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A substantial percentage of porn performers, if not a majority, turn tricks on the side. The few that don't, such as Veronica Hart, glory in their refusal.

"Porn is not hooking," she says. "I was hired as an actress. Maybe on a straight film the director f---s the actress but it doesn't happen in this business. Nobody has to come in here and do me to get a job.

"That's why I hate to get lumped in with the rest of pornographers. I took great joy in this business because I was hired to f---. I never had to f--- to get hired.

"It's sleazy to f--- to get somewhere. Believe me, I've tried it all over Hollywood. It doesn't guarantee anything.

"Everybody who doesn't f--- the actresses takes great pride in that. They feel set apart. They don't feel as sleazy as the next guy. I had a two-year fling with Harold Lime. That was my choice. I've never f---ed anybody in this business to get a job.

"I take pride in my high standards. No actress comes into VCA and f---s anyone to get a job."

Sex workers generally believe in a hierarchy, with porn stars followed by prostitutes ranking at the bottom. If prostitution means trading sex for money, however, all porn performers are prostitutes.

"I always found it interesting," writes William Rotsler, "that you could pick up a girl at 9:00 AM and at 9:10 she would be f---ing someone she had just met, yet she would never think of herself as a prostitute, even though she had really just been hired to f---. But this was a movie, and she was acting!" (CEC p. 210)

In the book The Dud Avocado, a girl about to pose nude for a strange painter says, "There isn't a girl in the world that won't take off her clothes if she's convinced it is for the sake of art."

Porn stars from Annie Sprinkle to Angela Baron, Taija Rae, Debi Diamond, Danielle Martin and Nici Sterling are known for turning tricks.

For those who want to purchase the services of a porn star, Michael McKenzie recommends thumbing through the LA Weekly and LA Xpress to find porn star prostitutes. "Keep in mind that it will cost more than your average escort, and might be less exciting. I once banged a former pornstar named Whitney Banks when she was in Florida. It was the worst $150.00 I ever spent. She wouldn't even suck dick. Keep in mind that these women are actresses. So the "enthusiasm" you see on screen may not translate into real life. Also keep in mind, that it is unlikely that any of the A-list porn stars will be advertising themselves (i.e. a vivid girl, Juli Ashton, Jenna Jameson, other BIG names). Most likely, it will be a B-list porn star like Letha Weapons, Cumisha Amado, Angela Faith, etc.

"Back in June, I received a communication from an agency in L.A. that supposedly has porn stars working for them. At the time, they did have some A-list girls working for them. The price range varied greatly. The Black stars like Janet Jacme and Champagne were priced at $500.00/hr. This was the cheapest rate that was offered. A-list girls like Kobe Tai and Nici Sterling were priced at $1,500/hr. The most expensive I remember was Debi Diamond, who was priced at $2,500/hr.

"This information is not secret information. I am not outing anybody. If anyone keeps their eyes-ears open one can find out such things. For example, On Jerry Springer, he had a few porn star/escorts talking about what they do. He had the infamous Bianca Trump, Whitney Wonders, and someone else. Nici Sterling via her fan club offers a dinner date with nude dancing for $750.00. (I don't know what you get beyond that). In a recent Gonzo Video that recently played on the Playboy channel, Paul Thomas was interviewing porn stars. When he was interviewing Kobe Tai, he asked her about what one had to do to hire her for a private show, or something along those lines, and I recall her saying that all someone had to do was to say, "I would like to spend some time with you"." (RAME)

Director Gregory Dark has slept with hundreds of strippers and porn stars and he ranks their sexual skills as well above average.

"Most of the gay porn stars in LA who advertise in "Frontiers" (the big gay LA newspaper) are around $400 or so," writes Tim Evanson on RAME. "Some charge more, but they tend to do fantasies or have something special to offer (i.e., piercings, water sports, etc.)... and in some cases are in very high demand. (I've observed that when new-to-porn bottoms do escort work, they tend to ask higher prices.)

"A friend of mine in LA (who sometimes posts here) has had some experience with these escorts, and he says that many of the porn stars are not that fun in bed. Most have their own agenda...he told me of one porn star (a top who is active again in porn now) who walked in the door, announced he wanted to f---, and just about had my friend pinned on the floor in 15 seconds before my friend shouted at him "LISTEN: I want to take it slow and blow you before we f---." Later, this performer wanted to f--- without a condom. This actor was unwashed, abrasive, and wanted to take a shower after having sex.

