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Porn Talent Agencies

Absolute Modeling
Adult Faces
AMA Talent
Alternative Modeling
Bad Ass Models
Bad Girl Modeling
Black Widow Talent
Bohema Agency
CS Models
Cherry Modeling
Creative Adult Agency
Exotic Stars Models
Flashlight Models
Foxx Modeling
Fresh Talent Management
Gold Star Modeling
LA Direct Models
Lighthouse Talent
Lisa Ann Management
Model Mania
modFX Models
Patrik Models
Redd Rose Productions
Sex Symbols Talent Management
Sexxxy Talent
Spiegler Girls
Tera Patrick Agency
TnA Models
XTC Modeling

Threesomebody writes on ADT: "Why are there so many girls listed with more than one agency?"

Where are the agencies for African-American males?

Kataboom writes on ADT:

onemodelplace is basically for amateur photographers & talent wanting to break into the biz. although they say that all the big model agencies use them, that is not the case. a photographer may use them if they are on the cheap to either add to a portfolio but big agencies like elite or willhelmina dont use them.

As far as talent goes - i would recommend it as a good starting place. be professional & list some professional photos not some webcam shots or shots done by your bro/sis. its also good because a lot of talented amateur photgraphers will use it & do an even exchange so the model can fill hers/his portfolio while the photographer fills his/her.


Tough Times For Talent Agents?

Seymore Butts aka Lighthouse Talent emails:

In honor of our countryís independence, Lighthouse is offering 50% off all agency fees on all jobs completed in the month of July. Our agents are waiting to help fill your casting needs and can be reached at 818-907-9752. Please visit our website, www.LHTalent.com to view our ever-expanding roster of talented performers.

Is it truly America's independence that Seymore is honoring here or is this a pragmatic business decision?

Seymore emails me: "Actually, the "special" we are running has nothing to do with a "slowdown". It is more of a "thank you" to the companies that have been supportive to us during our first seven months of business. If you think that's good, wait until you see what i do for our one year anniversary in january! It is hard for me to recognize a "slowdown" with only seven months of perspective on the agent side...we have grown each and every month to date!"

Mr. Ambulance writes:

Luke: It looks like its a little deeper than just cutting fees at Lighthouse. He's been reduced to putting up a banner to the competition.

Visit the Lighthouse Talent website < http://www.lhtalent.com/casting/casting/ > and down at the bottom is a banner for Playa's Entertainment/producemyownporn.com, which has a collection of links to OTHER competing talent agencies. < http://www.producemyownporn.com/our_models.htm >

Can the money from his click-throughs to the competition be more than a lost sale/fee? Go figure.

Seymore responds: "I'll take it one step further...i don't even make money on the click -throughs! it's a banner exchange set up by one of our agents. as for competing agencies...how can i be worried about them when i'm still trying to figure out who they are? maybe you can help by listing my competition for me and by "competition" i mean BONDED, LICENSED, LEGITIMATE agents."

I believe that only World Modeling, Tera Patrick's Agency and Lighthouse Talent are licensed, bonded agents (according to this state of California database).

Seymore responds: "hmmm...considering the recent lack of public presence for tera's agency that means we have only one legitimate competitor. i like those odds! as for the other companies that are operating illegally as "agents", i have a feeling the industry will see things "shake out" in the not-too-distant future!"

I email Derek Hay at LADirectModels. I couldn't find him on the California database. "I was looking at that. I don't see LA Direct Models listed. What does that mean? That you are a management company?"

[Later, I search just "Direct Models" and found Derek's site listed.]

He replies:

No, - licensed talent agent, business license, and bonded.

Attached is scan of license. Please do not post on site, but you can verify it exists. [Luke: I verified it.]

Licensing is a stringent process that prohibits convicted felons and those without strong business and credit history from becoming licensed. It also requires strict adherence to laws of city and state in employment, both of employees of the company or agency and for those on the talent roster, agency represents. It also requires employees insurance coverage through State Compensation Insurance Fund. It offers talent a recourse system in cases of disputes, which should offer a much better 'peace of mind' to the talent, about selecting a licensed agent over an unlicensed manager. The law is quite clear actually regarding managers. Whilst a manager can offer career advice, for example in terms of choosing which movie to make, or how to launch a promotional campaign, or which producer to choose for a recording artist, a manager is specifically prohibited from booking anything at all, unless in conjunction with a licensed talent agent. This would extend to an actress making movies, a recording artist playing concerts, or any other profession that required the employment of a licensed agent.

My licenses are all current. Like Seymour I think some government oversight in this area is inevitable sooner rather than later. There are now simply too many unlicensed managers operating for there not to be.

Ric Williams writes:

Hey Luke, What Seymour and Derek are saying is spot on. I have owned a mainstream talent management company, and have now started up Black Widow Talent Agency. As you can see from the attached, there is a $50,000 bond required along with a criminal and credit investigation. I donít think that there are many in this industry that would qualify. I am not listed on the database yet but all of my submittals have been reviewed and I have a provisional license until the review is complete. The lady at the DLSE (Department of Labor Standards Enforcement) told me that the adult industry was on their target list.