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Sunday, March 20, 2005

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Robert Holliday (Body Miracle) Sentenced

Fast Eddie writes on TER:

Body Miracle owner Robert Holiday was sentenced a few days ago regarding his tax evasion case (for details, do a search on this board back a few months). Bottom Line: One year home confinement and a $30K fine, along with the stipulation that he sell the agency.

My Evening With Angel Cassidy

Sly writes on TER:

I spent the evening with her the other night. Not only is she flawless in looks, but she's also fanatical in bed. My only complaint is that she treated me a little too much like a boyfriend along the way, and I was ready to break up with her by the end of the date.

The Content Business Recently

Charley Markham writes on GFY:

Recently I noticed sales were way up and then found they had been climbing over the last 6 months. Which made me start thinking why, also had a chat with a few other producers and it seems some are having the same results as us.

I think a lot of it is due to the surfer being wiser, he has learnt what is good and what's bad content. Deliver it and sales rise, don't and they fall. More important is the affiliate who can drive good traffic. These guys can spot bad content and what ever % you offer they don't want to know.

Also the TGP owners are are looking for submissions that will get their site bookmarked. Again only done by delivering good content. Good content will get you listed and rubbish will get you declined.

Free content is also becoming tougher to get listings where it makes money. More people are paying for good listings.

I think a lot of site owners are coming to the conclusion that the price of good exclusive is too high and non exclusive makes better value for money. I do know of a few Custom Shooters who are finding it tougher to sell at a reasonable price.

Plus sales on non exclusive make the good producer more money. 10 sales on a set will not saturate content, but at $40 a set and $60 set/video they return $400 or $600. Find me the paysite owner paying $600 for an exclusive solo girl image set and video.

10 to 20 sales of a set or video over it's life time will not saturate a set

But the bottom line is the surfer. If you don't show him GOOD content, the guy next in line will and probably the site he joined last month did.

I think the future is looking good for some content providers, and maybe not for others.

Cousin Stevie Interview

I talk by phone Thursday afternoon, March 17, to a star of the Showtime reality series Family Business.

Duke: "I'm running tape."

Stevie: "F--- off."

Duke: "How did you get into the adult business?"

Stevie: "I was working as a sales manager for a computer scanning company. Adam [Seymore Butts] called about seven years ago. He said he needs a business manager. Family's family."

Duke: "So what did you think when Adam, I assume, first brought up the idea of a reality show?"

Stevie: "Remember the PBS special [on porn in September 2001]? The Showtime people saw that and approached Adam about doing a reality-based series. The reason we agreed to expose our lives is that maybe we would teach some people out there that porn people are not the people they were in the '50s where you drugged girls and you had black socks and dark glasses. It was done to help put a more positive spin on the adult business."

Duke: "Did you have fears, concerns, questions when this was first brought to you?"

Stevie: "Yeah. Especially since I was never in front of the camera before this. Adam was accustomed to it. He's been on camera since 1990. But it was a family thing. Especially as you get older, you realize how important family is."

Duke: "When you first heard that Adam was in the porn business, what were you thinking?"

Stevie: "Man, when can I come see this thing? I did come on some sets and I got to know Shane and Taylor and Alisha [Klass] and Mari [Posa]. I had to discuss this with my wife. Did she mind that I was on camera? She said, if it makes you happy, go right ahead."

Duke: "How did she feel about appearing on camera?"

Stevie: "She didn't know she was going to be... As the program evolved, it involved more of the family. It's part of what you give up when you do these kind of shows.

"I was never in this business. She didn't sign on when we got married to be in this business. Now that I'm also filming my own series, the Pussy Party series, she has been more encouraging... It becomes a real threat. We're older and I'm hanging around 22-year old naked women. How many of her girlfriends called and said, how could you let your husband?

"She said, he's 55-years old. What do you mean, let him? If he was going to cheat, he would cheat, no matter what he was doing. As long as he's happy, I don't worry about how he makes a living."

Duke: "Are you allowed to get some on the side?"

Stevie: "No. In fact, she says, blowjobs are ok, but nothing else. But I don't do that. I refuse to be one of these directors that degrade women on the set and ask for favors... I learned from Adam. When I first went to work for Adam, he said, girls are going to approach you and offer you all sorts of things. We don't do that. I wouldn't do it.

"At this time in my life, another pussy is only another pussy."

Duke: "Is there any one girl who is most tempting to you?"

Stevie: "Do you know who is most outrageous? Julie Night. If I was going to do a fling, I could probably get away with Julie Night. She does things my wife has never even thought of. One night we were talking it and she was saying how she drank all that --- and swallowed goldfish and then spit them up."

Duke: "Your wife doesn't do that?"

Stevie: "I don't think so. Nor does she take two dicks up her ass."

Duke: "What kind of toll did the [2000] obscenity prosecution take on Adam and what lessons did you learn from it?"

Stevie: "I learned, don't be Don Quixote. You don't fight windmills. Try and work within the boundaries. That obscenity case dragged on for nine months until they accepted the offer they put on table at first. They were hoping we'd cave in or not spend the $90,000 it cost in legal fees. They just made us spend money. And that's the way they'll beat the smaller companies. I'm sure Rob Black's legal fees must be at least $250,000 by now."

Duke: "What have you loved the most about doing this reality show and what have you hated the most?"

Stevie: "It's the same thing. I've loved the recognition and I've hated the recognition. I'm a New Yorker. Walking down the street, strangers approach me, and the first thing I think is, did I do something? Is this a fight or am I getting mugged? I still have that New York attitude about strangers approaching. At conventions and stuff, you don't get that apprehension."

Duke: "Are there things that the producers of the reality show have asked you to do and you said no?"

Stevie: "Yes."

He wouldn't elaborate for publication.

Stevie: "I felt there was enough anti-Semitism around without contributing to hatred. We're still having feudal wars in 2005. We're having crusades today over religion. I happen to be Jewish because I was raised in a Jewish home. If, at a year old, I was adopted and put in a Muslim home, I'd probably be a Muslim. Organized religion is a brainwash."

Duke: "What does being Jewish mean to you?"

Stevie: "I don't believe Jesus was the Savior. Otherwise, I don't think the religions are that different. It's more of a cult thing than a religious thing. Family. Like Italians."

Duke: "Do you get much anti-Semitic mail?"

Stevie: "I've had a few emails like, 'You fat ugly Jewish bastard.' I write back to these people, thank you for the compliment. Then they've got to say, this guy is as crazy as he is on the show. Then they don't ever email back.

"At this time in my life, if it's not fun, I wouldn't do it."

Duke: "There's a picture of Adam at his bar mitzvah at the top of the show. It's clear that you are all Jewish. Do you have any concerns that this could fuel anti-Semitism?"

Stevie: "No. Anti-Semitism is fueled by ignorant people."

Duke: "Is there more of it in the adult industry than the rest of the world?"

Stevie: "I don't think so. Most of my life I was in computer fields. There are more affairs going on there than in the adult business. These girls in the adult business are getting laid all they want and are getting paid for it. They're not going to just have an affair unless there's love. To just have a one night stand, most of them are not going to do it because they can get paid for a one night stand. I think there is less extra-curricular sex going on in this business than in most mainstream businesses."