"It is my friend's experience that many of the A-minus-list porn stars he's been with have been rather bad in bed. Most trade off their "aura" of being a porn star, thinking that you'll be so bowled over by having "X" that you won't notice how rotten they are in bed. Most, too, have rather limited repertoires in bed: They ONLY bottom. They ONLY get sucked and don't suck you. They ONLY do it in one position. They ONLY....well, you get the idea. Some of this is probably due to the fact that this is the only way some of these guys can deal with escorting; it's not an emotionally easy job, and I figure that by constricting the sexual and emotional attachment to the "john" they can deal with it better."

Frequently Asked Questions About Porn Star Escorts

I found this on the AdultStarFantasy.com site.

I believe it will answer many of the questions that I get inundated with each day from ethical monotheists wanting to date porn stars.

Q: Do all porn stars and XXX magazine models escort?

A: No, of course not. Although many of the girls in the adult film and magazine business do escort, you can never assume that a particular porn star does.

Q: How much should I expect to pay a porn star?

A: Rates vary as with any other escorts, however you should expect to pay more for a porn star or legitimate men's magazine model than you would pay for a traditional escort. As a general guideline, rates will more than likely be in the $500 - $1500 per hour range with the more well known names commanding the higher prices. Is it worth it? Ultimately, you'll have to judge that one for yourself. Part of the aura of spending time with a porn star is just that - the fact that you're spending time with someone that you've only seen on video or in magazines. If it's a thrill for you to have an encounter with someone that you consider to be famous and otherwise unapproachable, then your experience will probably be one that you'll remember for a long time.

Q Why do porn stars charge so much more?

A: The simple answer would be "because they can" - and on the face of it, that's a true statement. But really, what it comes down to, is that when you spend time with a porn star, you're more than likely fulfilling a fantasy - that as opposed to the usual "companionship" you would seek from a regular escort. You have to remember that these girls have a certain celebrity status, and the "resume" to justify their rates. If you think it's too much money, then the experience is probably not for you. I can't imagine anyone having a good time while in the back of their mind they're worrying that "let's see, she just said hello - I said hello - crap, that just cost me fifteen bucks!"

Q Do porn stars offer "full service" sessions?

A: If you have to ask that question you need to go back and read the primer on etiquette. Like any other escort, porn stars are paid for their time and companionship - asking for, or promising anything else is of course, illegal. Do yourself a favor - if you want your emails or telephone calls answered, DO NOT ask questions like that, or anything else graphic about what can or can't or will or won't happen.

Q Can I contact porn stars directly - without an agency?

A: Absolutely - in fact there are many porn stars who ONLY book directly.

Q Why do porn stars charge different tour rates in different cities?

A: Part of it has to do with expenses and the cost of living being higher or lower in different cities, and part of it has to do with that good old economic theory of supply and demand. (AdultStarFantasy.com)

"Disclaimer: If you consider this is a list of porn stars who also do escort work (escorting not being illegal anyway) you do so at your own risk," writes Mark, Jcjm60@aol.com. He prepared the following:

Lady: Location/Hrly rate/Contact

Carolina: LA/?/888-694-7346 www.city-source.com

Ciara Dawn: Las Vegas/?/ ciaradon@aol.com

Angella Faith: LA/?/www.la-exotics.com

Fonda French: 312?/$400-$550/www.access.digex.net/~nsmith/fanclub

Lisa Lennox: NYC/?/Unique Models, 212-358-7070 aka Michelle

Rebecca Lord: LA/$2000?/ www.city-source.com

Marylin Martin: LA/$200?/714-212-0746 ads in LA Xpress

Missy: LA/?/contact thru Nici Sterling

Chessie Moore: Jcksnvlle/Daytona/$400/ www.chessiemoore.com

Stacey Nichols: LA/?/contact thru Nici Sterling

Alicia Rio: LA/?/ www.city-source.com (not currently working)

PJ Sparks: LA/?/contact thru Nici Sterling

Nici Sterling: LA/$1000/www.city-source.com

Bianca Trump: Miami/$550/www.angeliques.net

Tracey Adams: private dance show only?

Anna Amore: allegedly advertises in LA Xpress

Brittany Andrews: www.caldreamin.com (unnamed model photos)

JR Carrington: posts have said so, but?

Christina Angel: Was in NYC with alleged ads in Action magazine

Lois Ayers: allegedly advertises in LA Xpress

Kristara Barrington: posts have said so, but?

Blondie Bee: allegedly worked at Hllywd Tropicana, went independent

Tricia Cole: Las Vegas

Cortknee: allegedly was in Boston at $400

Leanna Foxx: private dance show only?

Janine: posts have said so, but?

Keisha: private dance show only?

XXX: fan fuxx & ? www.access.digex.net/~nsmith/fanclub

China Lee: www.caldreamin.com (unnamed model photos)_

Mai Lin: allegedly in SF?

