A Bo Derek lookalike from a Norwegian heritage, Houston is best known for starring in the Houston 500, a 1999 gangbang for Metro Home Video. She earned over a million dollars during 1999, and regularly brings in over $20,000 a week from stripping in clubs.

She measures 34D-25-35.

Houston began in director Peter Davy's movies such as Laid Back, her porn debut. The tall busty blonde also appears in Texas Crude and other Nitro releases.

Davy discovered Houston dancing at the Tropicana strip club.

AVN 8/96: "Houston recently celebrated what she claimed was her 28th birthday. We say "claimed" because, at the party, the birthday girl displayed an astonishingly thorough knowledge of both the lyrics and dance moves to the '70s disco hits playing on the stereo.

"The party had to be postponed for a week due to Houston's ugly break-up with boyfriend Alex Metro, from which she needed a week to recuperate both mind and body.

"As a gift to herself, our sources say Houston's spirits weren't the only thing that got a birthday lift."

To show her gratitude for being a Nitro contract girl, and the approximately $1000 a month salary that goes with it, Houston supposedly gave Davy regular Texas-sized helpings of high octane love.

Houston was a body double for Pamela Lee Anderson and a mainstream model since age 15.

Houston's grandfather Claire Weeks invented the Disney animated feature Tinkerbell and taught animation in India where his daughter grew up. She raised Houston and her twin brother in the San Fernando Valley. He's now "a big executive for Arrow Electronics."

The parents of the tall blonde divorced when she was young. Her father is now on wife number five.

Houston says her mom is her biggest fan. "My family supports me. They don't watch my movies. I showed my mom Russian Roulette but I edited it. She's proud of me and wants me to be happy. That's all that matters to her."

She lost her virginity in high school on Halloween night. She was 16. "It was the worst experience of my life. I felt totally disgusted afterward.

"I now love having sex and I get paid to do it.

"If there weren't the diseases, I'd be f---ing everyone. Like back in the '60s, where everyone just met someone and it was like, "Let's go f---." The other lows are people with closed minds about the business. I've lived a good life... Then to get this stigma..."You're just a stupid ho".... The bimbo thing bugs me." (HEVG 5/96)

Houston says her favorite part of making videos is doing dialogue for the sex is "formatted. There's always an insertion, pop shot..."

In the 5/96 Hustler Erotic Video Guide, Houston said she had done anal sex twice in her life, off camera, and hated it. "It felt horrible. I can't believe people do that... There are so many companies that won't use you unless you do anal... People out there seem to like it, but I don't think it was meant to be. If it was wet like a pussy, it'd be great because it's so tight. But it doesn't lube... To do it, you have to be totally douched out - if you want everyone to stay clean. It's not a fun place to go." (HEVG 5/96)

But in 1998, when she signed with Metro, Houston began doing anal regularly.

"I was doing Playboy style, but when I went to Metro, I wanted them to make me a porn star. Peter would never let me. I'm much happier that way. I love it. I'm having a great career. I love the business."

Houston appeared on the Howard Stern show Monday (8/10/98) to discuss her scheduled 2/99 gangbang of 500 guys. Or girls too, said Houston, if she couldn't find enough fellas.

The Metro Contract girl said she was returning to Los Angeles to turn herself in to Ventura County law enforcement for a 45 day jail sentence. She recently recorded her second DUI arrest.

Following the Houston 500, I received this: "Drop a zero and you have a more accurate number of how many times she was f---ed. I was also at the Spantaneus bang and she really did get f---ed 500+ times and she liked it. The Houston 500 was bulls---."

From different sources, I've gathered that about 40 pros and about 60 amateurs took part, with the pros getting most of the action (mainly vaginal, but some anal). About three women also banged Houston, including Natasha Blake. The count was typically porn dishonest. Metro claims Houston got banged over 600 times. About 200 would be more like it. Most of the fluffers were black. John Holmes' blonde widow, Laurie aka Misty Dawn (while pushing her book about her late hubby, Porn King) fluffed about 100 guys who were generally not happy with her oral skills.

Houston seemed like an athlete before a big sporting event. She appeared mellow, perhaps on tranquilizers? Her skin was bright pink, like she'd just been burned in a tanning booth. Houston wore a tasteful black and white boustierre like the black-and-white checked victory flags. She wore a tiara in her hair and kept it on the whole time.

