Lizzy Borden Speaks Out

The future Mrs. Rob Black, Extreme Associates director Lizzy Borden, tells RogReviews.com (in January 2001 at CES, first published on RogReviews.com in March, 2001 and on l-keford.com June 5, 2001):

"Three years ago when I first got into the business, I was on a lot of drugs and I was thirty pounds overweight and Roger said that I was chunky. Then all you little internet geeks said that I was the ugliest girl in the business. Now you all can suck my pussy juice because I've lost thirty pounds and have been drug and alcohol free for two years. The only drug I do now is caffeine. I am a coffee addict, but that's it. So f--- off, I'm beautiful and skinny now."

Lizzy says she and Rob will have a huge church wedding August 6th and will honeymoon in Hawaii.

Lizzy told RogReviews.com about her childhood: "I was very shy and very insecure. I came from a broken family. My stepfather was an alcoholic who was very abusive towards my mother. He didn't accept me. I went through a lot of s---.

"My first movie was for Tight Ends, with Tony Montana who now has HIV. The scene freaked me out and I can't even remember the name of the movie. I was so scared. A lot of people are going to think this is weird, but I made my mom go with me. She didn't watch the scene, but she was there. She cried the whole way there and tried to talk me out of it, but I knew that if I didn't try it, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

"I guess Rob [Black] saw something in me because he put me under contract. He told me I had to lose at least twenty pounds, get a nose job and a boobjob and all that. The day I went in to sign my contract, I had no make up on, shorts, boots a tank top, I looked like hell. I get to the office and they told me I had to do an anal scene. To do an anal scene you have to not eat for a couple of days, really prepare. The next thing I know, I'm out in the wilderness, s---ting all over Tommy. I had to go into the woods with bottled water and towels to clean it all up. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. It was the only time I've ever worked with Tom Byron.

"I was doing Terrors from the Clit and that Chris Cannon guy, f---ing asshole, was f---ing me in the ass. He came too soon, came in my ass. Tommy was downstairs and had to come up and jerk off on my face for the pop shot.

"Tiffany [Mynx] had really bad breath. She smoked a lot of cigarettes so I didn't like to kiss her. But I liked to lick her ass. She does have a nice ass and it tasted good.

"I'm doing this movie, 'Forced Entry, that you will just rip apart. It's six scenes of pure rape. No pleasure at all. It's based on Richard Ramirez. The guys rape and kill the girls. We're actually trying to get in touch with him actually. There is a scene with Luciano f---ing a girl, as he kills her, he looks at the camera and says 'that's for you Richard, you're my idol.'

"Jasmin St. Claire. She was the worst. I had to baby her. She wants this, she wants that. Angelica Sin was bad too. She had to have a certain kind of water. We have Evian on our sets, but no she had to have distilled water. I sent someone around to a dozen stores, but they couldn't find any so she's like :Fine, I'll just drink what you have." What a f---ing bitch. She wanted to do a scene with her husband and they show up fighting. They were fighting through the whole scene. I never want to shoot a couple again."

Lizzy Borden got specific with Roger Pipe on what made her relationship with Rob Black work:

"He likes to pick boogers and flick them at me, and fart on me. So you know what I did? I had gas so bad. I farted under the covers and it smelled so bad, he almost got sick.

"I s--- so big the last time I took a dump. It was as big as my arm and we had to take it out of the toilet because it wouldn't flush. I have a picture of it, I'll send it to you. It was so bad, I had to put my leg on the counter to get it out. I thought Rob was going to have to dig it out with a spoon.

"Jim South is a piece of s---. Jim was supposed to be my agent and he sent me to Rodney [Moore]. I go to this house and I was scared. I wanted to leave, but Jim said I couldn't leave. I was supposed to do one scene, but ended up doing two. I hated it, but since my agent said I had to stay, I felt I had to. I hate Jim and I hate Rodney. He's a dirty f---ing scumbag. That scene haunts me to this day."

