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I Married HIV Porn Star Nena Cherry

Brian Lankford writes Luke: "Sorry to bother you, I believe I married Nena on march 9th of this year. Is there anyway you can give me more info on her? Thanks for your time."

Luke says: Read my reports on Nena Cherry here.

Brian writes: "I married Dawn Anderson on march 9th of this year. She has no children, but plenty of abortions. Well I found out this April she was still married to a Patrick Tommy Ward in Katy texas. And she does have HIV, I have been tested twice so far since April and I am still neg- and hopefully stay that way. I just could not believe all the s--- she was saying on your site... She has some very very deep issues inside."

Luke: "How did you find out about my web site?"

Brian replies: "I heard her talking about you! So I did a search on her and found your web site. Nena or Dawn, She is back in Houston doing the same as always. She told a lot of lies on your site. Her real name is Dawn Marie Anderson, born 11/25/69. And yes we are still married. I thought it was against the law to marry two people at the same time? One thing I found out about her is nothing is ever her fault. I could fill your ears my friend! They could make a movie about my past year with her.

"I met Nena or Dawn in Houston, last August. She was drunk off her ass and fighting with a cab driver, I asked what was the problem and the guy took off. We were together ever since until I found out she was still married. I heard from her last night..saying she had been kidnaped by some biker gang.....right! Everything in her bio is fab, She never married a cop. But she did bankrupt one. She never had any children. But she did have an affair with her cousin and became pregnant by him, but had it aborted. It gets better. She stays pilled up and drunk 99% of the time, always saying she is going to kill herself. She works as an escort now back in Houston. Sometimes unprotected! It gets better than any movie. The thing I have learned is that Dawn Anderson aka Nena Cherry is TROUBLE!"

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Luke called Brian Lankford outside Huntsville, Alabama where it was over 100 degrees.

Brian: "We haven't divorced. We separated when I found out in March that she was married to another man. She now lives in Houston, Texas."

Luke: "When did you find out she had HIV?"

Brian: "That was before we married."

Luke: "Why did you go ahead and marry her?"

Brian: "I thought she was a different person than she is. She's not. Nothing [no sex] was done unprotected."

Luke: "It didn't freak you out that she had HIV?"

Brian: "Yeah, at first. When me and her met, we were just friends. She put out a sob story about how she was treated. She ended up going back with me and it just went from there. It's been a rollercoaster."

Luke: "How did you meet her?"

Brian: "I met her August 18th at 2AM in the Bradford Suites hotel in Houston. She was having trouble with a taxi driver. I asked what the problem was and he took off and she's been with me eversince."

Luke: "And what did she tell you about herself?"

Brian: "Nothing really. She just started talking. She asked if I had anything to smoke."

Luke: "How long until you slept with her?"

Brian: "It was probably about two months. She told me first that she had HIV."

Luke: "What attracted you to her?"

Brian: "It was pity, really. I felt sorry for her... She brings trouble onto herself. She says on your web site that she won't flash nobody. Yeah, right. That's all she wants to do. She works as an escort. She told me that she sometimes has unprotected sex."

Luke: "Were you able to help her?"

Brian: "No. Nobody's able to help her. She needs to help herself. When she was in Alabama, she had two DUIs and one Public Intoxication in one month. She's drunk about 95% of the time.

"When we split up, we were down in Florida and I was working. I'd come out at 10AM and she'd be sloppy drunk. She drank beer. She could drink me under the table. And I'm 6'1", 220 pounds.

"I do construction work, concrete. I own my own business.

"I flew out to Texas last month to see her and she's still the same. Last time I heard from her, she said she was kidnapped by some biker gang. I laughed and told her to leave me alone.

"She can change her looks quick. One day she's brunette, the next day she's blonde with hair extensions."

Luke: "Did she tell you how she believes she caught HIV?"

Brian: "Oh yeah. From the business, from porn."

Luke: "From a guy named Marc Wallice?"

Brian: "Right.

"I've been tested twice and I'm negative. They say it is real hard for a guy to catch it from a girl."

Luke: "So how long were you married? A month?"

Brian: "About that. The last night we were together, they had bloodhounds out tracking her. Out in Florida. She threatened to kill herself. She called 9-1-1. We lived on a private farm. They had called to the house to get the numbers to the gate. When I gave the numbers to the gate, she bolted through the backdoor. Didn't open the screen on it. Just went through the screen and everything. The sheriffs wouldn't leave until they found her. So they brought some bloodhounds out to track her. And they found her about five miles down the road at a bar drinking a beer.

"She gets pretty violent. When she's sober, she's the best person in the world."

Luke: "Did she ever beat on you?"

Brian: "Oh hell yeah. I'm pretty sure you've heard all this before. She has serious problems."

Luke: "Have you talked to her other husband?"

