Rocco Siffredi is the biggest porn star ever from Europe and today's leading stud. "No other male can f--- as hard, as fast and as long as Rocco, and with as much passion and conviction." (AFW)

Rocco directs pornos with his unique touch. They are distributed in America by Evil Angel.

In reaction to his wild sexual ways, Rocco has frequently been targeted by unverified rumors that he has AIDS.

According to Roberto Malone, Rocco's well-hung Italian sidekick, Rocco was friendly with a porn collector (gay) who died of AIDS around 1996.

From a 12/28/98 post to RAME: "A scandinavian magazine recently had an interview with Rocc Sifferedi. He is currently living in a mansion in Budapest, together with his wife Rosa (who has starred with him in movies several times)and their two-year old child.

"Here are some of the things he said:

"-While filming a shot with Alicia Monet, she was so stoned that she almost bit his dick off. He had to be taken to the hospital at once. Monet ran of into the streets without any clothes on, and had to be taken in by the police.

"- He recently got a circumcision, but the night after the procedure he got an erection, and all
the stitches ripped open... He needed plastic surgery, and had to stay away from porn for almost a year.

"-He once had sex with three german ladies aged 69-73 (!)

"-Almost all porn actors have herpes, including himself. No one really cares about it, and studios give out medication when needed. The only VD actors/actresses really fear is HIV.

"-In a good year, he makes about 200 thousand dollars."

"Rocco appears in Kink in the hottest sex scene of the year, using three girls as human toilets, finishing up with a serious ass pounding of Careena Collins. His career-best work is as Dario in Buttman's Ultimate Workout, Buttmans (Moderately) Big Tit British Adventure and Buttman's European Vacation. Rocco also appears in Alex deRenzy's Steamy Windows and John Leslie's Curse of the Cat Woman and Chameleons. He has repeatedly won Stud of the Year honors and would deserve Stud of the Decade, if there were such an honor." (AFW 96D. p.122)

"Rocco's recent directorial efforts betray a sexual vision," writes David Aaron Clarke in a late 1996 edition of Adam Film World. "But watching him f--- has become the equivalent of driving down a long California highway. You always know what's next, and all that aesthetic splendor just becomes the road between you and your goal - in this case a handful of spuzz."

Gene Ross writes for Adult Video News.


On any given day, the phones at AVN are busy.... Many of these calls are treasures of priceless human dialogue that should be saved for posterity in a time capsule.

One such occurred when a certain international XXX personality called early one morning.

"Do you know Rocco Siffredi?" came a voice over the intercom. Of course. EVRYONE knows Rocco, though, as developed, Rocco apparently doesn't know everyone else.

I got on the phone welcoming Rocco.

"Who's dis?" he asks. (What does he mean, "Who's dis?" He asked for me.)


"Gin? Gin who?"

"Me, Gene. The editor of AVN." A reply to which the man reacted bewildered. "Gin?"

"No, Gene. We've met a million times, Rocco. You know me."

"I'm sorry," he replies, "but I mit so menny pipple."

"Our awards show, Rocco, remember? You attended our awards show. January? Las Vegas?"

"I'm sorry, but I mit so menny pipple."

"Okay," I sigh. "What can we do for you?"

"I want to promote my moofie..."

(Well, Rocco, you're off to a bad start...)

"Fine," I said. "When's it coming out?"

"I don't know."

(A REAL bad start.)

"What's the name of it?"

"...I don't know."

I suggest Rocco do his homework and call me back with the information. Rocco has yet to call back, but don't let that stop you from seeing whatever it is coming out sometime, whenever, in the future.

Rocco directed Sandy Insatiable. "Sandy is a bored, rich brat, who comes to Rocco in hopes of fulfilling him. Rocco sets up a five-man gangbang at his villa pool. Cum-soaked but happy after, Sandy goes to the parlor where four producers wait to audition her. She demonstrates her talents, sucking and rimming each. The overexcited Siffredi bursts into the bathroom and ravages Sidonie on the bidet. Later, Sandy is introduced to four black studs. She blows and rims each until they are primed for triple penetration. While watching Sidonie soak in the tub, Rocco does Sandy... As he cream rinses her hair, Sandy still asks for more." (AVN 97)

Rocco Goes To Prague. "...What to expect when you travel with Siffredi: a gorgeous brunette has her asshole stretched wide... Rocco spits in the hole until it's gurgling with saliva as he pokes his finger in it, then a huge black dildo - then his cock...

"She loves it. This video sets a record for having the most beautiful women who enjoy anal sex hard and deep. What happens when Rocco is in Prague is what happens when he's in any city with a video crew: a bunch of beautiful young women go to their knees to worship the huge phallic symbol between his legs. He makes converts of them all. It's the religion of Rocco, and his massive cock is the staff of life, his ejaculation the wafer on his supplicants' tongues. When they are face down, ass up, their butthole full of cock and Rocco's finger in their mouth, they are on the brink of a spiritual revelation. They see God, and He f---s them in the ass, and they are ruined for other men." (AFW 97)

Rocco wields his cock and magnetism with so much power that he f---s up women. Sex with Siffredi, T.T. Boy and Max Hardcore is a full contact sport where only the females get injured. "I never knew I could do the splits until I had sex with Rocco," said one woman who had to be hospitalized afterwards. Another girl broke her jaw giving Siffredi head. His agressive thrusting down the gullet of Alicia Monet caused he rto bite his dick in revenge before collapsing into hysterics and retiring from porn. It's no wonder that Rocco's The Man Who Loved Women.

"In this mock documentary about a day in the life of Rocco, he balls almost every chick in the cast. Brittany O'Connell and an exotic newcomer engage in a 69 session in front of Rocco's place in the hopes that they'll turn him on and they'll ask him in. They do and he does. Rocco then lines up his choices and starts his day with a BJ from Traci Prince. Traci begs him to come all over her, but the butler (Dick Nasty) reminds Rocco to preserve his strength. Roco moves off...and stuffs them both until he spurts. Brittany and another newcomer next get Roco'd. The scene is hot despite another "strength preserving" ending." (AFW 97)

"I don't care for Rocco," writes Herb Dntist on RAME. "He annoys me. Him and his Don Juan attitude. He seems to think pretty highly of himself and his prowess. My opinion is he makes up for poor performances by acting in a fever-pitched - maniacal manner. It doesn't impress me."

