Rex Cabo discovered Holly Body (Rochelle Lee Trevis) in 1992 and offered her the chance to move out of waitressing at a Mexican restaurant to performing sex in front of the camera. The San Fernando Valley native began as a blonde, disappeared for a few years before returning as a huge-chested brunette. The Santa Monica Junior College student appears in The Anal Nurse Scam, Priceless and Too Cute for Words.

"The term mechanical when applied to hollow-headed Holly Body insults the industrial age. This petrified Body f---s like a machine built to insert the same screw into the same rusty hole on an auto assembly line. Astonishingly, she exerts even less personality than said hydraulic pump." (HEVG)

Holly tongues Peter North's tool in the first scene of Splattered "before he mauls her melons. He licks her fat pussy with close-ups of her labia lips. He boffs the inflamed bush doggie style while Holly's hooters slap each other. Peter launches his patented mayonnaise all over her wobbling whoppers..." (AFW)

Holly Body is the name of the porn star in Brian DePalma's 1984 mainstream film Body Double.

Rochelle Lee Trevis was born 4/6/70.

"I grew up in a conservative family," she tells the 7/98 Exotica Magazine. "There was no communication and there wasn't a lot of explanation about sex. My parents didn't even sleep in the same room. If it wasn't for the business, I wouldn't ever have become sexually comfortable with myself."

Holly says she's lost friends because of her porn work. "It's like being a minority. It's hard to deal with others' stereotypes because I see myself as a very deep person. People have stereotyped the porn business like I used to stereotype the rock business. I thought they were a bunch of devil worshipers until I went out and saw those bands and now I know better. I have opened my mind."