Lee Caroll (Leslie Barriss) revels in being called a slut. Her signature scene occurs in 1983's Sexcapades where Sharon Kane uses a dildo to turn Caroll into a screaming mess.

Kane directed Lee in Stairway to Paradise. "The thing I remember most is Lee Caroll. She was running around and making everyone nervous. Lee chased Jeff James all day saying, "I want to f--- ya, I'm going to f--- your brains out, honey." He was hiding. He says to me, "She's crazy! You've got to keep her away from me, I can't keep her off me!"

Nina Hartley starred in Stairway to Paradise. "When Randy Spears came on to do the shot, she [Lee Caroll] started babbling at him, her usual way, talking dirty. He just looked down at her and said, "Lee, I'm coming on here to do this pop shot. So shut up." And she did."

Lee's credits include her first movie American Pie, Amanda By Night and Skintight.

She described to Hustler her first blow job. "I was too young. I didn't know how to do it. He said I bit. He pushed my head down, and when they push your head down on the dick, you bite it. When I first did it, I choked. I was afraid it was gonna spit at me. I didn't like it. After that I practiced on bananas."

Bill Margold discovered Lee. "She is an actress and a sex star and she deserves every inch of the legend she's created in this business. I've always wondered what it would be like to f--- either a washing machine or an octopus, and I think I found both answers in Lee Caroll. I worked with her in Sexcalibur and the woman did not let go. I was in mortal terror - it was the dentate vagina syndrome. I felt I'd never see my dick again. That woman has muscles inside muscles. It's like taking all of Arnold Schwarzenegger and shoving it in a pussy. She has muscles you've never even heard of kicking around on your dick - and my poor nine inches didn't know what was going on." (AFW 5/84)

Before finishing her interview with Hustler reporter Scott Mallory, Caroll said: "In my ass. I want you to f--- me in my ass and then come all over my tits. Yeah, on my face, in my mouth, in my hair, everywhere."

"Caroll was getting into it. Her eyes were getting wide, nostrils flaring, her big, round boobs heaving in excitement. Caroll may be past 40, but she's right in her prime. Her body is tanned and in shape, and she's more of a sexual buzz saw than she was when she first broke into X-rate films back in 1978. We'd been talking for about an hour, mostly about filthy lewd sex acts…"


Lee Carroll Available

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