Julie Rage is a tiger whose wild inner nature bursts forth in sex. An only child, she loves to control but only a man who's strong enough to seize that power from her will get her attention. Julie's husband is such a man - leading porn director Greg Steele. They married 10/3/96.

Julie and Greg, both skinny and of medium height, sport almost identically short bleach-blonde haircuts.

A couple of months before they married, a porn director tried hitting on Julie even though she told him she was engaged to Greg. "He wouldn't leave me alone," complained Julie. To make matters worse, charges of indecent exposure were brought against her on that R-rated shoot. Neighbors had called the cops complaining about a disturbance.

A few months later, the charges against Julie were dropped and the director apologized for his harassment.

Rage began her porn career in December of 1995 by answering an ad for figure models placed by Jim South's World Modeling agency. "I thought it was just for nude modeling and he told me that they also cast occasionally for movies. In reality, that's all he casts. So I said "Sure, why not? It sounds interesting"."

Julie, born around 1969, had just finished six months of training in the Marine Reserves. Before that, Julie was "a boring, conservative secretary for Long Beach City government."

She gave birth to a daughter in 1991.

Julie measures 36D-22-32. "Are my breasts enhanced? I can't remember." She stands 5'5 and weighs 108 pounds. "Dynamite comes in small packages."

AFW's Jeremy Stone describes Rage as "A nasty blonde who brings to mind that legendary New York porn queen from the late '70s, Gina Harlow...who could suck the skin off a stiff one and scrape the skin off an engorged clit. Julie has a stringy body, big enhanced boobs, a sharp face and bleached out hair..."

Before her sex scenes, Julie warns the sound man not to wear earphones during her scene, because she naturally yells so loud during sex that she might bust his eardrums.

The bleach-blonde performer grew up in Orange County in a passionate Southern Baptist family. She no longer goes to church but is "very spiritual. There's a difference between being religious and spiritual. Most people don't get that."

"Religion makes demands," I replied. "Spirituality does not."

"Yes," said Julie. "Religion says there's only one way while spirituality says there are many ways."

Rage first performed for Alex Sanders but the video was never released. Then she took part in a Chasey Lain feature for Paul Thomas about neighbors spying on each other. Since then, she done about 120 flicks.

Julie watches some of them. "I'm too critical. I'll think "What a silly line to say". Or, "I look goofy like that."

The tall skinny performer says "there are a lot of myths about the business. People think we're a bunch of party animals, that we're having orgies on the set. Outside of work, I'm an average girl. I'm not a party girl and I don't do drugs. Sex is my drug.

"There's a lot of backstabbing, especially between women, which I don't understand... especially with me being bisexual. We're out there having sex with each other, yet we stab each other in the back. I don't get it."

Julie takes on her friend Sid Deuce in Sanders' highly-regarded Frendz? 2: Friendlier which won the girls a nomination from AVN for Best All-Girl Sex Scene.

"Sid is my favorite performer. We have chemistry because we're into the same thing - hard, nasty sex.

"Alex Sanders is the only guy who is more aggressive than me. I also like Steve Hatcher, but for opposite reasons. He's a sweetheart. He totally abides by your wishes.

"Jim Holliday is my favorite director. He's so organized. When he says, 'This is your call time,' you get in, you do your thing, and you get out. There's no sitting around for six hours while people try to figure out what you're going to do."

Rage's favorite performance in 1996 was for Henri Pachard's Venom 5 where she takes Tony Tedeschi up her ass. "I laughed all through the video and had a great orgasm. I wore these virtual reality glasses, so everywhere I moved the camera I could still see. It was so new. I thought, 'So that's what I look like in this position?'"

Julie found T.T. Boy too rough in their one scene in Kink Police Chronicles. He made her cry.

And she won't do Max Hardcore. "He makes his little girls cry. I don't want to cry." And she won't do gangbangs or anything she finds degrading.

Julie often orgasms on camera. "I like [receiving] oral sex soft, juicy and slow, with the tongue on my clitoris and one finger deep inside [Julie's vagina]. For intercourse, I like to be on top. Control. I'm a control freak.

"My home life is interesting. Greg and I are both control freaks. We always have a tug of war over who will be in control [on top] tonight."

