Phaedra Phaedra Phaedra


Porn companies are bidding for Lucky Smith's new girl Phaedra Alexis, formerly Kim Alexis who did a few scenes as a blonde for Elegant Angel last December. Pleasure Productions and Sin City, I hear, have offered her a contract.

Jim Gunn says Phaedra is not reliable: "She flaked on me in a heinous way on the Strap-On Sally 13 shoot. She lost a boxcover, two AVN ads and caused me some inconvenience. No big deal in the long run for me, but I don't forgive these things. It was worse than I make it sound since I caught her in a lie and I was made to reschedule things as a coutesy to her. AND she stole some clothes from Marylin Star.

"Must I do all your fact checking? Didn't you notice Matt Taylor's (Sin City) reaction on the irc chat when you mentioned Phaedra's name- he feigned ignorance, like he never heard of her. As far as Pleasure Productions, I am still very close to those guys. If they hire her after what she did to me, and by extension them, on my shoot a few months ago, I would be shocked. I know what they really think of her and it's not much. Funny I actually appeared with her recently at an event, and I was quite civil, but I expressed righteous indignation to her and Lucky on the situation. I'm sure he knows I'm right even though he represents her and has to put a nice face forward."

Phaedra's manager Lucky Smith says: "Jim Gunn now features Phaedra in a series shot in South Florida titled,"So You Want to be a Porn Star," where she interviews prospective industry professionals. We'll be in West Palm Beach with Shayla, Juli, and Phaedra August 13-15 for the next installment. BTW, does Jim really know the meaning of the word "heinous?""

Jim says yes.

From Luke's Oxford American Dictionary - Heinous means: "very wicked, outrageous."

From Luke's past files on Phaedra Alexis aka Kim Alexus:

8/19/98: Charley Frey writes: "We just brought them another girl; a gorgeous blonde 24 years old; hardbody named "Kim Alexus" and what a sweetheart. She's shooting her first movie for Metro this week; and has already been shot for 4 different magazines (covers guarenteed). She is very professional and does not have a drug or alcohol problem...Her boyfriend is very supportive and she came to us after having already spoken to three major companies in LA, and all the other "agents" in the dance industry. She did her research and after filtering out all the BS about me; chose to come and join my company."

8/20/98: Charley Frey writes: "Kim Alexus; my newest find; is a gorgeous blonde, hardbody who is alcohol and drug free; and is gaining tremedous ground everywhere she turns...the photographers love her; she's already been confirmed for 4 different magazines and covers, Metro is shooting her today in her first hardcore scenes ever...and assuming all goes well; they have already outlined a contract to her....I'll let you know how it turns out. But, everyone should watch out for Kim Alexus; as I did with the ungratefull Jasmin St.Clair; I will put Kim on the map over the coming year; and within two; she'll be as big if not bigger (she's certainly ALOT prettier) than Jasmin ever dreamed of being."

8/25/98: Charley Frey says newcomer Kim Alexus went on Jerry Springer Monday. "She informed her up til now unaware boyfriend that she had joined the wonderful world of pornography. He was not happy about it."

10/30/98: Charley Frey writes: "This is Kim Alexus on a bad day. She's the sultry blonde, 24 year old ...who shot for everything from Fox to Hustler to Easy Rider.... She's appeared on the Jerry Springer show and they got such High ratings on her show that they repeated it within 45 days (it just aired again last week). She does no drugs, is reliable, responsible and is an absolute sweety! In one year, she'll be one of the biggest stars out there. I did it with Tiffany Lords, Jasmin..."

12/30/98: Charley Frey says: "New porn starlet Kim Alexus (Phaedra Leary) has been diagnosed with HIV. She refuses to admit it... Some say she faked a DNA test. Watch out world." [All evidence that Luke has shows this to be a false claim, stemming out of Phaedra's decision to leave Charley Frey.]

A source tells Luke about Phaedra Alexis aka Kim Alexus: "At first she wanted to dance. Then she looked into the porn business. She met with dance agent Charley Frey. They both live in Florida. He promised her the world and said that she would never have to do anything she didn't want to do. And that he would set it up for her.

"He gave her two dance bookings that were not what they were supposed to be... Then Alexus decides she really wants to do porno so that she can feature dance. Charley promises to set her up with a big company... So he sends her [12/98] out to Los Angeles to Rob Black's Extreme Associates.

"Now Charley knows that she does not do anal. He tells her that she will be picked up at the airport by the owner of the company and that she will be staying at the Holliday Inn.

"Alexus was picked up and taken to Rob Black's house where she was supposed to do her first scene. She was supposed to have a makeup artist with a real set... And there is only one person there to shoot the scene. Alexus has just gotten off the plane after a seven hour flight and she hasn't eaten... And they want her to do an anal scene immediately.

