I meet Jenna Haze on a Jill Kelly Productions set April 8, 2003. Haze, 5'3" and 90-pounds, has not done a man on film in nine months because of her relationship with cameraman Matt, a spiky-haired handsome young man who's long been a favorite of porn stars. I wonder when these two will marry. They appear deeply in love. Jenna has gone five days without weed and she's jumpy and talkative. We chat while she's in make-up.

Luke: "If Matt asks you to marry him, you won't do any more scenes with guys?"

Jenna: "I haven't done any anyway. I won't go back to it."

Jenna assures Cynara there's time before they do the next scene.

Jenna: "I'm not even close to being ready to do my next scene. They can kiss my ass. I won a f---ing award so they can f---ing kiss my ass."

Luke: "Which one?"

Jenna: "I won Starlet of the Year at AVN. And I won Best Masturbation Scene also."

Someone else: "She was nominated for best girl-girl scene."

Jenna: "Yes, but I lost to Jenna Jameson, which was kinda a given."

Luke: "Did you choose your name because of Jenna Jameson?"

Jenna: "No. My real name is Jennifer. I worked at Marie Calendars waitressing and there were three other Jennifers there so I had to be Jenna. I was talking to all my friends about porn because I was into it. 'If you did porn, what would your porn name be?' And I said, 'Jenna Haze.' "My ex-fiance's last name was Hayes. My favorite song at the time was Purple Haze by Jimmy Hendrix. I'm an extremely big stoner also. Extremely big. Probably the reason I have an attitude problem right now is that I haven't smoked pot in five days."

Luke: "Why haven't you smoked any?"

Jenna: "I haven't bought any. I have ADD. I'm extremely hyperactive. It makes it hard for me to concentrate on anything."

Luke: "They don't bring it on set for you?"

Jenna: "No."

Luke: "When you won the Best New Starlet award, did you thank your parents?"

Jenna laughs: "Hell no. I went up there and cried. If anyone knew what I went through to get that award. All the drama that entire week. I had a competitor come up to me and was very rude and said, 'May the best girl f---ing win.' I didn't really care if I won or not. I just thanked my favorite directors - Jules Jordan and Patrick Collins and Jill Kelly and Devon Davis.

"It was three days of signing before you get to go to the awards. I was there the entire time of every day. I did not leave. A lot of girls did. They went and got drinks. I don't believe in drinking on the job. I love my fans. Signing is my favorite part of my job."

Jenna hates mascara and she hates having her eyelashes done.

Jenna: "We had dinners and parties every night. It was so stressful. I had to give out awards too."

Luke: "Did your parents come?"

Jenna: "NO! My parents know what I do but they don't approve. We just don't talk about it."

HBO covers much of the action but steps aside when asked to by the talent. I see Cynara Fox and Jenna Haze huddle just before their scene. They call AIM to get the latest results from Cynara's tests. Cynara asks HBO to move away so they could resolve things privately. After a cell phone conversation with Sharon Mitchell at AIM, everything is resolved, I believe, and the scene moves ahead at 4:30PM as I was leave. Cynara Fox did three scenes today. We had a long talk. She showed me a panel of drug tests she's taken every month for the past seven months. She's tested completely negative for every illegal drug.


I speak by phone with Jill Kelly Productions contract girl Jenna Haze 5/19/03 at 1:15PM.

Jenna: "I'm lying [naked] in my bed watching Court TV and I'm reading a book by Christopher Pike called The Season of Passage. It's about Mars. I read a lot of space books. I have a fascination with the supernatural. You know how people watch movies to escape and experience an adventure? I read books instead. I read a lot about Mars and vampires and Anne Rice and Stephen King."

Luke: "Do you believe there are aliens?"

Jenna: "Yeah. I think it is egotistical of us to think that we are the only people in the galaxy or universe."

Luke: "Have you ever seen an alien?"

Jenna giggles: "No."

Luke: "Has one ever spoken to you?"

Jenna giggles: "No."

Luke: "Have you ever felt you were receiving messages from beings in outer space?"

Jenna laughs harder: "No."

Luke: "How many books do you read a month?"

Jenna: "It depends. This is my third one this month."

Luke: "Do you dance in clubs?"