Neither Julie or Greg have siblings.

"Your relationship will never work," I said to her in June, 1996. "Only children will be too competitive with each other."

"It works perfectly," says Julie. "You're wrong. We don't compete with each other because we're so much alike. We like the same things and we think the same thoughts. We give and take. We'll flip a coin over who'll be in control.

"We've talked about sharing another woman but I don't think I want another woman to experience him. He's mine, mine, mine.

"Grudge f---ing is great. Have you ever been in a fight with your partner, and then make up with intense sex?

"Greg and I love our jobs and we love each other and we know that it's [porn] just a job.

"My mom knows I make sex movies but she doesn't know that they are X-rated. She thinks they're just for the Playboy channel."

Julie doesn't talk to her father.

The stringy blonde first had sex with a woman at age 10 and with a man at age 13. "I was a bad girl in high school. I was into partying and drinking and smoking."

Julie says she's only had sex with four men outside of porn.

It was just after the break-up of her marriage and ten year-relationship, that the intense slim blonde entered Porn Valley. "I've always been an exhibitionist and [after divorce] I could be what I wanted to be."

Julie stripped during 1994 and 1995. "I like going to strip bars... But men are pitiful there. They think they're going to get laid by going to a strip bar. I go there to have fun and I don't think that I'm going to take anyone home."

Julie loves vampire books and movies. "It's flirting with the dark side, flirting with someone else being in control. I have a juicy blood fantasy. I saw one last night - the movie Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke and Lisa Bonet. They have this twisted sex scene. While he's f---ing her, blood drips off the ceiling down his back to the crack of his ass. And the more the blood drips off the ceiling, the more he pounds her and becomes animal-like. When he's about to orgasm he sees these weird visions of orgies. The intensity was insane. And the woman turns out to be his daughter. Tell me that's not twisted. It's sick. We all have it (sickness) in us, just some are in tune with it and some are not.

"My blood fantasy is only a fantasy because you could only do it once. Someone slashes my throat while I orgasm and sucks the blood out of me."

Luke: "Do you like being choked during sex?"

Julie: "Maybe. It's that control thing. For someone to take control of me, they are going to have to take it. I'm not going to give it to them."

Rage finds most men too weak for her. "It takes a strong person to be with me. I find most men boring. Their energy is too low. I'm intense. That's why my relationship works so well because this director is intense like me.

"I'm a non-violent person. I have extreme self-control. I think before I react. I don't say things I'll regret. I'm mature. It comes from being in the army."

Yet good sex takes abandonment of self-control. "Yes. But it's not mean violence.

"My best friends would describe me as mellow. I'm not volatile. I'm kind. My violence and energy comes in the bedroom when I shut the door. I have a split personality. I look and act conservatively.

"My theory is, that outside this business, if you want it [sex with Julie], you have to earn it. I don't give it away freely. You have to earn my trust. Before I entered porn, I was only with four guys."

A Cancer, Rage is a nurturing sexual lover devoted to family. But on camera, "I'm aggressive. I'm one of the nastiest girls. I don't do the pretty girl stuff. I'm there to f---."

Julie believes in God and "I speak to Him all the time."

Does He speak back? "I don't hear his voice but he speaks to my heart."

After finishing with porn, this "terrible" high school student wants to go to medical school to become a medical examiner.

"It hurts down here," I said.

Julie laughed. "That's not a medical examiner. An examiner is a coroner. Forensic science.

"My fascination with the dead is not a death wish. It's the mental stimulation of it. Who's smarter? The criminal or I?

"I love mind games."

Julie's clitoris is between her eyes. "That's why so few men, outside of this business, have slept with me. They have to mentally stimulate me or intrigue me. They have to be smart, fascinating, witty, successful and like what they do.

"The men in this business are machines."

Luke: "Thousands of men spill gallons of sperm in your honor."

Julie: "Cool. I like to be of service. I don't think there's anything wrong with masturbation. I do it all the time. I'm not visual though. I'm mental. But for those who need visual stimulation, I'm glad to be there for them."

