Lene Hefne has dated two of porn's richest and most powerful men - Mark Carriere of Leisure Time and Steve Hirsch of Vivid.

"Lene is 100% USRDA Prime girl-flesh. She has the corn-fed good looks of a Midwestern cheerleader and even enjoyed a stint as a Raiderette for the Los Angeles Raiders." (AFW)

Hefner appears in such B-movies as Fright Night, Wired and Killer Looks. She also owns the crowns of Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA and Miss North America. The Chesterfield, Missouri native appears in pornos Mask, Blind Spot, Naked Reunion and Affairs of the Heart.

Lene started in the business after attending an Amber Lynn AIDS benefit at the Bel Age Hotel in West Hollywood. Lene met several persons in porn that night, including Barbara Dare and Janine, who seemed to so enjoy their work that Lene wanted to join in the fun.

One day Lene wants to work behind the scenes to improve scripts, dialogue, stories and other elements of porn that don't matter much to most consumers.

From a small town in Missouri, Lene came from a strict Southern Baptist family. She didn't lose her virginity until age 20.

After moving to Los Angeles and becoming a Raiderette, Lene posed nude for Playboy, Penthouse, High Society, Cheri and other mags. "I thank the Lord I have my looks. I don't know what I would do if I didn't."

Disowned by her religious family when they learned their little girl was a video slut, Lene considers Vivid her new family. "I wouldn't make movies if I weren't working for Vivid - there's nothing as beautiful as the work Vivid does."

To Lene, porn is the ultimate safe sex. "Men can stay home and watch movies instead of going out and picking up hookers."

She often meets men who feel sexually intimidated by her. "Just because we have sex for a living doesn't make us great f---s. When I'm in bed with you, I can't make you see God and your dead relatives.

"I have an uncontrollable appetite for sex. My life now revolves around sex. I do radio interviews, read scripts for my movies, work on my phone-sex cards, my fan club, on my clothes to go strip. And if I'm not doing these things, I'm having sex.

"There's more head games in the straight business than in the X-rated. At an audition where there's a man casting, they have the power and will make snide, rude, off-color remarks just because they can. Last week I interviewed for a Miller Lite beer commercial. My boyfriend came with me - he's an established actor who does daytime television out of New York. After I did the interview, the casting director says, "Hey, you should have had the job, but you gotta lose the man." The straight business is sleazy. And the adult business isn't. I sat down with Savannah's parents last week [after Savannah's suicide], and they were saying "Isn't it true that people in the pornography industry pick up homeless children in Hollywood and offer them lots of money and dreams of grandeur and turn them into sex slaves?" I don't think that happens. I get ten times more respect on an adult-film set than I do in the street." (HEVG)

"My Southern Baptist family is furious. When I decided to do Playboy, my mother said, "If you do, find yourself a new family." I thought she was kidding, but I never heard from her or anybody in the family again. It doesn't bum me out because if my family cares so little that they were gonna divorce me over Playboy, they would eventually have found something else to divorce me over anyway. You can't choose the family you're born into. But I can choose a new family.

"I wasn't the black sheep. I was a good girl - I didn't lose my virginity until I was 20. I didn't smoke or drink. I did chase boys and write notes during class... Three years after I graduated from high school, I was out of the home and on my own and have never gone back.

"I was 'married' to a woman for three years. It was a learning experience. But I don't want to do it anymore. It breaks your spirit to have to hide things. For six years I was with women. I wear the pants in all of my relationships because I'm a strong woman.

"With lesbians there is no masculine/feminine role. It's mutual gratification sex, period.

"Porn films are geared towards pleasing men. Women would like to see people being sweet and loving to each other.

"I like to watch rough nasty stuff. Lunch Hour and Power Tool." (AVN)

After a couple of years out of porn, Lene returned in 1997 in several big budget productions for Paul Thomas.

Lene's Little Sister Trish Writes Luke 5/99

1) You [Luke] need a new hobby!

2) I am Jill Hefner (Lene' Hefner's) little sister. Our family is not that strict, we just don't like "whores for cash"..which is all she is...

3) She wasn't "disowned"...she made up horrible, vicious lies about my dad, while she was "coked up"....When I couldn't live with the lie...I told....she recanted...

4) My little neice (13 now) has no mommy!