"Houston appeared enthusiastic," says a source. "After lunch, after doing 200 guys, she was still smiling. Jasmine St. Clair, at the last gangbang, was frowning after four guys. The big complaint against Metro was that they did not let the amateurs in. Just let the pros do it."

Robert Sterling, of www.konformist.com, writes to Luke: "I was invited the last minute to cover Houston's gang bang. I was actually looking for you so I could say hi in person. Your sources aren't kidding about them exaggerating the numbers. 500 my ass, I blinked and the count increased by 30 at one point. Still, it was wild, and Houston DEFINITELY deserves a Lady Bing Trophy for good sportsmanship."

Houston, the veteran blonde, absorbed dozens of ejaculations, mainly on her chest and stomach.

"Houston was cool," says German porn stud Oliver. "She had a great body and was great fun. I had two blasts on her. Claudia, this sexy Mexican babe, fluffed me."

AIM's Sharon Mitchell and Dr. Steven York were on hand to ensure safe sex practices. "About twenty five were not allowed to participate because they did not have up to date PCR DNA tests," said Mitchell."We medicated Houston and all the fluffers with antibiotics so they could not contract or give any STDs.

"The Houston 500 went great. Everyone was tested and all the girls were medicated. They all used condoms. It was well organized. I was happy for the business because the gangbang was so responsible. Over 300 guys participated."

From www.davecummings.com: I was five instances of the 251 involvement’s in the Annabel Change 251-man gang bang a few years ago; and, that I attended the Jasmine St. Claire event, though I opted not to partake of her beauty and sexiness. The Houston 500 was BY FAR my favorite, and I can’t say enough good things about the great job Metro’s Greg Alves and Jim Malibu did in making it so enjoyable and successful. This was the largest crowd of participants, and the best-organized event. Indeed, Houston DID have 620 instances of f---ing/oral sexual involvement.

Here are some of my observations and comments: Upon my arrival at 9 AM, I found an orderly and organized in-processing system wherein we Adult Industry males were able to relaxingly mingle with and chat with the non-Industry studs while completing paperwork and having our PCR/DNA HIV tests expertly inspected and verified by Miss Sharon Mitchell of the Adult Industry Medical office. We were then provided identifying wrist bands, coffee and breakfast foods, and free tee shirts (unlike the Annabel and Jasmin events where participants had to pay for coffee, donuts, refreshments, tee shirts, and lunch).

Metro treated EVERYBODY as VIPs! Ron Jeremy acted as MC, warmed up the crowd with his lively comedy routines, and briefed us on the schedule of events; then Houston came in, greeted everybody, and held a brief news conference before heading into her dressing room for last minute preparations; shortly thereafter, she arrived on the set in a race car---the set mirrored the infield pit of a major race car event. Houston, as always, looked absolutely beautiful and sexy. Her demeanor, enthusiasm, genuine smile thoughtfulness, and down-to-earth friendliness were attributes of an All-Star WINNER!

10-12 enthusiastic "fluffers" were introduced---their job came complete with knee pads, and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy orally stimulating the guys! To demonstrate their role, they pounced upon Brick Majors, Tyce Bune’, Brian Surewood, Sasha Gabor and Dave Cummings, the professionals designated to be the first grouping of five studs to f--- Houston (on the "Lazy Susan" rotating table atop a stack of oversized inflated race tires). After that demonstration, the fluffers attacked Houston with strap-on cocks, and each girl had a minute or two to warm up Houston’s vagina for the eagerly waiting groupings five.

Once the fluffers were done, they turned their attention to the group behind us while Brick, Tyce, Brian, Sasha, and I put on our condoms and f---ed Houston---I got to do her both doggie and missionary before Director Greg Alves called for the money shots, whereupon we ripped off our condoms and fired loads all over her lovely breasts!

We were then handed paper towels to clean up with, while a Production Assistant equipped with surgical gloves, long sleeves, and a fresh towel cleaned off Houston so she could take on the next group of guys (I think it was Dave Hardman, Valentino, Claudio, Lexington Steel, and Dick Nasty). Other professionals included Brandon Irons, Blake Palmer, John West, Tony Eveready, and Evan Stone.