Duke: "How has this reality show affected you and your family and the way you relate to each other?"

Stevie: "I don't think it has made any difference. Like any family, when you have an argument, you don't want it on camera. Some of them they keep off and some of them they don't.

"Adam is the boss. It's his company. We don't always see eye-to-eye. I have experience in other industries that I like to bring to him and he has the right to veto it, and I don't always like it. We have some heated arguments."

Duke: "What's the story between you and Tommy, the warehouse guy who doesn't seem to take your orders?"

Stevie: "No, no, no. Tommy is an East Coast sort of guy. I feel that if you are going to dish it out, you've got to be able to take it. I happen to be a sarcastic East Coast prick. And Tom is a sarcastic guy. He does the job. He just gives me a hard time."

Duke: "You are cast as the screwball in this show. How much is real and how much is TV?"

Stevie: "I am, I don't want to say a screwball, but sometimes I do things my way and Adam has other ways to do it. The bottom line is the job gets done. I don't have to do it the way he wants me to do it.

"Sometimes I f--- up, but I would've f---ed up if I had done it his way also. Like when I was getting the lap dance and I told him I was stuck in traffic. Now he saw that and laughed about it and he tells me if I tell him I'm stuck in traffic, he'll say stick the phone out the window. I want to hear the traffic."

Duke: "If she gave you such a good lapdance that you ejaculated, would that be cheating?"

Stevie: "No. I don't think so. My wife might answer that question differently."

Duke: "In the show, you are not just doing things your way, you are screwing up a lot. You didn't send Adam his promotional material."

Stevie: "No. He didn't get it. I had delegated it and it didn't get done.

"I resent micro-management as most people do. When I give a guy a task to do and he says he will do it, I assume it gets done. Well, that time I f---ed up. My fault."

Duke: "Did you really forget your wife's 25th anniversary?"

Stevie: "Yeah. Thanks to Adam, we put it all together and it turned out to be great.

"To men, an anniversary after so many years is just another day. To women it's a big deal. My wife could care less if she doesn't get a present for her birthday. But G-d forbid I forget to get her a card. And she wants it on the day. If I get a card a month later and someone remembers my birthday, it doesn't matter. I think men feel that way. Women are more uptight about dates."

Duke: "What is your wife's attitude to the porn industry?"

Stevie: "She watches porn. We watched porn before Adam got into the business. Her attitude is that it's a living. It's not the way she would make a living. All of us spent about a month trying to talk Mari Possa out of getting into the business. I think it takes its toll on a lot of the women [talent]. It depends on your director. Adam directs so that the girls are having fun and they control the scenes. In other words, the guy is not going to run across the room and shove a dick up her ass without lube and preparation.

"A lot of the girls in this business, by the time they come in to shoot the scene, they've already spent the money they're going to earn in the scene. If you tell them you want them to do this rather than what you told them, they'll capitulate because they spent the money. We don't do that. If all the directors were like that, there wouldn't be the toll. A lot of the women are bitter about the way they're treated. Even though they make more money than men, which makes no sense."

Duke: "Would you like to see a more realistic portrayal of the industry? As you said, Family Business is a positive portrayal of the industry. We try to control... Once in a while you see some of the negatives in the business. We tell them, don't show that.

"I told Adam, we've got a nationwide television program. We should capitalize on that. I should come out with a series. He says, why don't you go to the store, check out things, and try to pick a niche that no one else is doing. And mine is certainly that. There is no six-girl or eight-girl shoot that is a wild party orgy with judges who award cash prizes up to $1,000 at the end beside the [talent's] fees.

"What you're getting for a girl-girl shoot is not big money. Seven hundred dollars for a day is not bad money. It's an easier shoot than a boy-girl shoot because they're controlling what gets put in them."

Duke: "What do you think about the use of Adam's son Brady on the show?"

Stevie: "He's part of the show. He's a part of our family. Why shouldn't he be in the show?"

Duke: "Because it's a show about the porn industry."

Stevie: "It's also a show about our family and how we react to this business."

Duke: "Have you suffered much stigma from friends and acquaintances because of your participation in the show?"

Stevie: "From friends, no. Probably some acquaintances I don't talk to anymore. Listen, I'm not selling drugs on the street. As I say to everyone that argues, if it wasn't for sex, where would you be? The adult industry has been around since recorded time. The ancient Romans had wild orgies."

Duke: "Would you like to see prostitution decriminalized?"

Stevie: "Two things I believe should be decriminalized and taxed: Prostitution and pot. First, let's stop putting people in jail over it. These are victimless crimes. Let's stop supporting the underworld."

Duke: "Do you think people should be allowed to have sex with animals?"

Stevie: "That's a good question. I see nothing wrong with it. It doesn't hurt anybody. If that's what floats their boat, why shouldn't they?"

Duke: "Would you describe yourself as libertarian?"

Stevie: "I'm somewhere left of the middle. The government says we can't show breasts on television because it will corrupt the children? What about blowing a person's head off? Little kids can see that all day long. That's ok?"

Duke: "Do you ever feel that there's too much pornography in our society or that it has affected too much of our society?"

Stevie: "I don't think it has affected our society at all. It has educated some people. When I was 21 and I was with a girl who squirted, I thought she peed on me. That's not peeing. That's squirting. It's opened up because a lot of women didn't talk about that back then. It's made people who do squirt feel more comfortable. The adult industry has done some good on educating people.

"Do I think children should see it? Absolutely not. I don't think that seeing women squirt is the way I'd like my grandson indoctrinated into sex. Or seeing a fisting scene."

Duke: "How about a 15-year old girl wearing a t-shirt that says 'Porn Star'?"

Stevie: "If it was my daughter, she wouldn't get out of the house."

Duke: "How is doing business in adult differing from doing business outside adult?"

Stevie: "Not that much different. You get the same amount of flakes and bulls--- in both industries. What bothers me about this industry is that they stab one another. Rather than working together. We have somebody out there trying to control freedom of speech. If the whole industry banded together, they wouldn't be able to chip at us like they did with Adam.

"If you had a single lawyer who represented the industry, and the government saw the same lawyer appearing every time... Why don't they go after Flynt anymore? Or Playboy? Because they have lawyers on their staff and it doesn't cost them anything extra to fight it.

"I believe there's too much stuff outside of [subscription] websites. That hurts the market. If I can masturbate to what's on the outside, I don't have to join and I don't have to buy tapes. That's a place where the government could put some controls, though it is hard to control the internet."

Duke: "Why do you think girls perform in porn?"

Stevie: "Because it's a good living and you don't have to work that hard. I also think that a lot of the girls had some problems when they were younger. They were mistreated somehow. Howard Stern asks them all the time. I'd say probably 75% of them were molested either verbally or physically if not sexually abused when they were younger. Or come from a broken home."

Duke: "What motivates you most strongly? When are you pumping with adrenalin?"

Stevie: "When we've got a new release and I'm selling it to the distributors. Lately, I've been excited when shooting my videos."

Duke: "Do you get tired of the series portraying you as a..."

Stevie: "A bumbler? A conundrum? No. People relate more to the middle-class guy than the upper-class guy. I've gotten a lot of great emails and met a lot of lovely people. Am I tired? I hope the show goes on for ten years."