Brian: "Oh yeah. We've talked. She thought I was going out to Texas to kill him. Oh no, I ain't got nothing against him."

Luke: "What did you say when you confronted her about being married to this other man?"

Brian: "She was pissed off. She started trying to make excuses for herself. We got into a big brawl."

Luke: "Did she marry this other guy for money?"

Brian: "She told me that she married him because she was scared. She told me that she bankrupt a cop. He paid for her boobs, her lips and her nosejob. She married Patrick Tommy Ward in Katy Texas in September of 1997. But she ain't never had no kids. I asked her, why did you tell the guy you had kids? It's posted all over the internet. Well, I didn't want him to think I had HIV.

"She calls me drunk at 2AM. And I've got to work. When she tried to commit suicide here in Alabama, they checked her into a hospital but she checked herself out. That was October of last year. She hit the neighborhood butt naked. She was drunk. When they found her, she was up in a tree.

"She said she had people threatening to kill her, so we were on the run for about three months. It was Christmas Day we hit the road."

Luke: "I remember her telling me some crazy stuff about people trying to kill her."

Brian: "This Tommy Ward is a good guy. Me and him were telling each other the same thing. He said he seen her with a gun in her mouth, hammer back, loaded.

"Sober, she was the best person in the world. Was my best friend. And that's how we started out. When we first met, we sat up all night and talk."

Luke: "Isn't it illegal to marry two people?"

Brian: "It's a felony in the state of Florida. I don't know about Texas. We married in Florida. I asked her about it and she said it didn't matter as she was in Texas. I've got my own business and I don't need nothing coming back on me. Her [Houston] apartment is in my last name, Lankford.

"She threatened suicide about every other day."

Luke: "Does she have family? Do they care about her?"

Brian: "I called her mom [in April] and said she's on her way back out there [Texas]. And she said she didn't want her out there [Houston]. I was asking about her and she said, 'Dawn, Dawn, and always will be Dawn.' Dawn thinks about herself only.

"When I met her, I was making about $60,000 a year. It's not big money but it's comfortable. My boss, me and him were best friends. He said, 'Man, when you get rid of her, you can come back to work.'"

Luke: "Your boss fired you because of her?"

Brian: "Yeah. Then I moved out to Florida and started my own company."

Luke: "How did Dawn affect your boss?"

Brian: "She kept me from work. I'd go out on the road and she'd call me, 'I need you home. I need you home.' Calling me all the time. On one trip, I used 500 minutes on one trip on my cell phone. I gave up my family and everything I had [for Nena Cherry] when we hit the road to go to Florida.

"I have a 16-year old daughter. And Dawn would cuss her out when I was on the road. Dawn would get drunk and mad and cuss at her.

"I get along with Dawn when she's sober. But I can't straighten myself out with her calling me every day."

Luke: "Have you been able to reconcile with your family now that you're rid of her?"

Brian: "Yes. It's been hard but we done it. I was alienated for a long time."

Luke: "So what have you learned from this horrible nightmare?"

Brian: "I don't mess with no woman with fake tits.

"First thing I ask a woman now is if they take Xanax, Valium or have a drinking problem."

Luke: "Did she talk about her porn star years?"

Brian: "Yeah. Hell, she likes sex. Hell, the first time I met her, I heard about you. She said you were trashing her.

"I've never seen any of her movies."

Luke: "How did you feel about being married to an ex-porn star?"

Brian: "That didn't bother me. As long as she was straight with me from that day forward. But she can't be straight with anybody. Everything's a lie to her. She lives in some fantasy world.


Brian writes: Well I talked to Dawn this morning, I told her I was HIV + just to see what she said.... She said oh well you knew about it!!

Luke writes: How did you find out Dawn was married to another man?

Brian replies: Phone Bills! I started questioning and she would get pissed and try to deny everything!....Thats how you know she is lying! You know her ,she is never wrong and its always someone else's fault!

Hell I thought about putting a book out..." I married a pornstar"..lol. It was a hell of a ride!

I have seen her shoot valium in her veins. So I know she has shot drugs!!

I was just reading your web site. Hell she will deny everything. But I don't care. First a little about me, Im 36 years old. I have a 16 year old daughter, my first marriage was for 17 years. I live in Alabama, you know how us southern folks are ( you don't mess with family!)

Well here goes. Last July the company I worked for had a big contract in Texas. They sent me and 7 others out to Houston. In August I had come in from work about 2am and noticed two people arguing, a taxi driver and a girl, the girl was getting loud so I asked if everything was alright, and the guy got into his taxi and left. So I thought no more of it and went into the hotel. About an hour or so later I was checking my e-mail in the lobby and heard someone knocking on the office door. I looked around and see the same girl who was arguing with that taxi driver. The first thing you notice on her is she has huge tits (I do not like big tits). But she had a nice ass (I love a nice ass) and I thought what the hell?

