right there. I felt like throwing in the towel. She can't do this no more. I didn't want to create a scene of a boyfriend who does that. So I just bite my teeth.

Moxie writes on XPT:

I've wondered a few times before how Gonzo fares under obscenity standard as opposed to features.

The first test under the obscenity standard is that an adult movie is not obscene unless it appeals solely to a "prurient interest". In other words, does it have any other purpose besides masterbation. Features passed the test, becuase they had story lines. If you pass the first test then you go on to the "community obscenity test".

Fast forward to today's Gonzo product. What's missing? Story lines. What's left, nothing but sexual titillation.

Does much of modern Gonzo fail the first prong of the obscenity test--as there is no reason to watch most Gonzo films other than to jerk off.

The funny thing is that Extreme and a few other companies worked some political or anti-religious message into their films. For example, "Forced Entry" can be viewed as a commentary on Richard Ramirez. So the government would still need to prove Extreme violated community standards.

There is alot of porn out there with no story and wall to wall sex. Quick, what's any Jules Jordan film about? "Max Hardcore"? I could go on, but you get the point.

Raw Alex posts on GFY: "When it comes to the DVDs delivered though, honestly, he looks fucked. There is very little way to dance around the fact that the videos are in the hands of the feds, having been delivered to Tampa Bay. Goes back to the famous Zip code lists, I think TB was on there a long long time ago. Sending pissing and full hand fisting videos into that area is risky, and unless major case law is made, are fairly likely to be found obscene in nature."

MatrixRashaan posts: "FYI- NEVER send a PORN DVD by US MAIL unless you want to go to jail, especially to Florida. About once a month I get a hand written letter requesting that I mail some DVD's to a PO BOX somewhere in Florida or Pennsylvania. Cash is usually included to supposedly pay for the "DVD and shipping". This is a set-up! These right wing weirdos get your address from 2257 and ask you to send them stuff via US MAIL (federal crime) to districts that deem the material obscene in hopes that you are dumb enough to hang your self...."

SomeCreep posts on GFY: "Maxworld Entertainment was one of the few companies that chose to fight the government on obscenity accusations, rather than shut down his sites like Meatcash did with pissmops.com and Dukedollars with yellowdiscipline.com."

Who else in the American industry produces and distributes the same type of material that Max does?

I can't think of anyone.

Mike South posts on GFY:


1. He has never been indicted by the feds...until now

2. He was indicted by L.A County and no he didn't beat them, he settled with a guilty plea.

On the one hand he brings unwanted attention to the industry, most people in the biz do not want to be associated with his version of porn and inevitably thats exactly what happens.

On the other hand if he can beat this charge what chance do the feds have of taking down digital playground or even anabolic....

Al Cervix posted May 7, 2007: An e-mail I received this morning from former porn girl Neesa:

just want to let u know that I have contacted several web companies that were selling a particular video,"Max Hardcore Schoolgirl #3".Featuring me,Neesa..Max raped me on the set of that porn(Shocking coming from him).I have a police report to prove it.This happened in July 03,but I am tired of not exposing him.

I have asked other web companies to  please(See,Im being nice the first time)remove the selling of my rape on video. I will post on the internet the names of the companies that remove it.I will also post the companies that did not.He is famous for raping lots of girls.If u google max hardcore and FBI,u can see he is a troubled person.I have a nice fan base so they r very dedicated,and porn video buyers.SO far,CD Universe is going to remove it.The companies that remove it will get free advertisement by me ;)
I hope u can understand my pain.I had it removed from an adult movie theater as well.I am trying to be nice here.What if this happened to someone u loved?

Al says: "Naturally, I do think Max probably did some unsavory things on set. And I do think she may have filed a police report. But if she did, it was obviously flimsy enough to be disregarded by the cops. Don't you think a DA would love to file sexual assault charges against a notorious porn director?"

Moxie writes on XPT: "The funny thing is she has a link to buy the VOD of said scene on her site."

Conky posts: "IAFD list her as only having made 4 flicks. Three of them in 02-03 and then one this year: Tag Team Tryouts for Red Light. Why the four year absence? That's like 48 rent payments made without resorting to porn!"

Christian says: "She did a scene for Naughty america and was really really obnoxious. I think she got thrown off set for being crazy."

Jhonnie says: "If you smile while he piss down your throat, your rape claims seem remote."

Conky says: "Those Max trailers are just as disturbing as ever. I keep waiting for him to just kill one of the girls at the end. It just seems like it would be the logical conclusion to his life's work."

From The FreeSpeechCoalition.com:

Max Hardcore Raided by Feds in Obscenity Probe

By FSC Staff

Posted: October 5, 2005

Los Angeles, Ca. - Federal law enforcement officers acting on behalf of The Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS) of the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) conducted a raid today on Max Hardcore’s studio, Max World Entertainment, in an obscenity probe targeting five specific adult-oriented titles, all of which were seized.

The titles are:

Pure Max 16 (Euro Version)

Max hardcore Fists of Fury 3

Max Hardcore Extreme Schoolgirls 6 (Euro Version)

Max Hardcore Golden Guzzlers 5

Max Hardcore Golden Guzzlers 6

A search warrant was also served at an ISP in Florida, where agents seized the servers and backup servers for Max Hardcore’s website, www.maxhardcore.com. According to Hardcore’s attorney and FSC Board Chair Jeffrey Douglas, the website should be up and running once the servers are returned, which should be shortly.

Jeffrey Douglas has released the following statement by Max Hardcore, who is currently out of the country.

"Once again, the government is wasting tax dollars and otherwise invaluable law enforcement resources to try to force a minority view of morality on all of America. Five of my movies have been targeted by the Federal Prude Patrol. There is no indication of any crime to be alleged except obscenity. If indicted, I will fight to protect my liberty, as well as the liberty of consenting adults to watch other adults engage in lawful, consensual, pleasurable sexual action. Shame on the Bush Department of Justice. I am proud of the movies I make and proud of those who buy and sell those movies."

According to Douglas, it could take six months to a year or longer for a federal indictment to be filed, if in fact the Department of Justice decides to prosecute a case. Also seized were performers ID documents, but according to Douglas, even though Max Hardcore is a member of the Free Speech Coalition, the current stipulated agreement that prevents the DoJ from enforcing 2257 federal record-keeping and labeling laws against FSC members until a federal judge rules on a pending motion for a preliminary injunction is not applicable when IDs are seized in the course of an obscenity investigation. However, the IDs that were seized today were limited to those performers who appeared in the seized tapes.

Porn's leading sodomist - and misogynist - is the sadistic but charming Paul Little, better known by his porn name Max Hardcore, the leading pornographer of the 1990s.

His reputation is as vicious as his videos. Soft spoken in person, Paul turns nasty when drunk, particularly towards women. Early one morning, he supposedly called a friend to say, "I've just thrown my girlfriend down the stairs and I don't know what to do."

Max denies the story.

His harsh ways irritated the normally unflappable Anna Malle who will no longer perform with him. "I f---ed her on top of a five story parking garage on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles one Saturday afternoon. She would do anything. But now she won't talk to me and I don't know why?"

Though his videos are frequently cutting edge, the beauty of the women in them is frequently below par because the best looking girls generally won't perform with him.

"I realized early on that to be successful you had to love what you were doing," Paul told Hustler Erotic Video Guide. "And, above all, create something unique. You need brand-name identity."

Paul developed the name Max Hardcore from the words max, which is known universally, and hardcore, which is self-evident. "People already knew the words, so it was like they knew the guy. It fit my personality."

Like football, sex can be a full contact sport and sometimes people get hurt. Max f---s women so hard that several ended up in the hospital with internal bleeding, torn ligaments and other injuries. They rarely pressed for compensation beyond payment for hospital bills. Few female performers wants to go on record about her injuries from Max. Most say they enjoyed what they were doing when they got injured.

In 1992, Little sent performer Pamela Dee to the emergency room at St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank "after she suffered vaginal hemorrhaging during a taping," writes Nick Ravo in the 2/98 ICON magazine. Dee, a writer in Reno, Nevada told Ravo that Paul came up behind her and, without warning, rammed his fist into her vagina. "I never heard of anything like that done to anyone before. I felt ripped open. He also said he would pay my medical bills, but he never did. He could kill someone - he should be behind bars. But no one in the industry criticizes him because he makes a lot of money. He really screwed me up."

Mike Horner told Ravo about Max: "He is notorious for completely abusing his talent. And his talent consists of young naïve girls."

Nina Hartley: "Too many people show up on a Max Hardcore shoot not knowing what to expect. For some women, it would be the most traumatic experience of their lives and make them want to quit the business. He is not the person to send a novice to." (ICON)

"People had told me about him and I was concerned," China Lee told the 1/98 issue of Swank's Video World. "They said he said nasty stuff, he hurts people, puts them in the hospital… But Max said the only ones that got hurt were the ones who didn't speak up. He told me he pushes girls to the limit. But I felt was honest with me so I gave it a shot. He was very rough. Lots of hard f---ing in the pussy and in the ass. Blow jobs and f---ing, he crammed it in. Sometimes doing things to my body that I didn't think were physically possible. He f---ed me face hard - made me drool. He did f--- up my butt, and I bled for days afterwards. But I like Max. He told me what to expect so I knew." (Swank's Video World 1/98)

David Ardell also heard bad things about Max before she worked with him. "I'm the type of person who judges people myself and not by a reputation. Max Steiner is very polite, gentlemanly and is a sweet generous person. Max Hardcore likes it hardcore. He wants hardcore nasty wild sex. I did a scene rollerskating by a men's room in a park. And he came in and we had anal sex. It was rough, but I expected it. A couple of times I told him to take it easy, I was getting sore. So he slowed down." (Swank)

One of Max's cameramen told Ravo that half of the 40 scenes he's shot with Paul, the girl has cried, bled or vomited. "That's what he's going for. When the girl pukes, he has gotten what he wants from a blow job. Even Barbie has broken down and cried during a scene." (ICON)

The fifth of six kids of a working class Catholic couple, Paul grew up in Racine. His father operated a small advertising agency and died in 1978. His mother Peggy, born in 1918, lives with her daughter Linda in Racine. "I'm not happy about what he does. I don't like that sort of thing. But I love my son." (ICON)

A hyperactive aggressive kid, Little fought frequently. He eventually got on medication. Paul attended Catholic school until eight grade, and still goes to church occasionally. "I just like to go and sit down and reconcile my thoughts for five minutes and then bow out." (ICON)

After high school, Max worked construction and fashion photography. "I've always liked anal. I saw John Stagliano's Buttman series and said, 'Damn, if he can do this - anyone can.'"