Jenna: "No, I have not done that yet but hopefully soon. I dance at clubs hanging out with friends. I tried stripping for one day in Orange County at a club in Fullerton before I got in the [porn] business and it was not my thing. I'm not into giving guys lap dances and making them think that I like them. It's not me. I'd rather f--- on film and get paid for it."

Luke: "How did winning that AVN award [Best New Starlet] change your life?"

Jenna: "A lot more people know me now."

Jenna entered porn in July of 2001. She signed up with Jill Kelly Productions in April 2002.

Jenna: "In my first year in the business, I didn't do girls much. I liked women before I liked men. I like my women for f---ing and my men for relationships. I'm bi. If my relationship doesn't work out, I will go back to doing guys. I'm romantic and I can't give up on true love.

"You're just going to twist everything I say, aren't you?"

Luke: "You're getting me confused with Mark Kernes [AVN reporter]."

Jenna: "Is that who twisted me?"

Luke: "That was a joke."

Jenna: "Ok."

Luke: "Who twisted you and when?"

Jenna: "I think it was you who twisted me. I'm being careful in what I'm saying."

Luke: "You are not being nearly as outspoken as you were on April 8th [on a Jill Kelly Productions shoot]."

Jenna: "I was in a bad mood. I was having a bad day. I was very upset because the contract girl I was supposed to have my scene with showed up with no test. She had her AIDS test [but not the test for other STDs]. Hello? I wouldn't completely do the scene with her. I f---ed her with a dildo. I'm not going to go down on a girl that doesn't have a test. We cleared it all up and she's got her test now and blah blah blah."

Luke: "She'd taken the AIDS test but not the other STDs test."

Jenna: "She didn't have her chlamydia and gonorrhea tests. She said she had taken it. They said she didn't take it. It was a big mix-up. I've got a body to take care of here."

Luke: "You were bouncing around that day because you hadn't had any marijuana in five days?"

Jenna: "Yes, that always aggravates me. I am a regular pot smoker. I do not abuse the drug. I don't want people to think I am druggie. I don't drink often. When I do drink, I'm very responsible. That was a bad day. There were a lot of press on the set. HBO was there. We were having a lot of company issues.

"I was leaving for New Orleans the next day. I was in love with a girl [in porn] at the time and she doesn't love me back. That's OK I'm not going to name any names. I was infatuated to a great degree with a woman in the industry and she does not like me anymore. Let's just say it ended and I was upset about that. All the performers in the industry know who I'm talking about but I'm not going to give you the name because I still have a crush on her. She was my perfect girlfriend. We would've been perfect for each other. I didn't want a relationship relationship. I just wanted to be really good friends and stuff. Apparently she got a little freaked out that she hadn't really had any experiences with women and those are the only hints I'm going to give you. Next question!"

Luke: "I'm reading through all my notes from April 8."

Jenna: "Oh no. Don't do it! You already posted it on setgo and made me look like a complete bitch."

Luke: "It was a good interview. You were great."

Jenna: "You made me look like a bitch. That's cool. I understand that is your job. You do the gossip thing."

Luke: "Do you still weigh 90-pounds [on a 5'3" frame]?"

Jenna: "I weigh about 95. But I'm going to break in a couple of days, so that's why."

Luke: "What are you going to do in a couple of days?"

Jenna: "I'm going to break. I'm going to get my woman thing. I gain weight beforehand and afterwards I'm really skinny. I'm down to 87-pounds."

Luke: "Do you do scenes while you are on your woman thing?"

Jenna: "I don't do that anymore. At the beginning of my career, when I was working every day, I did. But being on contract, I make sure I don't. I don't like it. It's not a nice thing. It's not sexy."

Luke: "Do you eat as much as you want?"

Jenna: "I eat as much as I want. I eat five or six meals a day. I ate a whole medium pizza and a half-order of breadsticks last night and a liter of rootbeer. I know you're trying to get everybody to think that I'm anorexic but I'm not. I swear I've been like this my whole life. I put on a lot of weight since I got in the business. I was below 80-pounds when I got in. My boyfriend says my butt has gotten bigger."

Luke: "Does he like that or would he prefer you to have a little boy's butt?"

