Friday, June 4, 2004:

Miss Arroyo (tall slim blonde with tattoos who caught HIV from Darren James according to AIM) storms out of the hearing after Sharon Mitchell says the industry's favored PCR/DNA test will only pick up an HIV infection after two weeks or so of infection.

I noticed Miss Arroyo getting emotional whenever Sharon Mitchell spoke.

Miss Arroyo screams that she doesn't want to be before the TV cameras. She has a woman from the LA County Health Department chaperoning her around. Miss Arroyo is upset she wasn't personally told about the hearing and called to testify.

The TV cameramen chase her. Then they note her upset and stop. A couple reporters follow her.

Rob's outside. He hugs Miss Arroyo. He talks to the cameras on her behalf. They crowd around him. She interjects as he speaks.

Miss Arroyo: "That's the first time I heard that the test was no good. If the test is no good, then we should be using condoms.

"They [AIM] didn't call me and tell me my test was no good. They didn't invite me to the hearings."

She's crying. "I didn't want to f---ing talk because I didn't want to insult her. She didn't f---ing tell me that the test was f---ing bad."

Rob: "They [AIM] don't care about nothing but the money. They want to test every two weeks? More money."

Miss Arroyo: "What's the point if the test is no good?"

Duke: "What test doesn't work?"

Rob: "The PCR/DNA."

Duke: "But that's her [Sharon's] favorite test."

Rob: "She should stick it up her ass and stop patting herself on the back."

Rob rants to the cameras about Sharon taking too long to notify companies about Darren James' HIV positive test. He tested on a Friday. Rob says an HIV positive result came back Saturday or Monday but Sharon did not notify people until Tuesday (twelve hours after Gene Ross broke the news on Adultfyi).

"The reason she told us she was hiding something was that the big companies would be upset if there was a false positive. That wasn't more important than people who were HIV [positive] out there working? No."

Miss Arroyo: "She's telling people this is not an epidemic. She's not telling people about the state of mind people are in. Afterwards, you are going to need counseling.

"I'm going to beat my HIV but that woman gave it to me. That woman enables people.

"She told the [gossip] sites my real f---ing name and that I'm HIV positive. And that it's O.K. to put my picture up. Isn't that against the law? But it's not against the law because Sharon Mitchell said it's O.K. It's not against the law because we tested at AIM [and have to sign certain privacy rights away.]

"Now she's telling people it's O.K. to shoot without condoms. No it's not. It's time to start protecting people. Think about somebody who watched that movie [where no condoms are used].

"I want to sue her for using my real name. Five seconds after she told me I was positive, she made a phone call [to the gossip sites]. She doesn't protect people with HIV."

Duke: "What was wrong your test?"

Miss Arroyo: "There was nothing wrong with my test. There was something wrong with Darren James's test. He shot for three weeks on a test that said he was negative when he was positive. Her PCR test didn't pick it up."

Duke: "You worked with Darren James?"

Miss Arroyo: "Yeah, I got HIV from him."

Miss Aroyo, Rob Spallone

Miss Aroyo, Rob Spallone

Miss Aroyo, Rob Spallone

Miss Aroyo, Rob Spallone

Miss Aroyo, Rob Spallone

Miss Aroyo, Rob Spallone

Miss Aroyo, Rob Spallone

Seymore Butts AKA Adam Glasser, Miss Aroyo (HIV positive porn star)

Dr. Jonathan Fielding talks to TV men

Suze Randall

Suze Randall

Miss Aroyo

Bill Margold, Rob Spallone in background

Gene Ross, Rob, Bill

Mr Marcus

Rob Spallone

Sharon Mitchell

Sharon Mitchell

Mr Marcus, Suze Randall, Rob Spallone

Mr Marcus, Suze Randall, Rob Spallone

Karma Will Kick You In The Ass

About a year ago, Miss Arroyo was down on her luck. This woman let her crash at her place as long as she pitched in and kept the place up. Miss Arroyo is scarily schizophrenic. She stole about a thousand dollars worth of clothes. She stole an organizer to get industry connections. She stole keys. She was a user. She was ejected. Her host thought, karma will get her. Now Miss Arroyo has HIV.