I chat with 20-year old Lolita Dita. In porn since last September, 2003, she's done five movies. She's cute and lazy. She did a five-man gangbang.

She drives a brown hatchback wagon. She likes to put the seats back and have sex in there. She did not do the gangbang in there because "the guys' dicks are bigger than the car."

"Why are you pacing yourself so much between movies?"

"I get exhausted easy."

"You find those five-man gangbangs wear you out?"


"What brought you into porn?"

"It was my idea before I turned 18. I called Pretty Girl International. Then I sat on it for about a year and then I signed up with World Modeling.

"My boyfriend [15 years older] had some friends in the industry. He suggested I get into it."

"Does he come on set with you and wipe you off and bring you cold drinks?"

"No. He wants to though."

He's only seen one of her films.

"How did he grade your acting performance?"

"He didn't say anything. So it must've been pretty bad. It was my first one."

"Had you ever had sex before you got into this industry?"

"Oh yeah. A long time [since age 16]. All the time."

"How many men have you been with in your life, including the five at once?"

"Between 12-14."

"How many girls?"

"Only one. Well, two."

"Does your boyfriend spank your bottom and say, who's your daddy?"

"All the time."

"Does he make you dress up in Catholic schoolgirl outfits?"

"He doesn't make me but I do it anyway."

"If your husband was having sex with another woman right now, how would you feel?"

"I'd feel weirded out. I don't have a lot of say in it."

"Are you guys swingers?"

"Yeah," she laughs.

"Do you guys have to tell each other before you have sex with someone?"

"No, but afterwards would be kinda polite."

"What do you love and what do you hate about this industry?"

"There are some shaky people."

"Do you mean shady?"


Ron Sullivan calls Lolita in.

"I want you to stand at attention facing me," he says. "Like I'm a drill instructor chewing you out."

"Stand up straight," orders Bill Diehl to Lolita. "Chest out. Hands at your side."

Lolita plans to become a wedding photographer. She does not use the name "Lolita Dita."

"You're putting it in my mouth," Brooke orders Ron as he lights a cigarette for her.

"I've been feeling blue," says Ron, "because I haven't been writing. I haven't written since April 22nd. I still haven't been paid by Adultbeat.

"I miss writing. I need to write for somebody."

Brooke cracks the whip. I jump and yell out a profanity.

Lolita wanted to be an art class model. Then she saw a Pretty Girls International ad for "figure modeling." She answered the ad and found the agency was really all about porn. She thought about it for a year.

"Did you know what reverse cowgirl was before you got into the industry?"

"No. I didn't know creampie."

"How do you feel about Joseph Conrad?"

"I don't know who she is."

"Who are your favorite novelists?"

"I used to like Anne Rice. I haven't read for a long time. It's hard for me. If I sit down with a book, someone will say, do the dishes or, I need you to go to the store. It's like watching a movie with a commercial every five minutes that lasts an hour. I gave up picking up books. I'll read articles."

"When you entered this industry, did you find your brain moving more slowly?"

"No. It was pretty slow before."

"What's the worst thing that's happened to you in this industry?"

"[Certain English bloke] is an asshole. He's the biggest jerk in the world. I worked with him. He arrived four hours late. He blamed it on the traffic.

"He was really rough. I told him to take it slower. He didn't. Six hours after I am supposed to show up, I'm not fresh anymore. F--- me so I can leave. I was so pissed. It was my first boy-girl-girl."

At one time, Lolita wanted to be a writer of short stories. "I don't like to read too far."

"Why did you switch from wanting to become a writer to becoming a porn star?"

"Because it's easier. I'm lazy."

"Have you learned about yourself from being in the adult entertainment industry?"

"I don't know if I've learned about myself so much as manipulated myself. I'm not as shy as I used to be. I'm still shy."

"I could see that, with the way you whipped your clothes off."

"I'm a more proud and self-confident shy."

"Has this helped you get in touch with your sexuality?"

"No. I was in touch with my sexuality before."

"How did you discover it? Reading books?"

Ron Sullivan, Lolita Dita

Ron, Lolita

Lolita Dita

Lolita Dita

Lolita Dita

Lolita Dita

Lolita Dita

Lolita Dita

Lolita Dita

Lolita Dita

Lolita Dita

Lolita Dita

Lolita Dita

Lolita Dita

Lolita Dita

"No. You just rub that in, huh?"

I'm starting a new charity where I go around reading books to porn stars. I will go to their homes at night, tuck them in bed, hop in, and read them to sleep while running my fingers through their hair.