5) If you have her current email, please forward... Jill, I am so embarrased! There are 1600 "searches" for your name...How can you love your pathetic self? AND-STOP using "Savannah's" suicide, as a way to "sound cool". That little girl, had a MUCH better chance...before she met you! A VIRGIN, AT20??????? HHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! You must have forgot, telling me all, after your dates...Remember...they wipe it, in your hair?

What the HELL happened to you? You look like a freak, by the way! You are SUCH a fraud! Mom and Dad are getting old....make ammends, before it is too late!

Luke, you are a SAD case, man. After reviewing Savannah's bio., I must say, she sounds like more my type! My sister, Lene' let me "rifle through", her makeup bag, old clothes, anything! She WAS NOT her friend! Let the poor chick OUT now! She killed herself to escape poeple like my sis...EVIL POEPLE!!!!

Weird guys like you, that keep up a "fricken'" memorial! Like the girl said, "get a f---ing life, and put your fingers, to some real use!!!! Damn Man! You ppl are SAD!!!!!! It [Savannah bio] sucks Luke!!!

To go on and on, about what a great f--- she was reported to be. And the letters from her dad? TOO f---ING MUCH!!! Oh and I love the "fan" that says porn ppl need our prayers and support.....THAt WAS THE BEST!

I last talked to her, when Mark [Carriere?] sent me to Utah and paid for my breasts('95)... When I realized the Bitch was trying to "rope me in", or something.. I split! Plus, she was all drugged, on somethin'?! Not the weed, I was smokin', that is for sure!

Yes...I hate porn! I am a 31 yr. old mother, of a girl! I think it degrades "us", and makes it SUCK, for women, everywhere! I would NOT hate it this much, did my sister not continue to break my heart, by not "snapping the f--- out of it!" They say she married a man...goodluck!!!

P>S> California? You have to admit, I gotta think you're desperate and ugly, to do this sort of thing!!!!

Now a question for you.....Can ya "get off", with a plain-old gal? OR do the super-evil "I'll take it in any hole" super-slut whores...plague your mind?....ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN???? Pick up your bible, man..time is ending soon. I'd like to add an entry (of course as her little sis, from the family that supposedly "disowned her".) Just let me know... I read at her house once, an article that said my dad was a southern baptist preacher! Newsflash: He's a plumber, too! Luke! You little f---er!!!! Just got a message from my mom, that she is "threatening my family"...TELL THE BITCH FOR ME!!!!!! Her story IS going public, but it won't be on your website, sweetie! And, also tell her I will personally kick her cellulite-ass, if she f---s with my parents, anymore! OR, my little brothers, will! That bitch! Don't ya'll go to bed? Stop talking to porno. ppl LUKE! READ YOUR BIBLE! Plz fwd Luke.....

Why you calling mommy? Thought you didn't have a family?! Stay out of mine, bitch! Unless, you're ready to come clean! Good will ALWAYS prevail over evil! We both have these emails documented....If anything happens to any members of The Hefner Family, I will hold you, personally responsible. The bitch is on one of her many rampages.......GOD SAVE US ALL!


P.S.Clean up the "jizz!" Luke!!!! Please post this, and erase it....My parents are in deep pain. Help me understand, please! Why I have a porno. customers "complaints about some ho's fan club"? (in MY mail?)....Have you posted my comments, somewhere, or what? Please clue me in, Luke. Then, please remove them promptly. Need I remind you, I have a 3 yr. old daughter? I don't need any "porno fans", deciding to look for me! I made a mistake, by writing to you! I admit, I am naive, to the "ways of the web!" What's going on? My mom is very upset, this will probably kill her.......

Luke, call off the dogs! Luke, This will be my last email, hopefully! My mom is hysterical...said Lene', is going to try to, "take my child away".....I did NOT put Mark's last name?! Mr. Carrier happens to be from, 10 minutes, where I live now! So, no one will be showing up? Not SO sure! I'm very serious! I know how these poeple "do business".....Keep this stuff, in case I end up "dead". You might be able to "sell the sad scoop", to "HardCopy", or something!

Also, REAL sorry I represented "christianity", in such a "hypocritical" fashion. Guess the Lord, would not like me, talking like a sailor! I was supposed to move in 2 days...Now, because of my mother's insults, and condemnation, for my mistake! Looks like I'll have to be, "re-thinking" my decision! Well, I know my child and I, will be o.k. Even if I end up making 7$ an hour, somewhere. At least, I know I'll never have to "bend over for a buck". CYA!