Crystal Clear Stars In World's Oldest Gangbang

I call Rob Spallone in New York Thursday afternoon, April 20, 2006.

A woman answers his phone.

Luke: "Hi, who are you?"

Crystal, 19: "My name is Crystal Clear and I'm here to ---- 50 old men."

Luke: "Why are you doing this?"

Crystal: "Why? Because I like old men.

"You know who I am? Who are you?"

Luke: "I write lukeisback.com."

Crystal: "Where did I meet him, Rob?"

Rob: "At Lesbian Swirlfest."

Crystal: "Where was he sitting? What did he look like? What do you look like?"

Luke: "Like Brad Pitt."

She laughs.

Luke: "You ask Rob."

Crystal: "Rob, does he look like Brad Pitt?"

Rob: "Yes. Exactly."

Luke: "Why are you doing this?"

Crystal: "So I can become something in this business and make something out of my life and I like old men. Rob Spallone's going to make me a star."

Luke: "How long have you been in the industry?"

Crystal: "Off and on since September, but I've done 40 movies."

Luke: "Why did you get into it?"

Crystal: "Because it was something new and I was as broke as a stroke."

Luke: "What were you doing before you did this?"

Crystal: "Telemarketing."

Luke: "When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

Crystal: "An artist. Do photoshop, illustrate posters, movies, CD covers, paint, interior decorating."

Luke: "What happened to that dream?"

Crystal: "I still do it in my personal life."

Luke: "You make posters?"

Crystal: "I paint. I do graphic design."

Luke: "For who?"

Crystal: "For myself. I play around with photoshop."

Luke: "Are you in college?"

Crystal: "No, I dropped out of highschool to do porn."

Luke: "How old were you when you dropped out of highschool?"

Crystal: "I was 19.

"Do you remember who I am? You were at the scene I did for Lesbian Swirlfest."

Luke: "Are you black?"

Crystal: "No, I'm white. I had the black hair. I was wearing the yellow lingerie. It was that day with D. Wise."

Luke: "I'm trying to remember. I've been through a lot."

Crystal: "I have porcelain skin."

Luke: "How has the porn industry affected your life?"

Crystal: "Good. I like the money. It's affected my life in a positive way. I'm financially stable."

She laughs.

Luke: "Are your parents going to be OK with this gangbang?"

Crystal: "My parents know what I do and they're OK with it because I give them money to put food on the table."

Luke: "That's nice of you."

Crystal: "Yeah. I'm a sweet girl."

Luke: "There you are."

Crystal: "You just popped me on your computer screen? You're on Lighthouse? I'm a pretty girl, aren't I, when I'm all done up? You know who I am now? I look familiar?"

Luke: "It's all coming back now."

Crystal: "I'm going to be the next Jenna Jameson."

Luke: "I feel like we shared a special connection."

Crystal: "Yeah. The funny thing is I forgot what your face looked like. Oh baby."

Luke: "What do you love and hate about the porn industry?"

Crystal: "I like the money and the money. I like it when the make-up artist does my make-up. I feel so glamorous. I like going to the nice houses. I like making my movies and doing something with my life and getting up early in the morning. What I don't like is that there have been scandalous people in this business and nobody wants to buy this movie.

"Can you call back? Rob just hurt himself really bad. He's bleeding."

Luke: "Tell me more. How did he do it?"

Crystal: "He just stepped on a big spike and it went all the way through his foot and he's bleeding bad."

I hear Rob yelling in the background.

Crystal: "Call back, k?"

I call Rob at 5:20 p.m. PST.

Rob: "I stepped on a metal spike. It went right through my foot. I've got to get a tetanus shot. There was an old rusty thing in the back yard of my brother's house.

"We're going on Howard Stern at 7:30 a.m. EST.

"Crystal is as sharp as pencil."

The Rock writes Friday on XPT: "I don't know how many people listen to Howard Stern, but this 19yo girl Crystal Clear was on today, promoting her upcoming "project" Worlds Oldest Gangbang The segment was funny and sad at the same time, it revealed her as a messed up girl who has had a tough life. But, at the same time, I want to find her previous movies and can't find anything. She claimed to have done watersports films as well, and some regular porn. Anyone help me out?"

Crystal Clear On Howard Stern

From Marksfriggin.com for April 20:

Howard had the guys bring in 19 year old Crystal Clear. Howard told her that she looks like she's about 15. She says she's slept with about 200 guys already but she wasn't sure how many of them were in porn movies. She said that she's done about 45 movies so far and claims that she didn't do any underage films. She just started last September. Crystal said that she grew up in Montreal but ended up getting locked up for 7 years in a few places for kids who are out of control. She just got out about a year ago. Artie said that she looks to be about 12 years old.

Gary read that she was fired from a job for sleeping with four of her supervisors. She said that the head guy fired her, not one of the four guy she was with. Crystal said that she's adopted and her mother sent her away to the places she was at to keep her straight. She said she used to cut herself and had some other problems that led to her going into those centers. She was having sex early. She said that she and a cousin used to eat each other out at the age of 9. She said that they weren't really related because she's adopted.

