Born 3/3/54, Ona Zee, who didn't enter the biz until her 30s, performs in over 400 sexvids.

Jerry Butler writes in his autobiography Raw Talent: "Even though Ona Zee is a capable actress and a pretty woman, she still does double penetration, she ass-f---s, swallows cum, and she works with transsexuals - all the things a homely bimbo has to do. Why? Ona treats herself as though she's not attractive... I have yet to see a woman as beautiful as Ona Zee have no concern about what she does sexually."

Ona appears in such videos as Anal Analysis and The Maddams Family.

She was born and raised in Los Angeles. Though her parents divorced when she was three, she grew up in luxury.

Her mother remarried a man who built a big business in the car industry. Ona's father become a successful commercial broker in Westwood.

Zee has one sister and a half-sister who lives in France with my mother. Her sister lives here with her three children and Ona's maternal grandmother.

In the early '90s, following the publication of Jerry Butler's Raw Talent, Ona began work on her own scandalous autobiography, sections of which were published (without her permission claims Ona) in Hustler Erotica Video Guide around 1994.

"I remember masturbating in class around age eight. I'll never forget it. It felt so good. I would sit there and masturbate all day. I didn't try to keep people from seeing me - I was always an exhibitionist.

"My teacher sent a note pinned to my chest to my mom - "You need to talk to your daughter." My mother was cool about sex. She said it's ok to do everything you want to do in private. So I started going into the cloakroom and masturbated all day long. They'd have to drag me out of there with a coat hanger. I got over it. When I used to work and in high school and college, I would, if I felt anxious, go into the ladies room and masturbate. It's an anxiety release.

"I was always beautiful. My sister was not. She was smart. I got attention by being beautiful and exhibiting myself and doing things that made me more beautiful. I became a model and actress when I was 12. I loved bows, and I loved makeup and hair and nails and jewelry.

Ona played many sports including tennis, waterskiing, snow skiing. "My mother's a pro tennis player and I played tennis every day. I wanted to be a pro tennis player. My husband Frank says I walk like a jock. I was competitive. I still work out every day.

"I remember seeing Gypsy Rose Lee when I was a girl, and I said, "That's what I want to do." "

Ona was an average student in high school. "My mom used to say that I was beautiful but dumb and my sister was ugly but smart. Because I had been a professional model since age twelve, the other kids might have considered me so pretty that I was unapproachable. I had lived in Mexico on and off for four years, so I was different from most of my peers. I felt that I never fit in, that I never was part of the "in" crowd. I thought no one noticed me. I never considered myself popular, but my perception turned out to be unrealistic because I was voted homecoming queen. I was shocked. Looking back, I wish that I had continued my education and gone to college.

"I studied to be an artist and I'm also good in languages. I went to California State University Northridge. I didn't graduate. I went to Parson Art School In new York for a year. I wanted to be a painter, acrylic and watercolors - and I used to do pen-and-ink and a lot of architectural design.

"My parents never gave me any money. My parents never supported me emotionally or financially or anything. They always told me that I'd never make a living as an artist and that I needed to marry a rich man and let him take care of me. I started working when I was 12 in the clothes business.

"When I was 17, I lived with a guy who was 35. He was an actor. We lived hand-to-mouth. We did a lot of acid and had a good time. We were wild. My parents did not approve.

"I had the acting bug when I was a young girl and I was devastatingly shy. I was so frightened to act. I took some acting lessons and did TV commercials for Standard Shoes, J.C. Penney, Levi's Jeans, Ultra Brite. Even though I'm only 5'6, when I modeled as a young woman you didn't have to be six feet tall.

Ona did a few straight movies and married at age 23. "We were married for a few years, and then some things happened that I don't want to talk about, and I divorced. He never made love to me. And I'm a sexual being. I had started acting out. We would go to a party and I'd take my clothes off. I have Indian blood. I can have one drink and drop. I'd take off my clothes and start dancing and going crazy and being my normal self that I am now, that I couldn't be then 'cause I was just getting an inkling of consciousness. When I divorced, I let myself go and had a blast. I dated all kinds of guys and had wonderful sex. I got into real estate and the clothes business.