Missy Monroe Vs. Genesis Skye

At the X-Play party last Thursday night, I noticed that Missy Monroe was not happy with her roommate Genesis Skye.

Now I gather from this XPT thread that Genesis has moved out from the apartment she shared with Missy for six weeks.

Porn star Mandy Taylor writes:

I was actually there when missy supposedly threw out her roommate. Thats so not how it happened!I sat there girls down after hearing them both complain to me. And told them lets get this in the open like mature adults. and what not. So i asked missy ... ok tell **** what bothers you that she is doing. And from there Missy flew off the handle and got in her face while the other girl remained calm and talked in a civil manner. It was a huge clusterf---. Missy even involved their agent in this nonsense. So the other girl went down to the leasing office and they gave her, her own apartment. Dont blame her,.... missy turned into crazy bitch exorcist style.... It was fricken insane.... I told ya all you LA people are crazy hahaha! Glad to be HOME!!!!

The previous nite before all this started she took me out to eat and what not and we were cool and she was very nice to me.... But then out of the blue she calls Derek and tries to have me removed from the apartment....And then called the cops.... But then cancelled the police when she found out she legally could not have me removed from the apartment,.... she has some major mood swings..... Heheh Chicago is drama free.

Missy Monroe calls me back at 3:53.

Missy: "I'm just leaving a shoot right now. I'm going the wrong way of course."

Duke: "I've been reading about your dramatic life."

Missy: "My dramatic life just got undramatic.Yeah, dude, that stupid bitch...Genesis. What a bitch. G-d, she's awful, dude. When I was in Germany, she had all these f---en Ecstasy parties and doing Whippit, that laughing gas... People calling me and telling me about it.

"I come back and find all these nasty Whippit containers all over the place... You're f---ing killing your brain. For what? For a 30-second high? You're a f---ing idiot.

"She owed me almost $1,200 and wouldn't pay me.

"Then I was dating this guy and she f---ed him.

"Let me think. What else did she do?"

Duke: "Is that the guy she's with now, Brett Rockman?"

Missy: "No. I came home from hanging out with some friends overnight [last Wednesday] and found her in bed with the guy I've been dating. That's fabulous. F---en whore.

"The night of the [X-Play] party, her and Brett broke up. She called the cops on him because she hit him twice and he flogged her. She called the cops and told them she was on Ecstasy. A bunch of s--- that I don't really need. I don't need somebody in my house doing drugs and calling the cops and telling them that they were doing those drugs.

"She did so many things and I was like, dude, you suck. I can't live with you. Then she tried to kick me out. I said, you have to move out. I can't stand you. If I have to live with you for another day, I'm going to end up beating your ass because you just annoy me to that point.

"She's like, well, guess what? I'm not going anywhere. You'll have to move out if you want to get rid of me.

"What? I've been here for six months. I invite you into my house to live with me and I put you on the lease and now you're telling me to get the f--- out of my place?"

Genesis lived with Missy for six weeks. "Every bill was in my name. How are you going to tell me to get out of my house?

"She finally got the rest of her s--- out yesterday. I was hanging out in my kitchen making a sandwich for me and a friend. She comes in and says, oh, by the way, if you are going to go calling people telling them our business, don't go making lies.

"I said, what are you talking about? She's like, [Slain Wayne] said that you said I threatened you.

"I said, dude, the only thing you threatened me about was getting me out of my house. I threatened to kick your ass. You didn't threaten to do s--- to me.

"I was really mad at her and I almost beat her up."

Duke: "Who's this Mandy Taylor?"

Missy: "Some stupid bitch... That's the thing.

"I came home from Germany and [Genesis] has this chick staying at my house, camped out on my couch. And I'm like, no, thank you. Not at my place.

"Do I take the 5 South to get to the 118? Or is it North?"

Duke: "Where are you?"

Missy: "Tuxford house."

Duke: "I think you go 5 North."

Missy: "I'm getting on 5 South. This should be fun. I don't think it is the right way. I've got to turn around."

Duke: "What scene did you do today?"

Missy: "I worked for Precious. Cheyne Collins and Tiffany. For a squirting movie."

Duke: "Sounds draining."

Missy: "I'm so happy though. I go home and I've got my own place again. I took Genesis's room and put my dog's bowl in there. I sat her down and said, this is your room. I would much rather have you here than that bitch Genesis and you're not paying me any rent.

"Genesis is like bipolar and stuff. Crazy psycho."

Duke: "Why did you get a roommate in the first place?"

Missy: "Because she came to me crying, saying that she needed somewhere to live. She totally f---ed me over once she moved in. Now my rent is $700 more than before she moved in."

Duke: "Has she paid you the money that she owed you?"

Missy: "She told me that since she moved out in the middle of the month, and that would make it $600 I'd have to give back... She's even with me. She never paid one bill.

"I did file a police report on her. She and her friends came in and started screaming at me.

"I got her off the lease. I told her if she didn't leave, I was going to call the cops on her. She started screaming at me.

"I don't need any drama. I don't need anybody living with me. I told Derek ( that temporary stuff is ok."

Mandy Taylor responds:

She wasnt getting calls from a buncha people about the s--- in her apartment. Genesis had a few people (5) over for a party to celebrate the nite before she went in to get her boobs done. All the people in the apartment were people missy her self knew and were friends with as well. It wasnt multiple X parties.... Hell missy herself before she left was droppin X in her own house.... As for the Whippits,.... They were not all over the house. The empty containers were in a plastic bag stored in a dvd cabinet, out of sight out of mind. The house was not trashed and was completely clean when she arrived home.

Genesis refused to pay the deposit because missy's dog in the 6wks they were there had already s--- and pissed all over the carpets. There was and is no way missy will get back her deposit bc the s--- bag dog had ruined them. The complex will need to tear up and replace the carpet now. Why f---ing pay for something missy's dog has already trashed? The dog s---s and pisses everywhere. 3yr old dog thats not potty trained? WTF has a dog anyhow living in a 3rd story apartment building?!?! She hardly ever takes the thing outside.

Missy wasnt dating this guy. This guy has been FRIENDS with genesis for quite awhile now. And knew him before missy did. Missy talked to him a few times and she felt this "feeling" in her stomach (quoted from her) and dude doesnt even want a girlfriend and doesnt like missy and didnt before all this happened. I guess when ur lonely you make up relationships in your head.... And Genesis did not sleep with him, I was there the entire night.

Missy did not see them in bed together. She asked me where Genesis was and i told her in her bedroom. They fell alseep watching movies on the floor in the living room, and I woke them up at 8am and they got up and proceeded to sleep in her bedroom till about 330pm bc missy is physco about her couches and people being in the living room. I went in the room several times to get things and they were in fact SLEEPING on oppisite sides of the bed clothed.

It wasnt the nite of her supposed X party.... They went to a release party and had entirely way to much to drink and people who are drunk and fighting dont mix. He didnt beat for for christs sake. Missy has no idea as to what actually happened that nite as she wasnt there.