Paul followed his older brother Peter to California in 1990, met producer Bobby Hollander and produced segments for the most popular amateur line of the time - Mr Peepers. Little credits three men for teaching him about the business - Bobby Hollander, Peter Davy and Ron Sullivan, in that order. From Hollander Paul learned the vignette pro-am formula of using amateur and professional performers in a mix of four to five stories per tape. From Sullivan Paul learned to use language during a sex scene instead of canned music.

Zane Entertainment distributed the series that made Max Hardcore famous - The Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore, which debuted in 1992. Later in the year Paul Little launched Cherry Poppers featuring women over 18 years of age dressed as girls.

"The industry flipped out," says Paul, "but now you see half-a-dozen series that imitate Cherry Poppers such as Young and Anal, 18, 19, College Cuties..."

As Max's popularity zoomed, he gained control over his product, creating Filmwest Productions in late 1994. Paul's releases include MAX, Max World, Hardcore Schoolgirls, Maxed Out and Anal Auditions.

"Max Hardcore is Maximum Hardcore," says Bill Margold. "He keeps porn in the gutter where it belongs. Max Hardcore eats, drinks, and thinks sex and pours it right back out through his camera lens."

"The Max character is rough," says Paul. "I've carefully cultivated that image.

"Everybody, to be successful, has to be organized and have a clear goal of what needs to be accomplished.

"I like playing rough. It's not that I'm the heaviest hitter but I realized what would raise the heat level of the videos would be language."

Another significant difference with Hardcore's material is the sexual positions he uses. "For instance, taking my cock and throat-f---ing or choke-f---ing the girl. I have her hold her mouth open while I ream her throat out with my cock. I also hold her in a position that opens up her ass so that the cock can go in and out of a gaping orifice. Things like the pile-driver position...or the reverse cowgirl or the up-and-over doggy.

"If this were the jungle, we'd [men] be running around and f---ing anything that moved or being killed trying to do so. Most men have an urge to be king of the jungle. When you have to go to work every day, listen to your boss, follow all the rules, and behave yourself like a decent citizen, you need a release. That's why entertainment of all kinds is so popular. What I do is simply entertainment. It provides something which is essential for the American psyche: A voyeuristic escape whereby the viewer can watch Max Steiner fulfill your fantasies in the way that he would like to f--- a girl - perhaps not all the time, but occasionally. I'm a surrogate for the guys at home.

"I don't like violence. I don't like gorey movies. In my productions, it's my role to push women as far as they can go. I work with many newcomers and have to bring them up to speed. They face a sharp learning curve.

"People have to understand that Max is a role I play. It's not my entire personality.

"I don't hate women. I hate stuck-up bitches. I want to make hard-core movies. I'm not a censor, I'm a filmmaker and I take it seriously." (HEVG)

"Paul Little is an asshole," says performer Nici Sterling. "He's a psychopath. I also don't like how he implies in his Cherry Poppers series that his actresses are underage. This industry has enough trouble without f---ups like him giving us a bad rap. I would not cross the road to piss on him if he was on fire."

Max: "It's just sex. It's not like I'm beating the s--- out of the girls. I'm paying them more than they'd make in two weeks as a secretary and I want them to condense two weeks worth of work into their two hours with me."

As for blow jobs and getting the needed saliva: "The only way you're able to get the saliva out is to take your cock and choke the girl..."

Adult Video News: "Hardcore's "two hours worth of work" theory seems to have a flaw, though. By his own admission, he likes to shoot about two scenes a day, beginning early and ending about 8PM. Well, what's four hours when you're being gagged and anally penetrated?" (6/95 p. 52)

Max: "If someone were to say stop, I would. I make a big effort to explain to the girls, "Yeah, we're going to push you as far as we can, but if you've got a problem, you've gotta speak up." I'm good at making movies but I can't read minds.

"My videos work best when the girl gives back as good as she gets. Unfortunately, the girl usually appears in shock. Max becomes a steamroller."

Porn user Eric Dew suggests that Max's video should carry a warning label: "NOT INTENDED FOR PERSONAL RE-ENACTMENT. MAY CAUSE YOUR SEX PARTNER TO WHACK YOU UPSIDE YOUR HEAD." (RAME)

"Life is not the center of the road," Paul told AVN. "Life is a wide highway and I'm out at one edge and Paul Thomas is on the other side. And that's what makes the world go round. We're not killing girls, we're not hurting them more than minor discomfort. What's the big deal? When you get a girl and you give her a good working over, you take her to the extreme of pain and pleasure, and that's exciting. Look, even bad publicity is good publicity."

"Regardless of how disgusted many of you are by Max's current behavior, he is the most influential and important director of the '90s," Jack Koff writes on RAME. "If you don't buy this argument, take a look at the world of porn "pre" and "post" Max Hardcore.

"Pre - Not many videos had anal scenes and "all-anal" videos were rare.

"Post - Almost ALL videos have at least one anal scene… And "all-anal" videos dominate the market…

"Pre - …Videos had about five sex scenes and rarely deviated from this norm.

"Post - Max showed the world that you didn't need five scenes if you were giving the people what they wanted to see.

"Pre - There were lame plots…

"Post - Most videos have no plot…

"Pre - There was no 'gonzo' style…

"Post - Gonzo dominates…

"Pre - The anal of the 1980s was done with "class"…

"Post - The anal of the 1990's aim to humiliate the girl as much as possible. This is where Max has had his greatest impact upon porn. Before Max there was no such thing as closeups of dilated assholes, constant insults and name calling, choke f---ing, 100 % facials…repeated ass to mouth penetration without a cut, the "cherry poppers" routine…"

"It takes gumption, courage and guts to risk prosecution for making the tapes that he does," writes HrbDntst on RAME. "No doubt, the only reason Max is in this is for the money. I have no problem with that. I think that producing materials that shock people is good from time to time. It makes us re-evaluate ourselves and question things we, all too often, take for granted. For example, the flag burning, to me, was petty and disrespectful, but it made many people (myself for one), think of what the flag meant to me and to my society. Talent? Who is to say what qualifies as talent? I think Max is very good with camera placement, directing and getting difficult shots. Also I think he is a pretty damn good editor. I think he is better at what he does than most other porno makers are at shooting the types of films they make. Does that qualify as talent? Artistic talent? I guess so, maybe not to some."

"The more I see of Paul Little," says critic Pat Riley, "the more I think he's dangerous; he reminds me of the closing scenes of Last Exit to Brooklyn..."

Bob Rimmer reviews The Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore: Suzy Superslut. "The Max Hardcore series has become nauseating. But my guess is that's why they're big sellers - not for sexual turn-ons but for gasps of horror at sights you've never seen before. The Asian gal not only deepthroats his cock, but gets her tongue into Max's asshole, and the extended buggering of her poop-shute along with a dildo shoved in her vagina, or the scenes where Max finger f---s their vagina walls with his finger inserted in their anuses are not for the squeamish. Before you're through, you'll have had all the "up the ass" you need in a lifetime." (X-Rated Videotape Guide 4, p.45)

Max Hardcore 10: High Voltage is "pure Max, all the way, in all his fisting, pronging, stretching, nasty name-calling, face-plunging... glory.

"We all know the routine by now: Max picks up willing babes, takes them for a sexual stretching like they've never had, featuring the usual assortment of aforementioned action, sprinkled with dildo play for variety.

"In his pickup phase, Max is undeniably charming, with a patented non-threatening persona. When we get to the sex, especially the rough fingering and rough language...this is a mutual exploration of the sexual edges with Max the foul-mouthed, experienced guide.

"Max is unrivaled in bringing out erotic potential... Golden Jade's one hot looking babe, but she's never registered much... Here she's on fire; licking Max's butthole and balls...spewing verbal filth as good as she gets...and splaying herself on the ping pong table, begging for a fisting. Max pours a huge load on her outstretched asshole, followed by a well-lubed re-penetration." (AVN 2/95, p.134)

Max 9: Where Danger Lurks. As Max throat-f---s petite Cinderella, she pauses to wipe a gooey stringer of saliva from her face. "Don't worry about it," Max admonishes her, forcing her mouth back onto his thrusting prick. "When you got that f---in' cock jammed in there - that's what you worry about." Max gives cutie-pie Davia Ardell something more than a lollipop to suck on when she roller skates into the men's room at the park, delivering a pounding backdoor barrage before exploding onto her face. (AVN 97)

Max is the most imitated pornographer of the 1990s. John Stagliano, porn's most influential director of all-time, has not broken new ground in years. Max's contributions to hardcore include:

* Techniques that open up a girl's anus or vagina to gaping proportions;

* Throat f---ing, where Max takes the girl by the hair and reams her throat with his cock;

* Splatter Cam - a camera placed under a girl with a shield over the lens. The girl's juices along with Max's splatter onto the camera. "It lets the viewer feel he's lying under the action."

* Speculum - an instrument used by doctors to open up a woman's vagina for examination. Max uses a clear plexiglass version.

