In 1995, Annabel Chong (Grace Quek) got banged 251 times to set the world record. Seventy men showed up to do Annabel repeatedly until she was bleeding the last couple of hours and ice had to be applied to her vagina. Poking fingers with uncut nails cut her up.

Ron Jeremy boffed all five fluffers before finishing Annabel off.

To find men, Annabel advertised on videos and in magazines that she wanted men to f--- her. Her invitation read: "I'm looking forward to meeting you - and eating you." Hundreds of men sent in photos of themselves but only 70 showed up. Some requested anonymity.

Annabel got screwed out of her $12000 pay which was supposed to cover her USC expenses. Her parents ultimately came to her tuition rescue. Chong says she'd forgive Chuck Zane for not paying her if she could f--- him up the ass with a big dildo.

AVN comments that Annabel should learn from the experience not to screw 251 men on a handshake.

Born 5/22/72 in Singapore, Chong grew up on the streets of London. "I hung out with the boys. I lost my virginity when I was 13. He was 28 and pretending to be a doctor. I knew he wasn't because he couldn't pronounce penis. He'd say "penn-is."

"I went to his office and took off my clothes. We played doctor. He had this refrigerator and he pretended he had his surgical tools in there, but it just had eggs and food. I totally trashed his office. We smeared eggs all over the place.

"I don't remember much about high school. I was a groupie. I hung around with bands and I'd shag the band members. The girls would get together and count how many guys they'd shagged. And the main thing is to shag the whole band."

Annabel says her favorite form of sex is S-M.

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Born and raised in Singapore by a middle class Christian family, Chong attended elite private schools in England, including Cambridge University.

The star of Anal Queen, Sordid Stories With the Pink Stiletto and I Can't Believe I Did the Whole Team says making X-rated films is great for someone as sex-crazy as her.

Like many performers, she'd rather skip the complexities of dating. "I don't need to go out on a date and be nice to someone to get laid," she says. "I can just f---, take a shower and go home. People have called me a bimbo, a slut and a whore. But I just enjoy my body."

Unfortunately for Annabel, many porn users don't enjoy her body. She's not been in much demand since her record breaker. Her appearance suffers from lousy dental and boob jobs.

"I love sex," says Chong. "Even when a guy is very studly, I can't get enough. I need more. Setting the world land sex record seemed like the natural next step. I wanted to know if it was possible for a person to have too much sex. I yearn to test my limits, push the envelope, go for the gold."

Performer Dick Nasty did the nasty thing with Chong during the gangbang and while he prodded her, he snapped pictures for a sex mag that had hired him to cover the event.

"I don't like gangbangs," says Nasty. "I never would've done her except for that assignment." (Penthouse)

The 40-year old from Dulwish, London has done over 700 sexvids, including my virgin effort What Women Want.

While waiting in line for the gangbang, he shared his wisdom with the amateurs. "Relax. If you think about what you're doing and who is watching, you'll tense up, limp up, and wimp out."

After completing her sex marathon, Annabel said she wanted more. "Two hundred and fifty guys isn't enough. I could do with a few girls too - and a few dogs and cats.

"I've always had this thing about dogs. As a kid, I'd look out my window at all the dogs f---ing in the street. I've f---ed a few dogs. I want to do a bestiality video." (Penthouse)

In Annabel's first day in porn in 1994, she gangbanged seven men.

Annabel believes herself to be a "conceptual artist."

"I used to be in this big bunch of friends. We'd sit around and get drunk and then everybody began sleeping with everybody. After a while it all began to seem like incest; it became 'I can't f--- you. You're my buddy.' I don't buy into this '90 ideology that sex can't be meaningful unless you're in a relationship. Sex can be meaningful if you conceptualize it. I read Martin Amis' Dead Babies. He used the phrase 'canceled sex.' I like that. It gave a new take."

"In the twisted morality of the adult video industry," writes journalist Karl Greenfield, "Annabel is now regarded with opprobrium. In a world where everyone is seeking to up the price for their sexual commodity, Annabel flooded the market."

"That was totally gross," says Kia. "She got $10,000? How much is that per guy? Fifty bucks?"

"The adult industry prides itself on maintaining a certain dignity," writes Greenfield. "Hence the soft-focus mystique of its box covers. We're supposed to believe that these...good-looking people who would be having sex anyway...whether the cameras were rolling or not.

"With a single stroke, or 251 of them, Annabel made of mockery of this pretense, reducing porn to its raw components. She called the industry's unspoken bluff, as if to say: If this business is about having sex, then let's see who can have the most sex."

