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Jeremy Steele entered porn in March 1996 and has over 100 videos to his credit.

I met Jeremy on one of his more unhappy days in the biz - supposed "open sores" on his penis caused his removal from a 3/12/97 orgy scene (Fountain of Innocence) shot by Jane Hamilton for VCA. He later returned to the action to jerk himself off on Nina Hartley.

The next day Steele had an extensive health check up. All tests came back negative. Jeremy says he did not have open sores, but rather a discoloration on his penis caused by an allergic reaction to the type of lubed condoms used on the shoot. Since discovering the allergy, he has brought his own lube without Nonoxynol to porn sets and he says he's had no problems.

Problems with the World Modeling, however, who has spread many rumors about him, caused Jeremy to switch to agent Reb Sawitch in 1996.

Steele did most of his first scenes for John T. Bone but an argument between them caused a split. "If you can work with Bone, everything else is easy. He fired me because I gave a girl a ride home and he told me that I'm not supposed to date people I meet on the set. Huh? He's a hypocrite because he auditions girls by sticking his dick in their mouths."

In mid '97, Jeremy, a member of the Screen Actors Guild, married fellow performer Eden Rae.

In late January, 1998, Steele wrote to me:

"I could give you a whole book based on my experiences, alone, in the meager year and a half in which I was devoted full time to working as a porn performer/actor.

"All it takes is one asshole (and unfortunately there are more than one, in this business) to spread some bulls---. Then, just leave it to enough monkeys to mimic and/or embellish what they've heard, without regard to who the original source of the rumor is, or to fact, truth and perspective, in general, and the next thing you know is that a lie, mistake or slant has become common knowledge within the Industry circle.

"At one point in the business, I was hearing a new story about me every week.

"There is one person, in particular, whom a great deal of industry people have told me, personally, they can not stand, who has deliberately spread lies about me. It has been proven to me, irrefutably, and it amazes me that person is still alive, considering all the things that many people, time and again, have complained, to me, about that person.

"It has cost me a reputation and a lot of work. I have put it behind me, however, and have come to consider it a blessing in disguise, because, indirectly, it lead me to doing business with a person I would have been unlikely to have ever associated with, from which I ended up meeting the woman who would become my wife, Eden Rae.

"It makes me think back, a few years, to a corporate job in which I felt I was fired by a supervisor who didn't like me, personally, treated me disrespectfully, unfairly and used manufactured reasons to get rid of me. For awhile, it disturbed me greatly, but if it wasn't for her, I'd probably still be at that job, which looking back now, in light of all things which have happened since, would suck.

"Perhaps, in life, there are people and things which are just there to prod you to move on to better people and things, and looking at it that way, I would have to thank these people for having been in my life."

Steele is known for having the second biggest pop shot in the industry next to Peter North. In Veronica Hart's House Party IV, Jeremy teamed up with Peter to simultaneously penetrate Sophia Ferrari. "When it was time for the cumshot, I unloaded mine, first, on Sophia's chest. When North spewed his load, it shot passed her, about five feet and landed, three times… splat, splat, splat, on my thigh. I didn't know how to react. I wanted to yell "Bleaahh! You motherf---er!" but I felt it was important for me to not move out of frame and make it worse.

"So I'm just standing there with his infamous sperm dripping down my leg. The crew is virtually rolling on the floor, dying of suppressed laughter. Perhaps I was prettier to him than she was."

The 1998 Adam Film World Directory writes about Jeremy: "This young buck has made quite a mark for himself as a meat rod who can deliver the spunk on cue. …In an industry built on cum shots, Steele is the mortar that the porn business is held together with. He makes up for his somewhat short stature with an extra big dick. His always reliable money shots are the foundations that f--- and suck empires are built upon."

When not working before the camera, Jeremy enjoys playing guitar, reading (nonfiction) and writing (mainly poetry).


Jeremy Steele Negogiating To Get Full Creative Control In New Distribution Deal With Randy Detroit

Jeremy Steele (JeremySteele@hotmail.com) says he's negotiating to shoot his own series for Randy Detroit. Jeremy says he'll get full creative control of his product.

Wednesday morning Jeremy appeared for ten minutes on the nationally syndicated Mancow radio show.

Steele played the opening segment of his song "Just A Porno Star," until Mancow rudely cut him off.

Mancow: "I've got news for you sir. I feel like a certain gatekeeper to the music industry. Four words my friend. Keep Your Porno Job."

Jeremy: "It's that bad, huh?"