"It wasn't until I met Frank that I really came out. He brought me out. When I was 12, I was drawing and was a good artist. I had won every contest you could possibly win. I had a private tutor. That's the one thing my parents gave me - private lessons. If I ever wanted something, I had private lessons. I started drawing red lips and black hair and stilleto heels on these fabulous legs. I couldn't figure out where this was coming from. And I was having fantasies, dominant and submissive fantasies, and I was getting into it... So when I met Frank (1986), my first birthday with him, he bought me a black garter belt and a half bra and stockings and we went to Fredericks and bought six-inch high heels and it was fantastic. He tied me to the bed and f---ed the s--- out of me and I went, 'Oh, I like this.'"

Ona entered porn at age 30.

"When I was 17, I did the Playboy centerfold. But when they found out I was 17, they pulled it. I was heading in the direction I wanted to be in - the sex business. I had done a lot of nude stuff by the time I was 17 - 20, and then I stopped. My family's disapproval was so strong and I married this guy and he disapproved.

"Frank and I discussed porn films. He wanted to be a producer in the adult business and he wanted me to do it 'cause I was so sexual and sensual. I resisted for about a year. Then I went to Jim South's office.

"I love shaved pussies. First of all, you can see what it is you're licking, you don't have any hair to get in the way. The skin is the softest skin anywhere. I was licking this girl's pussy the other day, a friend of mine not in the business. She has the softest, velvety pussy lips.

"I like anal sex and double penetration. The only time I've done double penetration is in the movies. I used to do it with Billy Dee and Joey Silvera and it was awesome. I did it with Billy Dee and F.M. Bradley in the back. I'm too small to take him vaginally."

With her husband Frank, Ona launched Ona Zee Productions in 1990. One of their first titles, Learning the Ropes earned an award for Best Bondage Series for 1993.

AFW finds her non-fetish debut impressive. "Part instructional, part historical, part fictional, part behind-the-scenes and totally hot, Ona Zee's Sex Academy is worth the watch. The enthusiasm of the newcomers steams up Rick McGuire's camera lens."

Ona Zee's Date With Dallas appeared in 1992, a documentary-style travelogue covering her dance trip to Texas.

Ona Zee's Fantasy Booth appeared in 1994. She performs at a peepshow strip club run by Johnathan Morgan.

Ona divorced Frank in 1999 and became engaged to be married soon after.

Ona Zee

Ona Zee and her fiance

August 1, 2007

Here's how she describes herself (as Ona Dawes):

I am a second generation native of West Los Angeles and graduated from University High School.

I studied art and design and worked in merchandising for 15 years in management. When I went into the entertainment business, within 4 year started my own production company. Over the next 20 years, I developed a world-wide distribution and production motion picture company. I sold my company to a conglomerate and took the opportunity to move into real estate.

My father had been a real estate broker for 40 years in Los Angeles. I grew up around real estate transactions, looking at property, remodeling, and I have always been very interested in the artistic and architectural value of the amazing homes in Los Angeles.

Working with Coldwell Banker is a wonderful opportunity for me to combine my creative and business skills with a company who has been here providing the best customer service possible.

It is my privilege and honor to serve you. I look forward to the opportunity.

Fred emails:

I Googled Ona Dawes. No mention of her prior career.

Query why she mentions her "entertainment business" on the real estate website. If I saw that, even if I didn't know who Ona Zee was, I'd be curious and ask questions. It's like opening a can of worms, unless you don't mind it becoming known.

I also wonder of Coldwell Banker knows about her prior career.

I also wonder whether she is trying to have it both ways, trading on her notoriety in the real estate business without blatantly advertising it to those who may not know her.

Anyway, she looks reasonably business-like in her photograph. I suppose I have no reason to believe that she'd be any better or any worse than any other real estate agent.

Here's the URL that popped up when I did a search of California licensed real estate brokers under her name.

Query what services she would be willing to provide to close a sale.

I remember when I found out ex-Vivid girl Raylene was selling real estate and had a public access TV show for that purpose. I called Raylene. She pled with me not to report on what she was doing. She didn't want to be bothered by stalkers. I abided by her request.

Two days later, there's a story on AVN.com about her new career. Raylene gave them a friendly interview.