I sat missy and genesis down on the couch and told them they need to figure things out bc obviously they werent happy. I told them we need to do this in a mature fashion and salvage whats left of your relationship. Convo started out good then missy went absolutely nuts and was in genesis's face. I think it pissy missy off more when Genesis didnt flinch and remained calm.

I was staying at Genesis's place for the 3wks I was in CA. I wasnt camped out on her couch. I fell asleep on her couch after watching movies late at nite. Whoppie I fell asleep. She wasnt saying no thank you go home when I was helping the both of them. Hmmm... Who helped missy with all her laundry from germany? And helped take her dotg out so it wouldnt s--- on the floor? Missy didnt like me so much she took me to eat at the cheese cake factory in woodland hills and paid... sounds like she really disliked me.

I call Genesis Skye around 8pm.

Genesis: "Let's get down to the nitty gritty. I know you want the dirt."

Duke: "Tell me how you came to move in with Missy and what happened from there."

Genesis: "I met Missy through Brett Rockman. Me and her became friends. I needed to move out. I said, let's move in together. So we got an apartment. Things were pretty good for a little while. And then she just started talking s--- about all my close friends.

"She was so disrespectful. She was telling me that I was irresponsible. I told her that I don't need a mother. I have one of those already. For somebody younger than me to be treating me like a child is crazy...

"My friend [Mandy Taylor] came to stay with me. I had my [breast implant] surgery. [Mandy] was taking care of me. She took care of Missy's dog while she was gone. Missy came back. Some people had called her while she was gone saying the apartment was trashed and that we had all these people over and we were doing all these drugs. Somebody was trying to turn us against each other while she was gone.

"She comes back. We didn't talk too much. Mandy said we should sit down and talk to each other.

"The whole thing started over a guy she thought I was sleeping with. She wanted to be with him. It's not even true. He and I have been friends longer than she has even known him."

Duke: "She claims that she came home and found you guys in bed together."

Genesis: "He was sleeping in my bed on the other side of my bed. If she really wanted to know what was going on, she could've walked into my room at any point and saw for herself that nothing was going on. She's just jealous and she needs to grow up.

"We sat down on the couch and we were having a calm whatever... She starts telling me what she doesn't like. Next thing I know, she starts screaming that I need to get out of her house.

"It's not her house. It was our's. We were both on the lease.

"She told me that everything in the apartment was her's. The reason everything in the apartment was her's was because she told me not to buy it. She wanted to buy it.

"I owed her about $1100. I had the money and I was going to give it to her. She was bothering me for it all the time but I can only withdraw so much from my account a day.

"She starts screaming that she is going to kick my ass.

"She calls up our agent [Ben English aka Derek]. He comes over. I decide that I will be the bigger person and I'll move out.

"She did not kick me out of the apartment. I signed off of the lease.

"She has turned her back on everybody who has ever helped her out."

Duke: "She alleges that you and Brett Rockman had a dramatic break-up."

Genesis: "That's none of her business. Brett and I are still best friends.

"I need her to return my X-Box power cord so that I can give her her Playstation cable."

Porn Stars Do Not Like Their Fans

JM writes:

They only tolerate them!

Case in Point: PLAYBOY magazine September 1998 The Smartest Women in Porn (Nina Hartley)

Playboy: You once said that you don't "draw the weird kind of crowd" Isn't anyone who idolizes a porn star sort of cracked?

Hartley: There are two kinds of fans. There are the kinds of fans who don't have a life and never will have a life. Then there is the regular guy who likes to masturbate every now and again, or he and his wife like to watch me. He wants to meet the person that has brought him so much pleasure. Those aren't cracked people. Pornography can make monogamy easier to handle. You go through periods where you need it more.

I was curious where I fit in? I am not married; so does that mean that I am a cracked loser? I must not have a life because I like porn?

Actually, it is rarer for the married couple to watch porn together to help their marriage in my estimation. I do not consider myself a slack-jawed/coke-bottle bottom glasses wearing/knuckle scraping/drooling loser; which I think most porners think that their fans are, you know (fans) the people who actually buy the videos.

Ashley Blue does not like her fans. Neither does Brianna Blaze or Taylor Raine to name a few, of many.

I was curious what opinions are of this? My thought is that porners' look at the people that buy their videos and come to the signings etc. as a necessary evil and view them with borderline veiled contempt and disgust.

Keeping in mind, if we did not buy the videos and pump them up on newsgroups et al than they would not exist.

Nina Hartley's husband Ira Levine aka Ernest Greene responds:

This comment seems to imply that Nina is among the porn stars who dislike their fans and regard them as a "necessary evil." As a regular visitor to Nina's site, you can't possibly believe those are her opinions. Contact with the public is one of the real pleasures of Nina's career. She's correctly regarded as one of the most fan-friendly performers in the industry. Over the years, she has developed many lasting friendships with viewers of her work and never passes up an opportunity to give full credit for her success to their love and loyalty. Frankly, I see nothing in the Playboy quotation that supports any allegation to the contrary.

To portray her views otherwise is simply innacurate and, in this case, genuinely hurtful.

Porn star Kami writes on XPT:

I think there are a lot of different types of Porn chicks. Some probably do hate their fans. Some probably hate their friends or family, some may hate every living thing. 80% of off camera activity for most girls is validating themselves. Many porn chicks get that validation from fans. Many need fans to make them feel ok about themselves because they suffer low self esteem. Then they complain about them to brag about the fans they have.

"Oh how can I get through all this stupid email"

"I was recognized at the gym today"

"I get hounded for autographs"

All mean some one thinks I'm special

Sharon Mitchell On 20/20

Jim South Jr from World Modeling writes on XPT:

Missed the 20/20 but will state a few opinions In no way should there be one testing center. People have their reasons and variety is always a good thing.

I know 2 people that tried to open a testing center. One just happened to catch on fire and the other couldn't get the lab to do their tests because AIM threatened to pull all accounts. After that AIM gets most major companies to sign a contract to only except tests from them. Last I checked monopolies are NOT legal.

Aim introduces G&C (Gonorrhea and Chlamydia) tests for free. Everything is fine, then they start charging, people start testing positive for it left and right. Tests get screwed up (by Aim or the lab ... falls on AIM) they hold the test saying it's pending, people lose work, test comes back positive, pay for meds and another test.

I personaly don't have a problem with the people working or running AIM but I don't like the fact they have an iron clamp on something like testing. Look at what happened a few weeks ago. Was told there was a new lab or testing procedure and you had people waiting over a week for results.

No DP Tonight Show In Three Months

What's up, Digital Playground? Would The Tonight Show (Jay Leno) go on hiatus for this long?

Is Michelle Wild ashamed of her past?

For those foreigner readers, who are still interested in getting informed about the pornstar Michelle Wild (Vad Katalin by her real name - note: Vad means Wild) after giving birth to her daughter (Vad Málna): a report could be seen on a Hungarian tv channel about her appearance in a local soap-opera playing an ordinary nurse - this time with her clothes on. There was the question: how will the child beign informed about her mother's past? Michelle replied: "I would like to be present until she grows up, so that the last 3-4 years of my life will be just a tiny percent of the whole world she gets to know about.". Michelle doesn't know exactly as of today, how this will happen, but she plans to time it in her adolescence. Until then she is intended to denounce anybody who dares to "sexually harass" her daughter with her past. Is it possible to build a carreer on a pornstar background? We shall see. I wonder how long does it take for the name and the pictures to disappear from search engines, shelves of gas stations, memories of kindergarten teachers.