Porche Lynn: was dominatrix in NYC/where is she now?

Heather Hunter: allegedly out of NYC

Meneja: allegedly out of NYC

Yasmine Pendavis: allegedly out of NYC

Alexandra Quinn: Houston/?/713-706-6570 private dance shows only?

Kobe Tai: posts have said so, but?

Tammi Anne: LA/private dance show only?

Jennifer West: allegedly advertises in LA Xpress

Pornstars, Escorting and the Truth

Mon, 01 Jun 98 08:34:44



In a recent posting here on RAME someone questions the varying costs of visiting a porn star that escorts. He doubts getting anywhere for less then $1,000 to be in their presence.

$1,000 to be in their presence? A bit of an over statement. Several porn stars offer "services" for less then that. True, it won't happen in NYC, we all know you gotta pay (and pay big!) to have fun in NYC. When I was in Miami last year Bianca Trump was selling her ass for $600 a pop!(no pun intended). But if you do recall she was busted in 96 for having thugs rob a client she just f---ed that she thought had money stashed in a closet. I hear now that shes trying to make a comeback into Porn Movies and is charging accordingly. I say wait a little while (a year) visit Miami and look up Angelines and trust me she'll take less, she charged $300 to f--- the guy she tried to rob. Both Nici Sterling and Rebecca Lord offer "out-call", but since both are well known they can probably charge whatever they want and get it. When I lived in San Diego 2 years ago I would travel the 98 miles up to LA and I can't tell you the number of porn stars I saw advertising in a local sex mag called LA-Xpress. Just a few that I called and verified: Letha Weapons, Alica Rio, Veronica Brazil, etc. I didnt see any p-stars in LA-xpress when I was there about 3 weeks ago but I did see that Anna Malle was at a local fetish club(not saying she escorting there). THE TRUTH IS many porn stars have, do and will offer their tasty services to the general public, its really just a matter of being at the right place at the right time with the right information.

Porn star Leanna Foxxx supposedly flips tricks - 818-973-2248. According to her voice mail message, prices begin at $500. "And tips are greatly appreciated."

Eden Rae:


I, for once, agree with Brandy, although some do escort, many of us DON'T. Ask Trey what I said to him about the subject in an IM conversation on aol. Something to the effect of "God, I could never whore myself."

Even though I do tour as a dancer, I do not do anything on the side, and never have. I do not even do lap dances or table dances any longer. I occasionally bring a bachelor party guy or birthday guy on stage, and pick on him, but there is not direct sexual contact, even thru clothes.

I was a house girl for a year, and then decided I wanted to be a featureso I wouldn't have to deal with being groped for $10 dances (I was 18 then). I did my magazine gigs and then started featuring. I could barely stand it when I was a house girl, even tho I was one of the few paid house girls (round $4-500 a week), and had it better than most.


Porn star Caressa Savage called me tonight, upset with reports on RAME (and quoted on my site www.l-keford.com) that she does escort work in New York… Madelyn Knight called to say the same thing. They both deny ever doing escort work.

Felecia, Missy, Jill Kelly, and other girls do girl-girl shows for bachelor parties… Jim South arranges them.

Caressa has been taking a sabbatical from performing in videos. She's waiting for the HIV crisis to die down before she does her first big boy-girl scene. [She did boy-girl in custom videos about six years ago.]

Caressa reports that she has two significant lovers - one male, and porn star Jordan Lee.

Other people have warned me against reporting on porn stars doing escort work... Many people in the adult industry, who do not want to be named, believe that the Mafia, particularly in New York, run the escort trade, as well as have their tentacles into porn, strip clubs, and drugs.

"You could disappear quickly," porn folks have warned me again in the last few days. They have warned me to stay away from reporting-speculating-quoting on this issue.

Madelyn Knight is in a seven year relationship with a man.

Both Caressa and Madelyn have children that they deeply love and want to protect.

10/14/98 Update - Porn star Caressa Savage gives full service to her fans.

"Whatever they want, if we can negotiate it," says Caressa with a laugh. "Escorting, whatever... I don't give a shit. Meet me and my girlfriends in person... 310-659-3442."

A source reports: "I met Caressa a few months ago through an ad in the LAXpress, and she certainly did more than simply ESCORT me to dinner and a movie! In addition to f---ing her fans, she also offers a "referral" service: for $500 each, she will put you in touch with any number of other porn stars, each of whom also will perform the same tricks she just did, all for about the same price ($400). In fact, she said that of all her friends that she mentioned, only Felicia would not have sex with a guy, and in fact would only do girl-girl stuff at bachelor parties, no private shows."