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Sunday, June 27

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200 Known Spam Operations responsible for 90% of your spam

90% of spam received by Internet users in North America and Europe can be traced via redirects, hosting locations of web sites, domains and aliases, to a hard-core group of around 200 known spam operations, almost all of whom are listed in the ROKSO database. These spam operations consist of an estimated 500-600 professional spammers loosely grouped into gangs ("spam gangs"), the vast majority of whom are operating illegally, and who move from network to network seeking out Internet Service Providers ("ISPs") known for lax enforcing of anti-spam policies.

These are the spammers you definitely do NOT want on your network.

Many of these spam operations pretend to operate 'offshore' using servers in Asia and South America to disguise the origin. Those who don't pretend to be 'offshore' pretend to be small ISPs themselves, claiming to their providers the spam is being sent not by them but by their non-existent 'customers'. Some set up as fake networks, pirate or fraudulently obtain large IP allocations from ARIN/RIPE and use routing tricks to simulate a network, fooling real ISPs into supplying them connectivity. When caught, almost all use the age old tactic of lying to each ISP long enough to buy a few weeks more of spamming and when terminated simply move on to the next ISP already set up and waiting.

ROKSO is a "3 Strikes" register. To be listed in ROKSO a spammer must first be terminated by a minimum of 3 consecutive ISPs for AUP violations. IP addresses under the control of ROKSO-listed spammers are automatically and preemptively listed in the Spamhaus Block List (SBL).

For Law Enforcement Agencies there is a special version of this ROKSO database which gives access to records with information, logs and evidence too sensitive to publish here.

Why Not More Blooper Tapes?

HR writes on RAME:

Released by Video Team, 1994, approx. 1 hr. 15 min., directed by Wes Emerson.

This vid features lots of outtakes from adult vids and has 3 complete sex scenes. It's hosted by P.J. Sparxx and Jonathan Morgan. The two present the bloopers in segments pertaining to the qualities necessary to make it as a porn performer. I'm not a fan of either of them so I found them both pretty distracting and FF thru a lot of their banter. The segments and their respective highlights are as follows:

"Ability to Take Direction"

Steven St. Croix and a crewperson are wiping of PJ's bare feet. This made me think of the segment on pornstars and shoes from the FAQ. Amber Lynn is told to take off her shoes (because they make too much noise) and she says, "Get f-cked!" "Enthusiasm" Shots of performers making exaggerated faces for the cumshot. One messy and nasty double facial on Crystal Wilder who spits it out (blech!)


An actress unexpectedly begins lactating and decides to get it on tape (she's doing g/g and the other actress reels back, fearing she'll get an squirted in the eye). Probably the funniest scene on the tape, Mike Horner is totally flaccid and is pretending to f-ck Tiffany Million doggy. When they switch to standing side saddle, Mike is faux pumping furiously and you can see his flaccid willy flopping around. One of the crew yells, "Bad penis! Bad penis!" while the 2 performers crack up. They then show the complete scene as it was on the final video.

"Memory & Diction"

Lots of scenes w/ performers forgetting lines and giggling. Those I recognized were Peter North, Alex Jordan, Chris Newz, Tom Byron, PJ Sparxx, and Mike Horner. They then show a complete scene w/ PJ, Mike, and some guy I didn't recognize. It takes place in a locker and seems to involve PJ getting something extra w/ her tennis lessons. "Stamina" An actress tells the director she can't take any more anal (in mish) and the director complies by stopping the scene. Male performers popping too soon, popping zilch, and not being able to get it up.

"Grace and Agility"

They show Peter North popping one of his usual huge loads on a girl's butt while in cowgirl; all you see is the girl's ass and the huge load and one of the crew mutters, "All right! I want this guy's address, phone no., and...!" PJ and another girl tumble off a chair while PJ is trying to stick one of her boobs into the girl's butthole. Deidre Holland and Flame are in a 69 and Deidre (who's on the bottom) starts to spit. She smiles and says, "Got some hair on my tongue" to which Flame giggles, "I've got a lot down there." They then show the complete lez scene between these two ladies.

The tape ends w/ outtakes from the hosting by PJ and Morgan. It starts off w/ Morgan's usual wisecracks and smug comments and degenerates into arguing--Morgan says to her, "I loathe you w/ every fiber of my body" and PJ smacks him at least 7 times (I stopped counting). I didn't mention a lot of the outtakes since they were real brief. I couldn't identify any of the titles the outtakes were from and they weren't listed; I also couldn't identify a lot of the performers but you can find this info. at least at the DB. If you cut out the sex scenes (which really aren't worth seeing unless you're a diehard fan of the performers in'em) and the banter between PJ and Morgan, the bloopers were probably around 45 min.

Seth Warshavsky - How Significant A Player?

Daze writes on JBM:

Question for the industry historians -- how major a player was Seth Warshavsky in the online porn industry? Five years ago, mainstream media stories were calling him the Flynt/Guccione of the internet, but even then I never heard anyone *inside* the industry consider him a big deal.

Johnathan Silverstein writes:

Seth was as major a "player" as they come! Let's just say that while I was there as Director of Sales and Marketing (2yrs), we released the Pam & Tommy video and was in the news almost every week! Imagine if a company did 1000+ joins every day and didn't do it through use of an affiliate program At the HEIGHT of IEG/Seth's success we did around 30 million from website sales alone ... and this was when Pam and Tommy was the biggest selling adult video in the world/modern history and was also featured in almost every hotel chain that showed porn! Also, this was before he left the country for Thailand with his millions.

He DID have an affiliate program and was one of the 1st 5 or so companies to get webmasters sending traffic at a couple/few cents per click!

Just like everything else he did! He f-cked up a good thing, mismanaged funds, and bounced checks - this time to webmasters.

I remember going to an early IA2000 show in 1997. This was my first tradeshow as the "face of IEG" to webmasters. I had just found out that Seth bounced a lot of checks - so my work was cut out for me!

I got into a limo with Serge and Bob Botto but had no idea who they were. We were coming back from a strip club party that Python held and I heard Bob call Serge by his name. I said something to Serge about talking sh-t about Seth, and he laughed - said I had balls coming to the show, and told me he had a STACK of .03 & .06 (that's 3-6 cents!) bounced checks from IEG!

We started talking, became friendly and at one point - I got Serge to become the payment company for anyone that sent traffic to!

Seth had to PREPAY Serge 20K - 50K at a clip so webmasters would feel comfortable sending traffic again! was one of the BEST converting sites ever!!! That was a loose ass slot machine!

Fay Sharpe writes:

I could never understand Seth. He had a lot of good people around him & still let it all go to hell! I remember our first meting on Nov 1996 - You showed up at AdultDex, looking like a bouncer, with a hot Internet chick on your arm. You talked me into letting you have a table to give away T-shirts & autographs. As I remember - it was probably only $500. Her line interferred with the registration line, and I had a hell of a time getting you to move the table.... I had no idea at the time who you were or who she was..... I learned real quick - that she was one hot chick, and you were 'a real talker...

50 Inch Plasma TV or 2 Hours with Rebecca Lord?

Juan Juarez writes:

I do not know what do with an extra 5 grand I got, before anyone tells me that it would be stupid to blow $5,000 Dlls on just 2 hours with a great PS like Rebecca Lord, I'm afraid that Plasmas will drop in price in a couple of years and I would have missed the oportuinity to be with a great pornstar. What should I do?

A Rant Against Sandy Bunz

Franklin Rizzo writes (and Sandy Bunz did not respond to me on this):


I URGE YOU TO HAVE THE TESTICLES TO POST THIS TO YOUR SITE. Sandy Bunz is a no good SCUMBAG. He rips people off and no one voices their concerns.I will continue to use inside sources of info to insure he has trouble shooting illegal outdoor footage and turn all violations in to media/cops/?. I will also rally organized protests at his studio,and with people who choose to do business with this loser.

Becca Bratt Loves NY

Hello everyone, It is my first time back to NY in almost 6 mths, and I look forward to making many new friends! Beware I was given the last name Bratt for a reason! See you soon, Becca I am excited to be avalible exclusivly through

This Could Be Me

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - What do you get when you combine "American Idol," "Survivor" and "Big Brother?"

Answer: a new series produced by reality TV pioneer Mark Burnett that features musicians vying for the chance to become the next lead singer of Australian rock band INXS, CBS said Thursday.

Sativa Rose Tragedy

Tragedy writes on RAME:

Sativa Rose was one of my new favorite pornstars - when I first saw her on the cover of Young Ripe Melons #5 from Red Light District it really captured her beauty and essence. WHAT A KNOCKOUT (the girl on the left of this picture - with BEAUTIFUL NATURAL BREASTS no less.