Jeremy tells me Wednesday afternoon: "At this point I got cut off and didn't even realize it. That was brutal at the end. I've been self critical about the song. I guess that's his thing. We're all a bunch of idiots.

"The song is available off MP3.com. I wanted it to be a rocking song with drums but I just basically did it with an acoustic guitar at a studio and the guy added a little compression to it and a little effects.

"I wanted the opportunity to plug that I have my own line in the making but I didn't have that chance. I've been dealing with Randy Detroit. He's ultra low budget. But at least I'll have some hands on control. I'm in the process of negotiation with him and a friend of mine who's done independent movies is on my side and is helping to work out the arrangement."

Listen to Jeremy's appearance here.

Steele recommends his performances in the following videos:



FRESH MEAT 4, 18& DP'D, PICK UP LINES 6, 7, 12.

Jeremy says that when Steve Austin came to work at Jim South's World Modeling, the atmosphere changed - becoming "sleazier.

"World Modeling always bills people for all talent they represent (and ones they don't represent, too), whether or not they had got them the job (which they almost never do, anyway) or not, so I never did understand their rationale. They certainly never made it clear. I was always upfront with them, never two-faced, like most people in the office.

"After getting more and more bad vibes from the office, every time I walked in (Jim South used to react "Oh No, It's him", when I came in....but it gradually became more acrimonious and less humorous), and after dealing with verbal abuse and disrespect by Steve Austin, I left World Modeling, and told certain producers and photographers not to pay them anymore.

"After they got word of that, the rumors about me began... They were finally making an effort about Jeremy Steele, for the first time, except it was slanted, fictitious, and outright hostile against me. Girls were told directly by World Modeling that if they work with me, World Modeling would not represent them."

Jeremy wrote this poem:



cool in rhythm

I express my experience

there is no argument

enough is said

there is no one to convince

my existence

is the spark of wisdom

from fields of fragrance

and natural florescence

I can see you

or through you

beyond you

to where there is

no you

I am but

a flower


to save your soul

In June 1998, Jeremy wrote to me:

I did a bit of independent research on STD's, particularly AIDS, before I entered the business in 1996...

I came to the conclusion that, beyond any doubt, the whole HIV=AIDS hypothesis is a big f---ing scam!

After reading books, such as INVENTING THE HIV VIRUS, by Dr. Peter Duesberg (The man who the "discoverer" of HIV, Robert Gallo, had once called "the man who knows more about retroviruses than anyone on earth", before Duesberg published scientific refutation of Gallo's findings), as well as AIDS, INC: Scandal of the Century, by Jon Rappoport, the doubts I always had about what we've all been told by government and the media, were confirmed as reasonable, to say the least.

I have a copy of an excellent video documentary, called HIV=AIDS... FACT OR FRAUD? It really sums it all up well, in my opinion. I got it through Christine Maggiore, head of H.E.A.L. She has tons of information on the subject, links to other sites, and holds free monthly meetings on publically suppressed HIV and AIDS controversy.

You can reach HEAL, and her, through 213)896-8260 or 818)780-7093

The flyer card I just received in the mail says their next meeting is Wed, June 17, 7:00 pm at the usual location; Plummer Park's Multipurpose Room, 7377 Santa Monica Blvd (between Fairfax and La Brea in West Hollywood), when they're having another documentary screening.


(-my quote).

I had tried to share information at the Nena Cherry, John Stagliano scare meeting back in early 1997, but I was verbally attacked, rediculed, and mostly, ignored, even though I was asking nothing more from people than for them to find out and decide for themselves, and was offering xerox's and video tapes FREE!

I would just like to share this information with you, in the name of Truth, not that I think it's going to offer any realistic or timely help with the current HIV scare, or help mine or my company's reputation... Despite what my feelings are about the AIDS controversy, I will continue, as I have always done, to take all standard HIV tests, require and strictly enforce that tests are taken, originals shown and copies given, by all sex performers we hire.

We also require monthly tests and shots for Hepatitis, as well as recommend performers be tested for other STD's such as Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes, etc...

The corruption of science has been going on for centuries, now, and it has been growing bigger, as the wealth and power of certain fund-generating fields, as well as science, in general, has grown. Examples include Scurvy, Pellagra, Burkitt's Lymphoma, Legionnare's Disease and SMON, all which were initially diagnosed as been caused by a virus or microbe, and remaining that way, despite multiple sources of information to the contrary, because research programs had become highly funded, with too much money vested in and gained from the running of these facilities.