European X-Awards

Don Fernando writes on ADT:

I did attend the "European X Awards-Brussels 2005" at the Crowne Plaza the evening of March 5 during the Festival of Eroticism to receive the Special Jury Award for Lifetime Achievement.Another Special Jury Award for Lifetime Achievement went to my friend Alain Payet who is one of the best French directors ever! I shared a table with Spaniards Narcis Bosch,Celia Blanco and Max Cortes and some French webmasters.Francesco Malcolm came over and between his famous story telling,my going back and forth to the delicious buffet and writing down who to thank on stage when I receive my award, I was able to jot down the winners for:


Best Actor: Max Cortes
Best Actress: Celia Blanco
Best Director: Narcis Bosch


Best Actor: Steve Holmes
Best Actress: Vivian Schmitt
Best Director: Nils Molitor


Best Actor: Francesco Malcolm
Best Actress: Bambola
Best Supporting Actress: Jessica Gayle
Best Director-Medium Budget: Steve Morelli
Best Director: Mario Salieri
Best Movie: La Vita Segreta Di Jasmine (Salieri Ent.)


Best Actor: Phil Holliday
Best Supporting Actor: Sebastian Barrio
Best Actress: Delfynn Delage
| Best Supporting Actress: Bamboo
Best Director-Gonzo: Patrice Cabanel
Best Director-Medium Budget: Christian Lavil
Best Director: John B.Root Best Movie: Cabaret (VMD)

Mary Carey Party A Bust

Mary Carey Mary Carey Tawny Roberts, Mary Carey Tawny, Mary Tawny, Mary Mary Mary, Tawny Mary, Tawny Mary, Tawny Mary, Tawny Mary, Tawny Mary, Tawny Mary, Tawny Mary, Tawny Mary, Tawny Tee Reel Joey, Tawny Joey, Tawny Mary, Chris Tawny, Chris

Only a dozen people had shown up to celebrate the birthday of Vivid girl Tawny Roberts by the time I left at 11:15pm Wednesday. Attendess included Mary, Tawny, Tee Reel, a couple of photographers and a handful of people I didn't know.

"It stinks to be the only person at your own birthday party," Tawny said to her big brother, who, along with his wife and four kids, is not in the industry.

"I want to go drive around for half an hour," Tawny said. "This sucks."

The Vivid girl seemed peeved with her friend Mary's inability to generate a turnout.

I arrived at 10pm, the scheduled time for the beginning of the party. I saw nobody from the industry. After walking around the Red Rock at 8782 Sunset Blvd, I stepped into the men's room. Inside, I overheard some people talking in the upstairs corridor. They opened up the second floor lounge.

I lay back in a seat and listened to 1950s music until 10:25 when a drunk Mary Carey and Tawny Roberts and Tawny's brother and sister-in-law arrived from tonight's La Clippers' game.

Mary said she saw a player who she had slept with. She said he recognized her. Mary said she had slept with eleven NBA players.

Mary changed the music to loud rap.

She jumps up and down.

Mary tells me that Jesse Jane and Hannah Harper are going to show up. That by 11:30pm, the place will be rocking.

I talk to Tawny about her fight with fellow Vivid girl Savannah Samson at the AEE in January. Tawny says it was the shock of finding out that her boyfriend Chris was now with Savannah.

Tawny's calmed down since then. She has a new boyfriend. She says she's been moving around a lot. She's not sure where she wants to live.

Black male Red Light District contract performer Tee Reel says he's never had sex with Mary or Tawny. Vivid does very little interracial, but if they did, Tee Reel says he would be one of the first guys hired.

Tee has been in porn 18-months. He grew up in Cleveland. He went to Columbia College in Chicago, and got a degree in film. He directed music videos prior to entering porn.

He says Sean Michaels is his hero.

Tee will begin directing porn in the new few months.

He's hosting a birthday party for Violet Blue in two weeks.

Duke: "How did you get into porn?"

Tee: "A lot of the girls in the music videos were porn stars. I dated a couple of them and they brought me into the business. I just broke up with Amber Peach. I'm back on the singles market."

Duke: "What do you love and what do you hate about working in the porn industry?"

Tee: "I love the money and the women. I hate the politics. I hate unprofessional guys and girls who are only in this for money."

Duke: "That's most of them."

Tee: "I'm fortunate. Most of the girls who won't do interracial will f--- me."

Duke: "What kind of crowd did you hang out with in highschool?"

Tee: "They were quite popular. Let's put it that way. Life has been very good to me."

Duke: "Were you a good student?"

Tee: "I was the nice guy. All the bad boys got the hottest chicks... The rest, we were just friends."

Tee says he lost his virginity at age 15 and then slept with another 40 women before he graduated highschool. In his life, he estimates he's been with just shy of 400.

"I'm trying to be more professional, to separate my working life from my personal life."

Tee says he doesn't have a preference between women inside or outside of the industry, but it just usually ends up with him dating within the industry. "No [civilian] woman is going to feel comfortable with you f---ing other women for a living."

Duke: "Do you encounter much racial discrimination in the industry?"

Tee: "Not a lot. There are women who won't do interracial because they think they're going to get hurt. I'm one of the nicest guys in the industry."

Mary tells the photographers that they can't get too wild because Tawny's brother is a Mormon. I ask him if that's true. He won't say. His wife says she is not Mormon.

This is their first industry event.

Mary Carey says everyone is downstairs. At 11:15pm, I walk downstairs. I see nobody from the industry. I leave.

Legs McNeil

I met Legs McNeil at his book signing at Book Soup on Sunset Blvd. He took more than 20 paragraphs from my Marc Wallice interview for his book. Fine. He credited me.

I ask him for an interview. He gives me his phone number. Over the past month, I've called him four times. I left three messages. I spoke to him once. He said he'd call me back. He never has. He's not a man of his word.

I kept hearing from people that he was a jerk but I wanted to give him a fair shake.

Like the makers of the Inside Deep Throat documentary (who he detests), Legs in his latest book gets major media buzz despite failing to advance the story. He fails to break new ground in the story of porn.

Still, some of the material Legs pastes together is fresh and compelling.

Sharon Mitchell has many good insights, such as: "No one gets into this business unless you got a real need for attention. I don't think a lot of healthy people are attracted to this industry."

Johnny Keyes, star of Behind the Green Door (1972): "I was f---ing the hell out of this chick -- I was acting like I was ten thousand Africans making up for that slavery s---. Here's this white woman that the African is f---ing to get revenge on all those white motherf---ers that used to rape our mothers and aunts all those years ago, right? That's what I used as an incentive to f--- Marilyn Chambers."

Family Business Seems Contrived

I'm watching the second season of Showtime's Family Business on DVD. Most of the scenarios seem contrived -- Cousin Stevie shooting transexual Alanina aka Helen thinking she was a girl, Cousin Stevie forgetting his wife's 25th anniversary and then flying to Las Vegas to renew his vows, Cousin Stevie going to acting class and an audition without a headshot or resume, Cousin Stevie fighting with his employee Tommy and stomping his lunch, Aunty Marty showing up while Adam's judging a beauty contest...