Julie finds her new-found fame annoying. "I wasn't ready for that. I was out one day shopping. I looked like hell. I wore sweats with no make-up. And this guy ran up to me while I was in a store. "Oh my God," he said. "I know who you are." And he snapped a picture and asked for an autograph. "I'm your biggest fan," he said. "You're the coolest chick." He's going off and I wanted to hide.

"I don't want to be recognized unless I want to be recognized. If I wanted to be recognized, I'd be at a public function for porno and mentally prepared for recognition. But invasion of my privacy while I'm grocery shopping? That's too personal.

"Now my videos are coming out. Welcome to reality. People all over the world are seeing my stuff. To me, this just feels like a job."

Julie appears in Rice Burners, Pussyman 13, 6969 AD and Perverted Stories. "These psychos, Ron Jeremy the father and Rick Masters his son, chase me through the desert and blackmail me into having sex with them. They're whacked-out hillbilly rednecks. I spit on Ron's dick and say, "You nasty f---ing man. When was the last time you took a shower?" And he looks at me and says [in a hillbilly Southern accent], "You're doing it for me, honey."

"Ron and Rick did me one at a time. Ron did me anally. I can take the big boys.

"I love Ron. He's a good friend of mine."

"I just did one of Kim Wylde's bondage films. John Wayne Bobbitt plays the top and I'm the bottom. He beats me and treats me like a slave.

"Kim, my mistress, catches me with another girl. She beats the other girl. Then she spits ice on the floor and makes me suck it up off the floor. It was degrading. She had me scared. She gave me a few good whacks where I saw stars. She shoved my face in the floor and told me that I couldn't look at her. And then she says to Sahara Sands and I, "Go ahead and have fun." So Sahara and I tear into each other.

"I auditioned a girl for David Christopher in Pussyman Auditions. Ashlyn Renee. She used to be a bondage queen. I f---ed the s--- out of her. I'm spitting on her, f---ing her with a strap-on, make her suck my cock, grabbing her by the hair and spanking her."

Luke: "Do you take big dildos?"

Julie: "Not like Caressa Savage. I'm tiny. I can't take big dicks. I did this good scene with Peter North but he couldn't get it all the way in [Julie's vagina]. We did doggy and reverse cowgirl and then he came on my face.

"Reverse Cowgirl [where the woman sits on the man's penis with her back to his face] is my strongest position."


Julie Rage admits that Director Greg Steel makes her suck his dick to get work. Rage retired from porn in April because of the HIV outbreak. On the road dancing, she found out about Marc Wallice testing HIV positive. Rage was scheduled to do her first scene with Marc for Thunderpussy.

Today is her first time in make-up for a month.

"I know all the girls [who tested HIV positive]. I worked with Brooke three years ago on a Jim Powers shoot. I knew the girl was in trouble. She was on something. She seemed spacy.

"I worked with Tricia [Devereaux] two years ago on the movie Abuse of Power. She talked me into it. I didn't know who Rob Black was. I wanted to leave [the set] as soon as I got there. It was a girl-girl-girl. They took breakaway bottles and hit me on the head with them. And they didn't know what to do with them. I blacked out.

"Tricia seemed normal. Rob Black wanted her to quit [porn]. They were supposed to get married. She was in puppy dog love [with Rob]. She was very submissive [to Black].

"I've been hearing [HIV] stories about Rocco… It makes sense, with him doing all that European stuff. I never worked with Rocco. I heard horror stories about him.

"I think that new people should have to have three months worth of negative HIV tests before they are allowed to work. [Porn] right now is a fad. It's popular and cool. All these new people coming in…thinking they are going to have a blast, party, make money… They are not responsible.

Julie stands 5'5" and weighs 105 pounds (down from her high of 117 when she was a body builder), which looks painfully skinny to me. Julie says she is naturally skinny, and neither on drugs nor sick. Julie's mom stands 5'3" and weighs 80 pounds.

"I am healthier than I have been in a long time because I'm not working [porn]. I'm not as tired. It's draining to get up early in the morning and be on the set 16 hours and eat crap food.

"I'm happy that Greg's able to make movies on his own terms. He wasn't very happy where he was before [Wicked]. The company was telling him how to edit the movies and write the scripts. They're businesses, they're not artists. The business side is to sell and market the stuff, and the artist side is to make it. Last movie he did for Wicked was Lost Angels 18 months ago.