"Max Hardcore has a pencil dick," notes Herb Dntist on RAME, "is outright mean, but he can come out with some very well shot and posed scenes. He can also cum huge globs of spunk when he isn't tapped out. Too bad no one else can frame a shot like him because I dig some of his work while at the same time I find his personality

and physique repulsive."

"I'm so tired of him f---ing the same old trailer trash dogs," writes LThurston on RAME, "I hardly ever rent his stuff anymore. Could it be that word is finally getting around with the women in the industry about what's happened to some of the women that have done shoots for Max? Which leaves only the desperate or uninformed?"

Bendover (not the British porn star) writes on RAME: "Say what you will about the man, but if you like flicks with a gynecological perspective (which I DO), nobody can touch his work. Seymore Butts rates a not-too distant second. Max understands the nature of the biz. These girls are porn SLUTS, and he treats them as such. They are not Mother Theresa. They f--- FOR A LIVING!!!

"These broads that think their s--- doesn't stink (Vivid girls, for instance) should pack it up and get the f--- out. Max totally degrades his cunts, and for my $$$ he is a f---ing genius!

"I'm sick of these chicks that think they are discovering a cure for cancer and want to be respected. They think they are making art. Yeah, spreading your gash or Shakespeare. Six of one; half dozen of the other, I guess. PUH....LEEEESE ! f--- that. If you want respect, get a 9-5 job doing something of value. If you want to make smut flicks, go see Max and he will spread your box and ass for the world to see. Don't confuse the two. If you f--- for a job, your entire existence is predicated on making guys cum. That's it. Nothing else. Don't think you're doing anything of substance. You're not. Get over it.

"As for sending lambs to slaughter.... c'mon. Yeah, I'm sure these girls think they're going to go have milk and cookies when they get sent to Max. Get real. It's time we stop treating these girls as innocent victims. Max is not a rapist. These girls chose this line of work for whatever reason. We all have to get up and go to work every day. There are people who are disabled and crippled who deserve our help.

"I, for one, offer no empathy or sympathy toward girls in this business. If they don't like it, they should make sure the door doesn't hit 'em in the ass. PERIOD. Keep up the great work, Max!"

Numerous pornographers copy Paul Little's techniques - such as Jay Ashley, Al Borda, Robert Black - but they don't it right. "They're clumsy and awkward," says Max, "like children trying to assemble a toy for the first time."

Rocco Siffredi pulled Max aside at the Hot D'Or in Cannes. "When I jack-a off to a tape," he confessed to Max in a whisper, "I jack-a-off-a-to-a-you-a-tapes." (AVN 8/96)

St. Richard posted to RAME in late January 1998: "…While I find Gregory Dark & Robert Black pretentious & despicable and John T Bone just plain despicable and Rocco truly dangerous, I just can't lump Max in their category.

"He has a certain charm even if satanic at times and he doesn't hide behind 10-50 surrogate gangbangers to do his dirty work. I won't say he fights fair - what with his speculums and dainty anklet socks he makes the girls wear. At his worst Max is a bully. At his best he is a first -rate pornographer whose work illustrates in exquisite & gory detail the stand-off between sex and power.

"Max is a classic American whose gorge rises as fast as his cock does. He doesn't like losing control but he always does. After all, he's the one standing naked blathering like an idiot at the end of the shoot. The girls themselves are just in an awkward pose from which they'll soon be free. Most of the time they still have their clothes on. They are almost incidental to the process.

"What makes Max different and superior to all the other porn misogynists is that he is self-aware(up to a point) and talented enough to put it across on film. He sure isn't Ingmar Bergman. But who's to say both guys don't share more than a few dirty secrets about men and women?"

In March 1998, Mingus of RAME reviewed Paul's video Chicks for Fee. "Max reminds me of that old Bessie Smith song, "You Been a Good Old Wagon, Honey But You Done Broke Down." Without getting into a long thing about the aesthetics and philosophy of Max, at one time he was one of the most reliable providers of sustained anal penetration in the porn business.

"Now he uses speculums and toys to compensate for an obviously balky boner, and that s--- is just not interesting. He needs the speculums to inspire penetratable rigidity now (much more than in the past - the truth is that he's always been into f---ing chicks with his toys, all fast-forward material for me) so these days, if you wanna see Max assf---ing a chick, you also gotta see that stupid-ass speculum or dildo jammed up her pussy. Without the objects, Max cannot stay hard for any length of time. It's been an evolutionary process, as I say, and as I approach 40, I know my dick doesn't jump to it with the alacrity of former years, so I'm not going to make fun of his obvious aging. But as a pornographer, the boy is losing it, and watching or zapping thru his vids is becoming an imcreasingly cheerless affair."

Subject: Max Hardcore Responds

From: Max Steiner <maxhardcore@earthlink.net>

Date: Wed, May 27, 1998 13:23 EDT

To all you keystrokers out there;

Sorry to take so long to respond, but me, my crew, and a real nasty slut named Candy Hill just returned from Europe, where we were tearing up girls on the French Riviera. And I'm not one of those guys you see on airplanes working on a laptop computer to keep up with the rat race.

I've got better things to do - like f---ing young girls up the ass in the bathroom while the stewardess stand-by blissfully ignorant.

So, it seems I can't leave you guys alone for a minute. I take off for a couple of weeks working like a dog soldier to bring back the goods, and when I return some lamers are saying - or praying - that I took it up the ass on video. Sorry to disappoint, but you've got me mixed up with some other guys my friends - check out Jay Ashley, Peter North, or Tom Byron tapes where he takes it up the ass by a girl with a strap on.

Don't get me wrong - whatever rings your bell is okay by me. Just don't make your hang-ups my problems. But to clarify the matter once and for all - or at least until some new ignorant foolios figure out how to log on - I was once fortunate to have a real cute, very cooperative girl working for me named Barbie Angel. Of all the girls I ever f---ed, she was the best. I would highly recommend any tape with her in it - especially the one where I nail her in the bathroom of a 747.

One of Barbies' favorite things to do was play a little girl sucking a lollipop. We'd play this game where I'd take the sucker out of her mouth, shove it in and out of her ass, and then put it back in her mouth. "Mmmm, now it tastes even better, mister! It's about as nasty as it gets. She'd also let me do that with her chewing gum. Barbie was the greatest. Ass to mouth? Don't make me laugh. Who among you can say you saw A2M before I did it in my earliest flicks in '90 and '91? Hell, they were barely doing anal back then. Three, maybe four strokes and that was it. Throat f---ing? Fugetaboudit!

So the upshot of all this is that a couple of times I'd let Barbie put her lollipop in my ass for a moment, take it out and then suck it off.

It didn't do much for me, but it sure was raw filth. I've made over 350 movies, and that's the only thing you'll ever see going up my ass. That includes fingers.

So if there's any intelligent folks out there reading this, just remember that when you're on top, there's going to be people out there who would love to knock you down. They'd give their left nut just to ass-f--- a girl like Barbie just once in there life.


Max, the most influential pornographer of the '90s, has been consistently passed over for AVN awards. "AVN and I don't get along well," said Max Thursday afternoon. "They have a different slant on what constitutes hot porno. They have their buddies and I guess that I am not one of them. But it doesn't make much difference to me. I just keep trucking. And the fans agree.

"It's always puzzling to me what they come up with. Low budget guys like Rodney Moore and Mike South have won half a dozen awards between them while I haven't won anything. I've given up on AVN.

"We keep breaking new ground. Most everybody copies us. Tom Byron and his Planet of the Gapes. We were doing that five years ago before anyone else thought of it. Now they're naming whole movies after it. And the whole slew of videos like 18, Young and Anal... is just a ripoff of what I've been doing. Yet these guys win awards and I don't.

"I'm not interested in sucking anyone's dick to get an award. If you look at my stuff, tape in and tape out, it's consistently high quality piston pumping, fender flapping, gear grinding action with almost no filler.

"Last year Rob Black won two awards. That was the biggest joke of the industry. Till people finally figured out that he was making crap."

Luke: "I heard a rumor that at last year's awards you threatened to punch out Paul Fishbein?"

Max: "I didn't threaten to punch him out. I just went up to him after the awards and expressed my views that what was going was a joke. Johnny Black winning Best New Starlet? Rob Black winning two awards, going up there smoking cigarettes and mumbling through his acceptance speech... Not thanking anybody except himself. And saying 'f--- you" to a couple of other people. That was it. Playtime was over with those guys [AVN]. I've always given them my stuff, my movies, my chromes... And played the game the way good businessmen should because above everything I'm a good businessman. And I've done it all by myself. I've had no sponsor, no daddy warbucks [Rob Black's dad?] to pay my bills. I did this from zero to the top.

"I was always up there nominating. 'And the winner is...' I did my part. And no more. I don't want them looking at my movies. I don't want them talking about me. It's over. I haven't sent them anything for a year. We're not going to the awards this year. I don't even know who was nominated. I don't care. The AVN Awards have no value in my book. Kaput.

"We're selling as much as anybody with the exception of Pamela Lee... I think my Max World videos are the best. I kill my lines after 20 volumes...from a marketing standpoint... We present sex in a straight forward manner, scenes last up to 20 minutes... With the exception of the Greg Dark and John Bowen costuming angle, almost all the gonzo lines copy me. No one comes close to our Around the World stuff in Max World... World Sex Tour tries...but they have no consistent narrator... There's no presentation."


"Sorry, I couldn't answer your phone call," said Max at 8 PM, Wednesday. "I was f---ing these two whores.

"[Regarding the question] I deny that I ever had sex with that girl... Sometimes I can't understand what the f--- you're saying," said Max.

Luke: "It's because I've got that funny Australian accent. Is Legend giving you pressure over your AVN comments?"

Max: "You wanna talk about pressure, Luke? I'll tell you about pressure. I'll tell you about getting your f---ing head squeezed between a couple of leaded thighs. Luke, I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I'm on top, I'm number one and anyone who wants to f--- me up, go ahead.