Jenna: "Ohmigod, he loves my ass. We're not going to talk about this. Different question. He says my ass looks good now."

Luke: "He likes it better now?"

Jenna: "Yes. You're terrible. You're going to twist everything I say, aren't you? I know it. I can feel it in my bones."

Luke: "I'm so misunderstood.

"How did the people at JKP react when you said you didn't want to do guys anymore?"

Jenna: "I told them when I signed my contract. They are very close with my boyfriend [a porn cameraman]. I told them that I was involved with him and I didn't know how serious it was. If the relationship progressed, I would stop doing guys. It just happened sooner than they thought. But he was having issues and I was not having fun anymore. And I don't do anything that I don't like."

Luke: "How did you get the contract in the first place?"

Jenna: "I did an anal scene with Steven St. Croix for JKP in January of 2002 for 100% Anal. Jill was directing. It was the first time I'd met her and I was nervous. It was an amazingly awesome scene. Two weeks later, JKP approached me. They said Jill liked me and that I could be a superstar in the industry. I put them off for a couple of months because I wasn't sure.

"Then I saw how cool the girls were and it's nice to have a bunch of girls around you backing you up. I wanted to be a part of a crowd. I love Jill to death. In April [2002] I signed my contract. I was sick of working every day. It's hard to turn down the work when you keep getting offered it. And I wanted to go to school, which I'm starting in the fall. I'd like to be a teacher but teachers don't make much money. Teachers all over the state are getting laid off. I'd like to be an English Lit teacher because I read so much."

Luke: "What about a Sunday School teacher?"

Jenna laughs: "No. I'm spiritual but I'm not religious. "I went to church when I was younger with my Dad's side of the family. Not my Mom's side. My Mom's Catholic and my Dad's Christian. So they told me I could choose when I turned twelve. And it was too much to choose, so I didn't choose. I don't believe that you have to belong to any organized religion to have beliefs in a higher power."

Luke: "Right."

Jenna: "Ooooh, I'm totally not sounding like the girl you talked to last time."

She laughs. "I'm deeper than you think I am. I am not talking just about my pu---. I just woke up and I'm really hyper."

Luke: "What time do you normally get up?"

Jenna: "Eleven, noon. I don't go to bed until three or four [AM]. I'm usually reading or playing on my computer, talking to my fans online through Yahoo Instant Messenger. I talked to my fans most every day. My screen name is XXX_Jenna_Haze_XXX. I have a fan club on Yahoo that has over 4000 members. It's one of the biggest adult fan sites on Yahoo."

Luke: "Have you dated any celebrities?"

Jenna: "I dated a guy, Simon Dope, once from a band called Dope. They redid the song, 'You spin me right round.' He wasn't very nice to me. I met him on a porn set. I was shooting an Adam & Eve movie, Taste of a Woman. It was my first feature and my first lead. Revolver magazine came to do a few pictures of him with some porn stars. And the guy said, 'What are you doing tonight?' And I said, 'You.' And the next thing you know, he was in my hotel room and we were dating for a month or so. Then he went to New York. Then he came back and went on tour. I went on tour with them for about a week and then there was animosity."

Luke: "Has anyone ever offered you hard drugs on a porn set?"

Jenna: "I've never seen it on my sets."

Jenna takes another call and comes back to my line a minute later. "Sorry about that. That was just my next interview calling me early saying he needs to reschedule. I'm doing interviews all day on the phone. That's my thing today. I have six or seven people that want interviews and I keep pushing them off because it is a pain in the butt. I figured I'd get them all done in one day rather than having people call me at all different hours.

"Drugs are in the industry. I know of people doing drugs on set but I have never seen it. I don't do anything but pot. I'm strictly a stoner. When I was younger, my brother was involved in a lot of drugs."

Luke: "Has anyone ever pulled a gun on you and forced you to do anything?"

Jenna: "Oh no. "People try to talk you into doing something a little more... A girl's got to be firm with what she can do and won't do."

Luke: "Have you ever been manipulated into doing something that you later regretted?"

Jenna: "No. I kinda got talked into doing my first DP, but once it got started, I loved it."

Luke: "How old were you when you lost your virginity?"

Jenna: "I was fourteen. It was my first day of highschool. You are going to make me sound horrible, aren't you?"