Nick Long posted to RAME in late April, 1998: "I don't have any contact with Annabel and haven't for some time, but I can say that when she was on a 'regular' set with small casts, Annabel checked [HIV] tests just like everyone else. John T. Bone set aside a time prior to shooting for all the talent in the movie to get together and exchange test copies. The exception occurred when Annabel shot the World's Biggest Gangbang. Having been one of the ones on the set, talent involved was told (by John) that staff at the door was clearing all tests and documentation. Annabel was wrong in trusting John T., but she did. She 'thought' that tests etc, were being checked at sign-in. When I saw it wasn't being done near the end, Kerri and I packed our stuff and split. Annabel didn't have that option, as she was not aware of what had happened. Maybe negligence on her part, but not indifference. She trusted and got burned."

Annabel Chong attended the 8/98 World Pornography Conference. Speaking in an English accent, she tells me that she will soon receive her second degree from USC. The first one - Fine Arts. The second - gender studies (in a semester).

Chong left porn in 1996 to concentrate on school. This summer she returned to porn, appearing frequently in fetish and hardcore. "The most recent one is shot in a fraternity house at USC for Jim Powers. My first time in a frat house. I do condoms-only scenes. I'm allergic to latex, so I have to bring my own (polyurethane) condoms.

"When I was younger, I wasn't as educated about safe sex. I'd go through panics. 'Ohmigod, did I catch HIV?' Now I can have sex with peace of mind.

"I had a wonderful time doing my gangbang. It's still bizarre looking at the video. I really pushed my boundaries. I can't imagine two normal guys doing a double anal on me. Porn is my playground.

"I never got paid for the gangbang. Nothing. John Bone and Matt Zane blame each other. I did it for the experience. Over time it has ceased to bother me. They did a good job checking HIV tests. They did a good job with security, making sure it was condoms only. I liked the way it was run."

Chong understood that many of her peers resented her wild sexual antics, climaxed by the gangbang. "I never felt the brunt of the resentment because I don't socialize with the industry. I go to work and I go home. Some of the girls are snotty, and so I stay away from them.

"My friends in the industry are mainly from the older generation, the crew and the writers.

"The industry has been in denial too long about HIV. It's good to have condoms in videos because it shows that safe sex can be pleasurable. It's time for us to catch up to gay porn."

Chong showed me her HIV PCR DNA test 7/1/98 which reads "not detected."

"I went through a period when I was the textbook speed freak. Then I came to the realization that I don't need speed because I'm naturally hyper."

David Whitten produced a documentary on Annabel Chong that was directed by Gough Lewis. He writes to RAME 12/11/98:

The film is really about Grace Quek, one aspect of which is her alter ego, Annabel Chong. It is not a documentary specifically about porn or the porn industry, but about a woman who possesses a strong desire, possibly an obsession with, the exploration and exploitation of her sexuality and a will to experience the results with all the freedom and aggression that men are at least allowed to.

The film follows her to Singapore, where she tells her family and friends about her porn career, and to London, where she revisits the site where she was gang raped (and discovered that she enjoyed it), and to Cambridge University where she was invited to debate the proposition that women have the inalienable right to exploit their natural assets in whichever manner they may wish to.

There is much more -- Grace at USC; Annabel at her and Jasmin's gang bang; negotiating to appear in and shooting a Robert Black video; Grace visiting her former high school teachers and college professors; and glimpses of the mundane day to day reality that even porn stars have to deal with.

There's not much sex. (If we decided to submit it for an MPAA rating, I believe we will get an R.) But, that is not what the film is about. Annabel's porn films cover that aspect of her life far better than we could.

Finally, there may very well be other women in the world who possess the amount of aggression and overt sexuality that is the true subject of our film, but Annabel / Grace is the one we know of.


David Austin writes on RAME: At http://www.documentmag.com/witness/cmp/witness_frameset.html (pull-down menu option "Annabel Chong" story) there is an interview with Chong/Quek about the recently released video documentary _Sex: The Annabel Chong Story_. She comments on her decision to do the gangbang video and discusses her future plans.

News responds on RAME: Who cares? Is anyone actually attracted to this pig?? My Christ she is the most hideous looking girl I've ever seen in a porno flick. I couldn't stand to look at or listen to her during her Stern appearance, let alone watching that nasty skank get f---ed. <<shudder>>

Ultra responds: Why I do, thanks for asking. In fact, if you'll indulge me to repost two other interesting and intelligent Annabel Chong interviews:



I hope you enjoy them as much you enjoyed the one David posted.

Oh my, a Howard Stern fan wrote this incisive, thoughtful post. What a shock. }:~> So sorrry to hear Annabel took precious seconds away from Jenna, Janine, Stacy and whatever other overinflated Baywatch wannabe's Howard parades across his stage these days. Clearly, this is a significant and malicious slight against you that Stern would do such a thing. The man caused you to shudder in public from malingering psychological distress, for crying out loud. I suggest you boycott, or better yet, file a lawsuit.

Becky writes: She looks better than those old hags making comebacks or who refuse to retire. I saw an interview she did about the time her gangbang vid came out and she looked cute.