Lakechi, however, enjoys Siffredi and Rob Black for the way they degrade women. "Currently there are only two relevant directors working in porn today, Rocco and Rob Black.

"Rocco's movies have a more naturalistic approach, there aren't many special effects, lighting is adequate, but not a priority. Rocco's movies are superior to Blacks in that the wood is ALWAYS good and the Euro starlets have done things that were never seen in mainstream American porn. Rocco in the Czech Republic, the Sandy gang bangs, possibly the greatest vid yet - Never Say Never, and his recently released More Than Ever's- where women indulged in simulated golden showers, double anals, farm sex, etc. The women are always beautiful and the emphasis is on degradation. The only negative thing to be said about Rocco is that he seems to have abandoned American starlets- we have to see how some of the Americans would handle Rocco's current level of abuse.

"Rob Blacks movies are more like a music video, more and more they have descended into the realm of the psychedelic. f--- My Dirty s---hole was the ultimate fulfillment of the potential foreshadowed by Greg Dark - his editing is meant to take you into a world of the surreal - fast editing switches, good music, and excellent camera angles make this an exercise in seduction. As Rocco handles the degradation of the Europeans- Black handles the Americans. This can especially be seen in the new gang bang starlet movies where Stephanie Swift does what no one could have expected for this previous condom user - mass spitting in the face mass cumshots. Her performance was equaled in part 2 by Brooke Ashley who was always a stellar whore from her beginnings working for Max Hardcore." (RAME)


The lead actress for Romance, Caroline Ducey, felt disturbed when she found out from director Catherine Breillat - on the day of the shoot - that she'd be doing scenes with porn star Rocco Siffredi.

Breillat tells salon.com: I felt that had I told anyone I was going to cast Rocco for the role, there would have been an uncontrollable reaction in the press, and then I would have lost François Berleand in the role of Robert, which would have been a shame. Why shouldn't one put them in the same film? If I hadn't cast him, I wouldn't have this film. It was a radical idea, because it went against myself and against my inhibitions. My inhibitions are those of society and they are not profoundly me, but to fight against them is very, very difficult. But this is why we have a radical film. The [head technician] and the camera director -- who was very important to the project -- wouldn't want to be in the same room with him because they had prejudices. So I didn't want to say it immediately.

But it was obvious that they [Ducey and Rocco] were an extraordinary couple. I knew they were extraordinary. They knew only that being a porno star is not extraordinary at all. That's true, but Rocco is a very charismatic being. I had confidence in my choice, but there was terror on the set when he arrived.

It was very, very difficult. And extremely difficult for Rocco, because there are so many biting tongues on the set, a lot of culpability and shame put on him -- it was intolerable for him. For Caroline, how do you want her to be able to bear this? Well, she bore it for hours, for hours, for hours. She bore it from 10 in the evening till 3 o'clock in the morning. At 3 o'clock in the morning she couldn't stand it anymore, it's true. How could she be the only one to find it normal to film with Rocco when everybody else was appalled?

From http://www.salonmagazine.com/ent/movies/review/1999/09/17/romance/index.html:

...The camera is an expression of the phallus, and is thereby related to technology's rape of nature, America's rape of Vietnam, capitalism's rape of everything...

In the 1970s, these aspects of film -- a fascination with beauty, movie history, performers and sex -- all boiled to the surface in what I think of as the "let's f--- in a bare apartment until we arrive at an existential realization of ourselves, or die trying" genre. These films range from the sublime ("Last Tango in Paris," "The Last Woman") to the provocative ("In the Realm of the Senses") to the preposterous ("The Night Porter"). Breillat had a small role in "Last Tango," and has said that she was inspired to make "Romance" when she watched "In the Realm of the Senses." Can art and porn be fused?

The following was published in 1994 by Clifford Cremer.

Profession porn-actor.

If you watch pornographic movies now and then, you'll probably know him already: the Italian stallion Rocco Siffredi, "the man of iron". In his homecountry Italy, Siffredi's popularity matches that of a rockstar, in France he can't walk the streets without women asking him for his autograph, while in Germany too women go wild about him. Siffredi (30) is not an average porn-actor; he's one of the very few who made it to the top, and he's also the only European who became a big star in the United States. Nowadays, Siffredi doesn't lower his pants for less than 30.000 US dollars. And he can get away with it, for producers are still lining up for him, in Europe as well as in the States.

Rocco Siffredi was born in 1964 as Rocco Tano in the small Italian village of Ortona, south-Italy. The sleepy atmosphere of catholic Ortona however, soon started to bore goodlooking Siffredi. Aged 17, he quit his college of technology and went to Paris, where he worked as a waiter in his brother's restaurant. In his spare time Siffredi, who at that stage had already become an insatiable sex-drive, mainly visited Parisian sexclubs or "swingers-clubs", places were open sex took place. In one of those clubs, Siffredi would meet the right people to help kickstart his porn-carreer, and four years after he left Ortona, Siffredi starred in his very first hardcore-film.

Now, almost ten years, 600 films and about 3000 women later, Siffredi is not only an actor anymore, but a producer as well. Since about a year, Siffredi is owner of "Rocco Siffredi Productions", a very succesfull filmcompany which is conquering the international video-market at dazzling speed. RSP doesn't bother about low-key productions, for the company only produces "big-budget-movies". Those productions are shot throughout the world, and Siffredi has filmed on location from Los Angeles to Kenya, and from Australia to the Philipines.

Many of the films starring Siffredi are smash-hits in the Unites States.

Almost yearly those films get rewarded with the highest and best awards of America's porn-industry. International fame came to Siffredi mainly for his role in the "Buttmann"-series, a series produced by America's most famous porn-producer, John Stagliano (a personal friend of Siffredi). Some other titles of hardcore-films with a leading role of "rocky Rocco" include "Anal Nation", "Bend over Babes", "Roman Orgy", "Blow job Betty", "Nothing Personal" and "Buttmans ultimate workout".

Penthouse had an interview with the succesful Italian in London.

Siffredi is about an hour late when he shows up in the lobby of the posh "Hilton Mews" hotel, his face still covered with make-up. The shooting of "Buttmann goes to London, part 3" has just finished, and that shows on Siffredi's face. With an exhausted look, he excuses himself and first heads to his room to take a shower.