"About two years ago [just before she married Greg Steel], I got pelvic inflammatory disease, like Stephanie Swift. I almost died from it. I was in the hospital for several days. The doctor figured out that it was from doing an anal. Lube dripped from my anus to my pussy. Greg had [to leave Julie in the hospital] to go to Cannes [Film Festival]. Why do you guys want to see anal anyway? Yeah it's nasty. It makes you sick."

Julie rarely performed anal sex after that, and when she did, she did it in the missionary position, to reduce the likelihood of any nasty matter dropping into her vagina.


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NJG & Luke Interview Julie Rage

Nice Jewish Girl and I interviewed retired porn star Julie Rage, wife of director Greg Steel, in IRC Thursday.

<l-keford> hi julie, how was new orleans?

<njg> do we introduce julie first?

<justjulie> i had a blast first time

<njg> Julie Rage is a very famous pornstar

<justjulie> haha

<njg> beautiful and blonde and in tiptop condition

<l-keford> you looked great

<l-keford> how do you like living in atlanta?

<justjulie> thank you i feel really good

<justjulie> i love it here then men are great , have manners

<justjulie> lots of nature

<justjulie> im happy

<njg> Julie, are you still working?

<justjulie> could do without the humidity

<justjulie> me no

<justjulie> well yoga

<njg> when did you retire?

<justjulie> does that count

<njg> yes it does

<njg> I love yoga
<justjulie> what about 2 years agp

<njg> what kind do you do?

<justjulie> i watch alan fing on cable

<njg> iyengar or integral or jivamukti?

<njg> hmm

<njg> good eh?

<njg> relaxing?

<justjulie> i dont know its a show on cable

<justjulie> i think its a combo

<njg> ic cool

<justjulie> i feels good

<justjulie> streach the bones

<njg> I don't think my cable station carries it

<justjulie> bummer

<njg> which cable station?

<justjulie> its on the health channel

<justjulie> charter

<njg> yeah San Francisco has the lamest cable co in America

<njg> we don't get it :(

<justjulie> yeah i know when i was ther there wsnt a thing to watch
<njg> I know!

<justjulie> unless u like trash talk shows

<njg> it's ridiculous! we are the home of arts! and interesting stuff

<njg> so how long have you been married now Julie?

<justjulie> 3 years

<justjulie> very happy

<justjulie> greg is a great husbsand

<njg> and is he in the industry? a director?

<justjulie> u know im in the middle of building my site right

<njg> ic

<justjulie> yea he is greg steel

<njg> cool

<justjulie> he was a director

<justjulie> thats how we met

<njg> what is the url of your site for your fans out there?

<justjulie> i think everyone knows this though

<justjulie> www.julierage.com

<njg> and your fans can check it out and see your work,

<justjulie> the launch date is in 2 weeks

<justjulie> ive been working real hard on this

<justjulie> it is a combo fan/member

<njg> did you hire someone or just by yourself?

<justjulie> there is a hugh free section

<njg> that will be great

<justjulie> no i hired a graphic artist and awebmaster

<njg> cool

<justjulie> when its up ill give u an email

<justjulie>  to check it out

<njg> that's great, I can't wait :)

<justjulie> you know im making a movie

<njg> you are?

<justjulie> this summer

<njg> do tell

<njg> what's the name?

<justjulie> well greg wrote a scrip

<njg> yes?

<justjulie> and greg is a killer screenwriter

<njg> and who is it going to be shot for?
<njg> yeah? cool

<justjulie> i love making movies with him

<njg> :)

<justjulie> he is a actor's director

<l-keford> yes

<njg> that's cool

<njg> he'll be directing too?

<l-keford> i did a movie for him

<justjulie> he is big into the acting part

<justjulie> which is the fun part for me

<njg> you did?

<njg> that's cool

<justjulie> you didi?

<justjulie> what one?

<justjulie> excuse the typos

<l-keford> The Trickler Effect

<njg> where you play a journalist?