"I love Paul Fishbein. He's not a problem. The problem is that he is unleashed a juggernaut that is beyond his control. Things have spun out of his control. I would never want to do any harm to him. I wouldn't harm anybody.

"Everybody has their own opinion on what constitutes hard sex. But I always thought that a good hard cock in a pretty little whore and some good piston pumping action constitute, without a lot of dialogue, a hot scene.

"Paul has a whole organization that he has to deal with. I pity the dude, I really do. But fortunately I've got all these hot girls to f--- over and over again. We get top girls to shoot unbelievable scenes. And guys know that they've seen them [girls] in other movies and it's been, as you say in Australia, a complete yawner. We do amazing things with these girls."

Luke: "Do Vivid and VCA give you any hassle?"

Max: "These guys don't have time to bother anybody. They don't have time to organize their own distribution deals, how can they possibly mess with anyone else's deals? They don't have time for that s--- and they don't care. I'm friends with all these guys. They don't care. They're too busy dealing with too many phone calls each day...

"I've got a hot scoop for you. I'm going to f--- our first Asian whore in a long time tomorrow [Thursday]. What interests people? Talk about the new Asian flesh we'll be working over tomorrow."


Luke talked to Scotty Schwartz Sunday night after Paul Little aka Max Hardcore came to his house and threatened him.

Scotty: "He's a f---ing maniac. He was drunk. I could tell because his eyes were f---ing glazed.

"This new chick Chloe Adams, whom he shot several times, was with Regan [Senter]. And she talked to Anastasia Blue at CES and Anastasia spoke highly of me. Chloe was tired of Regan's s---. Regan would send her places and the jobs would be different and not what she agreed upon. And the prices would be extremely dirt cheap because that is the only thing he can get. So she wanted to leave and to do better work. What's wrong with that?

"So we spoke and I ended up taking her to the airport the next morning. And I spoke to her this [Sunday] morning. Said that Max had called me."

Luke: "How did he know where you lived?"

Scotty: "Because Anastasia Blue lives with me and he's picked her up several times. Even though I am not pro-Max, if a girl wants to work with him, my personal feelings aside, it's called being professional. I may hate this prick, but if a girl wants to work for him, then go work for him. But you know what you're going to be treated like. Business is business.

"Max and I got into it a while back about this girl Gia who had come into Jim South's office. She needed the money and he offered her $600 for an anal scene, her first f---ing scene. The scene is so bad that he can't even release it in the United States. He can release it only in Europe because she's screaming 'No. Stop. Don't.' She's crying throughout the whole scene. She told me what happened.

"So, she was going to shoot for him again. That's when I met her. She begged me to help her get away from this guy. Then about 15 minutes he came in. He wanted to shoot her the next day. She said, 'No, I don't think so.' He said, 'Are you ok moneywise?' She said, 'No, I don't have any money but I'll get by.' And he said, 'Come and shoot for me tomorrow. I'll give you money.'

"So I stood up. 'You know what honey? If you don't have any money, here's a $100.' Well, he didn't like that because I got between him and his business. Then he threatened me, told me to mind my own business.

"I want everyone to know about this. For a long time, I've wanted to have it out with Max. And he showed up and did me a favor. I already have done the legal things. I've called the police and had a police report made out.

"I'm going to go to Legend and tell them. I'm going to tell all the distributors that I am friends with. I think I know New Beginnings and all the General Videos and many others. And they are not going to put up with that s---. They don't need his product. This is not the '70s. The Mafia is no longer here. And if anybody has any pull with these people, I would put myself above Max Hardcore.

"This is going to get big. I need to find that tape of Gia from Europe. Because I am going to get that back here and trust me when I tell you, the right people are going to see that."


Max Hardcore Controversy

Max Hardcore writes: I prefer not to broadcast my feelings about these things, because I like to keep my business personal and private. You can be sure when you do a deal with Max, it's not going be the lead item on gossip.com. I expect the same from the people I do business with. But after the continued ranting by our industry's current do-gooder, Shorty Schwartz, and much urging, I am compelled to respond. The guy is an obvious retard. How else to explain his recent actions? He tries to muscle in on one of my girls, under the pretense of "saving her," and then acts like he's doing nothing wrong. He did it before and I warned him. This time, I was forced to take the direct approach. This is a suitcase pimp who can not be trusted.

Let's look at the facts. Max: Over 300 movies. Shorty: 2 movies. I pay the girls a lot of money to appear in my videos. They have a pretty good idea what they're getting into, and work in a spotless mansion, or exotic locations overseas. Shorty takes money from the girls for the privilege of getting a ride to work in a beat-up wreck, and sleeping on his vermin-infested couch in a cluttered apartment.

He claims I beat up a girl called Gia during one scene. I made her cry, and she begged me to stop. I couldn't even release it in the US market. The fact is her scene is on Maxed Out 16, put out by Legend Video in November, 99. The scene is unremarkable to the point of boredom, as Gia can't act and can't f---. But she did look cute in skates and cut-offs. If I could have shot her a few more times I'm sure we could have developed her limited talents, but I never got the chance.

That's because Shorty interfered in that matter because he wanted to get a blow-job from Gia, and it f---ed up my next shoot with her. He went on to "handle" her for a short while before she wised-up, dumped him, and left the business. I was never able to shoot her again. That's money out of my pocket. Rarely have I seen someone driving so hard to get into a wreck. But I know web surfers loves a good crash. I'm content to let my movies do the talking, and all the work I generate for so many people.

Now I don't advocate violence, especially against midgets. And I would never consider such an option, because people who can't keep their trap shut always talk themselves out of the loop. And business goes on as usual.

Mike writes: Hi Luke: I am so sick of hearing these hypocrites in the porn business complain about Max Hardcore. Max is realistic about porn's SOLE purpose -- portraying women as sex toys for mens perverse pleasures, or as he says "cock sockets." A company like Vivid may aspire for legitimacy but will never attain it. Porn actors are a joke. Steven St. Croix? Gimme a break. Max is thee Man!

As for Scotty Schwartz, he is a little putz and has as much business being in the sex industry as he does playing center in the NBA. He is a sad and pathetic little man. Someone bitch smack and get him off the scene. The mere thought of him is nauseating and comical. Max H isnt for everyone, and Ive always assumed he was a cheap motherf---er becuase he so rarely has top girls, but he has done more to shape the face of porn than anyone in the past decade. He opened things up for everyone. Now all these douche bags copy his style, but they do so poorly.

Now, about the male "talent" in porn, and I use that term loosely. Im convinced that most of them are closet fags or at least have effeminate tendencies. But remerkeably, the homo/douchy guys seem popular with the girls e.g.,(Chuck Martino, Eric Price, Julian, Vince Voyeur, Ian Daniels). They all f--- like little sissies. My fifth load of the day is double their first. I guess real men are not welcome in porn. Male porn stars should not get paid by the scene but by the quantity of the pop shot. No major pop shot, no cash.

The ONLY guys Ive ever seem throw a good f--- in porn are Rocco (who is so far ahead of his male comparators its a joke), TT Boy and Max. Just about all the other talent or shooters/directors are either gay or jewish, neither of which is an aid to excelling in hardcore straight sex with women. Gay guys may f--- other gay guys with gusto, but with women they just go throught the motions. Jewish guys, while total pervs, are rarely studs (thats why all the jewish girls in NYC play with us goyem when they want to really get f---ed). "I will marry jewish, but for hot f---ing its goyem all the way" was the remark one Upper East Side collagen injected, saline enhanced, Prada toting jewish princess made to me.

Finally, as to the HOTTIE OLIVIA. I have to say that her ex boyfrieed is a serious ASSHOLE. How could you claim to love a woman and then tell her kid shes making porn movies? That guy needs a serious ass kicking. Obvioulsy hes another insecure jerk who could no longer control a woman he felt was too good for him, so he decided to lash out at her. Thats love? What a total loser. Olivia is the ONLY porn star who ever made an impression on me, other than as just a hot piece of ass. She looked so vulnerable, sad and needy that she tapped into my rarely shown soft and sweet side and made me want to come rescue her.

Is she back in porn? That would make me both happy and sad. Happy becuase shes my all time favorite blonde bombshell (I think shes incredibly sexy), and sad because the porn business is run my the sleaziest s--- bags Ive ever read about. What LOW LIFES these people are. I dont mean the girls -- I mean the business men and the male leeches, aka talent. LUKE: If Olivia/Kathy needs some assistance, have her get in touch with me. Maybe I can help her out for a while.

Luke: She is back doing scenes and I believe she has worked out her dispute with Michael at Leisure Time, her ex boyfriend.

Ridley99 writes on RAME: Max's name has been bandied around a bit in recent posts.Some people love Max and some people absolutely hate Max. But lets look at some facts.

First off, I firmly believe Max is 85% pure act. We have to realise Max is a very intelligent man. He is an ego-maniac who desperately wanted to be in front of the cameras, But he knew his the size of his penis ruled him out of any type of porno career except pro-am. Max also knew he had to have a gimmick or he would just be another Ed Powers and lord knows we didn't need that. Max brillantly came up with the misogonist angle. He abused women physically and verbally, many of the women pretended to be teenagers or younger.

Max worked the peodaphalia crowd as well as the misoganist crowd. It was a brillant move. Ed powers as well as Randy West in his up and cummers series have been left in the dust ,their work has become boring and stale. If I saw my favorite porn Queen of the moment in a Ed Powers DD I wouldn't rent it. Why rent something when you know exactly whats going to hapen. Ed will joke around with Anastasia, they will undress, Ed will f--- her in his usuall style, A kind of laid back, professional manner, and then cum in her face. Yawn. Especially when considering Ed Powers dick is average size. Its an easy pay day for the chick.

