December 29, 2004

On Set With Penthouse

Jim Malibu directed and Rob Spallone produced a High-Definition softcore shoot for Penthouse in Sherman Oaks Wednesday, December 29, starring Katrena Starr, Dani Woodward, Penthouse Pet Crystal Klein and Charmane Star.

Katrena Starr Katrena Starr Katrena Starr Katrena Starr Charmane Star Charmane Star Charmane Star Charmane Star Charmane Star Rob Spallone Crystal Crystal Crystal Crystal Crystal Charmane Star Charmane Star Charmane Star Dani Woodward, Rob Spallone Dani, Rob Dani Woodward Crystal, Dani Crystal, Dani, Charmane Dani Woodward Dani Woodward Crystal, Dani, Charmane Charmane Charmane Charmane Star Charmane Star Crystal Dani Woodward Dani, make-up artist Charmane Star Charmane Star Dani Woodward Dani Woodward

I tell Dani that I heard a rumor that she was dating Bob Friedland, CEO of Jill Kelly Productions.

She says that while it was not true, she did not mind such a rumor. "Bob can take me to Paris any time."

It's the more hurtful rumors that bother her, ones that extrapolate on her hyper-talkativeness and claim some chemical origin.

I find Dani a delightful chatterbox. I get her going on personality types, the subject of a book she's reading about the Myers-Briggs 16-personality type breakdown. Dani says she's an idealist.

That must be why she does porn.

In the industry on-and-off (once six months off) for 18-months, the 20-year old has the brunette beauty that could break this cynical journalist's heart.

A cynic is an idealist who has had his heart broken.

Ron Sullivan, who's shooting behind-the-scenes footage, returns from what he calls the "worst shopping experience of my life." He was buying stockings and nail polish for the girls who were most particular in their instructions.

Wednesday's shoot went smoothly, finishing only 30-minutes late.

A source: "That Dani Woodward. She chattered all day, from one subject to another. Crystal Klein said she thought she was going to be uncomfortable but then she got on set and she liked everybody and she had a good time."

February 24, 2005

Industry Turns Out Thursday Night To Laemmle's Screening Of Deep Throat

About 100 industry people turned out to the Laemmle 5 at 8000 Sunset Blvd Thursday night including Jesse Jane, Joone, Mark Kernes, Paul Fishbein and Cherry Rain, Flower Tucci, Cousin Stevie, Adam Glasser and his girlfriend Mari Possa, Sunny Lane, Chris Slater, Dani Woodward, Lynne LeMay, various people from Arrow including Bob "Straight Arrow" Verna, Jared Rutter (AVN), Tod Hunter, Don Hollywood and Brooke Hunter...

Karim from France Dani Woodward Dani Woodward Dani Woodward Dani Woodward Dani, Chris Slater Dani, Chris Dani Woodward, Cherry Rain Cherry, Dani Cherry, Dani Cherry, Dani Trina Michaels, Nadia, Britney Skye, Selena Silver Trina Michaels, NadiaStyles, Britney, Selena Trina Michaels, NadiaStyles, Britney, Selena Trina Michaels, Nadia, Britney, Selena Trina Michaels, Nadia, Britney, Selena Trina Michaels, Nadia, Britney Britney Skye Britney Lynn LeMay Brandi May Sunny Lane Sunny Lane Promise, Dee Promise, Dee Promise, Dee Promise, Dee Jesse Jane Jesse Jane Adam Glasser, Mari Possa Adam, Mari Possa Catalina Annie Body, Anna (ex-performer Billy) from London Dani Woodward, Paul Fishbein Eva Angelina, Mark Kernes Angie Savage Catalina Catalina Flower Tucci Flower, Selena Flower, Selena Mari Possa Flower, Mari Possa Dee Layla Rivera , Catalina, Max Hardcore Nakita Denise Nakita Denise Nakita Denise Eva Angelina, Tommy Gunn, Sunny Lane Sunny Lane Nakita Denise, Daria Aslamova Lynn LeMay Blonde, Grace (spokesmodel for Lifestyles videos)

I arrive at 9PM. I finally find parking on Sunset Blvd east of Fairfax behind a car with the license plate XRCO1. It belongs to AVN's Jared Rutter.

At the Laemmle, there's already a crowd of about 25 people.

I meet Karim. He says he left France "a year ago because I was really fed up. I tried to get into the porn industry. I did a scene for my friend D. Wise. It was s---. It was a lack of communication. It was a threesome which turned into a foursome."

I chat with mile-a-minute talker Dani Woodward, who comes with Chris Slater.

Dani: "I just shot a feature for Jerry [Tanenbaum] for Legend: Cocksucker: A Love Story. I play a porn star dating Evan Stone. Today was the last [of three] day of shooting. I shot a boy-girl with Evan and a boy-girl-girl with Dylan Maran and Manuel Ferrara.

"I was in Tokyo for five days for a shoot with Eva Angelina. The magazine is called Dick over there. Isn't that funny?"

Duke: "A hardcore shoot with Japanese guys?"

Dani: "With one Japanese guy who owned the magazine. Mahsu."

Duke: "Ahh, Mahsu. The famous Mahsu. What was he really like?"

Dani: "Shut up."