<justjulie> i remeber the first time i met you luke

<justjulie> oh yeah

<justjulie> i remeber

<justjulie> on holiday's set

<justjulie> remeber for that book
<njg> yeah, some directors are nuts right? yelling and going crazy

<justjulie> i had one do that

<njg> how did you deal?

<justjulie> but i just dont go back for more

<justjulie> there are alot of nice directors out ther a girl dont need to put up with that

<njg> how does a guy handle that?  there's more pressure somehow

<justjulie> i wouldnt wanna be a guy in this biz

*** njg sets mode: +o l-keford

<njg> yeah, it seems really tough

<justjulie> i respect the guys who can do this

<njg> and the money isn't that great

<justjulie> no it isnt

<justjulie> thank god girls have lube

<njg> who were your favorite men to do scenes with?

<justjulie> heheh

<njg> hehe

<justjulie> herschel Savage

<njg> interesting
<justjulie> peter north

<justjulie> was a gentelman

<njg> yeah girls love him I hear

<justjulie> a sweetie

<justjulie> hersch and i had great sex together

<njg> that's cool

<justjulie> a chemestry

<njg> amazing

<justjulie> steve hatcher

<justjulie> just cause he is a doll

<njg> k

<justjulie> its been a few years hard to remeber evryone

<njg> haha :)

<justjulie> if I forget someone Im sorry

<njg> oh yeah and I was gonna ask you about John Decker *sigh*

<njg> so do tell!

<justjulie> ok what u wanna know?

<njg> is he as cute off screen as on?

<justjulie> he is very good looking great teeth

<justjulie> he and rox made a cute couple

<njg> yeah
<justjulie> :)

<njg> he's a hottie for sure

<justjulie> he had a dirty little mind too

<njg> hehe

<njg> really?

<njg> sounds like him

<justjulie> so what do you think of the long hair look

<justjulie> should I keep it?

<njg> yes

<njg> it looks great on you

<justjulie> yes cute it ?

<justjulie> cut it?

<njg> no longer hair is good on you

<justjulie> ok just for u

<njg> it's softer

<njg> awww :)

<justjulie> yeah

<njg> I liked your shorter hair too

<justjulie> i do have a soft side

<justjulie> luke do u have an opinion?

<njg> you always had the best body
<justjulie> thanks

<njg> natural? no eating disorders?

<njg> lean naturally?

<justjulie> ive softened up in atlant a

<justjulie> all the good food

<njg> did you have to watch what you ate when you were working?

<justjulie> i have never dieted

<justjulie> no

<njg> lucky!

<justjulie> bad food on set though

<njg> you didn't have to go to the gym?

<njg> yeah? like what food on the set?

<justjulie> to have muscles yes

<justjulie> but not to be thin

<justjulie> crap food

<justjulie> i love to eat

<justjulie> but i dont like junk food

<justjulie> wanna see a cut e pic

<njg> I love it but it's too fattening

<njg> sure
<justjulie> ok hang on

<justjulie> this is me in no

<njg> cool

<njg> downloading it

<njg> did you give it to luke too?

<justjulie> what u doing luke?

<njg> he can put it on his site

<njg> I don't know if we wanna know tee hee

<justjulie> u want some good stuff?

<njg> he gets excited just having girls speak

<justjulie> that is just a cute one

<justjulie> hahah

<njg> he does!

<l-keford> hey

<justjulie> here

<njg> so Julie, you and Greg have a nice place in Atlanta?

<njg> so how did you get into the biz, you said you were a good girl, I am curious

<justjulie> ok fire away

<justjulie> i answered a ad for jim south

<njg> b/c you always looked kind of punk to me

<njg> like you were part of the LA punk scene like I had been

<justjulie> to do nude modeling

<njg> ic

<justjulie> no

<justjulie> never  got into punk

<njg> did you rise up through the ranks very fast?

<justjulie> i was a rock girl

<njg> that's cool

<justjulie> i donk know if i ever did

<njg> did you ever date any rock guys?