Now Anastasia in a Max Hardcore movie that is a different story. Max is violent and his scenes unpredictable. Anything could happen. The girl may faint or scream in real pain or vomit, Max may fist f--- her, or make her drink her own cum out of her ass hole. There is no " can't happen " in a Max movie - anything is possible.

This is why Max has left Ed Powers and a hundred other competitors in the dust. He had a angle. An Angle he continues to redefine. His gimmicks began with the hard ass f--- and the throat f---, he has added the speculum, as well as straws that allow the girls to suck cum out of their own orifices. Max has used lipstick, he has used verbal abuse, he is constantly trying new s---( literrally as well as figutively ). Is this the signs of a shrewd bussinessman or a misogonist.

Lets look at Max for a bit. His real name Paul Little. Max is in fact a short man. Max in fact has a little dick. Do you think Max took a fair share of s--- growing up. " There goes Max little dick " this kind of s--- forms you. None of us are raised in a vacuum, if Max has a chip on his shoulder, its probably the jeers of the ass holes in society that love to bully the weak and the small that put it there. The Jocks and thier Jockacrocy. So now Max f---s the s--- out of all the cheerleader like clones that run throughout his movies.

To further show that his emotional pysche was stunted in childhood, he make the prepubescent female his main target. Many of the actresses in his movies are tiny- waif like - all try to act younger- child like. Max replays his childhood except this time he is the one in control. Max shows homosexual tendicies with his fixation on Anal sex. Which forces him to f--- his female victims all the harder to prove his masculinity. When we talk about the actresses that Max employs we name them as " victims " and yet how many have really been injured. The scenes look blocked out to the smallest detail, it looks like an act.

Sure some girls probably do get hurt a bit, Max plays rough, but the girls are not taken by surprise, they know what is happening and what will happen next.They signed on for it. To say Max is truly trying to hurt the girls is ridiculous. If Max has hurt any girl- where are they- none ever post on RAME. No girls sue him or file charges against him. Where are all these so called victims. Max is abusive and he does probably enjoy rough sex but is he really dangerous or is all just an act he uses to his advantage to get his name recognized ( he is ego-maniac ) and sell more product. He is the porn worlds version of a WWF villian.

The only worry is that Max may forget its all an act, Paul Little may have played Max Hardcore for so long that he may forget where reality ends and the act begins. Max probably need physchological help. The odds are he will one day go to far with one of his playmates , the scandal will destroy the porn Biz. So I would suggest the leaders of the porn world try to tone him down a bit. Especailly in an election year. One false step by Max can send the whole porn world over the edge- act or not.


On page ten of the April, 2000 issue of Hustler Erotic Video Guide, Marc Medoff writes about Max Hardcore's recent march through Eastern Europe. A photo shows Max urinating into the mouth of a brunette. Medoff describes the negotiations between Hardcore and a Czech Republic porn agent who makes two quick points: one, that half of his girls have already heard of Max and will not work for him; and two, that those who do not know of him will have to be lied to, to get them through the shoot. Then they will never work for him again.

Max f---s a blonde named Nina so hard that she cries and bleeds. Then over her protests, he urinates into her mouth. Medoff says Max pays the girls about $200 each.

Medoff describes Max as a drunk. A mean verbally abusive drunk.

Pat Riley Says Max Hardcore is a Closeted Pedarast

Pat Riley, who publishes books on porn for Prometheus, writes on RAME 4/00: At first glance one would think that Max Hardcore (better known as Max Boredom around the Riley establishment) is one of those drooling child molesters who would very much enjoy raping a near- or pre-pubertal girl but can't get up the courage or isn't foolish enough. He has to be content with an 18-year old girl who's dumb or desperate enough to forego normal bowel movements for a week or so.

However thinking about this during his latest exercise in monotony, Planet Max #2 (I've watched all of Max's releases over the last couple of years), I think I'm wrong. He's really pretending to butt f--- a near- or pre-pubertal little boy. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I hasten to add lest I offend our gay readers.

The evidence:

Lately there's been no vaginal sex at all. Max goes straight for the asshole even in the standing-greeting-at-the-door position.

The oral sex part, used as a lube or to get the guy hard in most pornos, seems to be an afterthought and only occurs when Max has fully worked himself into a cocksocket-hating frenzy. Then it's done as punishment especially the "lie the girl on her back and ram his dick down her throat from above until she chokes" sequence.

He avoids touching or even letting us see the girls' breasts. Frequently they never take off their tops. In the position referred to in the preceding paragraph even if the girl has her top off her breasts will flatten out so she could pass as a little boy.

The abuse seems to be directed to the female sexual function rather than females in general with such terms as "cocksocket" and "whore". Agreed that this could go either way (he wishes the girl were a boy or he just hates the urges he has to screw females).

The vaginal speculum use seems to be directed not so much to an examination of the female reproductive tract as to the interrelationship with the rectum. Almost always he's showing his finger pushing against the rectal-vaginal wall.

The literary connection (Ultra or lattara might wish to correct me here):

In the deep dark recesses of my brain I have a memory of one of the Marquis de Sade's works--Justine I think--wherein one of the scenes described has the archbishop (some religious dignitary) screwing the girl anally and insisting that she bind her breasts and keep facing away from him so that he can imagine that she's a boy. Would be consistent with Max's activities.

The zinger: If Max is this way inclined--I would expect him to deny it vociferously--where does that leave his followers...um, fans?

Thom Burr replies on RAME: Certainly Max's tapes qualify as deeply misogynistic, and while there are a number of misogynistic gay guys out there (though certainly not the majority of gay guys), I seriously doubt Max is gay, closeted or otherwise.

I too have found Max's habit of skipping almost directly into anal sex to be very, very odd. Porn is so formulaic that when someone repeatedly violates the conventions you have to wonder what exactly is behind it.

Still...the anal fixiaton just can't quite climch a secret homophilia here. The speculum, the lipstick around he anus, the same pony tails and baby-doll outfits over and over again strongly suggest that Max's orientation is the obvious one. These are all very feminine elementsts here, almost exclusively female. Any gay explanation simply seems too labored to work here.

And let's pull out Occam's razor here--maybe he just enjoys inflicting pain on young women? Rough anal and oral sex are particularly effective ways of doing this. Vaginal sex is a little harder to abuse, and by foregoing/withholding it, he may feel the femininity of he girl is being that much more degraded...

Still, something is seriously wrong with Max in the head. Most obsevers seem to agree on severe alcohol abuse, noting that he goes from mild-mannered when sober to raging violent when drinking. In the vids I've seen him in, he doesn't seem especially coherent, particularly when he starts muttering obscenities to himself over and over...I found this particularly disturbing. I've known a few violent drunks, and this neatly fits the pattern.

God only knows what else is ticking away inside his brainpan, though. Latent homophilia is as good a guess as any, though I'd note that it's also a traditional intellectual brickbat to throw at anyone who might annoy an over-educated critic. Look at the way they've worked over Hemingway. And, so long as I've mentioned Mr. H., there actually is one fairly strong argument for the pederasty side. I recall reading in an early AVN interview with Max that he was either from or had spent some amount of time living in Key West. Key West is and has been for some time a gay male travel mecca. Quite a lot of decidedly freaky things happen there on a nightly basis. One might easily imagine a younger drunk and unstable Max seeing (or doing) too much and going slightly unhinged.

All this is hopelessly speculative, though. What is certain is that Max is somewhat whacked, and there a a big market for his product. I'm not going to try and draw any further conclusions... ...they all seem too depressing.

Doloros writes: As for Max, I actually used to enjoy him a lot more in the early years, when the situations were less stultifyingly ritualistic and there were actually quite successful attempts at stringing them on a thread of humorous, tongue-in-cheek storylines (Anal Destroyer, etc). I would say it's a toss-up nowadays as to whether the robotic aggression and impersonal mysogny is a result of him becoming a more advanced case or just the distracted cynicism of someone who has grown numb and bored at his job, and knows exactly how little he needs to put it into it to continue to make his easily-satisfied fans happy.

Pat Riley writes: I don't know anything about his alcohol abuse one way or the other but I did notice that in the opening scene of Hardcore Schoolgirls #12 he threw Leanni Lei on the couch quite violently. She looks stunned (in the sense of amazed) but recovers quickly leading one to believe that this wasn't part of the agreed procedure. It's hard to describe Max's reaction but it certainly wasn't, "Oops, sorry." More like, "Tough."

There's also the scene with Melody Love in Hollywood Hardcore #8 where after the normal start suddenly the music wells up and overlays the human voices and at that point Max tries to anal her. She's pushing him away and obviously saying no with her face contorted in apparent agony (facially she's not too attractive anyway but this makes her look really ugly). He holds her down and continues anyway, at one stage choking her. She seems to appeal to the cameraguy but of course he just continues videotaping. Then Max goes back to vaginal sex and the music dies down and is replaced by the normal human noises.

Now this could be simply an act for the Euro-market (all those real perverts like lattara )--a pretend rape scene--and he wanted to retain the scene but eliminate the voices for the US market. If not this would nicely fit into your "violent drunk" hypothesis.

BTW, IIRC Melody has done other anals with Max in other movies and subsequent to this scene (based on the production dates) she accompanied him to Cannes so if she was objecting she got over it.

Some of Max's more committed...er, fans seem to think I have something against Max. Not at all or at least no more than the other "beat the bitch up" sociopaths that the industry seems to attract like a magnet. The biggest thing I have to complain about Max in particular is his monotonous same-old same-old with every movie. If he did actually roll in a 14 year old boy in the next tape it would at least be unusual and interesting.

Slough writes: Whatever Max's real sexual orientation, a careful examination of police records in the places Paul Little has lived might well yield interesting results.