Howard asked Crystal if she told her shrink all of this stuff. She didn't even know what ''shrink'' meant. She said that she did tell her therapists about it. She was only 12 years old when she got locked up for the first time. She was doing the chicks in the center and she had a sign up list for that on her door. Howard asked where that sign up sheet was when he was in high school. Crystal claims that she messed around with one of the female workers who worked at the center she was in. Crystal said that her mother would visit her but she wouldn't call or write to her at all. She didn't get any Christmas gifts either. Crystal said that her biological mother died from HIV and she's a miracle baby because she actually came through without the HIV. She said she's very careful with testing the guys she's with.

Howard asked Crystal if she was ever molested as a child. She said she was molested by her neighbor when she was 10 years old. She was playing in the back yard and the guy just grabbed her and banged her. She said that she told her mother the next day but her mother didn't believe her.

Artie came back in and upset Crystal again. She said that she was offended because her brothers and sisters are black and so is her boyfriend. She told Artie that he's a sick man.

Crystal was very upset so Howard tried to straighten things out with her. She didn't like the racist comments so Robin explained to her that they were just joking around.

Crystal said that her family is actually supporting her in all of this. At first it was kind of tough. She tried to do some stripping for a while and her 41 year old boyfriend helped her out by throwing money at her on stage. She said that he had to leave early because he had a curfew at the recovery house that they were both staying at.

Crystal said that she has to deal with a lot of racist people because she's dating a black man. She said that her parents even used to make racist comments to her boyfriend. Artie told her that he had sex with an African American girl one time... it was the best fifty bucks he's ever spent. He also warned her not to watch a Knicks game with Levy if she dislikes racism.

Crystal made a comment about how the Jews get a lot of presents around their holidays so Artie and Levy made some comments about how that was racist and she walked out. Artie said she may have been the greatest guest they've ever had.

I call Rob Spallone Friday morning. He puts me on the phone with Crystal.

Luke: "The Howard Stern show seemed pretty brutal."

Crystal: "Brutal? What does that mean?"

Rob: "They were mean to you."

Crystal: "But I had fun. Howard was nice. I didn't like Artie. They gave me a gift certificate for free ribs and porkchop.

"[Howard's show] was a new experience."

Rob: "Don't try to talk like a grown-up."

Crystal: "I don't remember the show. I watched myself on the show four or five times because I have On-Demand."

Luke: "What do you think?"

Crystal: "I think I'm pretty."

Rob: "You walked off the show and I sent you back in."

Luke: "Why did you walk off the show?"

Crystal: "Because Artie was being rude to me. He was making racial comments. My [black] boyfriend (Jaguar aka Soul Train aka Long Ranger) called in and told Artie to eat a bowl of black dicks."

Luke: "How did going on Howard Stern Show affect your life?"

Crystal: "It was good 'cause it was promotion."

Rob: "Attagirl."

Crystal: "And I'm going to be doing a movie and I'm very excited about it."

Luke: "Has Rob tried to have sex with you?"

She laughs. "No. I don't look at Rob like that."

Rob: "She looks at me like a father figure."

Luke: "Why were you locked up for seven years?"

Crystal: "Because I was a behavioral child. But I'm a changed person today."

Luke: "What changed you?"

She laughs. "God. Rob Spallone. And myself. Just wanting to change and make something out of myself."

Luke: "What do you love and what do you hate about your life right now?"

Crystal: "I love that I'm moving my way up there thanks to Rob. I'm happy. I'm successful, trying to be. I go to work when I'm supposed to go to work. I'm not a flake.

"What I don't like about my life is that it can be stressful, but I can manage."

Luke: "How do you deal with the stress?"

Rob: "A lot of crystal meth."

Crystal: "I don't do drugs. I just watch TV or eat food. This is the life I chose. I enjoy what I do."

Luke: "You've got a great personality."

Crystal: "Thank you."

Rob: "What else Luke?"

Luke: "Why do you like black men?"

Crystal: "I've always gone out with black men. He's a very sweet, kind and loving man. He takes care of me. He ----- me good. He's my best friend.

"Porn was the first place I ----ed a white man. The first time I ----ed a white man, I threw up. I was kinda disgusted.

"I have a lot of white people friends."

Luke: "How do you stay in such great shape?"

Crystal: "I don't do anything."

Luke: "What are you ambitions?"

Crystal repeats something (in a giggle) that Rob said to her: "I eat a lot of bananas with my boyfriend."

Luke: "Do you guys swing around in trees?"

Crystal laughing: "Yes."

Luke: "Do you like jungle music?"

Crystal: "What's jungle music?"

Luke: "Rap."

She laughs. "My favorite singer is Gwen Stefani."

Luke: "What do you do in your spare time?"

Crystal: "I suck my thumb. I feed my fish."

Luke: "Which book most influenced your life?"

Crystal: "A Child Called 'It.'

"It made me thankful for what I have and the family I have. That I'm not abused like him. I'm lucky to be alive and to have a wonderful childhood and a nice life.

"I really don't read books, but I read this one really good book about a year ago -- Abuse of Power about Watergate. It's good.

"I read religious books. I read the Bible."

Luke: "Do you ever talk to God and does He ever talk back to you?"

Crystal: "I pray."

Rob: "Does he answer you?"

Crystal: "Maybe things happening in my life, maybe he's responding."

Rob: "Hey Luke, we're walking into Metro."

Luke: "Do you the World's Oldest Gangbang is God's gift to your life?"

Crystal: "Yes. And Rob."