Luke: "No. Was it a teacher?"

Jenna: "No, it wasn't a teacher. I wish. That would've been hot. It was this guy I was dating. "What are you trying to get out of me? You're trying to get some dirt and you're not going to get it this time."

Luke: "Have you slept with any big executives in the porn industry?"

Jenna: "No. I went on one date with the guy that runs New Tech Digital and did not continue that because he was too short for me. He picked me up for our date and I was wearing six inch spike stilettos. He was way short. Then I went and changed my shoes to little heels and I was still taller than him. He was a nice guy. I just like guys to be a little taller than me."

Luke: "What do you love and what do you hate about the industry?"

Jenna: "I love that I get to have sex with a lot of people and fulfill my fantasies and still remain safe. Otherwise, if I hadn't gotten into this industry, I would probably be out having sex with all kinds of people I met in clubs. Who know what I could've got?

"I don't like these 18-year old girls that come and they don't know what they're doing with their life, and there are people who will pressure girls into doing stuff, and they will do it. And they will end up ruining their lives because they're not confident about what they're doing. It sucks that girls do this to themselves. I see girls getting DP'd by guys when they are not even comfortable with their own sexuality.

"I read some stuff online about girls getting beaten in some videos online [meatholes.com]. What the hell is that? I'm into rough sex. I like to be choked a little bit. I like my hair to be pulled. I like to be called names. But hitting and peeing and sh-tting is just a bit too much for me."

Jenna grew up in Orange County, CA.

Luke: "Do you think there are too many Mexicans here?"

Jenna laughs in shock: "I'm sorry but you are asking the wrong person. I don't think there are too many Mexicans or blacks. It's cool to have as many of any race as they want. I do have a problem with people coming here and not learning our language. I used to waitress and people would come in and not speak English. If I moved to another country, I would make an effort to learn their language.

"I have a lot of Mexican friends."

Luke: "Have you done interracial?"

Jenna: "No, I have not done interracial. I found a black girl I wanted to do - Heather Hunter - but she retired. Now I've found another black girl I'd like to do - Kitten [the wife of Marc Davis]. "I've had some opportunities to do interracial with guys and I'm not going to name any names, but a couple of them were very rude to me. You can call me your bitch when you f-ck me, but I had a lot of these guys calling me their white bitch. They're the ones bringing race into it. I get a lot of hate letters because I've never done an interracial with a black guy. I'm sorry but if I found one that was nice to me and treated me right and still f--- me hard, I'd do it. It's not a matter of race. I'd f--- Kobe Bryant in a second.

"I dated a half-black guy. I did do some stuff with him. I didn't have sex with him but I fooled around... And I didn't even notice he was black. Oh gosh, you've got me up on this subject. I get a lot of sh-- for this and I just get really upset about it. I think it's just a person's choice."

Luke: "So you don't think the Attorney General should step in and make white women have sex with black guys?"

Jenna: "No, it's personal choice. If you're not attracted to someone, you shouldn't have sex with them. When I was younger, I wouldn't date a short guy. Are you saying that I could get in trouble for that because that's discrimination? Everyone has their own sexual preferences and everyone should be allowed to. That's what makes the country free. I have strong political views here.

"I don't like the racism thing and I get called a racist all the time. It angers me a lot because there are black people I find sexy. I'd f--- Lil' Kim. There are black people I find attractive, I just haven't found any in the industry, except Kitten."

DUC wonders: Should we lock up people who don't find black people sexy? Why can't a shop owner act on his preferences as to what types of people he wants in his store? Or who he wants to rent his apartment to? Or employ?

Luke: "Have you ever worked at the Bunny Ranch?"

Jenna: "Noooo. I don't believe in the Bunny Ranch. This is where I'm going to get into trouble, huh? I don't believe in letting people come in, pick a woman, and pay to have sex with you. I have sex with people that I know, people that I pick and people that are tested."

Luke: "Most porn stars do escorting on the side. How do you feel about that?"

Jenna: "I don't really care for it. I've never done it. I've had a lot of opportunities to do it. I've had a lot of people offer me a lot of money to do it. It's not my thing. If that's what they're doing, that's cool as long as their tests show up negative. I'm fine. I just won't want to hear about it. I'm just the normal exhibitionist girl who likes to f--- on camera.