Jim South says the above allegation is not true. He says he would never tell a girl that she had to stay anywhere in the industry that she felt uncomfortable.

Lizzy Borden tells RogReviews.com: "I saw him [Regan Senter] a while ago and he said he could get me work. I told him who I was and that I don't do movies any more. He said "You should do what you do best, suck cock."

"And Roy Karch. I was at Jim's office, you know how you just go there and sit. Roy comes in and we go to the back to take pictures. So I take the pictures and he starts taking his pants down. I asked him what he was doing and he said "You have to suck my cock if you want to work." I told him I don't do that. He said "You'll never get anywhere in this business." So ha-ha Roy, f--- you. Look where I am you piece of s---."

Roy Karch responds: luke, It was hard fot me to remember meeting "Lizzy"but i searched my files for a polarioid to refresh my memory. Ya know Luke, I thought Rob had you under better control than to STILL be printing untrue stories about me. Anyone who knows me , and for 30 years I've been knowable in this biz, knows that what ms. borden describes , is just not my style "He dropped his pants..." I'm way to shy for that, Then, "...he said I'd never get anyplace......." I wouldn't say those words,Luke.. It's just my type of speaking. Anybody can get anywhere they want to be.Just look at all of US, Luke! As for a blo-job from her....it never entered my mind. I've been porn-celebate for six years now. So, really Luke , as these unfulfilled women slither to you with their venom, take it with a grain of salt and a glass of seltzer...or I'll have Rob beat you up. As I look at the polaroid of the then Mila Mickels, I know fully why I never hired her. Thanks, Roy Karch.


Forced Entry- Luciano as Richard Ramirez

Here are some highlights of this new movie from GeneRossExtreme.com:

Lizzy Borden's latest work for Extreme Associates called Forced Entry has...cutting edge violence mixed liberally with porn. In it, Luciano plays a Hollywood stalker/strangler modeled on [the nightstalker] Richard Ramirez.

Luciano says: "Surewood gets out and grabs her. He holds a switchblade up to her f---ing neck. I come out we grab her, rip her shirt off, throw her in the back of the van and peel off. Some people that were living in the apartments nearby were out there watching. I was like, great, they think we hurt this girl.

"...[H]e's fighting her and it looks for real. It's captured like this is really happening. Then we drag her by her f---in' throat to this brick-lined room with wires hanging and open ceilings. It's filthy-looking like a dirty, f---ing bad thing. We threw her in and we were screaming and yelling and talking to the camera, all psychotic and s---. And just the way it's shot with the killer and a knife and the blood...I put a picture of Richard Ramirez on her after we kill her. [But not before Surewood and Luciano f--- her in the ass.] And we use a real knife, too... The whole effect is the yelling and the hitting. Veronica, mascara running, was really distressed at times and had to chill. She didn't expect it to be that bad or that horrible.

"In a scene I did with Jewel De'Nyle I actually give her a bloody nose. It was bad. Then with Taylor St. Claire we were really punching her stomach, me and Mickey G. We were beating her. If anything's gonna get you busted, this is the movie. Zupko's is like a Disney production, believe me. It'll be the hardest thing you've ever seen in porn. It's very real."

TomByronFan writes on RAME: What the hell is Extreme doing? Are they trying to sabotage their own company by producing films that will most likely get them busted on obscenity charges. Instead of spending money on lawyers trying to defend this kind of material, Rob and Tom(or whoever else might be footing the bill) would be better off by getting back to the basics. You know, women and sex. Films like Forced Entry, Shades Of Hades and Days Of Whore might be original comcepts for a more 'adult' adult audience. Some of us fans out there might even respect what Zupko and Borden are doing, but sadly, most government officials probably won't feel the same way! The only thing they see when they watch such films are obscenity violations!

Helpful writes: Violence and sex should never be mixed. This would be an easy obscenity case for an anti-porn district attourney to win. If that happens an imprisoned Rob Black may find himself on the victim end of a "most real-looking" prison rape scene.