I even hoped maybe at this year's Erotica L.A. show that I'd run into her and be able to tell her how beautiful she is and that she doesn't have to do porn if she doesn't want to - that she could be a legitimate model EASILY if she wanted to.. maybe even get her number or something.. who knows.

Well my heart broke when I was perusing the aisles at my video store and the new releases of the day came out - there she was in f-cking CLOWN makeup on the cover of the latest max hardcore movie (extreme schoolgirls #7) - on the back her face was cover with Max's jizz. The thought of max penetrating her asshole like he expects to do with his starlets made me want to puke...

Out of morbid curiosity I rented the title just in the hopes that he DIDN'T penetrate her anus and she only let him do a non-anal scene like some of the higher-end girls sometimes insist of him. Well THANKFULLY she doesn't even allow his tiny rotten prick into her vagina, not to mention ass.

HOWEVER: She may as well have let him because the things she lets him do (gagging her until puking) all the way to the very end cumshot where she appears in distress for a few seconds and he's unloading on her face and he bats her hand away as she struggles to get a breath and is in OBVIOUS distress. The DVD also mentioned a euro version of the movie so I went to Max hardcore's site, watched the euro trailer, and GASP Sativa even lets max PISS in her mouth... That was it.. I'm done with Sativa - I don't care if she does double-anal black gangbangs on the next cover of Gangland series or something.. she's just not hot anymore.. the sheen is off the rose. Another beautiful starlet that could've had a bright future chose to "just take the money" and lower herself into the gutter of Max hardcore ... read on.. Another tragedy.

Devo writes:

I totally agree.... Nothing sickens me more than watching that old, bald & flabby Whitey getting his jollies cornholing a beautiful pornslut. I can remember when I saw the lucious & innocent looking Leanni Lei on one his boxcovers. It sickened me knowing that she was cornholed & abused by this pathetic diddler. I never rented another video with her in it. Any girl who performs with Max, I blacklist. The only people who rent his videos are mysogynistic old caucasion pedophiles.

Ralek writes:

Briana Banks AKA Miraga at the time was in one of his movies and you could she didn't appreciate what was going on. He pissed in her mouth and degraded her to the fullest extent. Don't get me wrong, the best thing about porn is seeing pretty girls doing nasty things. Seeing Nautica Thorn swallow cum and Alicia Rhodes taking 2 dicks in the ass is sexy cause it shows how much these hot chicks are really sluts. However, Max's antics have no eroticism. He should just pay these girls the money to do it and not release the videos. As long as he doesn't get a hold of Aveena Lee and Nautica Thorn, I am cool with it.

Best Drugs For Watching Porn?

Starwars writes on RAME:

Some drugs can really intensify the porn-watching experience. My girlfriend and I have found that snorting some cocaine and methamphetamine together provides the most intense porn-watching experience. The meth really lets you get into the dirtiness of the action, while the coke adds a hedonistic element. I've tried smoking cocaine (crack) but found that it's terrible for watching porn (as well as for anything else)..the experience isn't heightened all, but rather dulled. And acid was too weird..made everything seem unsexual, mechanical, and just plain ridiculous, but maybe I took too much. Anyone else have any favorite drugs for watching porn? I haven't tried alcohol, heroin, pot, or ecstasy ...what are those like?

Before anyone starts moralizing...

RECREATIONAL DRUG USE DISCLAIMER: All drugs, including alcohol, should be used in moderation and infrequently. Only an idiot uses drugs so frequently that he gets hooked. Don't be an idiot. Even a single drug use is followed by an unpleasant withdrawal period. Sit through this period and don't use again until quite awhile after your chemistry and state of mind is back to normal. Otherwise, addiction may begin. Recreational drugs, including alcohol, should only be used by those with exceptional self- discipline and a firm grip on reality. Never inject drugs. Do not take stimulants if not in good physical and aerobic condition with a healthy heart. Some drugs, including alcohol, may cause unnacceptable damage to the body or brain, so research thoroughly first. Don't drive under the influence of drugs. Don't underestimate the danger of alcohol even though it's legal. Resarch drug interactions (including with alcohol) before experimenting with combinations on yourself. Some combinations can be extremely hazardous or fatal. Be aware that potencies may vary considerably due to the unregulated nature of the black market, so exercise caution. Avoid law enforcement officers. Some nations, such as the United States of America, have highly draconian drug laws. If you are arrested by police for purchasing, possessing, or using illegal drugs, it can result in lengthy jail sentences and property confiscations, thereby resulting in lost wages, mental anguish, and broken families. If you have children or other dependents, consider what would be the effect on them if you became incarcerated for a long period of time. Always consider the risk/reward ratio in all aspects before buying or using drugs. Because drug prohibition by governments enables a black market, be aware that some of the money you use to pay for illegal drugs may ultimately be used to fund violent criminals including terrorists. Never allow children to use drugs. Don't give drugs to someone who you know does not have the intelligence and discipline to understand and follow the above recommendations.

Felicia Fox Available Through Sophie's

Hey, guys -- this is Felicia Fox. Some of you may know me; 100% natural brunette, over 100 XXX films, 36D-25-36. Well, I'm now available for appointments through Be gentle with me -- I'm new at this. LOL Be seeing you soon! Felicia Fox

How To Profit From A Vague Patent


IEEE Spectrum has an in-depth article about the rise of Acacia Research Corporation and its plan for enforcing its patent on 'Digital Media Technology' (which seems to lay claim to any technology that transmits audio or video digitally for entertainment purposes). You may recall that there was a story on Slashdot over a year ago about Acacia's threats and subsequent lawsuits against some small adult entertainment companies regarding their violation of the patent. There was also an Ask Slashdot posted a while back by the owner of one of these companies who had received a letter from Acacia Research demanding that they pay licensing fees. Both Slashdot stories asked how long it would be until Acacia went after the big media companies. Well, they finally did last week. It appears that Acacia just had to get enough companies (Disney and Virgin Radio, among others) to pay licensing fees before they could afford a legal adventure against the big guys. DirectTV, Comcast, Echostar, and Charter Communications are some of the defendents. Let the fireworks begin!

Kianna Dior's Ex-BF

Kianna writes in her journal: "Well the funniest thing happened this week my loser ex-boyfriend called me to borrow $2000.00 for a penis enlargement haha yeah right!"

Tara Reid's New Breasts

Taylor Rain and the Black Man

Smelly Monkey posts on

Just read the story on her at l-keford, taylor is perhaps the most racist person besides rob black (ironic isn't it) in the biz. Most performers who don't do IR tend to just make mention of it once and then no make an issue of it, not taylor. She likes to go upto black performers and spurt it out every chance she gets just so they are sure of her feelings on people of other colours. Its fine to piss, gape her ass and cover her in cum and is even willing to f-ck FAYNER but hey no IR for our girl taylor. If this isn't the most blatant case of racism this side of Bianca trump then i will become a grand wizard myself.

Scott Fayner posts on

Taylor doesn't f-ck black dudes. It's that simple. It don't make her racist and it don't make her a card-carrying member of the KKK. She just don't f-ck black dudes. She's not the first girl that uses her Human Right to get dick-slammed by who she so desires to be dick-slammed by, and she won't be the last. She obviously doesn't find black men attractive, and no one can give her sh-t for that. I highly doubt that if she had a distaste for fat dudes there'd be fat dudes giving her static over it.

For some reason, there are some black men who work in the business that refuse to accept Taylor's decision, and make it a goal to bombard the young starlet at every opportunity with pestering and pleas for her to cross the color barrier. It's a pathetic sight to behold, especially when she's your girlfriend and the attack is happening right in front of you. I know first-hand. Not sure you know him, but Chase is a male performer who happens to be black. He also happens to think he can change the mind of TR about her choice of partners. It usually begins "when are you gonna do a scene with a black guy?" to which she says, "dog, I don't f-ck black guys." It should end there. Scratch that. It should never have gotten to where he asked. If TR decided to do brothers on camera, she'd tell Chase. They've known each other for a while now. It wouldn't be a secret.

Taylor's been kickin' it with a new beau, a civilian not stitched in the skin game. We were at XES for Craven's party, they bumped into Chase who immediately began his speech about her not doing black guys. TR shot back her usual rebuttal, so sick and tired of the never-ending stalking. Dude, I don't eat Pig, never have, and no Pig ever came up and gave me sh-t about it. It is my decision, no one else's. Trying to beg don't make a lick of good. Frankly, it's insulting and improper on every level. TR's guy kept to himself, watching her for a signal that she wants a fist to connect with a skull. Chase then said something about wanting TR to do a private with him. That as the straw that broke the camel's back. She had been offended for the last time. Work is work, but he was calling her a hooker in front of her boyfriend. That is not tolerated in any civilized country.