Max Hardcore Responds To British Documentary

Ten days ago, Britain's Channel 4 TV network showed the documentary "Hardcore" about a local girl's (Felicity) dip into the Los Angeles porn industry. The show portrayed Max Hardcore savaging the naive young woman.

Now Max has responded to the documentary and his response was published on BGAFD.com.

Ian writes: Hi Luke. I wrote you a while ago mentioning a documentary, 'Hardcore', which Channel 4 was proposing to broadcastin England, describing the experiences of an English would-be pornstar, Felicity, in California. Well, they showed it a few days ago, and very informative it was - about the porn industry, about Felicity, the role of agents, and Max Hardcore. It had been implied that this was a horror story about exploitation, but I found it much more complicated than that. The US porn industry turned out to be no more, no less, exploitative than I expected, and a number of performers appearing in the documentary appeared quite happy with what they were doing.

Felicity was probably typical of many who go into the industry and repent of doing so. She was carrying a lot of psychological baggage from being a single (and obviously loving) mother and, especially, from having twice in her life been abandoned by her father - once as a child and once as a teenager, following a brief reunion. At one point Felicity confided to the photographer/commentator that one of her objectives was to do something of which her father would have disapproved, and then point out to him, if he objected, that he no longer had any say in her life. She was invited to the US by an agent whose name was given as 'Richard', though I recognized him as Dick Nasty, a well-known British porn performer. He promised to get lucrative work for her, and she assured him that she was eager to please. They fell out fairly early on in the visit when it became clear that Felicity was reluctant to perform in certain ways (especially anal) to which she had earlier assured Richard she had no objection.

Somehow (and I suspect that this was Richard's way of teaching Felicity the facts of life for a porn neophyte) she got an 'interview' with Max Hardcore, and at the point of the interview where she might have expected to be shaking his hand she found him thrusting his penis into her butt. Things went on from there in the way that might be expected from Max Hardcore, and 20 minutes into the interview Felicity fled, loudly complaining about having been throttled, and generally abused. Max followed her and spent several minutes sweet-talking her, followed by several more telling her what a waste of space she was, and that only one other girl had ever tried less to perform with him than Felicity had done.

Though clearly unnerved, Felicity apparently decided to continue with the session, but at this point the photographer, concluding that he was presiding at a rape, intervened and took Felicity away, back to his apartment. Max H apparently made no effort to contact her again, but the experience had somehow made Felicity willing to do things on film that she hadn't been prepared to before. We saw her arranging to participate in a 3-girl + Mr. Marcus scene in a 'Rough Sex' episode, agreeing to be sodomized and slapped around, her only reservation being that she wasn't to be throttled.

The programme ended with a postscript saying that all this had happened 18 months ago, and that Felicity was no longer in the porn industry. Writing as someone who enjoys watching porn, I'm not prepared to take a horrified, moral stand on all this, but the documentary was in its way a cautionary tale, showing how naive, disturbed women stand to be hurt by participating in it.

Max Hardcore writes: While I don’t know what the British television show producers showed the public concerning my video shoot with porn actress Felicity, or what you saw concerning the program, but we do know that you haven’t seen the whole story. In any case, I would like to apologize for how it appeared. I have not and have no intentions of using any of the footage of this shooting for broadcast.

Ordinarily, I don’t let film crews cover my shoots because they often put porno in the most negative light so it is more shocking to their viewers. But Felicity’s agent said it would be a big favor to him and Felicity, so I reluctantly granted them permission. As I suspected, they have completely turned this around to serve their purposes.

I’ve been making X-rated movies for ten years, and I always endeavor to treat my actresses with respect. Before each shoot, especially with a new actress, I interview her to find out what she is willing to do so there will be no problems on the set. Prior to this scene, I interviewed Felicity and explained that he wanted a pleasant scene where she is agreeable at all times.

Felicity told me that she had done several scenes before this in England, including a double penetration scene with two men, and that everything was okay with what I wanted, which in any case was not supposed to be extreme at all. She also told me that she could deep throat a penis very well. But on the set, all that changed, and she acted like she couldn’t handle it. Then without warning, she walked off the set.

Shortly after that, I went up to the dressing room and talked to her in a very reasonable manner, never threatening in any way, in an attempt calm her down and find out what had upset her so much. I was trying to determine what I had misunderstood, and make changes so we could possibly finish the scene, which her agent assured me would be the best thing to do. But she was too upset and the scene was aborted by a mutual decision.

After that, the British film crew also interviewed me on the set and her agent asked me to say some outrageous things, and even led me on by saying such things like don’t you think she’s pretty foolish and so forth. Of course they did not show these leading questions I’m sure.

I believe this whole episode happened partly because Felicity was under stress at the time, because she didn’t want to be seen doing porn in her native England. But it now seems like it was a set up by the television producers and Felicity’s agent. After all, it’s made great controversy now in England.

Finally, you should also know is that after this aborted scene with me, Felicity went to make other X-rated movies here in the US, including ‘Rough Sex 2.’ But the producer of that video would not allow the British film crew in the studio when it was shot. Unlike my shoots, in ‘Rough Sex 2,’ the sex is much more hard core with slapping and choking. Felicity completed her ‘Rough Sex’ scene and had and told the producers she had an enjoyable time doing it. Of course it would not be released in England.

Again, I would like to express my apologies to Felicity for any misunderstandings, as well as all the viewers of the program who found it so offensive. This is not the real Max Hardcore at all. In any case, let me assure you that I have not and never will be releasing any of this material to the public, and will never again deal with her agent.

Matt writes on BGAFD.com: In 2000, Max Hardcore produced a film in which a girl pretended to be 12 years old. His films are there for people who enjoy watching women being degraded and humiliated and stretched to their limits. That's not wrong, if both parties are consenting and gaining gratification from it, but the question is... Max Hardcore: porn industry pimp, abuser and encourager to paedophiles, or producer of a speciality line of sexual movie and champion of free speach and action.

DavidJ writes: I don't find Max's reply too convincing, as some of his filmed conversation with Felicity was aggressive, if not explicitly threatening (the bit where he told her she didn't make enough 'effort', i.e. she had the temerity to object to his cock in her throat.) But it adds to my suspicion that the film-makers were manipulating the situation more than they would like us to know.

Felicity aka Leanna McQueen also appeared in these porn films: Coed Cocksuckers 16 (not on boxcover or jadedvideos's cast list) Cock Smokers 14 (ditto) MH Home Video 544: Cunt of the Month January, MH Home Video 551: Hand Gallopers 3 MH Home video 554: Girls Who Swallow Cum 18, Pussyman's Decandent Divas, Rough Sex 2

WendysWonderland@hotmail.com writes: I too saw the C4 'Hardcore' programme last night and have read all the associated messages in the forum. I have worked with both Felicity (aka Leeanne) and Dick Nasty (aka Richard Sheed).

The scene I did with Felicity was for the British Erotica magazine and you can see it in volume 1 of that series (just to make it clear I've been paid for that scene and get nothing from any sales! :-)). She struck me as a very nice girl although she did have very definite limits so I ended up having to do all the anal. Nevertheless we all respected her limits and there were no complaints. There are complaints about what girls will and won't do when they've said they'll do so and so but when they get on set they've changed their minds. Quite rightly that annoys the producers and co-performers but again the limits are generally respected in the UK. In yesterday's programme I got the feeling that she gave Dick Nasty the impression she'd do something and then when she got to the US she'd changed her mind.

Now for Dick Nasty. The last time I spoke to him I called him an arrogant little prick. He really lives up to his name I'm afraid and really does exploit the girls. His payment rates for his own productions are very low and he respects no-one. He asks virtually every girl to go over to the States and promises them the earth. (I know he's done it to me and most of the girls I know in the business). However, we know what he's like and anyone who goes over there at his invitation is asking for trouble. Seems poor Felicity fell for it though. A little naive perhaps? Isn't it funny how he tried to hold hands etc. with Felicity. Very sad don't you think?. Seems he wanted to set up an affectionate relationship as he does with all of us. Maybe we should pity him as a sad lonely individual. On second thoughts let's not.

I've received lots of offers to appear in documentaries and on chat shows. I have never accepted because I know their remit is to show me and/or the porn business as stupid, sleazy and exploitative. It's usually tabloid TV at its worst although I will admit that it would be hard to show Dick Nasty and the producers in last night's programme in a good light.

British porn star Layla Jade writes: Wow !!! So many postings on that documentary last night, so this one is for everyone as it will hopefully give an overall picture on the way things are and the way that I feel about them. This is what I have to say on the documentary "Hardcore" that was screened last night and also about the occurrences within it.

This documentary has pissed me off considerably, once again the adult industry has been misrepresented for good television and high viewing rates.That was the idea. The hype and publicity surrounding this documentary was ridiculous, as it has already been pointed out on another posting in this forum, "what sexual and explicit footage ?" Where was this terribly graphic content that we were all warned about.

The industry is nothing like that, with two and a half years experience under my belt and having starred in over 200 movies, having worked in Amsterdam, Germany,France, America and the UK... believe you me I am more then qualified to say.

They just took one girl who had a bad experience on one occasion and exploited it and her for television and wasn't it good !!! Stephen geared the documentary up to show the exploitation of poor, young, innocent, girls when he was one of the main culprits himself. That must mean that I'm exploited too then. I don't think so, doesn't quite fit the Layla~Jade you know does it?

What Richard [Dick Nasty] did was wrong, there is no denying that, but he is deffinitly not the suit case pimp that they made him out to be via the miricle of cleaver editing and only using footage that shed him in such a light. I know the guy well and he also did this to me, but luckily I had the sense to clarify exactly what I was going to experience at the hands of max hardcore before arriving for the shoot, admittedly Felicity tried but due to the fact that the television crew where there Richard chose not to be as specific as he could have been or was when I asked him on my first trip out there myself, however the television crew knew what she was walking into though as the brief clip that they showed of myself discussing Max was shot way before felicity's visit to him with Richard. Indeed we had discussed it on numerous occasions both on and off camera. So why didn't they say ?. Why didn't I tell her myself ? Because it was never made clear to me what was going on, I was only told of her "dreadful" experience after it had already occurred.