"I plan on doing this until I'm not having fun anymore. I would like to try feature dancing. People tell me it is good money and a lot of fun. I eventually plan to get a college degree and settling down and having babies."

Luke: "And if your babies grew up and wanted to do this industry, what would you say?"

Jenna: "If she was 18, I couldn't say no. I did it too. I'd say, OK, we're going to go and we're going to do it the right way. That's such a hard question. I wouldn't be happy about it. But I couldn't hold her back. Nobody wants to see their kid do porn. Hopefully my kids aren't going to know what I did. But if they asked, I wouldn't keep it from them."

Luke: "Does your boyfriend take part of your paycheck every week?"

Jenna: "No. My boyfriend makes more money than I do. My boyfriend works every day. He spends money on me. I got diamond earrings on my birthday.

"I will not deal with another suitcase pimp. I've already had one. I already had one guy who was my agent and got me in the business and completely took all my money and did get me try a few drugs and I got to a couple of older women in this business who knew what they were talking about and they said to leave him. He's just doing to you what all these other guys do to girls in this business. And after being with him for two or three months, I left him.

"He's still in the business. He doesn't manage girls anymore. He's strictly talent. He's a jerk, so girls, stay away from him."

Luke: "What's his name?"

Jenna: "I can't tell you that. Everyone knows him. He dated Sunrise Adams, Melissa Milano, Desert Rose. He got all of us in the business except for Sunrise.

"Any more questions? You should write for the [National] Enquirer."

Luke: "I give them some stuff at times."

Jenna: "I should not be talking to you. Don't blast me. Please, don't, don't, don't."

Luke: "I will just quote you word for word."

Jenna: "I just said good stuff. I didn't say anything bad this time."

Luke: "I was just telling [JKP publicist] Jason [Sechrest] on IM 'She won't say anything stupid.'"

Jenna: "I'm watching myself honey. I've got tips out on you.

"A lot of times I am too open with my mouth and I tend to say stuff without thinking about what I'm saying. I'm open and I have a lot to say all the time. It has gotten me into trouble in the past so I'm just trying to curb it. I have a good life going on right now and I don't want to f--- anything up, especially with you tabloid people."

Luke: "Has JKP always paid you on time?"

Jenna: "I have never once had a problem with getting my check. I don't get it mailed. I do pick it up every time because I need it on that day to pay my bills. The day that they pay me happens to be the day that my bills are due. It really pisses me off that crew members have had problems. About the time I signed my contract, everybody said, 'You're never going to get your check.' I was worried about it. I heard it from the crew guys who told me that they hadn't been paid. Anybody that has had a problem, I have talked to Bob [Friedlander, owner of JKP] about. I hang out with crew guys all the time. They're my best friends.

"I haven't heard of anybody not getting paid in about a year. My company is doing better. Before it was more a lack of organization than trying to cheat people out of money. Most of these porn companies have lack of organization. "OK, I've said enough. Anything else?"

Luke: "What are the five books that have most influenced your life?"

Jenna: "That's hard. Let me look at my bookshelf. I'm walking around naked. You can put all the nakedness you want in the article, I don't care. The Anne Rice Sleeping Beauty trilogy. They're really dirty books. They helped a lot with my kinkiness. I read the Odyssey and the Iliad, my favorite books. Those are just books that I like. I don't read books that teach you stuff. That's why I go to school. I just read this book called The Mantra, which is about Hinduism and mantras and all kinds of spiritual stuff and it's about the end of the world and it's really good.

"All my books are vampire books and spiritual books and supernatural stuff."

Luke: "What spiritual books do you read?"

Jenna: "I have one about Zen - Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. Mostly it's not so much spiritual as supernatural and historic. It's about ghosts and that stuff. I like fantasy stuff. I play a lot of role-playing videogames like Final Fantasy. I wouldn't say I'm spiritually enlightened."

Jenna will soon open her website at www.jennahaze.com.

"I'm not much of a businesswoman. I'm more about having fun at what I do."

Luke: "Thank you very much."

Jenna giggles: "I can't wait to see how you twist my stuff around."