Duke: "Do you have anything scandalous going on?"

Dani: "No. How about you?"

Duke: "You don't have a gossip column."

Dani: "But I'm interested. I want to go to the source of the gossip instead of going to the website. What's really going on?"

Duke: "I'm exhausted from transcribing all these interviews. An interview [such as the one with Ira Levine] can take an hour-and-a-half to do, but it takes eight hours to write up. That's harder than doing double anal."

Dani: "I wouldn't know."

Chris Slater has been in porn three years, since he was a little boy bouncing up and down on Mark Kernes's lap.

Dani: "I'll be 21 next week."

Duke: "You can throw away your fake ID?"

Dani: "It was taken away from me last year by the police. I was pulled over for speeding. I opened my purse to give him my drivers license and he sees my fake ID underneath. He confiscated it.

"I was going 103mph in a 70. My car insurance is outrageous. I did a 93 in a 70. I did a 100 in a 70. I did a 63 in a 25 when I was 16. I got one for reckless driving for turning left through a redlight into the wrong way of a one-way street."

Duke: "Did you talk so fast before you got into porn?"

Dani: "Of course. Always. I'm from the East Coast. I'm from New York. It's expected there."

Dani turns and throws her arms around Cherry Rain, the fiance of AVN President Paul Fishbein who is following behind her.

June 6, 2006

Deth writes me: "If you care about Holly, warn her to stay as far away from Dani Woodward as possible. She will lie to you better than anyone and convince you she is clean. The pictures on XPT are the first step in Dani's obsession with girls she can't have. Watch the Vivid reality show. She is by far the greatest liar of any porno girl in the business. She will cry to convince you she's not on drugs. Fair warning Luke, DO NOT LET HOLLY GET INVOLVED PERSONALLY WITH DANI WOODWARD! Look at some older photos and some newer ones. XXX is slowing eating her away. The face is sunken in, not round like it used to be. Soon the sores will be more visible and her teeth will fall out! The joys of the tweeker life!"

July 30, 2007

Holly Randall posts to XPT: "I don't know if she's left the biz or not... I got a phone call from her a couple of months ago inviting me to her birthday party, but I wasn't able to attend. She sounds well, but I can't tell you what she's up to these days."

Charlie at Fox Magazine posts: "It strikes me as creepy...or something...that girls who are "out of the biz" or "doing well" or have "left town" inevitably end up extensively reviewed at TER."

September 1, 2007

Dani writes on TER: "hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that i have moved la jolla (near san diego."

She recommends MeetDaniWoodward.com and DaniWoodwardXXX@aim.com.

According to Wikipedia:

Dani Woodward (born March 7[1], 1984) is the stage name of an American pornographic actress. Her real name is Sara Combest. She is noted for her enthusiastic acting, playful attitude, and realistic orgasm scenes.

Born in Livonia, Michigan, Woodward graduated from Livonia Stevenson High School. She began acting in porn films in 2003, taking her stage name from Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan.

She initially got into the adult industry by appearing in photos that appeared on amateur sites on the Internet. A photographer at one of the shoots suggested that Woodward try films, which prompted Woodward to fly to Los Angeles for a one week trial; she ended up staying three weeks. She returned to her apartment in Detroit, packed up everything and moved cross-country to L.A. with her father helping with the driving.[1]

Her first scene was with Mr. Marcus for a Simon Wolf production.[1]

According to the Sky Television documentary Porno Valley (Episode A Penny For Your Thong, World of Wonder Productions Inc., 2003), Woodward attempted to join Vivid Entertainment when she first entered the adult industry. She won the open competition, impressing the judges with her endurance and energy but failed to secure the contract due to failing the required drug test.

As of 2006, much of her work has been for Internet websites. She has appeared in several scenes for Naughty America, including the Bookworm Bitches and My Sister's Hot Friend series. Early in her career, she did some work for Netvideogirls, helping to increase the popularity of the website. Woodward has acted in lesbian and gonzo scenes, but has not performed in more extreme genres such as anal-oriented scenes. She has said this is because her popularity amongst her fans allows her more control over the roles she chooses.

She had a boyfriend in high school, who she dated for two years. She has said that "I like to date couples and have threeways in my personal life."

Sept. 25, 2007

Dani Woodward emails:

hey guys, i just wanted to let everyone know that im no longer in the business ...i really am sorry for the non-notice (that i haven't given for the past year :-), but im sure everyone would agree that this has actually been a long time coming...you see, i fell in love with a lovely girl, about a year and a half ago...and the more i fell in love with this girl, the more i distanced myself from the fanciful world ive come to know, live and breath...

its nothing personal, you guys really have been great, i want to thank everyone for their support and well wishes...and i want to thank my friends for their love but more importantly for their acceptance...its all been so liberating...im certainly going to miss being so close to you all now that ive moved to san deigo...did i mention my girl is going to school here? i think i will as well...

i would like to make it cleat that this writing is simply a symbol of the love i have for my gf, to hopefully show her just how seriously im taking my commitment to her and only her, i only want to be with her...i am absolutely undoubtedly in love, ya know?

so make no mistake, i am completely, truly, and unconditionally retired from the sex industry as a whole, yes, as a whole...