An hour later, Siffredi, John Stagliano and the American porn-actress Tanya Cheeks have their dinner at the hotel-restaurant. The atmosphere is cozy, the imported Heineken-beer tasts well. Siffredi chats a bit with Stagliano about the day's work. The Italian is very fond of the girl "with the dark hair", while Stagliano more liked "the girl with the blond hair". After this thorough evaluation of a hard day's work, Siffredi goes to his room, where the interview will take place.

Rocco, when you were 17 you left Italy for Paris. Why?

"Because I was slowly dying in Ortona and I longed for the real world. Only in Paris my eyes seemed to open up. In Ortona I couldn't get in contact with many girls, that's why I missed a real sexlife. The only thing my friends and me were doing, was talking about guys who'd left our town. I had a steady girlfriend, but when I slept with another girl, next day all of town would know about it. That got on my nerves, and that's why I left for Paris, to my brother who owned a restaurant over there."

At that stage, did you have any idea you would end up in the world of pornography?

"Not really, although my fascination for pornography started when I was only 11 years old. Then I already started watching porn-movies and reading sexmagazines. I kept on doing that untill I left for France."

Why did you start with that kind of thing so young?

"It just fascinated me. I started to masturbate when I was only 9 years old, and when I did that, I always used sex-magazines. Those magazines drove me crazy, I just couldn't get enough of it. Then I realised I wanted to do the same thing as those models, I wanted a job in the world of porno.

"As soon as I arrived in Paris, I started to ask around about the porn-industry. But because I had so little spare time, I never had the chance to meet the right people."

How did you eventualy got involved?

"In the restaurant where I was working I met a nice woman. She always asked me why I didn't become a photo-model. We went out together sometimes, and one day she took me to a "swingers-club", a discotheque where people swap partners and have sex in the open. I enjoyed that so much, that I became a regular over there, I visited it almost every single day since. That club belonged to a famous former pornstar, and through him I met Gabriel Pontello, another porn-actor who at that time was top of the bill, in France they called him "the king of kings of porn". In Italy Pontello was a celebrity as well, I had always admired him.

"Pontello saw me with all those women in the swingers-club, and asked me if I was interested to perform in a porn-movie. I thought "Wow, this is my chance!". The next day I had to report in his office. Pontello said he wanted to see how good I was, and then I f---ed his girlfriend on the top of his desk, while he was watching. "Okay," he said, "Tommorow report in the studio's". I was 21 then."

You had no problem f---ing Pontello's girlfriend like that?

"On the contrary, it really turned me on. The next day I came to the set of my first movie, called "Belle d'amour". When I arrived, everywhere beautiful naked women were walking around, wearing stockings and lingerie. I headed straight for the toilet and jerked off first. Then I did my first sex-scene, but I came already within a minute. I was so horny, I dreamt I was on another planet. And they paid me for it too, 1500 French francs to be precise. But if I had to, I would have paid money myself that day.

"After that, I shot movies for four to five monhts in a row. Then my first Italian movie was released, called "Fantastica Moanna", with Moanna Pozzi. For Moanna it was her first sex-movie (Moanna Pozzi was one of Italy's most famous pornstars. She died in 1994 because of an illness-CC). When my first film was released in Italy, I returned to Ortona. Then I started to travel the whole world, because all producers wanted me now in their films."

How many movies did you do so far?

"About five- to seven hundred, I guess. I'm not really sure, because there were a lot of compilations released with me in it, without me knowing about it. Besides, many scenes I did were put into other films. Most movies I played in I never saw myself."

And how many models did you have sex with?

"I have no idea. But if you count about 600 films, you can multiply each film with three to four women. And that does not include the women I had sex with for photo-shoots. I did much more photo-shoots than films. I guess I had sex with about 3000 women, but that's a rough estimate. And it also doesn't include my normal girlfriends, women I had affairs with."

Is there a big difference between your real sex-life and your "professional" sexlife?

"Yes, but I wish that was not so. To do porn-shootings isn't always nice: you do everything in front of a camera, and you can never forget about that. You're a professional in the first place. In my private life, I only do those things which I want to do with my partner."

In your films sometimes you have sex with three women at the same time.

"In my real life I never do that. It's too exhausting."

Do you have a girlfriend?

"Yes, since about one year. We live together in Italy."

What does she think of your job?

"In the beginning she didn't like it at all, but now she knows how to handle it. My work and my private life are strictly separated, and she knows that now. Now sometimes she even helps me with editing jobs or something, and she doesn't care."

So in your private life you only have sex with her?

"You can't put it like that. If I meet a woman and I like her, who knows what happens. But I'm not looking for adventures anymore, if you know what I mean."

You don't go out very often, you told me. What do you do in your free time?

"I watch movies, or I train in my fitness-room. I like boxing and running."

Are you being recognized on the streets many times?

"Constantly, and it starts to annoy me. In France almost everybody recognises me where-ever I go. In Italy too it's impossible for me to walk somewhere without being recognised."

How's that, not everybody knows about your sex-carreer, isn't it?

"It's because I'm in so many magazines, and because I'm on tv so many times. Many times people recognise me and start talk to me without even knowing I'm a famous porn-star. They just think I'm some kind of famous actor from a soap-series or something."

Since when are you a producer yourself?

"That started around Februar '94, then I decided I wanted to do less movies, and work more as a producer. I think Italians are now the best producers in the world, for they are the only ones who still work with budgets of 300- to 400.000 US dollars. "Many producers now realise they can only make a profit when they invest heavily in a film. The small producers who want to make quick and easy money with no investment at all, can't survive anymore. After a couple of films they go broke, because the consumers don't buy their crap anymore. The big producers make their money over a longer period, they invest time and money in their productions."

How do you make your money as an actor, do you get paid per film or per


"Right now I don't get paid at all, because I only work with producers who sell their copyrights for Italy to me. As an actor, I only appear in the best and biggest productions, or I only work with the best producers, like John Stagliano. For him I distribute his films in Italy, and I get my profit from that as well."

And how about five years ago?

"Then I was paid per day. One day's work on the set fetched me around 1000 US dollar."

Easy money, I would say.

"Not at all. Actually it's nothing compared with what the producers get. Besides, those 1000 dollar was my price, normally actors in the US get only about 200 dollar per day."

What's the difference between your films and the other labels?