So I open the door and she ask could I help her? yes she said I need help with my contact. She had Ice blue contacts in. She was drunk off her ass. And then she starts flexing her muscles and posing. I asked her what was wrong? and she said she was going to die and starts crying. I try to calm her down and ask if there is anything I can do. She says do you have any smoke? I tell yes up in my room and ask her if she wants to go up, and she says yes. We get to the room and I have friends over (always a party)she starts flexing again and talking about how much she works out. next thing I know she starts stripping, and we all (the guys) look at each other. She starts a type of lap dancing and tells us she has "killer" pussy. She then looks at me and tells me she has HIV. I said OK! do I suppose to run?(i wish I had). We all have a blast,friends start leaving and it come down to her and me. We start talking and she tells me how she contracted HIV, and we talk more and more.


Nena Cherry's husband Brian Lankford writes: Luke I'm a man of my word, I have never took s--- from anyone and you know what really gets under my skin? She care's about nobody but herself! If some awful day come'sthat I test pos for HIV I will not die a lonely man. I have family and TRUE friends..why? because I'm true to myself. With Dawn I let a heart run my life instead of my head. When I was with her I went against my self and everyone that I love for her. I became someone I dispised.I have always had a code to live by I was with the 75th Rangers for 9 years, I have seen combat more than I wanted. I have never cared to be around anyone like her, strippers, escorts, porn, etc.why? because all I have ever met were users.( except a couple of them I know) If I have to show you my tit's or ass to get your attention. I never needed it. The past 8 months has been the lowest point of my life. You asked what have I learned from all this the last time we talked. NEVER Never betray your family. Because when all the pussy is gone no matter what they say, FAMILY will be there.

Ok, The next thing we knew it was 7am and she asked if I would take her to her apartment, I tell her sure! ( she is so f---ed up she can barely walk, she has to hold on to me to walk). She had an apartment on the beltway in Houston. I'm going to tell everything about her and me, I don't usally do drugs but when I do I like Cocaine ( snort it) well it's very cheap in Houston and good quality. Know what I'm talking about? Well we arrived at her apartment I help her to the couch and she passes out. I cover her up and write a note to tell her that let me know she is alright. I wasn't expecting any call from her.

Around 3pm that afternoon I was waking up and the phone rings, I answer. The voice on the other side asked to speak to Bryan...I tell her he is speaking. It's Dawn she says. I ask how is the head? Terrible she says. She ask did I want to come over? I tell her sure but I'm doing laundry at the moment.(actually waiting connection) an hour passes and she calls back to see how long will I be. She tells me she is not working this afternoon. (as an escort) I told her I was on the way.

I arrived at her apartment go in and she is on the computer and she is looking at www.l-keford.com. I ask what is it? She tells me the story of Nena Cherry and Luke F-rd. She tells me to read it. I do, and read about her being married to a cop, has a child, living in upper class subdivision, etc. So I ask where is her little girl? She tells me she doesn't have one she told Luke F-rd that to make everyone think she is doing real well. I tell damn I would not lie about. Dawn said all that Luke F-rd done was trash her! I tell her he (Luke F-rd) must be an asshole.( I didn't know the ehole story)

So I ask if she wants to go back to my room, and we go. We get back to my room and the man comes by and drops off 1/4 oz of cocaine. At the time I didn't know the worst thing for people with HIV is alcohol and cocaine! So my room fills up with my guys (we all bought a 1/4) and the party begains Dawn aka Nena calls a friend up. Friend arrives and everyone is getting so f---ed up! Dawn's naked dancing with everyone, give one guy a handjob in the kitchen.

She gets to where is about to passout and tells me and another guy if she passes out that we could f--- her just wear a condom. We tell her go ahead and crash noone is going to f--- her. I send everyone on the way. And Dawn is passed out on the couch and I pick her up and put her in the bed.

I take her home around 8 am. I didnt hear from her for a couple of days. I had met a couple of girls there at the hotel and was at one's room about 2am and my roommate calls down and says Dawn had called and wanted me to call. So I call and she is in a panic, telling me her place is full of firemen. Seems she had passed out with the stove on. She ask could I come over. When I get there everyone had left. She ask can I stay and hold her while she sleeps. So I stay. I hear from her a couple of days later and she said she has some coke (very very paranoid). Tells me that she went to get some crack used it up goes and gets more and ends up f---ing the crack dealer. And again I dont hear from her for a couple of days and then she calls in the middle of the day and tells me she runs her truck off a bridge on purpose! She is crying telling me she is tired of her life, her lifestyle! By this time it had turned September and all the crew is getting ready to go home for labor day. I havent heared from her in about a week so I call home to check on things there. My mom tells me a girl named Dawn had just called.