There could be a compelling reality series about the adult industry but it should be done documentary style with a fidelity to the type of traditional family journalistic values that I embody.

My other complaint is that the series is such a sanitized presentation of porn reality a la Pornucopia.

My biggest moral objection to the Family Business series is that Adam Glasser's young son Brady is a featured player. It just seems wrong to have a kid in a porn show.

Pornucopia and Family Business are slick, professional and fun to watch. They are a significant part of the porning of America.

My favorite parts of Family Business are when Adam tries to date girls outside the industry and inevitably meets with rejection. That strikes me as true.

Vivid Girl Tawny Roberts Celebrates Her Birthday Tonight

Second floor. Red Rock. 8782 Sunset Blvd. 10pm.

My First Porn Star Karaoke

Rob Longshot Keiko Keiko, Violet Blue Rob Longshot Keiko, Violet Blue Star Levatious Shay Thomas Star Levatious Lisa Prince Rodney Chaun, Wankus Wankus and co Cytherea Cytherea Wankus, Cindy Crawford Wankus, Cindy Crawford Angie Savage Angie Brian, Tommy Gunn, Wankus Cytherea Cytherea, Brooklyn Angie, Devon Angie, Devon Angie, Devon Kristen Violet Blue Alexis Amore Cindy Crawford, Jill Kelly freaking Mixed-race dancing Angie Tyler Faith, Alexis Amore Mickey G Shay Sights, friend Brooklyn, Cytherea Brooklyn, Cytherea Cytherea, Brian, Jill Kelly Violet Blue, boyfriend Violet Blue Mickey G, Violet Blue, Marc Davis Tommy Gunn (left to right), Zach, Tony Capone, Looceat, Gonzo Black Tommy, Gonzo

It's my first time at karaoke period and it's a jolly bit of fun. No wonder the young people go for it.

Sardos feels tiny. And full. I feel claustrophobic with my heavy leather jacket (must've thought I was going to need it to absorb some blows and bullets), red tie (hanging cloth), special religious underwear with long white tassles, and heavy Nikon D100 camera (I'm still no better at using it 18-months after I bought it, rarely able to get the damn thing to focus in the dark, even in automatic mode).

I look around desperately for a familiar face and latch on to Wankus who introduces me around. Then I latch on to Gram Ponante who deserts me for AVN's Jay Moyes.

Outside, as I'm about to leave, Marc Davis jokes about the time I came up to him apologizing for writing about Kobe Tai's escort work (it later turned out that I was 100% correct) and then buggering off.

Mickey G is back to working as an emergency room nurse. His date is a non-porn model.

Wankus's cohost is a spunky young white gal named Kristen. Terrific singer and dancer and quite friendly with the black fellas. Leaves a guy like me feeling distinctly outgunned.

Kristen wears a disturbingly low-cut blouse, and the soft jiggling flesh underneath it haunts my memory long after the karaoke has finished.

It is wicked temptresses like Kristen, who wantonly sing and dance in front of men, who make my commitment to chastity so difficult.

I don't hold with women singing in front of men. It arouses lust. At least in me.

I spot Jay Moyes of AVN with his girlfriend Bast.

Somebody says to me, "If people heard that Heidi Pike-Johnson killed John Holmes and has kept his body in a freezer, they'd say, oh, that's Heidi. That's AVN. What can you do?"

Early '90s porn star Shay Thomas sings a couple of songs, one with big blonde Star Levatious.

Angie and Devon Savage have been in porn for a few months.

After Wankus and Kristen do a Milli Vanilli imitation to their own lyrics (accompanied by gestures simulating male masturbation), Cytherea throws about 20 one-dollar bills on the floor. The Wankus tip jar overflows but he spends most of it buying people drinks.

I walk outside. About 20 porners are smoking.

Violet Blue says she wants to write a book titled "The Angry Guide To Butt Sex."

Keiko yells out: "I refuse to be a contract star. I can make $15,000 a month not being a contract star."

I leave at 11:30pm.

Gia Paloma's O.D. Ad

RLD Fiend writes on ADT: "Gia Paloma (the new blonde version) is passed out (o.d.?) on a table next to what looks like three lines of coke. The rest of the table is strewn with the new releases from Vertigo, "Dope" spelled out in big letters in (probably fake) cocaine, with pills everywhere, etc."

Mason writes:

I thought it was hysterical. But, I don't have the most tasteful sense of humor. From what I was told by the owners of the company, the ad was simply a way for them to thumb their noses at all of the attention the incident received. The guys at Vertigo are a great lot, and would never intentionally hurt anyone. I know they care for Gia very much.

David Aaron Clark writes:

... And when four people got HIV ... and when a countless number of girls experienced what RLD thinks is funny: "O ring blowout," etc etc etc ... When I was a young, snotty punk rocker I would have thought this ad was hilarious. Now I think it's stoopid as hell. But then that's the image the New Pornographer is trying to cultivate, right? All these white-boy gangsta wannabes, who are most likely to end up where Skeeter started ... cleaning pools.

How Long Until All Porn Companies Leave The US?

MakeMoney writes on JBM:

I noticed all the billing problems seem to be with Visa USA, hosting issues with mailings etc.. It would seem to almost be worth moving to Panama, paying US taxes on earnings but at least get some increased legal protection and enable your business the opportunity to grow more? I noticed some major companies are spamming like mad with some offshore addys. And I noticed a lot of them using merchant accounts which appear to be based down in Central America.

Miss Nude Canada 2005 Feels Humiliated

I felt humiliation keenly as a child and as an adult. I've been fascinated by it ever since. I think that is one reason I got into writing on porn. I have strong self-destructive drives that continually push me towards humiliating myself. I feel that I deserve to be punished for being naughty. I sometimes feel inclinations towards humiliating others in ways that would violate the Golden Rule. Luckily, my strong moral fibre prevents me from acting on these impulses.

George Orwell said that the only parts of an autobiography you should believe are the shameful. With few exceptions, I don't find writing about oneself fascinating unless one is revealing one's shame.

The woman, a 28-year-old philosophy student who is financing her education through exotic dancing, says she has been humiliated. Known by her stage name Honey Houston, the 2005 Miss Nude Canada told the Calgary Herald she has had to finish her studies by correspondence because she can no longer face her fellow students.

He hasn't got much sympathy for Houston's complaints.

"How is she hoping to play this? Is she going to stop dancing? Or now is she a celebrity and everyone wants her to dance for their student union events, like start farming her out to UBC?

"If she's expecting sympathy, I don't think she'll get much."

Gram Ponante Visits Porn Star Karaoke

I was going to sing "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" and dedicate it to Max Hardcore, but I either got there too late or my tits weren't big enough. Not that you have to be female, or a porn star, to sing at Porn Star Karaoke.

Many card-carrying members of the adult press were there, ensconced in booths, making deals, and breaking hearts. The Jill Kelly entourage showed up around 10:30; t-shirts and DVDs were tossed to people who didn't already have a basement full of them. To their credit, no civilians got creepy and there were no suitcase pimp fights in the bathroom.