"We want to show real sex to our viewers, as realistic as possible. In my films there's no acting, everything is for real. I try to minimise the dialogue in my films. I work on the most beautiful locations and with the very best girls, who really enjoy what they do. There's always live-sound in my productions, never synchronisation. In my films, I always ejaculate in the face of the models, never somewhere else. Because from the expression on their face, you can tell if they liked what they did or not. The most important part of my films are the female models. They really have to enjoy sex. That's why my films are quality-products."

I saw some pictures of you in the Italian press, which showed you together with about a whole girls-school in Budapest. What was that all about?

"You mean my film "True Story's." We went to Hungary to do a new film, but we only didn't have the models yet. In Budapest we contacted a normal model-agency. All Hungarian girls of that agency wanted to participate in our production. Three quarters of them wanted to do porn-scenes as well, the rest would not. Of the 33 girls we used, 25 never had any hardcore experience. But on the set, I finally convinced them all, so in the end, I had sex with all of them. You can see the result in "True Story's". During the casting, no less than 200 girls showed up."

Pffff.. How do you stay in shape for your job? Do you eat something special or something?

"No, you just have to eat healthy and stay fit. I am a performer. It doesn't matter wheter you drink or smoke, as long as you have a clean spirit. You can't have any stress, when you have stress you can forget it. You got to have a clean mind."

How many times a day can you have an orgasme?

"Normally I have two orgasmes per day on the set. One time I had to do that for 25 days in a row."

How do you do that?

"It's a state of mind. If you reach that stage mentally, your body gets used to it. The secret of every porn-actor is, that he has a personal fantasy, his own trip. If you can't have an orgasm with the woman you're f---ing, you can switch to your fantasy."

I saw you once in a movie with three very old women, over 60. That time you switched to your fantasy?

"No, because I found it very stimulating. I don't need my fantasy when I can have sex in a very strange or perverted manner, for that is real sex to me. Even the most beautiful woman on earth couldn't excite me when she would have sex with me for another reason than me. Those three old ladies really turned me on, because all of them wanted to have sex with me badly. If they were young beautiful girls, who would only be there for the money, I would have had to switch to my fantasies. That week, I already f---ed a whole bunch of beautiful girls, so those old ladies were fine to me. After that movie I made another one with a fat woman weighing 130 kilogrammes. The same thing applied to her. Those kind of women ofcourse always are amateurs, who really enjoy sex. It's the best sex you can get."

So you never have any problems getting a hard-on...

"This I shouldn't say, but lately it's becoming more and more of a problem. In the past I could f--- any girl anytime. Now I start to say: not with that one, and not with that one. Not because I'm getting old, but because I only want to work with the best of the best. That's why I like to participate in the "Buttmann"-series of John Stagliano. Nothing is ever written on paper there, you can just do what you want and go with girls you like. But in a movie like "Tarzan" I have to do it with black women. I don't complain, for Tarzan lives in the jungle. If it's neccesary for the job, I will do it. But otherwise I won't."

What do you do when three naked girls are waiting for you on the set, and you can't get an erection?

"Then I will withdraw for a few minutes, to fantasise as long as necesary in order to get a hard-on. Luckily, I don't have to do that very often, because in 70 percent of all cases I get horny enough. Only with 30 percent I have to fantasise. I'm glad those percentages are the way they are, becuase too much fantasising is not good."

What kind of woman do you like in your personal life?

"I like two sorts; they must be very feminine, or very young. So very feminine females or young teenagers. Colour of the hair or things like that don't matter to me."

Can you differentiate between women of different nationalities in who's good in bed and who's not?

"No, you can only say which kind of women have more heart for sex. In general those are the more southern women, Spanish, Italian, even French. But also American. I think it has a lot to do with their upbringing. In general those women are raised in very religious, and thus prudish cultures. As soon as those women taste the real life and start to have sex, they go completely wild about it."

The models you use in your movies, do they have real orgasmes or is it all fake?

"I would say 80 percent has a real orgasm when they're with me. That's the only reason why I'm able to do this job such a long time. Those old women you just mentioned, for example, they came screaming."

What is the best type of woman to star in a hardcore-production?

"The best ones are exhibitionists, second place are the nymphomaniacs. Not all porn-models belong to these two groups, but they're the best you can get. The rest do their job for another reason, for money or out of curiosity. But they'll stop after two or three productions."

Do you often work with prostitutes?

"Never, because those are the worst models in the world. They feel ashamed in the first place for what they do, and they don't like sex at all. The best models are girls from the countryside. Whores don't like sex, they consider sex as their job."

If you can't find models through an agency, where do you get them from?

"I get a lot of letters from freelance models through my fanclub. A short time ago, a girl wrote to me, she wanted to have sex with 20 men at the same time. After that, she wanted to be f---ed by a black man and four very old guys. After that, she wanted me. We did it all to her, on film. That film is a big succes in Italy."

How do you explain that porn-models nowadays are so incredibly beautiful?

"Those models belong to a new generation, a generation who doesn't give a damn about what others think of them. They just do what they want, and they know how to enjoy life. If you would ask them why they haven't become "normal" actresses, they would tell you to f--- off. They would say: "I like to f---, that's why! What's the problem?"."

You're never afraid of aids?

"I never think of it. My blood is being tested every three months, like everybody else in this business. In the porn-bizz everybody does it, that's why the risk is relatively small. So professional actors and actresses are not worried about it. I had my last test just a couple of weeks ago."

What would you do if you were to test hiv-positive?

"I don't know. In any case I would stop working as an actor."

Are you not afraid of other veneral diseases, like herpes?

"Let me tell you a secret: in this business everybody has herpes, myself included. Every professional in the porn-world has herpes, male or female. It's the smallest thing you can get, it's really nothing serious. Now and then it shows up on your body, then you get small blisters or ulcers on your mouth or genitals. Sometimes it returns once in two years, sometimes two times a month. It's called Herpes Simplex.

"My doctor said every fourth person on earth has some kind of herpes, a quarter of the total world-population."

But you don't have to worry no more, for you already have it. (Sighs)

"Probably I got it even before I came into this business. "

I presume you don't work when blisters and ulcers show on your lips?

"No, then I have to rest for a week and take my medicine."

Something else; do you ever take some stimulants, like cocaine for example, to boost your performance on the set?

"Never, I don't use anything at all. I don't even drink or smoke. Never tried it in my life. I only know a few people who use cocaine. Even in the States the white powder is "out."

Do you understand men who are really jealous, who say: look, he's bedding the most beautiful women and gets paid for it as well.