Indeed the character Max hardcore is horrible, abusive and a women hater but that is his character... the guy himself is actually ok, I am not defending either he or what he does and just because I have shoot for him does not mean that I agree with this kind of sex or enjoy it, if you can even call what he does sex, but at the same time I am just trying to put across a clear perspective on the guy himself from someone who knows, has been there, brought the postcard and done that on two occasions.

Did anyone notice when he was in character and when he was not ? When he enters the office and she allows him to stick his knob up her he is merely getting into character, psyching himself up for the scene, you can tell as his voice changes slightly and he starts to do those peculiar little grimaces, also note the questions about her age, height and weight ? It is so he can start to develop a personal for her in his mind...IE) that of a young girl (which again I do not condone, I am merely stating facts).

Though when felicity freaks out and max is in the bedroom with her it is clear to see that he is no longer in character. Why Richard was smirking when Max is screwing her in the office though I have no idea, though I would hope that it is not because he is getting his own back on her, just simply because he has seen Max behave in such a way so many times before. Though only Richard knows the answer to that one. Like Stephen said "they decided not to intervene at this point".... why ? did anyone not see that it was because Stephen (the public school boy) wanted to make good television ? that's why. He wanted to shoot a documentary from which he would achieve status and make money.

There are many people that slag him Max off but what you must remember is this. THERE IS A MARKET FOR THIS STUFF. If people didn't buy this s--- then he would not shoot it, he's not doing it for the good of his health, supply and demand and you saw his house with your own eyes...the guy is f---ing minted. Million's of people buy his films world wide doesn't that say something to you. People wanna see this stuff.

Also note that after felicity shot for max she then went of to do rough sex which was actually banned within the first couple of months of production due to the fact that shooting this sort of stuff is not the industry slandered and the industry would not put up with it. Rough sex is much worse then anything that hardcore does. For example they was a very well known incident when one of the girls was shooting for this line and was deep-throating on of the guys and making herself retch, she did it to much and ran to the toilet to be sick, they consequently followed her and filmed her vomiting to be included in the movie.

In rough sex the girls were being choked to unconsciousness, somewhere where max would never go, they are punched, kicked, hit and welted. Again something that you would never see in a max hardcore movie. But she enjoyed that so where do you go from there. I've shoot for max twice but I refused point blank to do rough sex not only because of the horror stories I had heard about it but also because I had worked with max I knew what and where my limitations were. Any way being beaten up is simply not my scene. Again, nor is it sex.

Don't be mislead by this bulls---, it is NOT what the industry is like, I have shot over 200 scenes and been in the industry two and a half years, everyone is really really nice and nobody gets exploited,with the exception of a couple of characters such as Rocco and max its just normal stuff that is shot, the people that made this documentary wanted you to be shocked that was exactly what they wanted and its worked. Fair play if it was a realistic perspective on the industry but it is not. This retched documentary has just been another kick in the teeth for adult yet adult cannot answer back so that's exactly what I am doing now, the public need to know the truth.

I am so mad about this, the British cencors--- laws have at last just been changed and Briton has just come out of the dark ages in reference to porn and then they bring out this. Just as pornography is starting to become more readily excepted a documentary that basically puts across that we are all sickos perverts and paedophiles comes along. Great that's just what the business needs. its unfair that the industry should be blackened by one silly little girl who clearly had problems and should never have gone into the industry in the first place. As you heard her say, it was only to get back at her father anyway. Do it because you enjoy it or don't do it at all. Hard core pornography is not the answer when you are looking to get revenge on some one. If you know what your doing and your doing it for the right reasons its a fantastic, fun and lucrative business to be in.

Ned writes on How To Make A Shockumentary:

1. Get a film maker with an agenda.
2. Hook him up with a hardnosed contact (in this case Dick Nasty)
3. Wait. Eventually a fairly naive girl will turn up and give you a money shot of your own.
4. Allow her to put herself in difficult situations. You have been around Nasty for a while and know the kind of people he deals with. You can see the girl has no idea what she's into, but what the hell. It makes a good film.
5. Realise when it's too late that maybe things are going bit too far, then project yourself as the knight in shining armour.
6. Get the girl to spill her guts about her personal life.
7. Wait 15 months then put it out when she's quit the business.

QUESTION : Who really exploited Felicity in that film?

Hoffman Hardballs Hardcore
interview by David Hoffman
Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Perverts love him. Porners hate him. Puritans would like to incarcerate him.

His name is Max Hardcore. His real name Steiner and probably half-a-dozen others, he landed on the LA porn scene like a big, messy SPLAT in 1990 after tiring of tricking vacationing co-eds into being surreptitiously recorded in the act of fornication.

His unique line of vulgarity includes: The Adventures of Max Hardcore, Anal Vision, Cherry Poppers, Hardcore Schoolgirls and Max World.

Hardcore's techniques of tactile torture include anal fisting and gaping, saliva-drenched throat-f-cking complete with vomiting, lighted medical speculums in the vagina and anus, oral and anal golden-showers, pussy finger-f-cking through the ass, anal piss-drinking, and of course the obligatory degrading name-calling.

Featuring teenage-looking girls with pigtails and shaved pussies, Steiner's Schoolgirls series was considered so harsh it was even banned in sexually liberated Sweden! His own website describes the horrors of his sexually perverted Disneyland:

"… Max also developed new and more offensive methods of sexual mistreatment. Max pioneered Throat f-cking, where he would drive his cock down a girl's throat until she gagged on it - and in some cases, even puked on it! This inspired the trade-marked 'Splatter Cam' shots, where Max works up tremendous amounts of saliva in the girl's mouth by repeatedly f-cking her throat until the spit would be flowing out of her mouth and all over her face! Then Max has his girls blow huge bubbles with the mess - 'Just like bubble gum, you little cunt' Max would say!

"… Max's next breakthrough routine is the creative and lecherous use of lighted medical speculums to pry open the mouth, cunts, and ass-holes of his girls. Max likes to use one to stretch open the pussy of a girl, then finger her pussy through her ass-hole. After that humiliating treatment, Max force-f-cks her ass-pipe with the speculum still spreading her pussy! You can actually see his cock going in and out of her ass through her gaping pussy!"

This all culminated in 1998 with Child Pornography charges being leveled against Steiner by the Los Angeles District Attorney, involving Max Extreme 4: Extreme Team, Vols. 18, 19, 21 and 24, which ended in a hung jury and a mistrial. The case went nowhere after the U.S. Supreme Court voided sections of the Child Pornography Prevention Act that criminalized adults in sexually explicit conduct with those who "appeared to be" under the age of 18. That left only the Distribution of Obscenity charges, which resulted in a deadlock.

Similar obscenity charges against Adam Glasser (Seymour Butts's "Tampa Tushy Fest") and Jeff Seward ("American Bukakke 11") were plea-bargained down to public nuisances. It is uncertain whether the real public nuisances, Assistant DA Michelle Anderson and her cohorts in the LAPD, have given up hope that they can still become Attorney General John Ashcroft's official apple polishers.

Extreme Associates, which had distributed Steiner's material, refused to cooperate with the defense in producing records relating to sales statistics of similar films, then posted a missive decrying their former business partner as a "rat." Even Patrick Collins of Elegant Angel, a producer of gangbangs, called Hardcore "a boil on the ass of pornography."

Yet at the recent Free Speech Coalition symposium, Hardcore's name evoked a round of applause by the porn high-rollers in attendance; and his fans have rewarded Max-the-Pervert with a generous income that's managed to perch him in a lofty four-story house high atop the Pasadena hills.

As someone said, either you love Max Hardcore or you hate him.


DH: What kind of photography were you doing in Florida? Was photography what you were doing for a living? And how, exactly, did you "trick" tourist girls into posing and f-cking for the camera? I find this statement rather amusing.

MH: I was an all around photographer, for the paper, some fashion for the local stores, and the theaters in town. I was also a carpenter, an auto mechanic, and whatever else I could do to make a few bucks. But it was the photography I enjoyed the most of course, because the easiest way to separate a girl from her clothing is with a camera.

I had a scam where I would go to the popular tourist spots and meet girls who I could see liked to party, and that was most of them. I'd take their pictures, chat them up, and offer to show them the hot spots in Key West. If things worked out well, end up taking them home to my place. There I had a camera hidden among the stereo equipment facing the couch were we were sitting. Whilst turning on the stereo, on would go the camera. If I was real lucky, I'd soon be f-cking the girl and taping the whole thing! I've probably got around a hundred scenes like that and they're always a pleasure to watch. Of course, I had no ID shots or model releases on the girls so I could never put the scenes into commerce. But it did inspire me to make videos in California, so after making a few connections, I moved out to LA, and started in earnest.

DH: How do you get young girls to consent to do such extreme, kinky things like peeing in their mouths and asses? Were you doing such things in Florida?

MH: I wasn't doing that stuff in Florida, hell, I didn't even know about that stuff! But I was f-cking them in the ass, and found that most girls I met loved getting treated like a tramp. Over time though I needed stronger 'medicine' to treat my perversion, and got into fist-f-cking and pissing. The way I get the girlies to do this nasty stuff is to treat it like it's all normal. This is how it's done by all the cute girls I shoot, and it's how you're going to do it as well. Any questions? Okay, let's get started.

(Note: not sure what Steiner means by this.)

DH: Tell us how you developed your niche. What, if any, problems, other than the obvious hate you encountered?