It was a lot more chaste and low-key than mainstream clubs on the other side of the hill, in fact. Various porn girls who had a couple of extra years and a couple of extra pounds would not have felt comfortable rocking the dance floor in Hollywood, but everybody who wanted to dance danced at Sardo's. Cool thing.

Racial Insensitivity In Fawlty Towers

In the episode "The Germans."

"Ah yes," the Major says, "a woman. I knew one once. Took her to see India. At the Oval. Marvellous day. But she kept calling the Indians niggers. 'Oh no, no,' I told her, 'you can't call them niggers. The West Indians are niggers. These are wogs."

Not Too Many Smelly Arabs, Please

I was relieved to see that there weren't a lot of smelly Arabs at Tuesday night's Porn Star Karaoke.

Please do not accuse me of racism. I have no problem with Arabs in general. I just don't like a lot of the smelly kind.

As for the Pakis and wogs, I just don't want the uncouth kind.

Nor too many uppity blacks either. Blacks in general are fine. Just not too many of the uppity ones.

And as for the Jews, I just hope that they our kind. Cultured. Westernized. Not smelly.

And if we're going to admit gays, I just hope that they won't be flaming. When those people start mincing and prancing, it puts me right off my karaoke.

I don't want a lot of fat and ugly people either. And not too many oldies. At least not the ones who smell.

Tod Hunter Has A Message

Hey Paul Fishbein,

I have never lied, and I defy you to find a place where I did. You, on the other hand, assured me I would never be fired, and we know how valid that was. The truth is you count the AVN award ballots and the truth is that sometimes the results look fishy.

My assessment of the Philadelphia Magazine piece (MY, we have a long memory) was that it was superficial and lame, and that stands.

AVN stole from me by fraudulently sending an e-mail in my name telling Network Solutions to transfer ownership to Darren Roberts. I suppose this was my fault for using as a contact address.

As far as not having the balls... The day I was fired you were hiding somewhere. Tim said you didn't have the heart to face me, but his credibility is suspect. I got an e-mail to call you after my mother died. You took the opportunity to threaten me with Paul Cambria if I revealed any trade secrets, and invoked a non-disclosure agreement that I never signed. We have been in the same place at least twice since then, at the Jim Holliday memorial at the Sportsmen's Lodge and the Deep Throat premiere at Laemmle's Sunset 5. You avoided me on both occasions.

You are a liar and a coward. You have surrounded yourself with sycophants, and dismiss anybody who doesn't kiss your ass as a "bottom feeder." If you have anything to say to me, confidentially if you'd like, call me. My cell and my home are listed under my real name. My e-mail is no secret: tod@tod-hunter.NET.

Paul Fishbein responds at 12:31am:

For everyone out there, Tod Hunter is right. This should not have been done in public. However, one fact....the awards are electronically counted, not by me. As for the rest of what he said, I will privately discuss his false allegations with him.

Tod Hunter responds:

Aw, c'mon, Paul, drop the other shoe. What happens after they are "electronically counted"?

I know for a fact that you called me several times over the years and asked me if I was sure about a particular vote I had made in a category because it was a tie and if I wanted to change my vote to something I thought was better than my original pick I should log in and do that.

Does AMPAS do this if PriceWaterhouseCoopers adds up the Oscar® ballots and they get a tie in one category? I don't think so...

Wankus Flips On Dustin Flynt

Gene Ross reports on one of the least popular persons in the industry, Dustin (I could fill a column with stories from people who hate Dustin for being a cocky jerk):

Wankus: "I'm standing there in my booth- the KSEX little area. I'm standing there in the KSEX booth. It's my zone. This is my home right now. So he had to come into my booth to be in my booth. In my booth is Austyn Moore and her man; Tyler [Faith], the camera guy and me. This guy walks in cause he sees Austyn from outside- into the booth- and he says hi to Austyn which is cool, right? Austyn and her man reach a hand and point to me and said do you know Wankus from KSEX Radio. Then he [Flynt] saw Tyler and completely just pushed my hand out of the way and went over to her, and was like, yo, baby, what's up girl, and started like kissing up on her. Not kissing her but flirting like a dumb f---. So I'm being my wise ass self. As he's holding her, I'm like, hi, I'm Wankus. And he's still just totally tuning me out. Everybody was all uncomfortable. It was really weird."

Paul Fishbein Posts On ADT

I never get these forums which is why I rarely read them, but you guys are so ready to shoot arrows, yet nobody ever EVER bothers to ask questions. For one, I spoke to the Forbes guy for a half an hour and he chose the quotes to use, not me. We talked about a lot of things and a lot of the adult companies. All I was saying is that if Vivid wants to go public, they'd be a likely choice to succeed. True or false? In the meantime, we talked about plenty of stuff that he didn't use.

Also, the point that I would say nice things about Wicked, Evil Angel, Red Light, Hustler or any other big advertiser is absolutely true. The adult industry takes the slings and arrows from the outisde world all the time. When I talk to the media, I try and find the positive things to talk about. I am nobody's spokesperson except my own. My opinions are my own. I've been doing this for 22 years.

I've been there when the industry has seen 35 busts in two days and where people went on trial for selling sexually explicit movies. Some went to jail. I bet some of you were babies when the industry saw its last round of busts. You need to be there to see it to understand why I am so protective of the companies.

Further, all of you guys who like to take shots at the reviews and the awards have never been inside this building. You've never checked out the process for voting. You cannot get inside the heads of 60 different reviewers who watch the product. We are as objective as can be. The bad reviews get capsulized and we try and promote trhe better movies. It's impossible to run full reviews of 1,000 releases a month.

To those of you who get that we are a trade publication thank you. You get it.

Tod Hunter replies: "At least one of us has been there, been in the meetings, written reviews, and had his paychecks signed by you. And I do not appreciate the condescension. The other posters can speak for themselves."

Paul Fishbein replies:

Hey Tod Hunter. You do know the deal around here. You were in the meetings. You helped nominate. You voted on awards. You wrote reviews. You were here for years. But instead of standing up and telling the truth.....which isn't really fun reading for yours and other gossip take shots at AVN and me personally (for example, your assessment of the Philadelphia Magazine piece). Talk about sour grapes. But you don't have the balls to say anything to my face. Why don't you gripe to me perosnally. You have my IM. I see you on line. Or would you then not have any gripes for your little site?

I was chatting with insurance man Greg Zeboray. He said that Paul Fishbein and AVN have had a positive impact on the business and don't deserve to be attacked.

Former Metro Contract Girl Ann Marie Alive And Well

She's getting married to somebody not in porn. She's happy. She's making a new life for herself outside of porn.

Sunny Leone Interview

I call the Penthouse Pet of the Year 2003 in Arizona Tuesday morning.

Luke: "When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

Sunny: "Every week I would make up what I wanted to be. One week I wanted to be a firefighter. Then an astronaut...a nurse...a model. I didn't have a set goal."

Luke: "What were you expected to become by your family?"

Sunny: "Being Indian (Sikh), your main objective (from your parents) as a child is to get straight As, go to university, become a doctor or a lawyer. Mainly doctor."

Luke: Was your home like the (2002) movie Bend it Like Beckham?