"No, that's bulls---. In the beginning I also thought like that, when I was not a professional. On the one side it's true: indeed, porn-actors do f--- the most beautiful women for a living. But it is not only that. Because if you're not good enough, you only make two or three movies and that's it, then you're out again. To stay on the top is very difficult.

"We should get more respect from the people, I think. Because our job is much more than only the light side, to have sex with beautiful models. It's not that simple. You must be a real professional, you have to talk two or three languages, you must be able to act, you must look handsome and fit all the time. It's not like 20 years ago anymore.

"To most directors, it doesn't matter whether you're sick or not, the only thingh they want to see is your hard dick. And many models only work for the money, they don't even look at you. Then you have to maintain your erection alone with your right hand and a lot of fantasies. Furthermore, in Europe producers almost never work with live-sound, like they do in the States. So then sometimes ten or twenty people stand around the set, doing nothing else but cracking feeble jokes. You think that's easy? Nothing can be harder than acting in a porn-movie!"


Tigra aka Hannah, a 34E 5'2" girl from Manchester, England, talked to Luke F-rd over the phone Thursday afternoon, 7/23/98. In the industry since March, she's appeared in about 20 videos.

She had a bad experience with Rocco Siffredi, who apparently no longer performs on camera. He still produces. There have been numerous rumors that Rocco is HIV positive.

"Because the girls in Budapest do anything, because they need money… English girls are more reserved. I didn't perform with Rocco. I worked with Roberto who had the biggest cock I've ever seen.

"Rocco didn't tell me what he wanted. I'm new to this business. I've never done water sports [urination]. Rocco told Kirstyn it was just a basic threesome with a girl called Kelly, myself and Roberto [Malone]. It became violent. I didn't enjoy it. They didn't get my best performance, which upset me.

"Rocco said, 'let's do the cum shot.' So we opened our mouths, and the guy [Roberto] pissed in our mouths. I threw up. I cried. He [Rocco] was vicious. The next day, another British girl did it with him and the same thing happened. So he packed his bags and went back to Budapest.

"Roberto's cock was the fattest motherf---er ever. I couldn't even get my hands around it. While I was giving him a blowjob, he was holding on to my nose, wanting me to be sick [vomit] all over it. It's not my scene. I freaked.

"Then Rocco went mental on Kirstyn. 'This girl is crazy, crazy.' At the end of the day Rocco said that I should not have been cast for that scene…

"I've never done watersports. I wouldn't even let my boyfriend piss in my mouth, let alone a complete stranger. Kelly is his normal actress. She'd do anything for him. She'd s---, she'd piss…everything, get sick [vomit]… He'd piss in her mouth and she'd eat it. She was licking up all this piss off the table. I don't like that s---.

"Kirstyn says that Rocco seems to have lost it [gone mad]… I think he's been in Budapest too long. He seems to have gone really wacky. Kirstyn has worked with him loads of times in the past and he's never been like that. She's never known a scene to be so violent.

"In England, he didn't do any acting at all. He was just the cameraman… Perhaps the HIV rumors about him are true.

"British women are used to being treated like ladies. We're not like the girls in Budapest. I won't tolerate someone pissing and s---ting and constantly f---ing my ass for six hours nonstop. Then they moan about paying us. They only paid me $400… The anal was very hard because this guy's dick was so wide and long. His dick was like a baked bean tin. f---ing huge.

"They had me do reverse cowgirl anal. The anal scene went on and on. Longest of my life. They must've got two hours of oral and two hours of anal, and a bit of pussy f---ing. Then he wanted pissing scene. He wanted this and he wanted that.

"Rocco moaned to me, 'you must look like you enjoy it.' And I said, 'Rocco, I don't enjoy this… It's not my scene.'

"I hear that Kirstyn wanted him out. Him and Kirstyn had lots of problems and she wanted him out of the country."

Emmanuelle Richard of French National Radio writes to me 8/98:

If Rocco Siffredi doesn't perform so much, it might be simply because he is getting fed up with acting. A French porn actor with whom I went to dinner in Budapest last year arrived late from a Rocco shooting, really surprised by Rocco's deep involvement in his family. He said Rocco has changed a lot since he became a father and bought this ranch in the outskirt of Budapest. His wife is very Hungarian, meaning beautiful and sexy, but she is reportedly possessive and demands that he spend time at home.

This actor friend told me Rocco was obviously not into acting and had only one thing in mind: going back to his family and hugging his kid. I guess I smiled in disbelief, having heard reports from other actors about his monstrous conduct with girls on sets, peeing in their mouth and stuffing their vaginas with omelette. But during an interview with Rocco in Barcelona in September, I was surprised to see how little interested he was in speaking about his porn projects, how absent-minded he looked when talking to other professionals. He seemed blase, except when we came to speak about his family and suddenly moved his hands in every direction. He also said he wants to direct more and act less.


Ron Jeremy and Joey Silvera worked with Rocco in Heidelberg, Germany for Traci Orlovski's VTO in 1994, shortly after the Italian stud had been circumsized. "Rocco was putting his dick in milk on the advice of a doctor," says a source. "Joey and Ron would make a joke, 'ok, who's going to drink it [milk]?' Several times when he [Rocco] got a boner while it was healing, it started to bleed."

Email 4/18/99: "Rocco is a sensation in France for the hardest sex scene in his life - a mainstream French movie. In interviews, hee tells interesting things about how he started masturbating all the time at an early age (he told Libération "it killed my childhood") He thinks he inherited his grandpa's talents. His grandfather was a hot-blooded Italien who had 26 children with his two wives and was living off bull sperm. He was raising bulls so that farmers would bring him their cows, but he died at age 46, killed by an infuriated bull. Rocco was born a Taurus."


Svenesb writes on RAME: I watched Rocco's Animal Trainer last night, and I gotta tell you, my thoughs on this guy's movies are starting to change...He is getting repetitive, losing the eroticism and going for the extreme factor more and more. His early work, like Rocco in Prauge, was great...hardcore but maintaining a level of heat. Now he is going off the scale toward the land of Max, use the girls as dogs, rotten way of making films. Hey Rocco, I can do without watching a girl lick your hairy asshole for the 1,000th time.... I can do without the gynecological four finger in the ass strectch look... I can do without the execessive spitting... I can do without so much A2M... I can do without the slapping... I can do without your holding the girls nose while she gives head... I can do without the excessive drool during head... And while were on the subject, give Kelly $200 so she can get her damn teeth fixed, and another few hundred to tighten up her asshole, she is collecting flies with that thing... Come on Rocco, your were great, but now you are just another misogynistic asshole...Hot broads, enthusiastic sex from all, and some eroticism, will ya?