Upon leaving the lazy susan, Ron Jeremy collared Brick Majors and me for an on-camera interview about being in the first group-----the best part of the interview was seeing the look on Ron’s face when I casually handed him my paper towel and told him what was on and in it!!!! We all roared while Ron ran out to wash his hands! Got ya, Ron!!!

For the rest of the day, except for a brief break for a Metro-supplied lunch, groups of five went at it with Houston. Unlike past events I witnessed and/or participated in, each and every guy was given adequate time to have sex with Houston---some even did anal with her! Houston made everyone feel special, and she was constantly smiling and seemed to be totally enjoying the entire event. Every once in a while, one of the Adult Industry girls (for example, Misty Rain, and Natasha Blake) would stop by, strip down, and mount Houston with a thrusting strap-on; the guys and fluffers were cheer leading the entire time! Truly, everyone was thoroughly enjoying the Houston 500.

Yes, some guys got back in line and "had" Houston more than once; because she was so gracious and accommodating for each person, the long line moved somewhat slowly—-but it was worth the wait. Participants came from all over the United States, some bearing flowers, new tattoos bearing Houston’s name, and stuffed animals for the lovely young lady. Everyone behaved perfectly, and it was one VERY happy place to spend the day.

I got to chat with Steve Drake about an upcoming porn documentary he’s spearheading, which will include a portion about me and my late-starting career; and, I visited with the owner of Madam Kitty’s and the Bunnyranch Bordellos in Nevada, as well as with Jimmy Flynt (Larry Flynt’s brother). The press (e.g., AVN, Adam Film World, Hustler, Playboy, Talking Blue, etc.) was all over the place.


YNOT Marketing Director Kevin Blatt pounded a guy who trash talked his date Houston Tuesday night.

ZZZ: "Some guy walked over to her at 5AM in the middle of the casino and started calling her a slut and a whore and why don't you just me right here as you'll f--- anything. He takes his shirt off and starts pushing himself up on her. And Kevin just f---ing lost it and laid him out. Kevin dragged him into the bathroom and beat his head senseless against the stall door, telling him to apologize. He came out all bloody and apologized.

"Cybererotica and everybody was there watching. The next day 5000 people came up to Kevin, talking about the fight."

Kevin, who's dating Houston, writes on YNOTnetwork.com: "And most importantly I wish to thank the most beautiful woman in my life.. Houston You are not only the number one porn star in the world, but you are number one in my heart. I am so fortunate to have a friend like you. You were the most beautiful woman at the Internet Awards show, I was so lucky to have been with you."

Houston is going to get her labia lips trimmed and the surgery will be broadcast live over the internet, probably through Rich Botto's MaxCash.

Hymie: Houston, the gangbang queen, had a hard time with guys everywhere being assholes to her everywhere she went.


Emmett writes: Dear Mr. Ford, I purchased a magazine called "Stuff" ( A magazine "For Men" that also produces a concurrent magazine, "Maxim") last night.

On page 100 their is a picture of Houston in black and white. She appears to be outside sitting down on a wooden walkway with her legs spread open. She is wearing jeans with a black satin shirt or jacket Her shirt/jacket is open and the sides of it are covering her breast with her finger in her mouth. She looks so hot that I almost dropped the mag. The white text on her pic says, "Houston, you have a problem".

A smaller picture below it in color show the men she did at the gangbang. It reads, "MOST GUYS TO SCORE WITH THE SAME BABE Last August, at the Houston 500, porn star Houston was gleefully serviced by 650 men, handily surpassing her announced goal of 500. She said to just keep'em coming, so to speak."

Again, that picture of her makes look just like a regular movie star or jeans model. When I see a porn star in a Hustler mag or a porno the actress looks different in eyes. I don't look down on them but...it's the look that I have categorized. Seeing Houston like that in a regular mag just changes my perspective on her. As if she is really part of the American culture. Weird.


Houston, Kevin Blatt Eat Breakfast

I call Kevin Blatt Wednesday afternoon.

A female voice answers: "Kevin Blatt's phone."

Luke: "Kevin Blatt please."

Female: "Just a moment."

Kevin comes on: "Hello."

Luke: "It's Luke. Who was the chick?"

Kevin: "Only the biggest porn star in the world."

Luke: "Houston?"

Kevin: "Yep."

Luke: "Where are you?"

Kevin: "At her house."

Houston: "He's slumming it."