<justjulie> no

<justjulie> greg is the only guy

<justjulie> i was into making money

<njg> julie, when I had spice and adam and eve you were a top performer

<justjulie> no time to date

<njg> that's cool

<njg> hehe I hear that

<justjulie> :)

<l-keford> yes i am logging

<l-keford> i like the long hair best, julie

<justjulie> yeah

<njg> omg, look what the cat dragged in

<njg> he finally responds like 5 minutes later!

<njg> ok, yes I do too julie, the long hair is becoming

<justjulie> thanks if u want some pics let me know ive got some great new stuff

<njg> but the short hair was great too

<njg> it was very very cool, you had a very cool look

<justjulie> it was different

<njg> that's what was so cool about it

<justjulie> no one else had short hair at the time

<njg> I know

<njg> it was daring

<njg> I love short hair on women, and if I didn't have curly hair, mine would be way short

<justjulie> i just got out of the army so thats why it was short

<njg> o how long were you in the army for?

<justjulie> i was a reserve

<njg> ic

<njg> did you go to catholic school?

<justjulie> no southern baptist

<njg> religious upbringing, like luke

<njg> was your family church goers?

<justjulie> well not exactly

<justjulie> just on sunday

<l-keford> yes julie, i would love some pics

<njg> ic

<justjulie> its ok to be bad just do good on sunday

<njg> hehe

<justjulie> thats what i got from it

<njg> kind of hypocritical

<justjulie> dont get me wrong i believe in god

<njg> yeah

<justjulie> just not down w/ church

<njg> ic

<justjulie> ok ill dcc em or email/

<justjulie> ?

<njg> so you don't attend church now then right?

<justjulie> no

<njg> do you still consider yourself a southern baptist?

<justjulie> i just try to be a good person be kind to other

<njg> that's cool

<justjulie> no i am a god loving person

<njg> yes

<l-keford> so what are you doign these days? yoga?

<justjulie> no particular religion

<l-keford> and what is greg working on? doesn't he have some big mainstream movie project?

<justjulie> yoga, i read alot, building my site

<justjulie> he workds for a tv station

<njg> what are you reading lately, anything good?

<justjulie> and i watch discovery channel

<justjulie> i just read " a case for jesus"

<l-keford> by who?

<justjulie> i love dean koontz

<justjulie> want me to run upsairs and get it/

<njg> k

<justjulie> k

<justjulie> lee strobel

<njg> ic

<njg> sounds good

<justjulie> it was

<njg> so, julie did you have any problems with your family due to your career?

<justjulie> very academic study on the existance of jesus

<justjulie> no not at all

<justjulie> my family loves me

<njg> how long were you making movies?

<justjulie> 4 years

<njg> were you on a contract?

<justjulie> no

<njg> wow I thought you were

<justjulie> no never

<l-keford> how did a religious girl wound up in porn and how did your family react

<justjulie> hummm good question

<justjulie> i was divorced

<justjulie> fresh out of the army

<justjulie> answered an ad to jim south

<njg> were you living in LA at that time?

<njg> are you originally from LA?

<justjulie> yes i lived in la my whole life

<justjulie> born

<njg> what part? (me too!)

<njg> yeah where?

<justjulie> long beach

<njg> I was from the Valley

<justjulie> lived in the gay section

<njg> and your family still lives in Long Beach

<njg> weho?

<justjulie> no my mom moved my grandparents are dead so no one left

<njg> west hollywood? or the gay section of LB

<justjulie> gay section of lb

<justjulie> it was fun

<njg> I didn't know LB had a gay section

<justjulie> very quiet

<justjulie> very hugh

<njg> yes, it definitely is

<njg> huge you mean?

<justjulie> more descrete than w. hollywood

<njg> ic

<justjulie> yeah huge

<njg> so now you are a soccer mom of sorts? :)

<justjulie> hah

<justjulie> we are not going there in this interview

<njg> ok

<justjulie> luke knows my feeling on this matter

<njg> ok

<justjulie> thank u

<njg> well, thank you for the interview Julie

<justjulie> welcome

<njg> it has been wonderful

<justjulie> that was painless

<justjulie> :)

<njg> you are very nice and I hope your website does really well

<justjulie> luke how u want your pics?

<justjulie> thank you i miss the fans

<njg> I am still envious of your perfect body and want one just like it

<justjulie> cant wait to interreact with them again