Lattara: Way back in 1995 Rocco in the film(s) he did with a girl called Sandy - the scenes are available I believe in various combinations - was flushing his partner's head down the toilet whilst f---ing her, having a young girl lick the hairy arseholes of a group of 10 or so elderly (and rather grubby looking) men and doing variants on slapping, spitting, tieing up and dripping candle wax on. I'm not making moral judgements here, but the suggestion that Rocco is *becoming* Max is way off beam. I found several reviews of Sandy Insatiable via the IAFD and as one reviewer (GS) comments:-

>I saw no evidence that either woman enjoyed any part of these scenes. > [the scenes in the toilet]. I've seen a good bit of Max Hardcore and >compared to these two scenes, Max looks like a nice guy.

And this guy had seen a version where the shot of Sidonie having her head flushed had been excised! Now I've seen other Rocco scenes where the girls get into things, so I don't want to say this isn't true. However, I think Rocco has always had his Max-ish side, and the little I've seen of Max's stuff suggests that (before he got that job in speculum sales) Max had his Rocco-ish side (albeit one that was about 4 inches shorter :-) ).

Rocco Interview
2003-07-15 21:43:19

Renee writes on RAME: Below is my own English translation of the 2002 interview that Rocco Siffredi gave to a Spanish newspaper. I tried to make it as understandable as possible, but if anyone knows spanish better than me, please pass onto me any corrections. The interview talks alot about his career, his personal life, and some of his musings on his sexual philosophy.

The original article is at

Rocco is a man who enjoys his work very much. by Juan Carlos
Rodriguez, from El Mundo (Spanish newspaper, Nov 3, 2002)

From a young age he clearly knew his vocation: to be star of porno films. And he has obtained unquestionable success, while preparing to retire in two years, when he reaches 40. Also producer of his films, before filming he insures his tool for 600,000 euros.

Married and father of two children, his children know about his career, although he covers their eyes when they see the naked photos. Rocco Siffredi has a good mind, in addition to natural talent.

Captions for photos: 1. The motos. He has his own Siffredi Team, and works to organize a championship of Supermotard. 2. As producer, he organizes casting calls to hire actors. 3. His wife: With Rosa Caracciolo, a 30 years old Hungarian, with which he has two children: Lorenzo and Leonardo.

When Rocco Siffredi got undressed in Bullfighter, the porno remake of Blood and Sand which takes place in the Madrid bullring of Chinchón, he already knew that sooner or later he would end up cutting off the bull's tail. In his case, a penis XXL (23 cm (9 in) in length and six cm in thickness) that, before each film, is insured by Lloyds of London for 600,000 euros. The care of his valuable tool of work is not worthless: it has already undergone the over-enthusiastic bite of an actress, and a wasp sting during an outdoor scene. Throughout his fruitful career as a stallion (two decades in active-duty), this Italian colt of 38 years has been in more than 1,300 films, as well as the hundreds of films produced by him. And he has had about 4000 lovers on film.

The past October, at the X Erótico Festival of Barcelona where he won the prizes as the best director and best actor for his last production, The Ass Collector, Rocco Tano ( born in Ortona, Italy, 1964),is unquestionably the masculine face of hard heterosexual film; he announced that he would retire by age 40. In the world this news caused more commotion than the retirement of the matador Jose Tomás. Not in vain, Rocco is the first sword of porno world-wide. But his retirement was seen to come. Siffredi (who took his stage name from the Borsalino film, where Alain Delon plays a gangster call asi ') is almost a grandfather in his profession. Although he is at the peak of his career, since he is also a producer (Rocco Siffredi Productions), his working rate as a performer has slowed down.
In fact, when we arrived at his house in Rome, located in Via Aurelia, an exclusive suburb 15 minutes from the airport, he was preparing an egg white, but not just for breakfast. Having sex 25 days a month, at two scenes per day (in porno, each scene is a sex act). When one ejaculates 50 times a month your sperm is exhausted and egg whites help. They contains pure protein, he wisely instructs. And, they give a dangerous power.

Of athletic and healthy build, with flat abs but with some incipient hair thinning, he is 190 cm in height; the best trick so that a pornostar stays in form for the long-haul is to find psycho/physical balance. How? In Naples they say that lu cazzo nun vo to pensier? (the penis does not want preoccupations). When you have a mind full of problems, it does not work well. I have a certain endurance and know that I do not have to surpass my limit. I have worked eight hours without losing an erection. Now I only work 10 days a month for films produced and directed by me. I do not smoke, I do not drink, I do not stay out late at night. I feel like a lucky person because my metabolism does not need drugs and alcohol. But if there is something that gives emotional stability to him and fills him with pride, it is his family. There is his wife (Rosa Caracciolo, an attractive 30 year old Hungarian that he met in 1993 at an erotic festival in Cannes) and his two children (Lorenzo and Leonardo, of six and three years respectively) the true center of his life. As an actor I no longer have motivations, he recognizes while the children run around the house, a modern house of three floors that Rosa decorated with minimalist style: parqué, crystal, aluminum...

Too much cold for the hot Rocco. But my main home is in Budapest, he clarifies.

The amputation of his virile member will be, of course, symbolic. The desire to perform sex will be always there. To me it would cut it only for a reason: the frustration that I surely will feel when I only work behind the camera. Guess why, with those women that act!

That frustration, believe me, I am feeling it with two years of
anticipation. So I do not have left more remedy than to worry my last cartridges with much intensity, as if I had left two years of life left. He cannot avoid it: this phrase comes with a libidinous smile.

Under his mature Latin appearance of an Italian lover, the soul of a devil hides; a combination that in its beginnings (1985) had to be irresistible. Those scenes are noted for their intensity, realism and hardness. As director, his conception of Hard Core derives from a semidocumentary direction, the pornographic neorealism his mark of identity.
A physical formula more prototypical of male dominants and in the style of Jamie Guilles, famous American pornostar of the 70s, Rocco is the first European porno actor with international vitality, affirms the critic Agustí Diaz, who emphasizes among the factors of Rocco's success. Rocco is one of the most honored actors in the porno world: more than one hundred prizes, including several AVN, the Oscar of porn) and the advantage of porno for the home televisions that, at the beginning of the 90s caused greater access to porn. According to Diaz, Rocco satisfies two fantasies: to men he is the cousin of Zumosol; for the women, the male of tender but perverse nature at heart.