MH: I basically do what I like to do and that happens to be extreme porn shot from the guy's perspective, so that has put me in a position of authority on the matter. As time went on, I perfected my techniques and developed new ones, and became a successful leader in the field. And when you're at the top, it's inevitable that people are going to take shots at you, but I don't give that much consideration. My job is to please the fans. The funny thing is that some of my most vocal detractors are trying to do similar things with the girls. The most vivid example of this is when I created the 'Cherry Poppers' series in the early nineties. It was roundly condemned by many in the industry saying I had gone too far and all that crap. But what happened? Many copied me so that nowadays you have dozens of teen-themed series. I told them to mind their own business then, and I just laugh about it now. In any case I'm not worried about it in the least because no matter what else happens, there is only one Max Hardcore.

DH: Why do you call your work your "revenge", which it states on your website?

MH: Well I say a lot of things on my website, in an effort to describe all the things a viewer will encounter. One of those things is a common theme among men, and that is the grudge or revenge f-ck. Almost every guy has been unceremoniously dumped by a girl they thought loved them. After that, it's natural to get a little jaded about relationships and take out their frustration on girls they meet after that. But it's not always possible for a guy to do that, and that's where Max comes in. I'm simply a surrogate for all the men out there who have been sh-t on by selfish women. Go Max, Go!

DH: Tell us about your move to LA, and how you financed your business, if you don't mind talking about such specifics.

MH: Of course. I am totally self financed. I made the money I needed by any way and any job I could. I never liked the idea of having investors. It never seems to work out. But I had the advantage of my brother paying for my apartment in the early days, and I just slowly built it up.

I did a lot of things early in my life which prepared me for a career in business, such as school and working for others in many fields. But after I discovered the camera, my path was set. I came to California to set up a business with my brother, who had for years been in the adult videoshop business. He had the contacts, and I met them and after many rejections, I was given a shot by a legend in the industry, Bobby Hollander. He told me what the viewers wanted to see, and basically how to shoot it. But I did all the work, booking the girls, locations, scripting and filming. We started shooting Amateur scenes for the 'Mr. Peepers' series at first. Back then in the early 90's, there were very few girls and even fewer guys to choose from. So after a couple of bad scenes by the guys, I just said f-ck it, I'll do it myself. I immediately found that I had an affinity for the work, and had no problems with cameras and crew. So Bobby let me create my own series, called Anal Vision. I just started shooting and shooting, and the rest, as they say, is history.

DH: What's happening with your obscenity case?

MH: The LA District Attorney can still file charges against me, because the jury was 'hung' at my last trial (against Max Extreme 4). They know they can't convict me, so maybe they are thinking they can spend me out of business. But that's not going to happen. I believe in free speech, and I believe that I will prevail and even grow stronger as a result. As I like to say, the best is yet to come.

DH: What, specifically, were the charges? What exactly were they based on?

MH: They first filed 3 counts of obscenity, but we got 2 tossed in the prelims. The final charge is obscenity for a girl who looks like she's 25 saying "f-ck my 12 year old ass" in a fantasy sequence of hers. The prosecutor is Michelle Anderson in the LA District Attorneys office and you're welcome to call her, but it's doubtful she's going to respond. She has a female boss, but I can't remember her name. I only know of her responding to questions from big news organizations….

(Note: I did call Anderson. She didn't respond.)

DH: I knew an actress - a French-Canadian gal who you shot with - who told me she was treated very nicely by you, and thought you were pretty cool.

MH: That's the norm. I treat em like princesses, and explain all.

DH: I've also received word that you are being sued by some girls, and that at least one police report has been filed against you for abuse. This included making an experienced girl deep-throat until she vomited repeatedly, not paying her fee, and letting her leave in tears - highly traumatized. I've also been told that this alleged abuse has been accompanied with occasional threats.

MH: Total nonsense. You're talking about a girl from England named Felicity, and I don't have time to go into it now except to say that it was a set-up by a British TV station. We hardly got into the scene and she bolted. She didn't get throat f-cked, nor did she vomit. Just left the set for drama. I never released the footage of the pix. There's been a lot written about it and a thorough web search on my name will lead you to it. The whore that sued me is named Olivia, and there's been plenty written about that as well, and again, you should be able to get all the info you need through a web search.

DH: No, I wasn't referring to Felicity (never heard of her), and I already know about Olivia. I was referring to a nice gal that I've spoken with about half-a-dozen times. I can't say her name, as she's frightened. Although she is an experienced kinky nymph, she told me she was very traumatized, and the fear and emotion in her voice was palpable. She even went to the police.

MH: I think I know the cunt. She got through the scene and we got a very nice exit interview on her. She couldn't throat, so I gave up on that. Really pretty useless girl from the San Francisco area into the goth scene. She called the HIV clinic and the police and all that crap and they basically told her that she was full of sh-t and it's her own f-cking fault, which it was because all girls are told ahead of time that you have the right to say no or even leave if you're not feeling comfortable. I make pretty good sex scenes but I can't read minds. And the idea of retaliation is just idiotic. I forgot about that whore, and will forget again shortly.

DH: In the Olivia case, it is rumored that she came back for a second filming. Is that true? I know the DA dropped the case.

MH: Yes. Same activity. 'Cept the second time I didn't let her take drugs or drink. Case was rejected by DA summarily after I showed the pre-scene interview where I explain the scene and have the girl agree to do it. But that part that locked it for me was when they saw the part where I piss in her mouth and she says it's not that bad. She must have forgotten about that part, but that's what happens when you do too much drugs.

DH: There is a website put out by Extreme: www.extremeassociates.com/max that demonizes you, saying you ratted out people in the industry:

"Speculation is running rampant that Max Hardcore was whoring out other production companies in order receive immunity from his conviction. When asked if this was the case, Max would neither deny nor confirm these allegations"

MH: Credence to anything Extreme has to say? Zero percent. Remember these are the guys that stole Gene Ross, one of AVN's top writers, had him say all sorts of nasty sh-t about AVN which caused AVN to ban them from the big conventions. Then they fired him. They also bounce checks on talent, suppliers, etc. But even if none of that were true, if I ratted out the industry, who else got busted? No one. Nobody gives a flying f-ck what Extreme has to say.

DH: One of the afforementioned girls, when she learned I was interviewing you, said: "Ask him why he hates women so much, and what his mother did to him." These are some serious charges. How do you respond?

MH: I have already. It's nonsense as well. I had a great childhood and you won't hear me crying about not getting enough attention, like so many in this blame-game society. And I don't hate women, I'm just a performer doing my job.


Abusive Porn

OneOneZero writes on ADT:

The problem with abusive/humiliation porn for me is that it's REAL. I've seen/heard about documentaries showing behind the scenes in a Max Hardcore shoot, where the women are literally bullied into doing sexual acts. I've seen them cowering in the toilet, throwing up, tears streaming down their faces saying they "can't do it, I just can't do it, I'm sorry" and then the producer/director coming in and yelling at them, "Who the f--- do you think you are?! Get back in there and finish the f---ing scene!". She's totally shaken, crying. "I can't, I can't" she says, choking back tears, looking absolutely destroyed. Previously she had been up for anything, but she didn't realize how nasty it was going to be. "You're never going to work in this town again if you don't get back in there and finish the f---ing scene!" he yells back at her.

Director Quasarman writes:

I wouldn't have any problem with this type of material if both the actress and Director were "in on it" and by that I mean both are simply playing roles to fulfill the desires of a certain segment of the viewing audience. Unfortunately, it is my sincere belief that at least some of the people churning this stuff out truly hate women. There is no role playing going on here. What you then end up with is a director who is getting off on distilling his personal issues through the humiliation and abuse of a girl in front of his video camera and a girl waiting for it to end so she can get paid and go home. For me, that takes it out of the realm of fantasy altogether. Certainly it shouldn't be banned or censored but it should at least be acknowledged that there are some truly evil motherf---ers in this business.

Max Hardcore responds:

The documentary you're vaguely refer to, was done by a freelance outfit out of the UK, who then sold it to Channel 4. The piece was a complete 'hatchet job,' a total set-up, and those boys did a real fine job at making porn look bad. But the reality of the situation is much less shocking.

The girl in question, Felicity, was brought in by their crew, and was a 'ringer' in their effort to make hardcore porn look bad. That's what sells! They used this chick in ways I would never imagine doing, basically ruining her life at home in England. Felicity came packing some pretty heavy emotional baggage, which I didn't know about before hand, but when she snapped on the set only a few minutes into the scene, I knew that she wasn't mentally fit for this business. I talked to her after she walked off the set without explanation, and had a calm chat with her up in the dressing room. At NO TIME did I yell at, or berate her. But I could see that there was no way we were going to finish the scene. I simply said okay, and that's that.

The documentary crew scrambled up the timeline to make it look as bad as possible for me. But I don't really care except that they keep reserecting the damn report, then I have to explain it all over again. I'll leave you with this: There's no way anyone can speak with authority on what's really happening on a set, or how a girl feels, unless they are there the whole time. As has been pointed out numerous times in this thread, some girls like it rough, and have no problems on the set. Other girls aren't so comfortable with it, and that's why I go out of my way to explain things to them before hand, using video, pictures, and exit interviews with girls who've previously worked for me.

If they're not down with the program, they're free to leave anytime, and I tell them that before we roll a single frame.

Porn star Kelly Wells responds:

Well Max, in my opinion, every whore needs to take a turn with you. To get broken in. I still remember when I did my first scene with you...afterwards I said I will not do this porn thing again. Turns out that after that scene I found out that to work for anybody else in porn is a f---ing cakewalk. A lot of whores won't work for you because you will actually make them WORK for their money. But good whores like me understand, that taking an occassional ass wrecking is good for them. So, in the meantime take in mind that nobody knows what they are talking about, unless they have personally sat in on a set and documented "unusual" behavior. In my opinion, you are one of the most professional people that I have worked for ON and OFF camera. By the way, taking rounds with you on camera has convinced me that it is not so bad after all, to be a piss guzzling whore.