She blew up at Chase. They blew past me and exited the club, fuming mad and seeking retribution. They wanted to get him kicked out, which I assume would end in a blood bath. Disrespecting a man's woman warrants a beat-down. I tried to calm them down, got them to the car. "I was just waiting for you to give me the okay to beat his ass," TR's dude yelled at her. "He was seconds from getting the sh-t kicked out of him." I could see he was not joking. I've never had any static with Chase, but I have been annoyed with his advances towards my once-girlfriend right in front of me. It's offensive. It's wrong. It's a piss-poor way to get a chick in the sack. Their night was ruined from there on. I promised to write this because I truly believe this nagging should cease. There are plenty of white chicks that do black guys. Coax them into helping you get work. Taylor has made up her mind about it. It's set in stone. She is as furious as a castrated goat, as livid as a girl who's been insulted for her choice to f-ck who she wants. I don't blame her. And I'm glad it's not me she's coming after.

There's no cry of racism here. Don't even start on that bullsh-t. Maybe there's a reason she chooses not to do black guys. Ever think about that?

Monkey hops in his boat, paddles out into the middle of the pond, applies bait to his rod (no pun intended) throws the line out 5 feet into the pond and waits (nip, fayner, nip, nip). I think i got a bite here. Public Sex, Celebrity and the Internet

Luke is a charismatic leader? I bet he just loves you. Women are so gullible. You throw a few compliments in their direction and pretty soon you have them tied around your little finger. So what exactly did Luke say to you to get you to fall so completely under his spell?

I love this paragraph, especially the bit about "six best male friends." Surely Luke has one best male friend, plus five other men he is stringing along? Apparently Luke's charm works on (some) men, too. Luke has his own "team" of men? So that is what they are calling it these days? You know, there is a name for team players like these. Let's see, it has three letters g - y - a, but not necessarily in that order.

Partying With AVN

Global Dialers writes on GFY:

Just got off the phone with them and no rooms at internext will be allowed to have more than 20 people in them otherwise they will call the cops to hold any type of 'party' you have to have a booth at the show or they will call the cops tough sh-t i wont be blackmailed into buying a booth when i dont need one keep an eye out about a party at one of the clubs in the area i would rather pay extra and get a high class location for an event rather than be extorted into buying something that i dont need from avn

Dawgy writes:

yeah tahts what i was told too. i have a bigass corner suite reserved & i cant do sh-t with it. they called the cops on us last year because of "fire hazards" and that kinda crap. but its just avn trying to control every penny at that show.

Evan Xpays writes:

sounds like a threat to me- plan your party and go nuts anyway. they'll send the security a few times before any cops show up and you can see how long you can push it for. the over/under depends on who else is near your room. i had a whole floor moved at the venetian to keep my parties going til 9am when karl bernard would show up with 10 hungry canadians. don't believe the anti-party hype imho. the new generation of webmasters has a responsibility to throw some sick in-room parties.

PornStar2Pac writes:

AVN for years would not review a studio's video, talk about that studio or even give thenm a free plug if they didn't advertise in AVN. this was over two years ago when they had the old CEO.

XXX Communicated: The "G" Rated Review

The published version of XXX-Communicated features multiple blurbs (the best being by hot intellectual babe Heather MacDonald: "A fable for our time. Heart-breaking yet uplifting. You'll cry, you'll laugh, you'll study your Torah!"), three forewords, one epilogue, and a revised final chapter...

Cynara Fox Update

Toby Dammit writes: Cynara is back in Pittsburgh visiting family and can probably not get to a computer.

The Hedgehog speaks

Adult film star Ron Jeremy on politics, labor unions and ... porn. by CJ Kapes

Born Ron Jeremy Hyatt on March 12, 1953, living legend of porn Ron Jeremy has blazed a trail through mass media and the adult film industry like no other person before or since.

After graduating from Cardoza High (Brooklyn) in 1971, he went on to earn a master's degree from Queens College. By the mid-1970's Ron Jeremy was working as a special education teacher in New York City, when he was discovered by Playgirl magazine in its 'Boy Next Door' section when his girlfriend submitted a picture of him. One year later in 1979, Ron Jeremy was making his debut performance in an adult film with Samantha Fox called Tigress And Other Man Eaters.' The rest is adult cinematic history.

Ron Jeremy, also known affectionately as The Hedgehog because of his back hair, was kind enough to sit down for an interview recently at Hazleton area adult club, Leave it to Beavers. Jeremy had performed as an announcer that evening for Linn Thomas who is notable for being the first model to ever appear as both a Playboy Playmate and Penthouse Pet. Ron also spent the evening entertaining the audience with a stand-up routine in between the dancers' shows.

After a chaotic autograph session Ron took the time to give this interview. How do you feel about (porn star) Darren James and the recent HIV scare in the (adult) industry? (This April several adult film stars tested positive for the deadly virus.)

"Hey look, the guy [Darren James] got careless. My gut feeling is that he went to Brazil. John Stagliano, The Buttman went to Brazil and came back with HIV, because he mixed with a transsexual. I don't want to cause rumors and say I know what Darren James has done, but my gut feeling is that he played around with a transsexual. Because from what I understand of the chances of girl to guy transmission and if you look at the research of some of the leading doctors talk to clinics; talk to people you know of that are aware of and witness my lifestyle; the people you've watched, itt's very difficult to go girl to guy. In our industry in '97 a girl had it. And she worked with guys during her period right in the height of her infection before the antibodies started to simmer down to flu symptoms, right? And guys worked with her during this bad period. Not one guy caught it and she worked with like ten to fifteen guys. I don't really believe that Darren got it from a girl. I have a hard time believing that. It was a very isolated situation. He's not a very big star. Two girls got infected."

How often does someone in the industry get checked for sexual diseases?

"Monthly. We get a check up every month. We have to."

I just wanted to bond with you

A beautiful female porn publicist writes:

Things i have no patience for:

* pleas for free porn from wannabe press junkets
* pleas for "on the set" visits from wannabe press junkets
* pleas for anything i'm not going to grant
* investigative journalism without fact checking prior to publishing
* ignorance
* stupidity
* meanness
* amphetamine
* users
* indolence

Kinda makes you wonder why i work in porn eh?

love you
love me

Another beautiful female publicist writes:

* ignorance
* temporary and convenient blindness
* being treated like a three year-old by someone whose maturity and intellect isn't much higher than that
* people not doing what they say they're going to do
* people expecting me to turn water into wine without providing me with the water to work with
* agro attitudes for no reason
* being cut off in conversation when I've given the other person the opportunity to speak their mind uninterrupted
* bullsh-t of all kinds

XXX-Communicated: A Rebel Without a Shul

James DiGiorgio writes on

L-ke F-ord's long-awaited memoirs are finally available in print. The book, "XXX-Communicated: A Rebel Without A Shul," by L-ke F-ord, is available for purchase by clicking here. Reserve your copy now as I'm told, by Mr. Ford's publicist, that they're expecting a bigger rush on sales than a publisher would expect for a new Harry Potter book. I'm also told there's a Hollywood studio bidding war going on for the film rights. Hmmm... I wonder who they'll cast to play me? Pacino? DeNiro? With my luck, it'll probably be Michael Moore.

According to the author, the book's dedication is to Kendra Jade, myself, and some other guy. Wow! I never had a book dedicated to me! I'm freakin' proud as hell even *IF* the book is the work of one of porn's most despised chroniclers.

Being one of the people whom the book is dedicated to does not get me a free copy, of course, but what the f-ck. this is about porn and porn is about commerce and commerce ain't about free stuff unless giving something for free is the pathway to selling something else for a tidy profit. And giving me a free copy-possibly inscribed-ain't gonna put any profits in the author's pockets. So from that perspective, I remain swollen with pride and fully content to be one of the book's dedicatees; free copy or no free copy. Hopefully, Mr. Ford won't charge me an autograph fee for an inscription once I have a copy of his tome in my grubby fingers.

Just Another Day in the Valley Where ordinary homes are put to extraordinary use

By Larry Sultan for LA Weekly:

It's time for lunch. The sounds of clattering plates and muffled conversations drift upstairs. In cool, dark rooms, amber light glows through shades drawn in the middle of the summer day. Someone is napping fitfully. He's bored rather than tired. He wakes up with a feeling of dread. In those first moments of confusion, he tries to assess which house he is in and what he's doing there.