PERSON And PERSONAGE. The question is asked: perhaps it is easy to turn 23 cm into a record? Responds Salvador Diago, president of International Film Group (IFG), the distributor of the Siffredi films in Spain (50 in five years, at the rate of 10 annually), Rocco is the most intelligent person of this industry that I know. And the one that sells more. Rocco is not the one to have the greatest member; in fact, there is one who surpasses him. But he is one of the few that has a good head on his shoulders. Most in the industry go downhill when they make money.

If Rocco emphasizes something, it is his professionalism. He always appears hard from the first scene. His fans idolize him for his animal passion, nothing false. He swears not to use stimulates, artificial anabolics nor viagra. He has never had to leave flat. He never fails. Neither in his businesses. He is an educated, serious, trustworthy type. Directors and actresses confirm this. And the best part of the story is that he always dreamed about being a star of porno.

Born in Ortona Mare, a city of 20,000 inhabitants on the Adriatic, in a humble family of six children (his father, Gennaro, worked as a municipal employee, and his mamma, Carmela as a housewife), Rocco, the 2nd youngest was interested early in sex. Go to the church of San Giuseppe, my mother, deluded, said: this will cure you. She did not know that, already at 9 years old I was reading the photomag Supersexy. The star Gabriel Pontello was my idol: the extraterrestrial that has sex with earthlings. I always knew that this career was the best work that one could hope for. One day his mother him found him masturbating in the bathroom; she did not reprimand him. This was a great shame of my life; In the house, sex
was taboo.

He earned his first money at 11 years old: three dollars to clean the beach of Ortona. I gave it to my mother. Her memory fills me with emotion, because she always ate the leftovers of the previous day so that her children ate fresh food. Until the year of her death, in 1991, Rocco sent half of his pay to her. At 13 years old in 1977, when the Majestic theater in Milan first showed Deep Throat Rocco lost his virginity with a girl of 25. From then on his life was a total desperation. He asked himself: how it is possible that my friends spend Sundays listening to soccer on the radio and they are not interested in girls? The atmosphere in Ortona suffocated me. There, if you have one girl, it's good; when you have sex with two, people begin to speak badly; with three, you are a pig, a sexual maniac. In order to be relieved he traveled to Pescara.

Nevertheless, he worried that he might end up working in hotels like his brothers. In school he remembers being timid, although not an introvert, and always respectful to the teachers. He then attended five years of vocational school: his parents hoped that his diploma of technician in electronics would get him a job with the telephone company, like his uncle. But Rocco does not do things out of obligation: something does not excite to you, is impossible. Without anything better to do, at 16 years he enlisted in the Navy; it lasted three months. Then one of his brothers asked him to work in his Paris restaurant. That trip opened to him the doors to an exciting world...

PILOT OF HELICOPTERS. It's 12 noon. Lorenzo, the older boy,
plays with a model helicopter from a bookcase in the study where the interview takes place. He does not know how to turn off the motor.

Rocco interrupts the conversation to mock-fight with him affectionately. I am taking away your membership card to the
helicopter, he says. Rocco's second childhood dream, after being porno actor, was to be a pilot. A fan of model airplanes, in his house in Budapest, where he resides mainly and makes all his films (it's the Mecca of the cinema porno: great scenes, cute girls, etc) he keeps his collection of remote-controlled helicopters. He has more than 20. Next to the three houses Rocco has on his Hungarian property, with three floors each and a total of 1,500 square meters, he has constructed a five hectare motocross circuit. Because, outside films, his great passion is motorcycles. I began to ride a Cagiva and have more than 30 models: aprillias, slings, supermotard, yamahas of different piston displacements... Why so many, I ask? I am shamed, believe me, Rocco answers sincerely, conscious perhaps that his eagerness as a collector is a response to a childhood full of restrictions.

But that's not all. He also collects clocks (40 of them), most of limited editions; he chooses one each day based on his mood. Today he chooses a IWC Pilot because it inspires him and it is going to dedicate all the day to us. Excessive in everything, he recognizes. It's pleasant to have sex with different girls, to drive different motocycles, to remote-control different helicopters. But strange as it seems, he stays faithful to his wife, which cause envy in his profession. After participating in the delivery of the prizes Hot D'Or de Cannes, in 1993, where Rosa worked distributing
publicity, Rocco proposed to her to act in a XXX version of The Bodyguard. She accepted. I have filmed a few scenes, but only with my husband, she clarifies.

For the photographic part of the interview, the driller of Ortona takes off his clothes and stays naked. (Disciplined, sex with a clock is covered with wall. Its instruments are in rest, perhaps although in erection it would not fit in a cubata glass?) That of Spanish pornostar Nacho Vidal, confesses Rocco himself, wouldn't fit into the glass. One of the differences between Rocco and Nacho, whom Rocco first supported and introduced to the U.S.A., is that to the Italian the force by the mouth does not go away to him. He does not have to demonstrate anything.

In Rocco's study there is pornographic material. Suddenly, the little rebel Lorenzo opens the door, notices something and he gives a kiss to his father, covering his eyes with his hands. The first-born knows what papa does for a living, but understands that he in not meant to do the same. Yes, when Lorenzo sees a picture of a girl without clothes, he asks: That girl is for you, poppa? Rocco says, I believe that my children must see my office with normality. My Brazilian colleague Franco Roqueforte, recently had a scare when his children said to him: we already know what you do for a living. They had seen a poster with Franco's naked torso at the entrance of sex shop.

After this news, Rocco invites us to eat in a nearby restaurant. And it is then that this journalist contemplated one of the more tender scenes than he has ever seen. In order to keep Rocco from leaving the house, something that happens frequently when he goes to work, his small son, Leonardo, has entangled himself between Rocco's legs. I'll return soon, his father says with a wave. Later, Rocco talks about the time that Leonardo was on the verge of suffocating while choking on some peanuts. A day went by without the doctors detecting the peanuts. That agony has been saddest one of my life.

