"A rough and randy sex spunker with an easy going attitude," writes AFW, "with a fresh approach to acting and a willingness to let all manner of objects enter her pussy, mouth and ass… earmark Kim Chambers for cult favorite status. She's a nasty piece whenever she gets a big dick in her face and slathers it with spit and wads of gob before sticking it the gooey choad deep in her cavernous maw.... Kim quit jizzing in late 1994 but found her way back to working in the boner operas in 1995." (AFW 1996 Dir. p. 14)

Chambers, born 1/11/74, appears in such flicks as Ride the Pink Lady, Vagina Town and Major Exposure.

The cock-sucking blonde comes from the abused background that people expect of sex performers.

"I had a hard life when I was younger. At the age of 12 my father got me hooked on drugs. A few years later I wound up in an alcohol recovery home where a lady named Marilyn Chambers came to give a talk. We talked and she said that if she ever had a daughter she would look exactly like me. She is my idol. That's how I got my [porn] name.

"Everything happens for a reason. I used sex to gain acceptance from other people; now I use it to please other people. I'm a sexual person in and out of the business. I believe that you have to have sex-sex-sex on your mind all the time. Now I enjoy sex and can show everybody how I enjoy it. Look at me! I am good at it! Before I was ashamed and afraid of sex. Also, now I know how to say no." (AVN 1/94 p. 36)

Originally from Orange County, she sobered up for two weeks after turning 15 and moved to Palm Springs. After graduating from high school at age 18, Kim moved to Colorado with her best friend. Broke, Chambers started stripping.

"I had never walked around the house naked, so it was quite a change. I was nervous my first time [stripping], but I got such an adrenaline rush I went with it. From Colorado I went to San Diego, and I won a championship there. I went to Florida for the finals and I was dancing for four months and ended up seventh."

Kimberly entered porn through her friend Danyel Cheeks.

Chambers did nasty work for Max Steiner early in her career. "We did European stuff. We got a double-headed dildo up my butt. Plenty of dirty talk. I love it when people pull my hair. Spanking.

"My fantasy was to be with two guys and I finally got to do that in my first video. I love to please two men at once. I like girl-girl. I love anal. I love giving head. Messy. I am easily aroused. I love to be eaten. Rough sex."

Kim deepthroats. "The secret is to open yourself up. My mouth is more talented than my hands. I like to see a lot of slobber, it looks like cum. I like a lot of cum in my face and mouth.

"I was doing a DP and one guy slipped and they both wound up in my crotch. We got a bit of it on film but the guys didn't like touching each other. It was Jerry Butler and T.T. Boy.

"Anal doesn't hurt me. No matter how big the guy is or the dildo is.

"My favorite scenes are my two with Rocco Siffredi. Both times we got nasty, nasty.

"I'll be walking down the street and see a couple, and I imagine them f---ing.

"I've lost 40 pounds. The last 15 are the hardest. I'll lose it and gain it back again. I do a lot of exercise between dancing and the gym. And I've been sober for the last five years.

"The business has changed me. I've had to give up a lot - my family, my relationships with guys, because most of them don't like that I'm in this business. It might be every guys fantasy to f--- a girl who's in porn, but they don't want to have a relationship with one.

"I fight censorship. I'm with the Free Speech Coalition and I think that censorship sucks. I want to help create fantasies for people. For a long time I couldn't have orgasms. Fantasy helped me out." (AVN)

Kim Chambers says she finds it hard to stay clean in porn because though she's never seen hard drugs on a set, booze and pot are everywhere.

AVN Editor Gene Ross and Kim Chambers became engaged to be married in early 1996 but split two months later.

In 1998, Chambers married male performer Scott Styles.

Kim Chambers Birthday Party Saturday Night, 1/21/06

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Kim is single. She's no longer married to Scott Styles and she's no longer with Grant Michaels.