Downstairs, everyone has gathered in the large two-car garage. Folding tables have been set up with an array of cold cuts: stacks of wheat and rye bread, potato salad, paper bowls filled with cashews and M&M's. There is a large platter of jumbo shrimp arranged in a circle around a head of lettuce. A tall woman wearing a T-shirt and thong spears one with a toothpick. Balancing paper plates filled with food, people drift into the back yard, a large grassy area with uninterrupted views of the San Fernando Valley. They look like friends and lovers having a Sunday picnic as they lie about in small groups in the few areas shaded by sycamore trees. To the far side of the yard, crew members are beginning to set up movie lights and a stand with a large silver reflector. On the lawn is a huge wind fan, and next to it Michael, the director, is talking with his wife, Julie Anne, who's wearing a flowing pink dressing gown with a white fur collar. Her clear acrylic high heels are sinking into the grass, and he offers her his arm as she reaches back to pull off her shoe. Directly behind them, near the edge of the yard where the lawn ends abruptly in a vertical drop, stand 5-foot-tall letters cut from plywood, painted white and anchored in the ground with diagonal supports. DOOWYLLOH. It takes a moment to make sense of it, but then it's as clear as the day: Facing out toward miles of subdivisions and malls, a miniature version of the sign - Hollywood in the Valley.

XXX-Communicated : A Rebel Without A Shul Published

You can buy Luke's memoir here.

JR writes on "Are you sure you could not have thought of a more nonsensical and meaningless title that says even less to average reader about what the book is about?"

l-keford Needs A Loving Home

A Fly on the Wall writes: "Here is a cute dog named l-keford who needs a home (see the third dog down)."

2004-06-22: l-keford is a 4 yr old beautiful chocolate male. He is muscular with a blocky head. He weighs about 71 pounds but needs to gain a couple of pounds. He likes to run and jump after a tennis ball, is not afraid of the water, is good with strangers, other dogs and cats, is house trained and has been exposed to the crate. l-keford is not an excessive puller on leash and takes treats very nicely. Commands he knows: Sit, Down, Stay, Come heel, Leave It and Off. Tricks he knows: Stand up on hind legs and Paw. His only faults I've seen are that he will bark when first left alone for about 5 min. and even though he does it fairly gently, he will sometimes jump up on you with his paws. I think his previous owner let him stand up on him for affection and had him bark before he threw the ball for him. I think l-keford would do best with a family that takes him out for walks, throws the ball for him, allows him inside the house alot, with another dog and/or a cat and children over 10 yrs old., although I think he would get along well in any situation. He's a dominant dog, but low grade, so needs owners that make sure he knows what good manners are expected of him. l-keford is very anxious for his new home. His previous owner had to give him up because he is termanilly ill in the hospital.

Things For Which I Have No Patience

Asking for handouts when you can provide for yourself. That category includes:

* Asking authors for free books. A big foupe. Do not try it with me.

* Asking me for information I have just given you (either via email or in speech).

* Asking me to explain a person with a distinctive name who you can easily Google.

* Asking me to email someone to set you up with a Sunday evening date.

Folks, do not ever ask me to do something for you that you can do for yourself. I wouldn't ask that of you. Have some pride.

Looking for a position as a Talent Coordinator

David, 29 year-old male. Working as a standup comic, formerly wrote for the Howard Stern show in New York. Organized, great with people, worked at an adult club as a Talent Coordinator in Russia. Available to work long hours, familiar with the industry. I can be reached at "dtmiller69 at"

Trisha Uptown Interview

"How long have you been in Los Angeles?"

"About a week. I have a rental car, so driving out here is crazy. I'm getting lost every turn I make.

"I was at Erotica LA. I've been doing interview after interview."

"Have you been to South Central yet [where the LA Riots flourished in 1991]?"

"I wouldn't mind driving by quickly, just to see it."

"Your PR rep says you have a lot to say about health insurance."

"In my Don Goo contract, I worked out a deal where I get health insurance. Before this, I did not have health insurance. I had to have a couple of surgeries. I have a lot of female problems. Cervical cancer and..."

"You've had cervical cancer?"

"I've had it several times. I just spent the last year paying off all my medical bills. I am 100% debt free now. If you have a contract girl, she is your responsibility. She is your investment. You should protect your investment. Our bodies are important. We were doing the negotiations during the HIV scare. I was thinking about these poor people with HIV who probably don't have health insurance. I don't see why health insurance shouldn't be more standard in the industry for the contract girl."

"What's your prognosis?"

"I'm fine. I've had a couple of surgeries. It's come back a couple of times.

"I know that it is not that serious of a cancer. I know that 90% of the time they can catch it and you're fine. If a girl doesn't have the coverage to get an annual pap smear, they might not check it as early. If a girl was to get cervical cancer and it got out of control, that could affect the way she works. You don't want to mess with your pussy. That's your money maker.

"The first time I was diagnosed with it, I was twelve.

"After an operation, I can't be penetrated for seven to ten days. There's no photo shoots and filming for me, plus I'm accumulating all these medical bills and prescriptions."

"I guess your life isn't all lollipops and blowjobs."

"Not at all."

"This is the real deal. Real life problems."

"That's one thing that they forget, that we are real people. We have real life situations and crises every day. Even though, oh, you're just getting f---ed and getting paid, living the dream, it's still a business and we should be treated more as equal business than pieces of property."

"How has cancer changed you?"

"It's made me stronger. I feel like I can do anything."

"What do you want to do after you leave this industry?"

"I don't know. I want to stay in this industry as long as I can. I wouldn't mind going behind the camera and maybe producing."

Kianna Dior Interview

Kianna Kianna Kianna Kianna Kianna Kianna Kianna Kianna

I met Kianna almost a year ago on the set of the Shay Sights - Renee LaRue movie Butterfly, which has yet to be edited, let alone distributed.

We met up again Tuesday night at DP Tonight.

"I'm looking through your website, What do you do on it? How much is you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do you write any of it?"

"I didn't design it. I said what I liked and didn't like. One of my fans helped me do it. I hired someone to design it. I just changed it a few months ago.

"I chat on there almost every morning. I write in my journal once a week. It's a fulltime job."

"How many hours a week do you put into it?"

"I don't know. I'm always thinking about it.

"I started out as a stripper in Vancouver. I had implants before I started dancing. This is my second set. The one bag exploded. It leaked.

"I was in Thailand. I was riding a moped. I was cruising around in my lime-green bikini and I wiped out.

"I was lying there. Ohmigod, I hope my nipple is still there. Finally, a European couple pulled over to help me.

"About four years, I came here to do some photo shoots so I could get paid more money for feature dancing."

"What were you expected to be when you grew up?"

"I expected to go into fashion. I have my aesthetics license for facials, waxing. When I'm done with this, I'll probably open up a spa or a little wellness center."

"Who talked you into doing pornography?"

"Shay Sights. First girl-girl scene I did was for an Internet company in Florida. My first boy-girl was for Jim Lane. I was like, gee, thanks, Shay. Don't take me to Vivid for my first one."

"What did you have to do for your first boy-girl scene?"

"Everything. It was nerve-racking."

"How did you feel afterwards?"

"I felt like, what the f--- just happened here. There's no going back now. No, I didn't start crying. Hmm, I could probably sneak out without anybody knowing. I've done at least 100 movies.

"I've gotten away without doing any anal."

"Not even in your private life?"

"I've tried. I've given it an honest effort."

"Why doesn't he just jam it in there?"

"Because I'd probably rip out whoever's eyes is doing that. I wish I could do it."

"Why did you get implants?"

"I was going out with someone who was into fitness. I was working out like crazy. I was getting up at 5 a.m. to run five miles. I was getting so skinny, I was losing my boobs. He had a twin brother who's girlfriend was a dancer. That's how I got into dancing. She had an enormous boob job. You know how twin's are? [Competitive.]"

"Do they hurt your back?"

"Yeah. I have to get a massage at least every couple of weeks or go to a chiropractor. Usually the massage therapists try to massage my boobs too. Then they'd be paying me.

"The Industry has made me a more well-rounded person. I thank God for taking me out of a square box. It made me a lot more open-minded. I've gone to swing parties. Usually when you go to those things, there's one good looking girl and you just get pounded on. I'm over that. I spent a summer doing that and I figured, forget it.

"I really hate catching Chlamydia and any STD. That's the gross part. Or somebody is unclean or disrespectful."

"What's it like trying to have relationships while you are in this industry?"

"I've given up. How's that? There are two types. One is the guy who just wants you to support. Then there's the other type that says he's ok with it. Then he wants to totally change you around. For the next couple of years, I'm just going to concentrate on my career."

"What do you like to do in your spare time?"

"Spend time with my little dog Sofia. Shopping with my girlfriends. Hiking. I love the water. I'm an earthy person.