Luke: "I thought you guys hated each other."

Kevin: "No. Come on, it's all press.

"Yes we did have a falling out but we're such good friends Luke, it's been a good test. We've worked through our differences."

Luke: "I thought Houston wrote to me about your receding hairline and bad breath?"

Kevin: "You're funny dude. She's not San Diego Party Girl."

Houston: "Tell him that tomorrow night I will be on Colin's Sleazy Friends with Brett Michaels [from the band Poison]."

Kevin partied at the Sunset Room Tuesday night with Wicked contract girl Alexa Rae and other porn stars.

Houston went trick or treating around her neighborhood, dressed as a witch.

She just got her belly button pierced and it's still sore and swollen.

Houston: "I'm so cool. I'm so hip."

Luke: "That would be so funny to open up your door and there's Houston."

Houston: "Trick or treat."

Kevin: "Sometimes it would be funnier than at other times, I'll tell you that much."

Houston: "One home said, I'm sorry but we only have enough candy left for the kids."


Are You Ready For The Ulimate Houston Porn Star Experience?

Can you handle a private one-on-one encounter with me? We can meet in Las Vegas or at your location. Rates start at $5,000 plus travel expenses.

Fred is Houston's manager.

I call an ex-boyfriend of Houston and share the news. "Are you kidding me?" he says. "So she's hooking after she told me she's been doing real estate. That's why I don't talk to her. She's crazy."

JP writes:

Of COURSE she's crazy - something I concluded somewhere around her eighth or ninth plastic surgery nightmare. She passed Melanie Griffith-land awhile back and is headed toward Tabitha Stevens/Michale Jackson/Jocelyn Wildenstein no-longer-quite-human territory. Besides, between the world-record gang-bangs, the high school prom dates, and a drugged-out demeanor rivaling Anna Nicole Smith, Houston is the poster way-past-child for negative porn image behavior.

She was, at one time, just gorgeous - but never particularly sexy, and never a good performer. Who would want to f--- her? I'd sooner f--- Christina Aguilera - and she may be the skankiest-looking bitch in history!

Fast Eddie writes: "Houston always had a high opinion of herself... a few years ago she was the highest priced pornstar on E2K, commanding $2500/hr. So her $5K pricetag doesn't surprise me, because as jackpoint has pointed out, she's a whack-job. She's addicted to plastic surgery, and I'm sure in her mind everytime she goes under the knife she thinks she's better looking then before and deserving of more as an escort."


Houston - Before And After Plastic Surgery

Dr. John Di Saia writes:

I "borrowed" this image of before and after from another blog. It shows another porn star reportedly before and after facial plastic surgery. It is a sad state of affairs when a woman looks better before plastic surgery than after. We all like to avoid this occurence.

From the looks of things, she probably had a forehead lift (the brows are raised) with or without upper eyelid surgery. Her hairline may have been raised which some forms of the operation can do. She appears to have had a large amount of lip filler (probably collagen or a hyaluronic acid formulation).

I am unsure at what point she started. She may have had cosmetic surgery prior to the "before" image, but it seems that she may have had too much.

Yes. You can have too much cosmetic surgery. There is a "happy medium" at which improvement has been obtained. Pushing it beyond this point can lead to problems.

In related news, you can see Lindsay Lohan sporting that which appears to be a serious over application of a filler to her lips at awfulplasticsurgery.com. Even "real" stars can get a little carried away it seems. Fortunately, the majority of soft tissue fillers absorb eventually.

00goddess writes:

I suspect that Houston (the porn star in the entry) has also had cheek lipo. She also has ginormously scary boobs. Not too sure about the brow lift- the eyebrows in the "after" pic are just penciled on, so they don't necessarily represent the location of her real eyebrows. It is common among drag queens to pencil on artificial brows above the natural brows in order to create a more big-eyed look and "open" the eye area.

I must disagree with bitchbert about somethings; for one thing, plastic surgery to this extreme isn't about industry demands. People in porn think Houston looks scary too. I doubt she gets much porn work anymore.

The porn stars who go for this extreme look are not doing it to suit industry demand to "look good"; they are doing it to stand out and also (in fact, I suspect primarily) as a reaction to the self-esteem issues that led them into porn in the first place. Emotionally healthy porn stars don't end up looking like this. And Houston is definitely one with attention and self-esteem issues.