"They hand her an enema. She didn't even know what one was. Kim said, 'whoa, I flew cross country because I am looking for a contract with a company... And nothing has been what was promised.'

"So they showed her the room where she was staying. There was nothing in her room but an air mattress and a cat litter box. No blankets. So Phaedra went to a pay phone and paged Charley Frey 911. He never returned her call. Needless to say, she called the airline and booked her flight back the next day. Phaedra told Rob, "you guys have your niche in the business. May you make a million dollars but this is not for me." And Rob went on for three hours, telling her that if she didn't do anal, she'd never be a contract girl. She replied, you may well be right. But if that is true, I don't want to be in this business.

"Phaedra heard of VCA and spoke with Jane Hamilton... Jane told her that she had a good attitude. Jane showed her a couple of letters that she'd published about Extreme Associates...

"Extreme plied Phaedra with drugs and alcohol to get her to do scenes against her will...

"Phaedra returned to Florida and laid into Charley Frey. He said ok, you have one more deal with me, an internet shoot. A soft girl-girl. He tells her that she is getting paid $400 to do the scene. And at the end, he told Phaedra, you have two more scenes. Phaedra said, fine, that will be $1200. He replied, but I paid Charley $1000 already for all three scenes.

"So Phaedra called Charley that night and called him lots of names. You screwed me. I never want to see you again...

"Phaedra did a few scenes in December for Elegant Angel. They treated her right. Paid for her to fly out... The day Phaedra lands, they ask her if she knows who Luke F-rd is. Because Charley Frey that day told Luke F-rd that Phaedra aka Kim Alexus had AIDS.

"Howard, the Elegant Angel publicist, called Phaedra into his office and told her... She reacted, that sonofabitch... Charley screwed her, then slandered her... Phaedra pulled out her test and showed Howard... Phaedra gets tested every month at AIM and they ask for ID. Charley was out to destroy her career.

"Phaedra talked to Lucky and he advised her not to do anything. Charley Frey wants you to react and create a whole mudslinging thing... Phaedra wanted to fax you her HIV negative test but Lucky advised, in good time... Just leave it alone.

"At CES, Phaedra walks along with Lucky, Shayla, Juli Ashton and the other girls, and Charley Frey comes by and pushes her... And then Charley threw a drink on her husband and they threw him out of CES."

Phaedra appears in Sodomania 28 with Alex Sanders as well as Fresh Flesh 5 and Smut 12. Elegant Angel is holding one scene until Phaedra becomes a star.

"Charley Frey would tell Phaedra, I'm connected. I talk to Steve Hirsch of Vivid, Steve Orenstein of Wicked, Jane Hamilton of VCA, all the time... It turns out that people in the industry do not think well of Frey... Jane wanted to call Charley and yell at him for what he did to Phaedra... Frey told Phaedra that Extreme Associates was the same type of company as Vivid and VCA. Phaedra did not do her homework, and when she arrived at Extreme, Rob Black showed her his material... Phaedra almost fell off the chair."

Charley Frey responds: One. I was never thrown out of CES.

Two. Ask Rob Black - not only did she agree to do anal scenes her suitcase pimp sat in my office and told her "what is the problem, you do it in your personal life"...and she agreed.

Three. After all the arrangements had been made...she conveniently did not return any calls or pages - evidently figuring that her suitcase leech could convince Extreme to screw me over. Like she tried to do with METRO...call and ask them. The reality was, she was completely aware of what was expected by Extreme. Ask Rob.

She and her wimp boy actually told some guy from VCA or whatever that I was mean to her...NOT. He came over acting all big and bad. The security guard came over. Told him to calm down. I laughed and he sizzled. I laughed again. I am still laughing, particularly at any video company dumb enough to book anyone as lame as her. Old, ugly and boring...no anal. Yeah, she'll be a big star. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAH

From www.geneross.com: "Black takes the latest rumors about Kim Alexus all in stride. Alexus was supposed to have been the victim of squalid living conditions and forced anal scenes at the hands of Black and his minions. Black: "There is no story. I don't give a f---. Tiffany Mynx went to pick her up at the airport. We didn't know she was coming in. It was the last minute. She was going to stay at the house that night and we were going to get her a hotel room. Nobody did nuthin'.. whatever. The scenario was that she was supposed to do anal because Charley Frey said he had this girl who took it up the ass, d.p's and all that. When she showed up we found out she never did any of that stuff before. No hard feelings. The subject was so along ago. People just talk about this stuff thinking I'll talk about them and give them good play."