"I answer all my emails personally. It's better. You don't have to talk on the phone."

"How did you like DP Tonight?"

"A lot. There's no judgment on the show. There's Devon who does not do anal and Selena Silver who does everything.

"Devon and I were in Hawaii for 9/11 so we had some extra time to bond."

Who's Distributing The Ultimate Cytherea Collection?

James DiGiorgio writes:

I had an interesting phone call from Anarchy Pictures' production honcho, Rocky Feller, today. Rocky told me he was holding in his hands the ultimate, 5-DVD, all-Cytherea compilation set. According to Rocky, the DVD set includes--in its five volumes--all the best of Cytherea lifted from a whole bunch of different company's titles including some of Anarchy's shows.

One problem though. Rocky says neither Anarchy, nor Python (its sister company), have licensed any of its Cytherea scenes to anyone for the purpose of compiling a Cythera Collection. And yet the collection includes seven scenes from various Anarchy and Python titles! How'd that happen? Pirates of the Pornibbean maybe? Ya think?

Rocky says the 5-DVDs include scenes from Cherry Box, Evil Angel, and more. It even includes the Cytherea scene I shot for Smash Pictures, "Secrets Exposed." Rocky says he's only aware of the Cytherea collection because a fan of Cytherea's, at last weekend's Erotica L.A., gave Cy the set as a gift. "Plus One," Cytherea's significant other, noticed the DVDs and decided to show them to Rocky Feller. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Rocky told me the DVD's art work/packaging includes a prominent distributor's logo on it: Red Light District.

I Figured It Out writes:

Luke likes to seem normal for a few days. Its like fishing when you let out a lot of line so that the fish thinks he's not attached anymore. Just when the fish starts swimming away, that's when you YANK. Well, Luke, do I LOOK like a fish to you?

In Praise Of Mr Marcus

David Aaron Clark writes:

He is one of my two best male performers, exactly because he's a got a great personality and sense of humor that enlivens scenes, and -- at least with me, whom is all I can speak for -- when it's time for him to fade and let the girl take center stage, he knows how! He's also great at charming girls, most of whom love to work with him -- he's been the gateway to more than one hottie happily deciding to cross that color line. Unlike a lot of male performers of any shade, he actually loves and appreciates women, as opposed to looking at them all as another set of holes to be stretched ... though he's pretty good at that, too.

Heard these guys double-teamed Janine today for Vivid and P.T. declared it the best sex scene he's ever seen ...

Mutt from Toronto writes:

Both guys are boring to watch - Sean is very relaxed and smooth, Marcus same way but he has the cooler hip hop generation look that interracial fans like. Laid back guys, laid back scenes if u axe me. Justin Slayer is the best black male talent now. not putting down sean or Mr. Marcus, both seem like nice guys and are good cocksmen - just too laid back for me. It's a delicate balance, I also don't like watching guys who think they are the whole show and the girl is just an accessory to help him show off his skills.

Big Beautiful Porn Stars

Wicked contract girl Devinn Lane writes on

I was just asked to lose 10-15 (that would put me at at whopping 105-110) and made a comment that I was perfectly happy the way I am. I have found that my fan base is built by those that like a voluptuous woman and aren't considered "perfect" by the industry standard. I just couldn't figure out when being a size 6 was considered too heavy or unattractive.Thank you for all of these posts it really made my day.

Ramsey writes:

Alexandria Quinn is another perfect example, I mean she had a killer body in Buttman's Ultimate Workout for example, a huge juicy butt but after her comeback she was toned down too much, no more butt.

Another example: Kimberly Chambers, when she first started she had such a perfect body with a lot of fat on the right places but then she decided to hit the gym and now it's all gone.

Skinny girls like Rebecca Lord or Lil' Cinderella are a huge turn off for me because they're like walking skeletons.

Tricia Devereaux posts:

I tend to be a fan of curvy, athletic girls. No bony chicks for me, but no cellulite either please. FYI - I saw Caroline Pierce at CES this last January, and she looked awesome, IMO. She HAD lost a lot of weight, but she is by no means skinny right now. Just big and bottom-curvy and more toned. And she looked REALLY happy.

As for girls like Katja Kassin or Krysti Lynn, they are the type of girl who are blessed from birth with a certain proportionality that normally doesn't exist in nature. This is awkward to say about Kristi, but I thought that in her last few movies, the cellulite that she had developed in her thighs and stomach was turning me off. But when she was a little more toned and still womanly, it was great. Katja's got that same type of body right now. Toned but gorgeously curvy.

Me, no matter how much I try, if I work out too much, I get too skinny and lose my ass. If I work out less, I get an ass but a lot of cellulite to go with it.

Katja Kassin writes:

When I was younger I wanted to be super slim - I wanted to look like the Calvin Klein girls from the commercials in the fashion magazines. Men always complimented me on my butt but I never took them for serious. All my boyfriends loved my backside but I thought they just wanted to make me feel more comfortable.

I never really tried to loose weight - not seriously enough to mention it here. When I was still at school I found myself to heavy but I just thought that's the way I am. And I started thinking about other things about myself - I smiled at people all the time - somehow they'd smile back at me I believed...

Jewel DeNyle posts:

I've been one of the more curvie girls. I went through a bad phase of being thin when I first started as I did what all the girls do starve myself and think thin is better. Then I became known for my ass so I just stayed happy and healthy. I'm in the best shape of my life now and I'm older. I work out five times a week three times are with a personal trainer as I did go through a time period where I was a little porky but thanks to 16yrs of gymnastics I had the athletic build to put the weight on and carry it well. I think at this time in my life I look and feel my best and I try to tell the girls tone up eat right go for the healthy look because that's what's sexy not the crack whore look.

Kylie Ireland posts:

Just like I like to say about the religious right: if you don't like porn don't watch it. In this case a person should not judge another, especially when the accuser doesn't know the circumstances - if you don't care for her body type don't watch her. There is something for everyone in porn. Being one of the "curvier" actresses who has gone the gamut of weights & sizes I have a lot of opinions to share. But then again, don't I always? I'm an Irish Gemini after all.

Webmasters Whine: Make 'Click Me' More Positive

Roger from PornKings writes on JBM:

I think it's gonna be great I would interview more internet webmasters Personally I would feature the positive things more since we already get so much negative exposure. the girls are great but I would cut back on that portion. talk about All the good times we have at the trade shows. Allot of young people who became successful. through hard work. How we do business together unlike mainstream with exits etc. How we provide an outlet for people who like adult entertainment. Even if an interview is negative throw a positive spin to it. Like in every business you have your bad apples etc. but all and all the industry consist of many good hearted people and is just a form of entertainment that most people have watched or watch otherwise we wouldn't be around. How sex is part of all our lives and it shouldn't be frowned on. you guys are in control I would focus on the positive stuff like our first amendment rights etc.

Brad Shaw writes:

Content stuff bored me, but I am sure it is not geared for someone like me. I found the JoeE, FM, etc stuff interesting. I want more JoeE. BTW, spoke to him today and he sends his love to all.

You think an audience would like to see the $ angle as well? It is one thing to hear about 5,000 signups, but another to see some guys mansion and 24 cars. I was going to do a webmaster cribs show way way back, but it never happened like 5,000 of my other ideas. What is the goal of the flick? Do documentaries make any $?

I was a loser short fat kid on the pc looking at porn. Now I am short fat, live in a big house, drive a Ferrari, and have a beautiful wife.

SuziQT writes:

I understand that this is just a start...and a rough draft. The interviews are really good and will be even better after you get more at internext. But as a documentary it seems to be missing a point. It has a subject...a good one, but there doesn't seem to be any kind of cohesiveness. Kind of like Pornkings said, you need to throw a spin on it, give it a meaning. Why are you making this documentary, what message are you trying to impart by putting this out there?

Confucy writes:

I didn't recognize Dani with her short hair. It looks like she has left her porn modeling days behind her. I'd like to see more big names, and someone suggested showing the bling things like homes, cars, boats. Dani use to have a big boat in Marina del Rey and did some great photo shoots on her boat. Those were the golden days in '95 and '96. Are you going to interview Gary Kremen? How about Serge? Jenna? Asia?


From the JustBlowMe webmaster newsletter:

If there is one thing that has consistently bothered me on the boards over the years, it's the fact that no amount of emoticons can clearly convey mood or intent the way that face-to-face conversation can. If there is a misunderstanding in a face-to-face conversation, it can usually be cleared up immediately... not so on the boards. Many board misunderstandings are never resolved... and without facial expressions and body language, sometimes trying to fix a misunderstanding will only dig the hole deeper.

