April Storm's Birthday Party Thursday Night

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Dr. Phil says that if you find a girl with 80% of what you're looking for, you should grab her and grow the other 20%. You'll do that a lot quicker than waiting for someone who's 100% of what you're looking for.

So I grab on to Amber Rayne (she turned 21 last September) and spend much of the night talking to her.

In porn six months, she's done about 40 scenes, mainly gonzo for such companies as Red Light District.

"I was doing mainstream," she says, "but I can't deal with mainstream anymore. I was so interested in [porn]. I enjoy it."

Since age 15, Amber has loved porn. "I've always been a sexual person."

With Bad Ass Models, Amber has a couple of small tattoos. She plans to get "Bad Ass Models" tattooed on her ankle.

Luke: "Why do you like tattoos?"

Amber: "I like the needle going into my skin. The pain. The burning."

Luke: "Do you like to cut yourself?"

Amber: "Do I like to cut myself? Oh no."

Luke: "Are you into pain?"

Amber: "You mean bondage and hot wax and that? Yes."

Luke: "I've had a couple of porn friends who cut themselves and I'm trying to work it through. So I'm asking everyone today if they cut themselves."

Amber: "That's a little scary."

Luke: "It scares me. That's why I'm talking about it.

"How has it affected your life to be a porn star?"

Amber: "I've learned to accept myself for who I am."

Another person comes up and says hi to me.

"Hey," I say.

"You have friends everywhere," says Amber. "That's awesome."

She's such a positive person, I feel my gloom diminish.

"I realized this is who I want to be," purrs Amber. "This is who I am as a person. Before, I was quiet and composed. I didn't want to let myself go. Now I feel like a free person.

"I worked hard at school. I entered college as a junior [because she did so many AP prep classes]. I have my BA in Theater Arts and a minor in Art History [from Cal State LA]."

Luke: "How does your family think [about Amber doing porn]?"

Amber: "My mom and and dad were concerned at first. My mom mostly. Now they've broken into manager mode. My mom's like, 'You have a shoot tomorrow. Make sure you go to AIM. Have your test with you.' She's very supportive. I've set up a 401K plan for retiring. She's my financial advisor. I'm investing in real estate."

I give a bedazzled look.

"I'm something else," she says. "I know. I'm not your normal girl."

Luke: "They don't watch your movies?"

Amber: "I've sent my mom my boxcovers and my clothed shots. She'll say they're cute."

Luke: "Not spread shots?"

Amber: "No, no, no."

Luke: "Were you traumatized as a kid and that led you into porn?"

Amber: "Not at all. I was a regular girl. I played sports. I played the guitar. I went to school. I worked."

Luke: "How's porn affected your love life?"

Amber: "I've had a boyfriend for a long time. He's awesome with it. He knows that I come home to him every night. We'll watch my scenes together. He's a musician. I love musicians. I love '80s metal bands. This is Motley Crue's Shout at the Devil. I'm the biggest Motley Crue girl you'll ever meet."

Luke: "I'm the biggest Air Supply boy you'll ever meet."

Amber: "Really? I love metal."

Lynn LeMay is back. She's going to parties, she's drinking, and she's hanging out with directors again (lately it's been Nic Andrews).

Amber Rayne says she spent her Saturday at the AVN Show in Las Vegas watching football and drinking beer with the Red Light District directors. "That's the kind of girl I am," she says. "I like football and beer."

"There aren't many girls like that," I say.

"I'm one of a kind," she replies. "I'd rather go to a bar or a football game on a date."

"When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

"I wanted to be a performer on camera."

"What mainstream stuff did you do?"

"I did Kids in America with Nicole Richie. I was a cheerleader. I did... Cafeteria 3. I did a lot of theatre."

Amber grew up in Detroit and lived in Northern California before moving to Los Angeles almost two years ago.

She says she had a 4.25 GPA in highschool.

"Do you find your minor in Art History helps you in porn?"

"It does. The photographers tell me to do various poses and I know what they're talking about. I can get into intellectual conversations with them."

May 24, 2007

She writes on ADT (her profile):

I think the one thing i just kinda wanted to say, especially since this is really the first time i've seen it come up, in regards to my cancer situation, is I'm absolutely fine.
I underwent chemo for a while, and that was physically and mentally doing me in so to say, so I just opted for absolute removal. (no wee replications of me running around). I do have to go in for periodic check-ups but its been about a couple months under a year from when they pulled it (bad visual there huh?) and i've been doing great. My hair is even beginning to get thincker again!!! woohoo. (it didn't all come out but it certainly thinned quite a bit..bummer).
Anyhow, no need to be concerned. I'm certainly not and really looked at it as an annoyance more then anythin.

But now that thats outta the way..

HELLO ALL!!! I really hate that the only time i get to see some of you is during the conventions only. next AVN I will go to the Adultdvdtalk party..promise!
Cumwhipper how are you?? and how is the east coast right now lol? I head out there to baltimore in a few days for a week and then from there to prague..
Heya Coach!!! I was watching slap shot today and thought of you. :) i'm slowly nearing that state of hockey withdrawl..
Hellooooo Mister Blue!! :D how YOU doin?
Hey knocko Nice to kinda sort of virtually meet you. oh and geek isnt the word..I'm a flat out dork. next to LOTR and my huge love for comic books, I'm a major gamer. after this i'm off to play world of warcraft...I'm going to go hide in embarressment now LOL
HelloRandom... I enjoy your avatar!!
and Leyden thank you for the buzz...yes i am unsuccessfully trying to be witty LOL