Getting back to Rocco the young man in Paris, working at his brother's restaurant. There he knew a woman who introduced him to an alternative club: Le 103. It was like entering paradise. Now he was in his element. Rocco found out that he f-cked incredibly well with the girls; while Madame Denise introduced him to the very same Gabriel Pontello. The extraterrestrial of photomag Supersexy! His idol! Who could believe it? Gabriel said to me: good cock. Let's see what you know how to do. He named Rocco his successor. Immediately he made a debut in his first porno, Belle D'amour, by the Frenchman Michel Ricaud. Were there any was worries? When I began in this work I did not know what impotence was.

And that an actor had to prepare himself to have an erection seemed to me inconceivable. From a young age I had a faculty that, fortunately, with time became a virtue.

After leaving Claudia and Silvie, his young girlfriends in Paris, he got to know the English model Tina. We had a very hard sexual attachment. She helped me discover a new dimension to sex. She was a masochist. Did this influence Rocco in his way of understanding sexuality in the cinema? Sure, he says. Tina introduced him to the fashion world, and during the 2 years of the relationship, Rocco worked as a conventional model in Gawin's agency in London. After the breakup, he decided to dedicate himself professionally to porno. The actress and German producer Teresa Orlowsky, with whom he made 300 films, hardened him into a soldier to launch him in Europe and she facilitated the contacts to send him to the US. In 1991, the Curse of the Catwoman by John Leslie was filmed. The freshness and power in scenes of the driller of Ortona did not go unnoticed. The great John Stagliano, owner of the great world-wide pornographic company, Evil Angel, also was interested in Rocco. While Leslie looks to unravel the souls of his actors, in an atmosphere where the woman dominates the sexual ceremony, Stagliano goes more to the grain: his taste for the feminine buttocks causes him to be known as Buttman, title of a successful series acted in by Siffredi. Precursor of the format pro a.m. (professional with camera in hand which they try to catch the naturalness of amateur film along with improvisation); he is the Steven Spielberg of porno? This has created a new school of porno.

WITHOUT LIMITS. Rocco recognizes the influence of the these masters.. I contribute a sexuality of greater truthfullness. I am different from both Leslie and Stagliano in that I do not have limits. In order to understand what Rocco means by a strong scene, he recommends viewing Rocco's Way to Love (2001) or Stagliano's Fashionistas. Between his first film, Belle D'amour, and the last one, The Ass Collector, he has spent almost 20 years.

How has his career evolved? I did not then have personality. I was only aware that I liked to do it with a girl. Now, my face transmits more perversions; I put more ideas in the mind of the woman. According to Ramon Freixas and Joan Bassa, authors of sex in the cinema and the cinema in sex (Ed. Paidós Studio), the extreme aggressiveness that is displayed in these films, the testosterone apotheosis, the certainly degrading image of the woman, brutalized by their impetuous aims, are some of the accusations that stoke the controversy of the porno cinema. There are some who say that these productions are evil. Rocco defends himself: violence is, simply, the form by which I live my sexuality, and there are many women who understand this. They are the ones that confess to me that what they do with me they would not do it with anybody else, actor or producer. Believe me, after having sex with 4,000 women (documented number) I know that the women have fewer limits than the men.

Carmen, one of the few Spanish actresses that has worked with the Italian colt recognizes this. Some women had told her that Rocco is a brute. It caused me to be nervous (she said), because on the film set he is God, but there was no problem: He asked me what I liked and what not. He seemed to me romantic and charming. Like any actress who works with Rocco, Carmen had to contribute a certificate of AIDS and hepatitis to demonstrate that she was clean. The dictatorship of the market forces the filming of all the scenes without condoms.

Later that afternoon, Rocco takes care of a telephone call. It is Catherine Breillat, the French director who offered the first conventional screen role to him, in Romance (1999). Its debut was preceded by a certain scandal due to its explicit sexual scenes. The hook of Italian pornostar contributed to the success of the film. Later she made two other films that did not have any repercussions, Siffredi explains. She has offered me a homosexual role. She said to me that the role has a relationship with a young person of 16 years. Although according to her I was well-suited to the role, I refused. I
don't work with animals nor with minors. Now she says to me that they will look for an 18 year old horse, for me. I have replied no to her. Would his manhood be questioned? If that film harnessed to me like actor... But that is not an artistic, but a commercial proposal, just to cause scandal. And in the end everybody would speak of those scenes with Rocco. If the screenplay came from Pedro Almodóvar, not myself, I would think about it. Rocco would then work for free.
Rocco has received offers from his compatriots Bertolucci and Scorsese. While time goes by, several projects make the rounds to him: to open a restaurant and, in particular his escudería (Siffredi Team), to organize the next Italian national championship of Supermotard. The prize? To have sex with 100 gorgeous women that come from Prague. I will be filming during the race. To the current champion of the world of 500 cc, Valentino Rossi, fan of the actor, it would not matter to appear just as an extra in the film. But the sponsers? They prevent it. It's become late. Rocco says goodbye amiably. We're invited as guests to the exciting Supermotard championship. On the following day I call him to confirm the measurement of his tool. On the Internet it was found: 25 cm, although at its final moment it can grow to 28 cm. I thought that an porno actor of his category would defer to respond. But, like always, his answer was humble and sincere: only 23.

From Hardcoregossip 11/14/04:

HCG: Did it freak you out to play a gay guy [in the mainstream movie Anatomy of Hell]?

RS: No. Honestly, not too much, because for me to get a blowjob from a guy would have been easier than to kiss the guy. I thought the kiss was too much because it was too intimate, but the blowjob would have been easier because I can make my dick hard, whatever.

HCG: You can close your eyes.

RS: It’s what we do, we are used to just getting hard. I thought for the movie, it would have been much more right to have a kiss, that is why I did it. Nobody forced me to do it. It was my idea, so that people would look at me like a real actor and not just Rocco Siffredi the porn star. Who is going to believe I’m gay?

I had fun with Belladonna and a few girls in America, but usually it is just better working with European girls. They start out better I think. For example, in this movie, today is the last day of the movie, my last movie, and I didn’t get f-cked one time right. Everything was just wrong. Once people are in a position of importance, it’s like they can’t just lower themselves and say let’s have fun. In every scene I have had to deal with problems of ego. Like my first scene of this movie, with Tawny Roberts, I got a black eye. I don’t know the reason.

Actually that scene was one of the nice ones, even though it was completely f-cked up because she was drunk so I couldn’t f-ck how I wanted to.