One thing to always keep in mind is that different words/phrases can have different meanings to different people, or according to context, or perspective. In last week's newsletter, I made a passing reference to "webmasters". In the context I was using the word, and from my own perspective, I was using the word webmaster to refer to affiliates. As a person working behind the scenes at an affiliate program, convenient terminology is necessary... so we tend to use the word webmaster as a blanket term referring to our affiliates. To others, or in a different context, the word can mean something entirely different... and in fact I've seen several heated debates discussing the exact definition of the term.

So if you care about what other people think of you (and I know many don't!), then it might help to reread all board posts from the perspective of others. If you come across like you're angry, but you're not, then consider revising. If it may offend a group that you have no intentions of offending, then you might reword it a bit. And if you're reading a post that upsets you, consider the angles the poster may be taking before lashing back at them.

Now, if anyone would like a hug...

Italy's 'king of porn' retires with 1,300 films under his belt

ROME, June 23 (AFP) - Retiring from porn stardom with 1,300 films under his belt, Italian actor Rocco Siffredi claims he is still up to the job but is quitting for "family reasons," the daily La Repubblica reported.

"My children are growing up, and I can no longer just say 'Dad is going to work to make money for the family.' They want to know more," he said of his two sons, aged seven and four. "It's not my body, which is holding up very well, but for family reasons," he told the paper.

"When I started 20 years ago, it bothered me to see old guys around 40 filming with much younger girls. Now I'm 40 and it's time to go," he said, adding that he would go into filming and producing.

Siffredi described his wife of 13 years, Rosa, a former Miss Hungary, as "sweet and intelligent."

"She absolutely knows the difference between sex for work and sex for love," he said.

SEO Tip On Avoiding a Google Ban

Marc from writes on GFY:

Stop trading based solely on Page Rank! You need to realize that google is wising up to this. They don't only factor PR based on your trades with other sites with a high PR. You need inbound links from relevant sites. A good mix of relevant trades and relevant, targeted inbound links. It will help to keep you off google's ban radar. Every day I get 10-20 people sending me notes like this: "I've got a PR5, let's trade! It will help both of us." Bullsh-t, it won't help a damn thing. Especially if you are trading with a whoring PR link farm which alot of sites are becoming. Be careful and only use tactics that would logically lead a surfer to the content they are looking for. That's the ultimate goal of a search engine, isn't it?

Must-See TV 'Click Here' Doc On History Of Porn Internet

Mutt writes on GFY:

I have something really f-cking cool to show you guys - old timers and newbs alike. There's a dude some of you know, many of you don't, he runs a site called NetVideoGirls aka the California Pimp - a site I've been touting to people for years cuz it's the best damn reality site ever. I could write a thesis on why this site works and does killer biz but i'll spare you that.

About 6 months to a year ago Cali Pimp started telling me about a secret project of his, what he simply calls 'the doc' - a film about US, webmasters, porn people, , chronicling the rise and let's hope not the fall of this business. i feel privileged to have been seeing bits and pieces of it as he's gone along - today Pimp called me and said it's a special day - he finally wants the rest of you to see some of his epic. THIS IS JUST A ROUGH CUT - NOT THE ENTIRE DOCUMENTARY! There's tons of more footage, narration, graphics and work still left but he's ready to get some feedback from the people this film is about. You'll see lots of familiar faces in this 30 minutes - from Danni Ashe to Joee to Roger from Pornkings to R-n Levi. Some great stuff with Dirty Danza of Dirty Dicksuckers and the girls who are in the front lines of this biz, without whom there would be no biz. Porn whores as Dirty Danza affectionately calls them. He loves them so much he'll tell you he married one. Anyway time to roll the film, hope you enjoy it, it's Pimp's baby. REAL PLAYER REQUIRED! IT'S WORTH THE DOWNLOAD.

Dirty_DS, who appears in the documentary waving a twelve gauge shotgun and demonstrating an AK47, writes:

I am so non violent.. but it seems the husbands/boyfriends think they have to come at me when I degrade there wives.. I just don't understand it....

Tom-PM writes:

Just refer to the other part where you're on camera saying how you slap them and grab their hair and start ramming your dick down their throat so fast they dont really have a chance to react. Maybe that's why? Do the girls consent to this, or just submit to it since it all happens so fast? I dont mind telling you that your part in this documentary was the most disturbing for me. I avoid content like that, which is my personal choice.

Dirty_DS replies:

They called my ad.. they are whores.. and it does sell.. if you don;t believe it promote me for a few days and watch your pocket get fatter... what are you promoting now?

Tom_PM writes:

Well, it's not a money issue for me. That is to say, my choice would just be to not promote some types of things regardless of income potential. I've never been into rough sex, it turns me off.. I remember surfing some tgp once to see what they were listing and I clicked a movie and this girl was giving a blowjob then WHAM! She gets slapped so f-cking hard she chokes and looks scared as sh-t. I shut that thing off so fast man and closed my whole browser. So you see, I have a much different view of things is all.

Jonathan Silverstein writes:

I've been working with The Cali Pimp on a consulting basis for the past few months on a number of cool projects. The most exciting one that will be released in the next year is a THIS documentary about the biz tentatively called "CLICK HERE". There are some cool ass interviews with some people that will surprise you, and interviews with some f-cked up people and talent too. It's a really broad stroke!

As Mutt mentioned, the interviews feature JoeE, Fantasyman, Dani Ashe, J$TYLE$, RogerV, D$, KB, Dirty_DS, and a whole cast of real life characters that you know or might have heard of! BTW - I've been having a blast Consulting for the Cali Pimp and Net Video Girls over the past few months, and we're looking forward to blowing up his webamster program in the near future too!

MetaformX writes:

I like the interviews and how everything is layed out, so kudos on that...but the overall theme of the documentary was pretty negative, so I can see it hurting the industries image even more...but maybe thats because that is our reality.

Jonathan Silverstein replies:

They'll be mre balance ... what you've seen is VERY ROUGH CUT - more to get a reaction from YOU GUYS! They'll be a lot more positive stuff in there, and a lot more "business" interviews that are VERY positive! The fact is that a lot of the sh-t the content girls say and the interviews with guys shooting content are accurate FOR THEM. Sure, there's the other side too! Girls that don't film abusive sh-t and LOVE what they do ... that will come out! ... and there's stuff with content guys that aren't abusive ... and those will come out too ... there's just not a lot of sizzle in that steak ... and we gave you a little sizzle! Rest assured ... there's hours of interviews that aren't in this cut, and we STILL HAVE INTENEXT TO FILM THROUGH!

Donovan Phillips writes:

The video started out good, but ended up SUCKING f-ckING ASS! I'm sorry, but the porn scene in LA is NOT indicative of the entire industry. I've been shooting for 7 years. I don't pull the bullsh-t that models complained about in that LAME f-ckING FILM. It pisses me off to think that people might see that PIECE OF TRASH and think that's how this business is. What you show in that film is NOT something that I am a part of, nor is it something I'd WANT to be a part of... The world doesn't revolve around LA, guys. That video might be a documentary about the way things work in LA or a few other parts of the world, but it is NOT indicative of the whole of the business.

Three Federal Obscenity Prosecutions Pending

Max Hardcore and two other hardcore pornographers are going to be hit with federal obscenity prosecution in the next few weeks.

Selena Silver, Kianna Dior, Harmony, Emily Da Vinci On DP Tonight

It was another LA Direct Models night at Digital Playground.

Jesse Jane was away. Devon opened the show by herself. She was soon joined by her friend Kianna Dior, who's half Chinese and a quarter Scottish and a quarter Irish. Naturally D-cupped, she has small implants to move to a full D cup.

I hear Jodie Moore, a former Private girl from Australia, has left porn because of the HIV outbreak. She and her husband are working in a mainstream TV reality show.

I meet Harmony, a stunning 20 year blonde from Miami, Florida, with C cup natural breasts. Emily DA Vinci sits in the audience with her agent Ben English.

Devon says Digital Playground won't do Erotica LA anymore. They did not show this year.

I surmise that booth space is too expensive and the return is too little. Too many looky loos and too little business. should finally open in mid-July.

I notice Selena Silver has a bruise on her leg. She bruises easily. She got this one from a lesbian scene with Britney Foster.

Harmony says she lost her virginity at age 15. Her best sex ever was in a nightclub with a guy she didn't know. Not even his name. Never talked to him again.

She's done ten movies and prefers to have sex with guys than girls.

Harmony and her mom invest in real estate. They buy run-down homes in good neighborhoods, fix them up and sell them two years later for double the price they paid.