Sunny: "My parents were a little more liberal than the parents in that movie. They were strict but it wasn't as bad as that. I was still restricted to stay away from boys. Not show too much skin. I still got to play all the sports I wanted growing up. It was not until puberty that everything went downhill.

"They [parents] were like, you can't do anything anymore. Keep your nose in your books."

Luke: "What kind of crowd did you hang out with in highschool?"

Sunny: "I was a social butterfly. I had many different friends in many different groups. In my highschool, there were a million different cliques. I hung out with cheerleaders. I was part of a business club."

Luke: "India was known for having a caste system. Was your family from a particular caste?"

Sunny: "My parents kept us away from the caste thing. I'm pretty sure we were part of some caste. I'm not so sure which one it was."

Luke: "Did your parents grow up in India?"

Sunny: "Yes. Both my parents grew up in India. My dad was born in Tibet and raised in New Delhi. My mom is from a small town in the mountains called Nahan. Both northern parts of India. That's why my skin color is so light."

Sunny was born in Ontario, Canada. She moved to Southern California in 1995 at age 14. She now lives in Sacramento.

Luke: "So when you turned 18, what did you do?"

Sunny: "I was going to a junior college in Orange County. A girl who was sitting beside me [in English class] was an exotic dancer. I was surprised. When you are growing up, you have a certain stereotype about what people are like. From that moment on, I changed my view...

"She introduced me to an agent (John Stevens). I went down and met him. I thought it was a regular modeling agency. It turned out it wasn't. He introduced me to a video company that shot T&A movies, HBO movies. He introduced me to the photographer (Jay Allen) who shot me for Penthouse magazine."

Luke: How did your life change once you appeared in Penthouse?

Sunny: "When I shot for the magazine, I didn't quite understand what Penthouse was until after a few promotions I did for the magazine. I shot for the magazine and then I lay low. One day I got a FedEx in the mail with my magazine. I saw the pictures inside and I thought it was great.

"I thought it was awesome when they started calling and doing the interviews and getting me out to promotions and then finally realizing while you are sitting there signing autographs how many people really do know who you are. It was amazing. It's fun to watch and learn all your fans and see them all."

Luke: "What have you loved and hated about the celebrity that comes with your work as a model?"

Sunny: "What's nice about the way my pictures look and me as a person is that without make-up on, I look even more younger than the grand pictures with the make-up and hair. I live a regular life. People might say, oh, is that her? No, I don't think it is. A lot of people come up to me and say, oh, you're Sunny Leone.

"I've gotten lucky in that respect. I've gotten to travel the world.

"Things I don't like so much -- traveling. Spending 14-hours of the day traveling."

Luke: "I wonder how long your hair would be if you never cut it. I know many Sikhs don't cut their hair."

Sunny: "It'd be pretty long. I don't think that looks good. After a certain length, you look like you need a hair cut."

Luke: "Are you going to college now?"

Sunny: "No. I work for myself and for and, and I work for Adam & Eve."

Luke: "You were studying to be a pediatric nurse. Why did you give up on that?"

Sunny: "I didn't necessarily give up on it. I weighed up my options. When you make as much or more as a doctor does, life changes. For a while, I didn't know what I was doing. I came to the realization that I need to do what I'm good at.

"Working for Adam & Eve, I get contracted out for my ideas. To see them all go through... It is fun to be behind the camera as much as it is behind it. In the last year-and-a-half, I've learned so much about the internet. A year-and-a-half ago, I didn't even know what HTML means. Now I can build galleries. I work on my site every day. It is updated seven days a week.

"I work with different webmasters all the time building the Adam & Eve stores."

Luke: "How do you decide how far you will go on camera?"

Sunny: "That depends. Every year changes. You never know where you are going to start and where you are going to stop. There's going to be point when I will want to settle down but I don't see that as being any time soon. I will model for at least another three-to-five years until things start falling where they shouldn't. Everything changes so much every year.

"I am never going to do hardcore boy-girl."

Luke: "How would your best friends describe you?"

Sunny: "I love to have fun and joke around. I'm always doing funny little stunts or pulling a prank... or horsing around all night long. I like to surround myself with people with good humor."

Luke: "What type of men are you attracted to?"

Sunny: "I like men that are smart, not necessarily book smart. Looks only go so far. There are a lot of gorgeous men around me all the time and I have nothing to say to them. For a man to keep me intellectually happy for hours is very attractive on top of being physically fit."

Luke: "How has your celebrityhood affected your dating life?"

Sunny: "Once a small town finds out who you are, you can go all over town with all your friends, and a lot of guys will act like they like you and they want to date you just for who you are and not just persona that the rest of the world sees you as... And then one night they start calling you, 'Hey Sunny Leone!' You turn around and say, 'What are you doing?'

"Then it comes down to them not being able to handle that you make more money than them...or just the celebrity and the acknowledgement of thousands of people who want to talk to you and shake your hand and that want me to flirt with them for a couple of minutes and make them feel like they are the only person in the world that I am talking to right now. For a significant other, they need to be extremely confident in themselves to be able to date me, and a lot of men are just not like that. They want me all to themselves. That's it. Nobody else."

Luke: "Every man wants to be the most important thing in your life."

Sunny: "Most people are like that and then you meet a few who are not. That's always great. They will care for you just the way you are. At the end of the day, you come home to them and only them. I don't go home to Joe Blow or Sally Whatever."

Luke: "At what age did you lose your virginity?"

Sunny: "Seventeen."

Luke: "Have you been promiscuous?"

Sunny: "I've had four boyfriends and not very many in between. I can count the people I've been with on both of my hands."

Luke: "At what point in your life have you been the happiest?"

Sunny: "Now. I'm on my own and I do my own thing. I'm intellectually being pushed to limits that make me think. It's great to know that there are people who see me for my intelligence, not just my beauty."

Luke: "How do you know when someone is seeing you for your intelligence and not just your beauty?"

Sunny: "You figure that out with time."

Luke: "Do you like to read?"

Sunny: "I spend more time reading email than books. The last book I read was Angels and Demons. Now I'm reading The DaVinci Code and Jenna Jameson's book."

Luke: "What are your ambitions aside from stuff related to the adult industry?"

Sunny: "Lately, all my focus has been on the adult side of things. I haven't thought about outside... It's a fun industry. I haven't felt the need to look outside of it."

Luke: "How has your time in the adult industry affected you?"

Sunny: "I've grown up. I'm 23. I've grown up more than most 23-year olds. I've gone through a lot more than 23-year olds in a positive way."

Luke: "Have you suffered much stigma from being a nude model?"

Sunny: "There's always the positive in the negative. You just let all those negatives go away and keep everything that's good."

Luke: "How do you relate to your Sikh heritage? Do you study it? Selectively observe it?"

Sunny: "It's not a part of my everyday life. There are things that are questionable, just like any religion. It's a part of me but it's not. I believe in G-d but it's hard to incorporate all the rules and regulations and beliefs into your day when you're mixing with porn. You can't really do both."

Luke: "How do you decide what is right and wrong?"

Sunny: "By what makes me happy and do unto others what you would want done to yourself. I believe in karma."

Luke: "Do you believe that you have an eternal soul?"

Sunny: "I believe that you are going to live after death."