Emily is French. She appears in about 40 movies. She lost her virginity at 16. Like Kianna, Devon and Harmony, she won't do black guys.

Selena Silver Harmony Harmony Kianna Kianna Kianna Kianna Kianna Harmony Harmony Harmony Harmony Robby D loves his gay porn Robby D goes gay Kianna Kianna Emily DA Vinci Emily DA Vinci Emily Emily Kianna, Selena Selena Selena Harmony Emily, Devon, Harmony Devon, Harmony Harmony Kianna, Emily Devon, Harmony Emily, Devon Selena Silver

This is Burning Man

Reason magazine associate editor Brian Doherty drives up at 12:30PM June 22, 2004, in a white Subaru. It looks like a pigsty inside. Books, magazines, newspapers, wrappers, dental floss, pillows, child pornography...

Just kidding about the last entry.

Brian jumps out. He's short, gray-haired, and bookish.

We sit down for lunch and discuss his first published book.

"Why did you write it?"

"I began going to the event in 1995. There were 4,000 people there.

"We're building a temporary city in the Black Rock Desert, in the lakebed, every year, Black Rock City, in the middle of the desert, 70 miles outside of Reno. I found the people interesting. How fun and funny and lively and dangerous they were to be around. It struck me from the beginning as a writer's dream. It had an underground feel to it. It felt like it would be a betrayal of that community to talk about it to outsiders.

"Last year, there were 30,000 people there. Somewhere in the middle, I realized it was not meant to be an underground secret. That was an affectation that I picked up from other people.

"I wrote a political piece about it for the February 2000 issue of Reason, a political magazine. How is it that this danger and illegality-filled event come to a rapprochement with the federal government, who owns the land (Bureau of Land Management) on which the event is held.

"I've been working at Reason since the summer of 1994.

"My first draft of the story was 12,000 words, more than twice as long as the version that ran. I realized I was sitting on top of a book's worth of material.

"Getting a book deal took three years. It took two agents and dozens of rejections. For nine months, it was my fulltime task finishing the book."

"How does being at Burning Man make you feel, as opposed to your ordinary life?"

"I didn't make myself the star of the book. But I sit at a desk all day. I'm a writer. I'm a reader. I rarely do anything that interacts with the physical world. Burning Man makes me confront the physical world in a vivid way.

"There is no life in the Black Rock Desert. It's hot. If you don't go with an RV, it's just you and the blank world and the temperature. It wipes away everything that is habitual about my life for two weeks. Then I go back to my normal life, where I read eight to ten hours a day. Most of my work involves reading. Most of my leisure involves reading. I'm constantly listening to music. When I'm at home, there's a record playing in my house. When I'm out there, I don't get to listen to any music of my choice and I don't read anything. I never drink caffeine out there. Here, I never go half a day without caffeine.

"It's an interesting lesson in your own malleability. People are very big at adopting fake identities out there. I don't do that explicitly. I don't dress funny.

"Most important, every time I'm out there, I apprentice myself to some large art project. I get to be a part of a team, something which has always been important to me. I like groups more than one-on-one relationships. I like to be part of gangs pursuing goals of interest to me. Out there I get to weld, drill, dig. I learn skills and to interact with the physical world. That's an opportunity I never get to pursue anywhere else but there.

"The event lasts a week. I usually go a week early and leave a week late. It's exhilarating, life-affirming, fascinating for me to do these things and be surrounded by thousands of interesting people. The default assumption is that you are all buddies out there."

"What do your parents think about Burning Man?"

"I don't know. They haven't read my book. I wouldn't be surprised if my dad started reading the book. I wouldn't be surprised if my mother didn't. If they do read it, I would imagine that at the end of it they would not think that Burning Man was something that they would enjoy going to and probably not something that they would approve of.

"My wife has been to Burning Man three times. She doesn't like it. She thought she might like it. After three years, she's indulged me enough. She doesn't like the kind of person you find there. That hippy dippiness aggravates her. She has more of a punk harsh face to the world. She hates the physical environment. She's not into consuming lots of food and water.

"I ended up making the book more character driven than idea driven. When I went in, I thought it would be 50/50. It ended up 95% character driven."

Brian got into punk rock in 1984 while in 11th grade in Jacksonville, Florida. A year later, he embraced the punk club scene and started playing bass guitar in various bands from 1986-95 (Misfits Trend, Target Practice, Touch N' Go Bullethead, The Jeffersons, Turbo Satan, The Sawdust Seizures, Satellite). I ran a record label from 1993-99, The Cherry Smashers.

"I never adopted the look."

"What do you think of the Australian punk band Air Supply?"

"I've enjoyed some performances of the Australian punk band Air Supply. I have a big tent vision of punk. It became in the '90s as a way of life. Short, aggressive, fast-paced songs with lyrics barked out by angry bald guys."

"What's your favorite Air Supply song?"

"The One That You Love. I once did karaoke to Making Love Out of Nothing At All."

"What's your favorite Barry Manilow song?"

"His version of Ships. 'We're two ships that pass in the night.'"

"What's your favorite John Denver song?"

"The first record I ever bought with my own money was John Denver's Greatest Hits. I still like Rocky Mountain High.

"One of the principles I try to live by is staying true to my life. I'm big on continuity but I must confess I have not maintained an enthusiasm for John Denver."

"Why don't you bring a Sony Walkman to Burning Man so you can listen to music?"

"I tend to be lazy in my preparations. For three weeks, I eat nothing but room-temperature prepared food of the canned vegetables, beef jerky variety. The same with music. I've gotten used to that it is a break from my habitual obsession to listening to music at all times. I know that I am listening to more music and enjoying it less. I am an obsessive record collector. I have about 5,000 records and 2,000 CDs. I began collecting in the mid '80s. I will buy any given thing depending on how I find it cheapest.

"Are you really a fan of Australian pop?"

"My favorite group is Air Supply. It takes me back to when I was 13 and my emotions were most honest and vivid."

"Go to Burning Man. Vivid is the word we use to describe what it is like."

"I hear there is video of you participating in a public orgy at Burning Man."

"I do not believe so. Public orgies, no? We are getting into territory here, Luke, where I will have to, due to the sensitivities of my wife who will probably read this, decline from speaking."

"Burning Man does not sound like a nice place for sex."

"It is not a comfortable place for sex. Once we break the surface of the Black Rock Playa, it becomes this fine omnipresent black rock power that has a grit to it. Most people there will be dirty and dusty and probably smelly. You are not showering as much as normal. But Burning Man does have a sensual atmosphere. I have never witnessed an orgy. I have witnessed one-on-one sex acts."

"What's the ratio of men to women?"

"I guess about 60/40 men to women. Medium age? I'd guess 25-40. Most people under 25 are not going to be able to afford it. It also happens the first week before Labor Day, the first week of my college's semesters.

"They sell tickets on a sliding scale from $145-250. They stop selling tickets at the door on Thursday night. Certain people in the community thought that the wrong element was coming out on the weekend. The man burns Saturday night. Half the city tends to leave on Sunday, and half on Monday. We're all leaving down one dirt road which leads to one two-lane highway which is 70 miles back to Reno.

"People find themselves behaving in a different way at Burning Man. They're nice. It's a communal feeling."

"What's the racial make-up?"

"Almost entirely Caucasian."

"Do you think that that accounts for the general feeling of niceness?"

Brian chuckles. "Well, that's a very interesting question.

"I believe that the self-selecting nature of Burning Man would and could cut through racial divides. That said, we haven't tested it yet. In an average year there, I probably see about ten black people.

"One year, one of the people on my work team was black. For a couple of days, he and I and some other people were digging a giant hole. Just for amusement, we began chaining ourselves together. I don't think we were thinking about the racialness of it."

"How do white people keep the word of it away from black people?"

"Word of it is spread through a nexis of a certain kind of community. Channels that are not intentionally white-only but are white-only. Hipsters who are in touch with these underground currents of culture. Hippies, punks and gearheads."

"Do you take any illegal drugs at Burning Man?"


"How many people at Burning Man do you think are active in an organized religion?"

"Very few. The religious vibe out there is gooey modern syncretistic pagan. There are Christian ministers, some who shout fire and brimstone. Some are ecumenical happy loving Christians. There are a lot of people doing energy stuff. I've never knowingly met an Orthodox Jew there."

"Do you believe in God?"


"I think of Burning Man as a secular reach for community and the transcendent."

"I think that is exactly correct. Community is one of the buzz words of the Burning Man world. I tend to be a shy and insular person. I don't interact with strangers."

Brian burps in the middle of the last word.

"Strippers?" I ask.

"I interact a lot with strippers out there. Not so much with strangers. People form small camps out there. I don't feel comfortable with more than 150 people."

"Do you find it aesthetically pleasing for one man to place his penis in the buttocks of another man?"


"I've read a lot of your interviews. Do you make it a habit to ask uncomfortable questions of race and homosexuality at every interview?"


"I have little memory of the writing process of this book. I was on ephedra. I was sleeping three hours a night for seven weeks. I was listening to an oldies station constantly. It all became a blur.

"I've never desired a huge amount of give-and-take with readers.'s comment section is very disturbing to me. I don't want to read them but I find myself reading them. That level of laying yourself out there, I'm not completely comfortable with.

"I tend to go out of town every weekend.

"I don't vote. I'm not registered with any political party."

Sneak Peak At Internet Porn Documentary

I saw a 30 minute version of a forthcoming feature documentary on the Internet porn business by

I saw interviews with Joseph Elkind, Danni Ashe, Ron Levi, Tim from TopBucks, Roger from PornKings (shot against an ocean background), and porn chicks Nadia Rio (longs to be in magazines and on billboards, who did Max Black), Nikki Knox.

The Nikki Knox interview was shot in a hotel room at 2AM in Van Nuys. Her boyfriend was standing over her, a foot away from the documentarian, with tears in his eyes, making sure the documentarian doesn't touch her. The boyfriend is now in jail for murder. He was in jail for eight years. He came to Los Angeles with her for six weeks and then went back to jail.

Kevin, Darren Blatt Return Home

Brothers Kevin and Darren Blatt returned home to Cleveland over the weekend. Never one to pass up an opportunity to do media, Kevin appeared on two radio stations to plug Red Light District's new Paris Hilton tape.

Rob Spallone Update

"What are you doing?"

"I'm moving to my office in Chatsworth."

"Are you still keeping an office at Jim South's?"

"No. I'll keep an office inside his office. I sold my house in two days.

"I've just been working, packing, going to printers, getting the company [Lowdown Productions] going. If I can find two old ladies, two mature ladies over 40, I'd like to shoot them. They should call Ron Sullivan or Jim South."

Gay Star Brett Wolfe On Straight Porn's HIV Problems


The thing is, they do not use protection/condoms in the process of making their films. Although they are regularly tested and must provide test results upon arrival of the sets, they still engage in unprotected sex on camera. And we all know that there is a time gap in the HIV testing process. I am glad that they take those steps, but there is obviously a flaw in the system. It comes down to using protection on film.

And that leads to the main difference between the gay and straight porn communities and why there is no shutdown on our sets. Except for a small fetish market (barebacking films) we all use protection on the sets of our films. All of the Major companies require protected sex and you will always see others as well as me getting f-cked with a sheathed piece of meat. That's the way it should be. Protected sex is obviously the way to go.

This leads into my opinion of barebacking on film, and I preface this by saying "on film" as I can't make judgments on what people do in their private lives. But as an entertainer in the adult community I can speak on the issues as it pertains to the film making process and the ramifications unsafe sex may have.

I had the luxury of growing up in San Francisco, spending the most of my 20's in Los Angeles and now sitting pretty in Chicago. I had the comfort of spending my life in major metropolitan cities, wherein which I had access to education and services that focused on gay issues including HIV and AIDS protection. I had the luxury of knowing gay people, having gay friends and comfortably accepting my sexuality. Others do not always have those luxuries. And that is where the problem lies.

Imagine a closeted gay teenager in the middle of some small southern town, a town that does not address the needs of gays, a town that does not offer up education on adult sexuality. He has no role models or gay figures to look up to and has only his imagination and possibly an appropriated gay porn flick (trust me, as a teen I found ways - sex is a very driving passion). So he pops in the video and watches two hot men getting it on, f-cking up a storm, condomless. This is the time in our lives where we start our personal educations, where we develop our process of sexual philosophy. He grows up.moves to the big city and only knows the sex that he saw on film. He sleeps with his first guy and BAM. welcome to the world of HIV!

I use this teenager as an example, but there are people all over the world, of all ages who really just don't educate themselves, to watch porn does not require an education and a simple message explaining the safety issues in the opening credits of a film do not solve the problem. The only way to provide strong sexual role models in film are to provide that all the models where protection. It sets a standard. AIDS is still a very scary disease.

Do I think barebacking films are hot? f-ck yeah! I refuse to lie to you. But does that make it right or appropriate? No. Will I ever make a bareback film? No. I have a part to play in this world and to educate people on the safety issues of sexuality is one of the roles that I was destined to play. So back to the main issue, the straight porn community is now facing what I think the gay porn community has been handling with class all along. You must protect yourselves. Wear a condom!

Jenna Lewis Sex Video


When a guest stint on "Nash Bridges" just isn't enough: is "Survivor: Borneo"'s Jenna Lewis the latest tier-C celeb to extend her fifteen minutes by allegedly appearing in an alleged sex video, allegedly? Take a look at these preview clips and vidcaps and judge for yourself.

Jenna Lewis Sex Tape (vidcaps, .wmv preview video, and download info @ - thanks Philip)

Update: From a Fleshbot reader who sent us a BitTorrent file of the video comes this report: "I have to say that this is absolutely better in every respect than the Paris video. From Jenna's plea to burn the tape (a la Inspector Gadget) to her slapping her jizz covered brests together and saying 'this is the sound of marriage' the whole thing was classic." Thanks, Monkey!

More video captures here ( - thanks Matthew).

Update More on the Jenna Lewis Sex Video at Reality TV World: "(A) quick check of the site's domain registration information shows that the domain was registered on May 3, 2004 (the Monday following the couple's wedding) - a fact that when combined with the couple's run to the altar, has sparked speculation that either Jenna or Travis themselves might have had a role in its distribution." Really, who needs to pay a PR hack to generate interest in one's flagging career when all you need is a camcorder and a whole lot of nerve? (, via Daze Reader)

Latest celebrity

Virtual Porn

UCLA Law professor Eugene Volokh writes:

Within about ten years, there will probably be software that can merge people's photographs and voices with movies that depict someone else. This is of course often already done manually with photographs; but a sophisticated computer program can do it automatically and seamlessly, for a whole movie. And it can deal with multiple scenes where the person is shown from different angles doing different things.

The person running the program would give it a file containing a movie, and a few files containing a person's photographs and possibly voice recordings. He would also tell the program which character is to be altered to fit these photos and voice recordings. The program would replace all the character's appearances with the new person, and would try to adjust the character's spoken words to match the new person's voice. (This isn't an easy task; even finding all the images of a particular character in a movie is nontrivial, but imagine that the program contains the image recognition software needed to do that.)

In Defense Of Ed Powers

DGross writes on RAME:

-Ed Powers is the pioneer in the Gonzo genre.
-Ed Powers may not have the largest penis in the business, but schmoozes better than any woodsman.
-Ed Powers has broken in more pornstars than other director/producer/talent: Nikki Dial
Danielle Rogers
Kaitlyn Ashley
Aurora Snow
Hannah Harper
Krystal Steal
Nikita Denise
Sabrine Maui
Briana Banks
Stephanie Swift
Jewel D'Nyle
Brittaney Skye
Anna Malle
Sunrise Adams
Sunset Thomas
Leanni Lei
Katie Gold
Cherry Rain
Carmen Luvana
Ashley Blue
Dru Berrymore
Allyson Chaynes
Chessie Moore
Tabitha Cash
Anita Dark
and many more.

-Most prolific producer with over 500 directed titles and counting.
- Ed is concerned over the well-being of performers and fellow human beings and is using condom-only action.

Craig Vasiloff Fired From Razor Mag

Craig Knight aka Vasiloff was Luke's boss (a good one) at FANtastic magazine from January 1999 to the end of March 2000.

Richard Botto is someone I've known and written about for years.


RAZOR publisher Richard Botto has fired editor in chief Craig Knight after the mag falsely claimed that a feature on embattled radio host Howard Stern included an "exclusive interview." Stern has refused all interviews ever since the FCC began targeting his show in its McCarthy-esque "indecency" witch hunt. This article, by Stern pal and former show regular A.J. Benza, was no exception, but it didn't stop Razor's publicists from touting the phony one-on-one. According to a source, "Botto was so fed up with Knight's antics and the recent controversy surrounding the A.J. Benza/Howard Stern flap, he told the staff to stay and told Knight to stay home." But Botto may be using Knight as a scapegoat. The publisher was made to look foolish when Stern claimed that Botto's people were using Stern's name in an attempt to get free loot for a party celebrating the issue. When Botto called Stern's show to deny the charge last week, Stern produced a note from a Razor employee to the owner of popular boutique Ricky's demanding free party favors. Knight could not be reached at his unlisted number.